5 O'clock in the Morning
It's early in the morning and I need release
Play Count: 3609
Dirty Spanish
I give you a quick little spanish lesson and it leads to something else
Play Count: 25916
Just having bit of fun edging
Play Count: 2609
100-1 Extreme challenge [F4A]
100-80: Just my fingers 80-60: Using my rabbit on the lowest setting 60-40: Using just my dildo 40-20: Using both toys and a higher setting 20-1: Using both toys and set at the highest setting and going as hard as I can
Play Count: 11482
Double Trouble [F4A][Mast]
I decided to try having a bit of fun with both of my toys and the outcome was pretty sufficient.
Play Count: 2604
A whole bundle of fun [F4a]
I had a long weird day and needed to enjoy myself a bit, might have had a bit more fun than I anticipated though.
Play Count: 3017
Late night fun [F4A][Mast]
I was feeling very horny very late at night and needed to cum
Play Count: 3293
No talking [Mast][F4A]

Play Count: 11367
[F4M] In a Mood
I had some alone time and decided to make an audio
Play Count: 2377
[F4M] spanish masturbation
just some spanish dirty talk
Play Count: 33537
Jessie the Yodelin' Cowgirl
A challenge completed. Enjoy!
Play Count: 1556
Fun Time

Play Count: 2670
Masturbating for Daddy [Script-fill][F4M][
Script by the lovely entrechat. Enjoy <3
Play Count: 4010
Break Time [F4A][Mast]
I need a break from my work
Play Count: 2383
[F4M] Daddy can I cum? [Request-fill]
The idea is from the wonderful entrechat!
Play Count: 4230

Play Count: 4710
[F4M] Dressing Room Blowjob
script by b_johns27 https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/4alaru/script_offerrequestf4m_dressing_room_blowjob/
Play Count: 5928
[F4A] Frustration
I've had a very long stressful day and I need to cum.
Play Count: 4122
count down challenge [F4A]
I do the count down challenge!
Play Count: 3783
[F4M]Good morning[morning sex][fdom]
An audio for someone who's been a very good boy ;)
Play Count: 7971
Thank you!
Just me showing my thanks for all you lovely people who listen to me!
Play Count: 2063
It's been so long
It's been too long, and I need to cum
Play Count: 3064
[F4A] You're not awake right?
My take on the script by the wonderful Cardlin! http://pastebin.com/QeRyhHQQ
Play Count: 2809
[F4M] It's so hot [improv]
Just trying to cool down from the heat
Play Count: 3263
[F4A] I wish I was beside you
original script by kylocast http://pastebin.com/jLCpdAu8
Play Count: 2088
[F4A] Beauty and the Beast 2[improv][reading]
A continuation of me reading you a tale as old as time
Play Count: 1425
[F4F] Please Mistress
Script by tarkustrooper https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2ob4vc/f4f_please_mistress_by_utarkustrooper_fsub/?
Play Count: 3018
[f] [verification] [GWA]
Verify me please!
Play Count: 1924
[f4A] For the love of whimpers
Script by tartustooper https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2tpt41/script_offer_a4a_for_the_love_of_whimpers_begging/
Play Count: 1655
[F] [verification] [pillowtalk]
Verify me please!
Play Count: 1236
[F4M]Not your little girl[Mdom to Fdom]
You call me your little girl and I don't like that...
Play Count: 2109
[F4M] This isn't what it looks like!
You come in and find me watching porn
Play Count: 2787
I need to cum...[improv][masterbation][long time cumming]
I haven't cum in a while and I'm really horny...
Play Count: 2232
[script-fill] language lesson [F4F][Dirty talk][Bilingual]
script by Listening_Always https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/3ibvp0/request_script_offer_language_lesson_and_si_m4f/
Play Count: 2701
[F4A][Humor][Spider] My attempt at Shiroshika's hilarious script! Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioCandy/comments/49e24z/m4feightlegged_mischief_humorspidersphone_call/
Play Count: 1298
Beauty and the Beast [improv][F4A]
You can't sleep so I stay up and read to you. Influenced by Cuddly_Bear and his story times
Play Count: 1601
[F4M][Script-fill] You want me to..."dom" you?
This is my take on the script witten by para_bailar_la_bamba [fdom][msub][inexperienced][quick learner][facesitting][teasing][goodboy] https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/491f86/script_offerf4m_you_want_me_to_dom_you/
Play Count: 1972
[f] [verification]
verification request
Play Count: 1488
Fucking Love
[f] [singing] sorry for the bad singing, but i love this song sung by the wonderful Alan Cumming. Hope you got a laugh out of it at least!
Play Count: 1398