[F4M] In Bed, Naked, and Wet [Masturbation] [wet sounds] [real orgasm] [fucking myself sounds] [moans] [fucks] [dirty] [loud in places] [English Accent]

Play Count: 3292
[F4M] Sleepy Sunday Snuggles [SFW] [PTA] [GFE] [Cute] [sweet] [giggles] [flirting] [sleepy voice] [cuddles] [kisses] [teasing] [hiding in your chest] [L-Bombs] [in bed with you, my sexy awesome lover boy]

Play Count: 1821
[F4M] Valentines Day: All Strings Attached [lovers] [fingering] [blowjob] [blowjob sounds] [fucking] [cute] [giggles] [I'm all in] [L-Bombs] [committed] [sensual] [against the wall] [oooh you're strong]
My Valentines Day contribution.
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[F4M] late Night Call [horny for you] [play with me] [phone sex] [real orgasm] [first time phone sex] [dirty words]

Play Count: 1914
[F4M] Anal Sex, Pretty Please? [anal} ! [cock sucking] [BJ Sounds] [blowjob] [fingering] [fucking] [real orgasm] twice [playful] [L-Bomb] [English Accent}
Hey baby watcha doing... ? So, do you want to have anal sex with me?
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Panthera's Podcast No.1
Sex Topics - Stigma from doing audio stuff & Erotic Hypnosis Questions - you filthy lot! Music Recommendations Silliiness Enjoy!
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[F4M] Under the Table [Public handjob] [restaurant] [work party] [[teasing wife] [[English Accent] [cum for me]

Play Count: 3327
[F4M] Shower Sex [post workout shower] [blowjob] [oral sex] [fucking] [real orgasm] [couple] [dirty again] [English Accent]

Play Count: 4252
[F4M] Camping Get Together [friends to lovers] [tent sex] [cute] [sexy] [fucking] [cum swallow] [real orgasm] [English Accent]

Play Count: 16629
[F4M] [Script Fill] ]Put Your Head In My Lap [Script offer] [Comfort] [Reassurance] [BFE/GFE] [I love you] [Kisses] [Lots of pet names] [So sweet it might give you diabetes] [SFW]
Script by the talented u/Moonlight_Audio
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[F4M] Faced Fucked [blowjob] [blowjob sounds] [crawling] [on my knees] [cum drinking] [please baby] [feed me] [English accent]

Play Count: 5631
[F4M] Fucked Senseless [I miss you] [I need this] [fuck me] [distracted] [fuck me till I forget the world] [pleading]

Play Count: 4611
[F4M] Girlfriend Confession: Cum Slut [Binaural Mics] [stockings] [suspenders] [cum] [fucking] [cum over me] [dirty talk] [bad girl] [English Accent]

Play Count: 6722
[FM4A] Sick Together [Collab] [couple] [doctor] [illness] [no let me take care of you] [PTA] [English Girl] [American Guy] [cuddles] [tea] [L-bomb] [cute]
Collab with the lovely u/Th3DoctorIsIn
Play Count: 626
[F4M] Forever [reassurance] [Together forever] [i wont hurt you] [comfort] [I'll always be h[ere] [I got you] [L-Bombs]

Play Count: 2147
[F4M] Crush [makeout Session] [bit awkward] [you're my crush] [no age] [kissing] [lap straddling] [heavy petting;)] [English Accent]

Play Count: 3824
[F4M] Physical Therapy [seduced by a patient] [I healed you already!] [fucking] [seduction] [we shouldn't] [you're a patient!] [oral] [English Accent

Play Count: 4699
[F4M] CFNM: Clothed Female: Naked Male [CFNM] [strip for me] [stroke for me] [pencil skirt] [low top] [stiletto heels] [[stockings] [suspenders] [dirty] [cum] [very gentle] [sensual]

Play Count: 3327
[F4M] Filthy [dirty talk] [get off for me] [stroke it] [English Accent] [fuck me] [begging] [filthy mouth] [English Accent]

Play Count: 5542
[F4M] Soul Seduction [Halloween-inspired] sort of [succubi] [demon] certainly [supernatural] [fucking] [orgasm] [dirty] [English Accent]

Play Count: 2692
[F4M] Commanding Officer [fucking] [military] [officers] [Female superior] [fuck me] [pussy licking] [blowjob] [English accent]

Play Count: 5289
Verification for GoneWildAudible

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[F4M] Old Flame [clothed sex] [humping] [kissing] [we shouldn't] [missed you] [passion] [orgasm] [english accent] [at a wedding] [semi-public]

Play Count: 5894