[F4M] A Free-Use Trophy for the MVP [Script Fill] [Fsub/Mdom] [Cheerleader] [Post-Game] [Free Use] [Gushing] [Blowjob] [Sir/Good Girl] [Facefucking] [Swallowing] [Outercourse] [Doggy] [Spanking] [Squirting] [Anal Virgin] [Pull My Ponytail] [Creampies]
Your college football team has done well this season, and now you've won the championship finals against the toughest team in the league! As the quarterback, you played a huge role in making that happen, and people expect you to go pro as soon as you graduate. Most of the festivities are over, but one of your school's cheerleaders wants to congratulate you personally. Script (and synopsis) by u/fluff-cunningham Made by adults for adults. All characters are 18 and over. Enjoy!
Play Count: 12949
[F4F] Taking My Nerdy Big Sister's Virginity [Incest] [Bratty] [Mutual Masturbation] [Cunnilingus] [Humping] [Multiple Orgasms]
My big sister has always been studious and reserved--until I decide to annoy her, and take her virginity just in time for the bar exam. Script by yours truly.
Play Count: 2740
[F4A] Taking My Own Virginity [Masturbation] [Prayer] [Legal Teen] [Bisexual] [College] [Virgin] [Intimacy] [Liberation] [Positive] [Mention of Reefer]
A once religious college freshman, in the midst of exploring her faith and her sexuality, decides to be own first sexual partner. Script by yours truly. Take care, and enjoy!
Play Count: 2346
Safe for Work Wednesday: "The Intoxicated" by Shirley Jackson
This week's Safe for Work installment is one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite writers. "The Intoxicated" is about two strangers, a man and a girl, who meet at a party and talk about the end of the world. Economic, revealing, and quietly unsettling, this story of Cold War anxiety still hits home today. Give it a listen for some creepy SFW fun. Enjoy!
Play Count: 641
[F4M] Inappropriate Office Behavior: On the Job Training [Femdom] [Pegging] [Degradation] [Humiliation] [Sissification] [Man Wearing Panties] [Mommy] [Cuckoldry] [Romance] [L Bombs] [Aftercare]
Now that they're officially a couple, the freeuse-turned-femdom secretary takes her boss to task, providing him with the submissive training he so desperately needs (and wants). This fantastic script was written by u/AlamoPreacher. It's part three in a great workplace series that began with u/ezy11's original. Enjoy!
Play Count: 6254
"The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe [Narrative] [Horror] [Safe for Work] [Plagues]
In this classic horror story, a group of decadent nobles sequester themselves in a castle while a horrible plague decimates the less fortunate. Not at all disturbingly relevant to our current situation. Enjoy!
Play Count: 688
[F4M] The Ghost and the Baby-Sitter 2: Homecoming [Sequel] [Rape] [Ghost Sex] [Possession] [Close to] [Incest] [Older Woman / Younger Man] [Baby-Sitter Fucks Former Charge] [Infidelity] [Dark]
In this sequel to an audio I did several years ago, the former baby-sitter, now a married woman, returns to her hometown and sees the boy she used to watch. He's grown up and looks just like his late father. Seeing him ignites the memory of a strange experience she had in the house with his father's ghost, and it just gets weirder from there. Like the original audio, this was mostly improvised. It's dark, so proceed with caution. Though the characters discuss rape fantasy, it can't be said enough that rape is never okay, no matter what. This was made by and for people 18+. All characters are over 18, as well.
Play Count: 4567
[F4M] Shut Me Up With Your Cock! [Married Couple] [Rough] [Fight as Foreplay] [Domme Taunts You Into Domming Her] [Slapping] [Name Calling] [Switch][Blowjob] [Gagging] [Hair Pulling] [Romance with a Twist] [L-Bombs]
You come home from a night on the town with your co-workers, including a plethora of hot college interns. It's 3 AM and your wife is pissed. A fight ensues, and the fight gets nasty. She tells you she knows you've been fantasizing about the interns, and she insults your manhood. Next thing you know, you're shutting her up just the way she likes it. I love it when a husband and wife get to show how much they love each other. I hope you do, too. This was a custom audio I received permission to post. Script by yours truly. Enjoy!
Play Count: 18152
[F4M] [Script Fill] Inappropriate Office Behavior: The Appraisal [Office] [Secretary / Boss] [Switch] [Freeuse Slut Turns FemDom] [Confrontation] [Edging] [L Bombs] [Romance w/ a Twist] [Marriage Proposal] [Cuckold]
Weeks after a secretary demands her boss treat her more like the freeuse slut she is, she presents him with a damning performance review and discovers his true desires lie with her being the one in charge. This amazing script was written by u/AlamoPreacher, and was written as a sequel to u/ezy11's original Inappropriate Office Behavior audio. Enjoy!
Play Count: 12464
[F4M] Treat Me Like Your Fleshlight [Oral Encouragement] [JOI] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Swallowing] [Stress Relief] [How About a Blowjob?] [Positive] [Romantic]
You've had a rough day, and I just want to make you feel better. How about a blowjob? Exactly what it sounds like. Something simple and romantic to ease your stress. Script by yours truly! Enjoy!
Play Count: 20389
[F4M] [Script Fill] A Stray Boy Without an Owner? That Simply Won't Do! [Gentle Fdom] [Msub] [Matriarchy] [Older Woman] [Claiming You] ["Good Boy" Mentions] [Head Pats] [Groping] [Outercourse] [Dry Humping] [Cum in Pants] [Lap Pillow][Aftercare]
In a world where women are in charge and men are their pets, I find you walking alone in the park one night. No man is allowed outside without a female Guardian, so the situation MUST be remedied immediately. Fortunately, I decide to act with mercy and take you home. Thanks to u/fluff-cunningham for this wonderful script. Enjoy!
Play Count: 13831
[F4M] The Strange Case of Mr. G. [Shy Doctor Jerks Off and Finally Fucks Her Comatose Patient] [Twisted] [Dirty Talk] [Switch] [Foot Fetish] [Bondage] [Heel Turn] [Impreg] [Rape]
In this strange tale, you are a comatose patient who is conscious, but paralyzed....and sporting a MASSIVE, unceasing erection. This has made you a mystery to medical professionals, especially head neurologist, Dr. April, a shy woman who has taken a special interest in you. When our story begins, Dr. April has decided to conduct a unique experiment to get to the bottom of your condition, and as you listen to her plan, you discover she has a few twisted ideas up her sleeve. This is a script fill for an ardent admirer who asked to remain anonymous. While this encounter is *technically* consensual, it's still a pretty twisted situation, especially since my character is a doctor and we're entirely in her head. I can see it being possibly uncomfortable to listen to, so I included the [Rape] tag. That said, the comatose Mr. G. IS supposed to be into it. Enjoy!
Play Count: 11670
[F4M] Putting a Work Call on Hold so I Can Suck Your Cock [Quickie] [Romantic] [Married Couple] [Quarantine] [Working from Home] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Facefucking] [Blowjob Turns Into] [Doggy Style] [Creampie] [L Bombs] [Hint of Daddy] [Improv]
In this audio quickie, you and your wife are both stuck working from home. Lucky for you, she has an idea about how to brighten up an otherwise boring workday...and it involves sucking your cock.
Play Count: 15778
[F4M] Close Your Eyes, Imagine I'm There [Romantic] [JOI] [Blowjob Sounds] [Cowgirl] [Quarantine] [Long Distance] [Emotional] [L-Bombs] [Improv]
We've been separated for such a long time due to quarantine, I just had to send you a message telling you how I feel...and what you should do about it. This is sweeter and more romantic than my usual fare, and it was a fun change of pace. I hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!
Play Count: 9116
[F4M] [Script Fill] Sir, This is a Library. You’re Going to Have to Fuck Me Quietly... [Librarian] [Wet] [Fingering] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Whisper] [Grateful] [Standing] [Picked Up] [Pinned] [Creampie] [Dirty Talk]
As a former Sexy Librarian (still sexy, no longer a librarian), this script touched a special place in my heart...and elsewhere. You just donated a lot of books to the city library. As you're completing the deal, the librarian wants to thank you *very* personally. Will you be able to stay quiet, or will you eventually get her to scream? Thanks to u/Forest_Firefly for this delicious script. Enjoy and stay safe!
Play Count: 44165
[F4M] [Script Fill] The Wrong Attachment [Meta] [Older Woman / Younger Man] [Professor / College Student] [Gentle Femdom] [Writing Workshop] [Blowjob] [Bending Her Over the Desk] [Creampie]
Your creative writing professor calls you for a meeting. Turns out, instead of your assignment, you accidentally sent her a GWA script in progress. She shows mercy and decides to help you with it...with predictable, delicious results. Thanks to u/flos_legere for this wonderful script.
Play Count: 15200
[F4M] Taking Care of You the Morning After [Rough Sex] [Aftermath] [Markings] [Sucking] [Mutual Masturbation[] [Orgasms Aplenty]
Last night, you and your partner enjoyed a fun, intense time together. Now, you feel the need to make up for the time you squandered. Script by 8mementomori6
Play Count: 3585
[F4M] Taking Care of You the Morning After [Rough Sex] [Aftermath] [Markings] [Sucking] [Mutual Masturbation[] [Orgasms Aplenty]
Last night, you and your partner enjoyed a fun, intense time together. Now, you feel the need to make up for the time you squandered. Script by 8mementomori6
Play Count: 1823
[F4M] Taking Care of You the Morning After [Rough Sex] [Aftermath] [Markings] [Sucking] [Mutual Masturbation[] [Orgasms Aplenty]
Last night, you and your partner enjoyed a fun, intense time together. Now, you feel the need to make up for the time you squandered. Script by 8mementomori6
Play Count: 9434
[F4M] [Script Fill] I Love Blowing You and I Need You to Accept That [Script Offer] [Reassurance] [Blowjob] [Sweet] but also [Kinky] [Licking & Sucking Galore] [Teasing] [Sloppy] [Facial] [GFE] [Fingering] [Coaxing Dirty Talk Out of You]
Our heroine rather enjoys giving blowjobs. Fortunately our listener rather enjoys receiving them. Unfortunately, he's also been led to believe, by a straight-laced ex, that blowjobs are a massive chore that every woman loathes; as such he's a bit reluctant to be on the receiving end, fun though it is. In this script his current girlfriend discovers this hesitation, and makes it her mission to suck that misconception right out of him. Thanks to u/Ezy11 for this wonderful script (and this synopsis!) Enjoy!
Play Count: 34118
[F4M] Cum in My Mouth and Pretend It's Hers: Part 2 [Incest] [DDlg] [Script Fill] {Sequel] [Slowburn] [Mindfuck] [Outercourse] [Teasing] [Begging] [Blowjob] [Gagging]
This is a sequel to an earlier, similarly dark audio. You've been fucking your daughter's best friend, and finally, when you two are alone, your daughter calls you out on it. Nothing but depravity ensues. By way of a slowburn mindufck. Enjoy! Sorry, Kristen. It's not you, I swear. This is fantasy audio made by adults, for adults. All characters are over 18. Thanks to u/Jjiinn for this script.
Play Count: 32047
[F4F][Script Fill] Star Wars Inquisitor Interrogates Her Pretty Captive [Rape] [Bondage] [Torture] [Slave] [Slapping] [Fingering] [Cunnilingus] [Fdom] [Dominant] [Anal] [Teasing] [Insulting] [Star Wars]
I had a hankering to do a cruel femdom audio AND an F4F audio, and LO AND BEHOLD, I found this delightful script by u/Sgt_Strawberry. I got two wishes granted for the price of one, and BY COMPLETE COINCIDENCE, a new Star Wars movie is coming out this week so it seemed extra appropriate. It's still pretty damn dark, though, so please enjoy responsibly. Heed the tags and have fun. Happy Star Wars-ing.
Play Count: 11127
[F4M] [Script Fill] Crawling Into Daddy's Bed [Incest] [Reluctant Dad / Eager Daughter] [Sleep Play] [Confession] [Seducing] [Legal Teen] [L-bombs] [Blowjob] [Riding] [Creampie] [Impreg] [Romantic, but Still Incest]
You've been lonely and depressed ever since your wife left you, but one night, your 18-year-old daughter decides she's got the perfect way to make you feel better. You're reluctant, of course, but she wants it bad, and she knows you can't resist. This is a pretty sweet and romantic script, especially compared to what I've posted lately, but it's still, you know, incest. Proceed accordingly. This is an anonymous custom script fill I received permission to post. Enjoy!
Play Count: 45263
[F4M] [Script Fill] Hypnotized College Student Begs You to Fuck Her Like Her Slutty Friend [Rape] [Hypno] [Older Man / Younger Woman] [College] [Manipulation] [Blind Date] [Gagging] [Anal] [Legal Teen] [Twist Ending] [DARK]
You have a blind date with a college freshman who submits to regular hypnosis sessions with her roommate. She's an uptight studious good girl, but she has a slutty friend, and thanks to the hypnosis, soon she's begging you to pretend that she is her slutty friend and fuck her accordingly. Note: though all the sex that happens in this audio is technically consensual, the manipulation and deception (not to mention the hypnosis) qualifies this as rape. Despite appearances, it's a very dark scene. Heed the tags and proceed accordingly. Don't try this at home or anywhere. This wonderful script was written by u/Princess_April (no relation) Enjoy!
Play Count: 33945
[F4M] When Your Kid Sister's Horny For You [Incest] [Masturbation] [Intense Emotion] [Big Brother, Little Sister] [Legal Teen] [Gentle Manipulation] [Romantic] [L Bombs] [Hjob] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Cowgirl] [Doggy Style] [Creampie] [Aftercare]
You hear your kid sister masturbating when you two are home alone and you walk in to find her doing it with a pair of your boxers. A fight ensues, and she confesses she loves you. She's IN love with you. And now she wants to fuck you. You know it's wrong, but you can't resist. This was a custom audio I received permission to post. The script is by yours truly. This is a fantasy by adults and for adults only. All characters are 18 or older. Don't try this at home. Enjoy!
Play Count: 75258
[F4M] [Script Fill] Your Big Sister Lost a Bet to her Friends and Has to Drain You Tonight [FDom] [Incest] [Rape] [Bondage] [Implied] [Age] [Big Sister, Little Brother] [Sloppy Blowjob] [Cum Twice] [Post-Orgasm Blowjob] [Swallowing] [Friends Watching]
Your big sister lost a bet to her friends, and now she has to suck you off in front of her friends...on Livestream. A super dark addition to my canon. Proceed with caution. Script by u/MyNameMadeYouSmile
Play Count: 61248
[F4M] [Script Fill] Please Make Me Your Office Slut, Sir [Inappropriate Office Behavior] [With a Twist] [Free Use] [Confrontation] [FSub] [Facefuck] [Gagging] [Facial] [Begging] [Lots of Sir] [Mention of Gangbang]
Your secretary confronts you about your unprofessional behavior. You never use her the way your colleagues use their "girls," despite a workplace culture that practically demands it. Now she needs you to be a professional and turn her into the free use office slut she was hired to be. A fun spin on workplace harassment, professionalism, and politics. Thanks to u/ezy11 for this fantastic script. Enjoy!
Play Count: 32638
[F4M] Your Girlfriend Loses a Bet, Works Your Poker Game, and Turns Into a Free Use Slut [Gangbang] [[Free Use] [Gentle Cuckolding] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Double Penetration] [Teasing] [Airtight] [No Condom] [Gambling] [Objectification]
Your girlfriend lost a bet and now she has to work as the Beer Girl at your next poker game. Your friends make advances and she pretends not to be aroused, until she can't help it anymore and gives in completely. This was a fantasy custom audio with a script written by yours truly. Made by and for adults. All characters are 18 or over. Enjoy!
Play Count: 42598
[F4M] [Script Fill] Fuck and Breed Mommy Like Your Dad Never Could [Incest] [College] [Impreg] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Cunnilingus] [Cheating] [Legal Teen] [Multiple Fucks] [Creampie] [Deception] [Rape]
You surprise your mom with a visit home from college while your dad is away on business. Your mom has been feeling horny and neglected lately, and you decide she needs a good fuck. But incest taboos being what they are, you need to trick her first. Nothing says a good time like breeding your mom and cucking your dad. I included the [RAPE] tag, because the initial fuck involves some pretty serious deception that negates the consent. Don't try this at home. This was a custom script fill for an author who asked to remain anonymous. Made by adults for adults, for fantasy purposes only. All characters are 18 or over. Enjoy!
Play Count: 90089
[F4M] [Script Fill] Your Daughter's Friend, The Cam Girl [DD/lg] [Caught] [Reluctance] [Stripping] [Confession] [Legal Teen] [Handjob] [Dirty Talk] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Twist] [Mentions of Daughter] [Hints of Incest] [Coercion] [Rape]
I thought it might be too soon for another "Daughter's Best Friend" script, but when u/jjiinn sends a script like this my way, I can't refuse. You discover--to your horror--that a camgirl in a show you've recently enjoyed may be your own daughter. Or it might be her friend who's been staying with you. You resolve to discover the truth....by whatever means necessary. I included the [RAPE] tag because, while everything that happens in this audio is technically consensual, there's a fair bit of coercion involved, and an adult who absolutely abuses his authority over a teenage girl. This is a fantasy by adults, for adults. All characters are 18 or over. Enjoy!
Play Count: 29647
[F4M] [Script Fill] Fuck Me Next to Your Sleeping Daughter [DD/lg] [Daughter's Friend] [Legal Teen] [Sleepover] [Drinking] [Blowjob] [Spanking] [Gagging] [Facial] [Dirty Panties] [Imagine I'm Her] [Hints of Incest]
Your daughter's best friend is sleeping over and you find out the two of them got drunk. Now your daughter's passed out and her friend has an interesting idea to tame your anger. Enjoy! Script by u/FloOnReddit
Play Count: 40905
[F4M] Your Horny Wife Cuckolds You At A Peep Show [Fdom] [Cuckold] [Mutual Masturbation] [Glory Hole] [Size Humiliation] [Blowjob] [Anonymous Sex]
You and your wife are on vacation and decide to check out a peep show for some naughty fun. She sees a stranger's cock in a glory hole and....hijinks ensue. Script by yours truly.
Play Count: 36721
[F4M] [Script Fill] College Coed Ruined by Cruel Classmates [RAPE] [FSub] [Gangbang] [Cumplay] [DP] [Airtight] [Bukkake] [Alcohol] [Drugs] [Creampie] [Possible Impreg] [Crying] [Face Slap] [Anal Virgin] [DARK]
Warning: this is a dark one, and features content depicting explicit non-con roleplay. A college girl gets gangraped (i.e. "ruined") at a party by a bunch of unfeeling dickheads. It proceeds as you might imagine. This is a fantasy scenario made by and for adults ONLY. Script by u/myfilthyalterego88
Play Count: 36437
[F4M] [Script Fill] Your Sexy Roommate Wants To Be Your Freeuse Slut [Free Use] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Face Riding] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] [Roommates Become Lovers]
You've been wanting to fuck your roommate for some time. Now she wants to be your free use slut. Script by u/Omeomi Enjoy!
Play Count: 67176
[F4M] You Know You Want It, Beg Me to Come [Gentle Fdom Turns Rough] [Coercion] [Massage] [Ears] [Edging] [Hjob] [Riding] [Cunnilingus] [Doggy] [Begging] [Rape]
After a long day at work your girlfriend wants to fuck, but you just want to go to sleep. She tries a few tricks she knows you can't resist. Soon she has you begging for it. Script by yours truly. CW: Coercion at play here. The sex is consensual, but the build-up isn't quite. Made by and for adults.
Play Count: 20780
[F4M] [Script Fill] Job Satisfaction [Office Fantasy] [Free Use] [Blowjob] [Cock Worship] [Riding] [Impreg] [Breeding] [Dirty Talk] [Slut Sharing] [Mild Self-Degradation] [Professional Woman] [New Employee] [Risky Sex]
Have you ever wanted to have sex at the office? What if it were a perk of the job? Script by u/DPP_NewFrost Based on an idea by u/fieldsoflupine
Play Count: 31236
[F4M] [Script Fill] Sexy Nurse Cures Your Blue Balls: Part 3 [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Nurse] [Cunnilingus] [Doggy Style] [Begging] [Tease And Denial] [Cum In Mouth][Legal Teen]
Your parents have caught you masturbating again and you run to the Sexy Nurse's house for help. She takes you in with the perfect idea for making you feel better. Who knows what new experiences await? Thanks to u/SilentThyzer for the script! Enjoy!
Play Count: 38012
[F4M] [Script Fill] Sexy Nurse Cures Your Blue Balls: Part 2 [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [First Time] [Virgin] [Taste Your Pre-Cum] [JOI] [Mutual Masturbation] [Missionary] [Creampie] [Nurse] [Legal Teen] [Almost Caught]
You've got blue balls again, and the Sexy Nurse who took care of you last time comes back to check on you. Looks like you might be in need of a different cure. Script by u/SilentThyzer Enjoy!
Play Count: 43141
[F4M] [Script Fill] Sexy Nurse Cures Your Blue Balls: Part 1 [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [JOI] [Tease And Denial] [Cum In Mouth] [Creampie] [Nurse] [Virgin] [Legal Teen]
You're a college virgin with a bad case of blue balls. I'm a hot nurse just dying to make you feel better. Any day I get to deflower a listener is a good one. Thanks to u/SilentThyzer for giving me the words. This is the first part of a series, so check back soon to see what happens next. Enjoy!
Play Count: 26659
[F4M] [Script Fill] Sexy Nurse Cures Your Blue Balls: Part 1 [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [JOI] [Tease And Denial] [Cum In Mouth] [Creampie] [Nurse] [Virgin] [Legal Teen]
You're a college virgin with a bad case of blue balls. I'm a hot nurse just dying to make you feel better. Any day I get to deflower a listener is a good one. Thanks to u/SilentThyzer for giving me the words. This is the first part of a series, so check back soon to see what happens next. Enjoy!
Play Count: 38781
[F4M] Your Sister's Best Friend Fucks the Anxiety Out of You [Script Fill] [Rape] [He Likes It, But It's Still Rape] [FDom] [Bondage] [Shy Guy] [Nervous] [Virginity] [First Everything] [Implied Legal Teens]
Your sister's best friend found out your shyness and anxiety have kept you from having sex. Now she's determined to take your virginity...even if she has to tie you up and force you. Enjoy! Script by u/MyNameMadeYouSmile
Play Count: 134221
[F4M] Cheerleader Gets Detention: Part 2 [Rape] [Gangbang] [Cheerleader] [Classroom] [Teachers / Student] [DARK] [Spitroast] [Anal] [Blowjob] [Age] [Legal Teen] [Stuffed] [Scary]
Because one of my clients told me I was getting soft. This audio depicts a fantasy-only scenario intended for people 18+ years old. Script by yours truly. Part 1 is entirely different in content and tone and was written by u/DRewrite
Play Count: 40945
[F4M] I Want You To Fuck A Baby Into Me [Script Fill] [Impreg] [Breeding] [FSub] [Cum Inside Me] [Filling Me Up] [Possessive] [Short and Sweet] [Happy Valentine's Day!]
It's a Valentine's Day Breed-tacular! Enjoy! Script by u/SuperHappyDeathSquad
Play Count: 31457
[F4M] Your Uptight (Ex)-Girlfriend is a Closet Bimbo: Part 5 [Script Fill] [Reboot] [Ex Wants to Reconnect] [Blowjob] [Tit Fuck] [Light FDom] [FSub] [MDom] [DD/lg] [Harem] [Camgirls] [Teasing] [Facial] [Bimbofication]
You used to have a seemingly uptight, secretly slutty girlfriend with a naughty past. This smart accomplished woman turned into a bit of a bimbo when she got aroused, and you adored her. Then she dumped you. Now she's back with a new job and an interesting proposition. Enjoy! Script by u/Porn_actor_JD
Play Count: 20408
[F4M] [Script Fill] We’ve Been Having Trouble Getting Pregnant, and Your Wife Said I Could…Borrow You? [Impreg] [Friends Become Lovers] [Consensual Non-Monogamy] [Becomes Sneaky Cheating] [Sexual Tension] [Countdown] [Creampie] [Hotel Sex]
Your wife's friend has been having trouble getting pregnant by her husband, so she asks you for a little favor. This delicious script was written by u/FlimsyInternal7 Enjoy!
Play Count: 109166
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry [Incredibly Safe for Work] [Merry Christmas!]
In honor of Christmas, I decided to record one of my favorite short stories. At no point does it get it dirty. Enjoy, regardless. Merry Christmas!
Play Count: 3365
[F4M] Seduced By Your Boss's Wife At The Office Holiday Party [Script Fill] [MILF] [Workplace] [Cheating] [Secret Sex] [Cuckolding Your Boss] [Older Woman Desperate for a Younger Man]
You're a successful, hard-working young man who has just started a terrific new job. And now your boss's sexy wife wants to fuck you. 'Tis the season for office fuckery. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 40553
[F4M] Workplace Relief [Script Fill] [Caught masturbating] [Office Sex] [Co-worker] [Encouragement] [Cock Appreciation] [HJ] [Her Hand Over Your Mouth] [Happy Thanksgiving]
It's the last day at work before a long weekend. You tried to rub one out when you thought everyone was gone, but your sexy co-worker caught you. Enjoy! Script by u/Givingscriptsatry
Play Count: 17067
[F4M] Cheerleader Gets Detention [Script Fill] [Teasing] [Cheerleader] [Classroom] [Teacher] [Playful] [Seduction] [Cunnilingus] [PIV] [Creampie] [Blowjob] [Clean-up] [Dirty Talk] [Age] [Legal Teen] [Huge Cock] [Almost Too Big] [Lighthearted Manipulation]
Some girls will do anything to get out of detention. Script by u/DRewrite
Play Count: 61027
[F4M] You Deserve This: Seduced By Your Girlfriend's Best Friend [Script Fill] [Cheating] [Mild Femdom] [Subtle Manipulation] [Blowjob] [[Deep Throat] [Gagging] [Cowgirl] [You Belong to Me Now]
You're a good guy whose girlfriend isn't ready to go all the way. She's been hurt before. You love her, but you're really horny...and her best friend is really hot. Thanks to u/Zerahmot for this super duper script. Enjoy!
Play Count: 122586
[F4M] Your Daughter's Friend: Your Babygirl Cocksucker [Script Fill] [DD/lg] [Implied] [Age] [Teen] [Fsub] [Sweet little babygirl blowjob] [Gagging] [Rough] [Handjob] [Dirty Talk] [Switch to Mild Fdom] [Mindfuck] [Cum in your daughter's panties]
You're a dad with a bad habit of using your teen daughter's friends for forbidden fun. Now you've got one little slut cornered. She just wants to feel loved, and she'll do anything to get it. Script by u/jjiinn
Play Count: 94415
[F4M] Teacher’s Assistant Finally Gets to Have Sex with Hot Professor: Part Two [Script Fill] [MILF] [Professor / Student] [College] [Older Woman / Younger Man] [Not That Much Younger] [Deep Kissing] [Bareback] [Impreg] [L Bombs] [Romantic]
You're a TA and you've had a crush on your hot professor forever. Tonight, you finally confessed your mutual attraction and she gave you the best blowjob of your life. Now you're dropping her off after a romantic dinner. What could possibly happen next? Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 35271
[F4M] Raping Your Daughter's Favorite Princess: Part 3 [Rape] [DD/lg] [Gangbang] [Degradation] [Slapping] [Doggy Style] [Choking] [Crying] [Princesses] [Facial] [Cum Eating] [Whored Out] [Spitroast] [Vindication] [Turning the Tables] [Cuckold]
When last we left our heroes, the poor princess had just agreed to service an entire poker game for money. We meet up with her in medias res and ready to have a few words with the Daddy who raped her and brought her here. Script by yours truly. I'm especially proud of this one. Thank you so much!
Play Count: 33730
[F4M] Hot Mechanic’s Assistant Gets Her Birthday Wish [Hand Job] [Seduction] [Ruined Orgasm] [Cheating] [Age Difference] [Birthday Special] [Because It's My Birthday]
A young lady mechanic confronts her boss about some sexual tension they've been experiencing on the job. Absolutely nothing unprofessional happens. Today actually IS my birthday, so please enjoy! Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 20113
[F4M] Teacher’s Assistant Finally Gets to Have Sex with Hot Professor [Script Fill] [Secret Sex] [Sex at Work] [College] [Older Woman / Younger Man] [Not That Much Younger] [MILF] [Lap Dance] [Former Stripper] [Blow Job] [Gagging]
You're a TA and you've had a crush on your hot professor forever. Tonight's graduation night and you're finally making your move. Turns out, she has a few secrets to share. Enjoy! Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 49315
[F4M] Raping Your Daughter's Favorite Princess: Part 2 [Rape] [DD/lg] [Blackmail] [Manipulation] [Masturbation] [Victim Blaming] [Degradation] [Slapping] [Doggy Style] [Choking] [Crying] [Princesses] [Impreg] [Dark]
I wasn't going to write a sequel to the light and cheerful audio in which a birthday party princess gets raped by a bored dad. But BY POPULAR DEMAND, this now exists. Enjoy! Script by yours truly.
Play Count: 51385
[F4M] Cum in My Mouth and Pretend It's Hers [Script Fill] [DD/lg] [Daughter's Friend] [Sleeping Daughter] [Dirty, Secret Handjob] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Dirty Talk] [Legal Teen] [Cum in Mouth] [JOI] [Voyeur] [All Characters Are Over 18]
You've been fucking your daughter's best friend. One night, she suggests a fun new roleplay idea. It definitely doesn't get weird. (To all the Kristens I know in real life, my apologies. It's not your dad, I swear.) Enjoy! Script by u/Jjiinn
Play Count: 135119
[F4M] Raping Your Daughter's Favorite Princess [Rape] [DD/lg] [Manipulation] [Drunk] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Doggy Style] [Crying] [Princesses]
Your kid begged you to hire a princess for her birthday party and you gave in. Now you're drunk and bored and your buddies dare you to show the princess some grownup fun...even if she says no. This is tasteless and dark. Have fun. Script by yours truly.
Play Count: 77219
[F4M] Barely Legal Catholic Schoolgirl Finally Gets to Fuck Her Godfather in Her College Dorm [Legal Teen] [Religion] [DDlg] [Faux Incest] [Fingering] [Virginity] [Impreg]
An innocent (former) Catholic schoolgirl has long wanted to fuck her supportive godfather. Now she's 18 and he's helping her move into college. What could possibly happen? Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 26486
[F4M] Good Girl Nerd Seduced by the Class Jock [Script Fill] [Legal Teen] [Virgin's First Time] [High School] [Enemies Turned Lovers] [DD lg] [Breeding] [Creampie] [Opposites Attract] [Transformation] [Surprise Slut]
You're the hottest, most popular guy in school. You've just been paired up for a class project with the nerdy virgin you secretly want to fuck. Could she be hiding a few surprises under that innocent exterior? Script by u/Donotalighthere Enjoy!
Play Count: 43138
[F4M] Your Uptight Girlfriend is a Closet Bimbo: Part 4 [Script Fill] [GFE] [Self-Bimbofication] [Nymphomania] [Transformation] [Slutty Past] [F-sub] [DD/lg] [Stripping] [Hints of Gangbang] [Teasing] [Denial] [Giggles] [Creampie]
You tried to show off your slutty girlfriend to all your pals. It didn't go exactly as planned. Script by u/Porn_actor_JD
Play Count: 24753
[F4M] Your Uptight Girlfriend is a Closet Bimbo: Part 3 [Script Fill] [GFE] [Self-Bimbofication] [Nymphomania] [Transformation] [Slutty Past] [F-sub] [DD/lg] [Stripping] [Roleplay] [Outercourse] [Teasing] [Denial] [Creampie]
Your seemingly uptight, secretly slutty girlfriend has a special surprise for you tonight. But it doesn't go quite according to plan. Script by u/Porn_actor_JD
Play Count: 25103
[F4M] Your Uptight Girlfriend is a Closet Bimbo: Part 2 [Script Fill] [GFE] [Self-Bimbofication] [Confession] [Nymphomania] [Transformation] [Slutty Past] [F-sub] [DD/lg] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Fingering] [Degradation] [Second in a Series]
Your prim and proper girlfriend has another secret to tell you about her slutty past. Script by u/Porn_actor_JD
Play Count: 28784
[F4M] Your Uptight Girlfriend is a Closet Bimbo: Part 1 [Script Fill] [GFE] [Self-Bimbofication] [Confession] [Nymphomania] [Transformation] [Slutty Past] [F-sub] [DD/lg] [Cunnilingus] [First in a Series]
A cold night. A hot date. A brainy, buttoned-up, frigid girlfriend with a secret. She doesn't want her date to know about a certain problem, a problem of a sexual nature. First of three parts. Script by u/Porn_actor_JD
Play Count: 34684
[F4M] Please, Sir. I'm Not a Slut. I Just Need Help [Rape] [DD/lg] [Principal/Student] [Degradation] [Manipulation] [Blowjob] [Gagging] [Anal] [Name Calling] [Abuse] [Incest] [Legal Teen] [All Characters Are Over 18]
A girl gets sent to the principal's office on a scandalous charge. And the principal knows just how to punish her. Script by u/jjiinn
Play Count: 50645
[F4M] Your Roommate's Hot Girlfriend Needs You to Satisfy Her Curiosity: Part 3 [Drunk Sex] [Cheating Aftermath] [Cuckolding a Friend] [College] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Giggles] [Reverse Cowgirl] [Forced Creampie] [Impreg]
You've fooled around with your roommate's girlfriend before. You still want her. Now she's at your door, drunk, with some sad news: she just got dumped. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 45857
[F4M] Your Roommate's Hot Girlfriend Needs You to Satisfy Her Curiosity: Part 2 [Cheating] [Cuckolding a Friend] [College] [Blowjob] [Edging] [Teasing and Denial] [Ball Play] [Ass Play] [Gagging] [Giggles] [Swallowing] [Tit Fuck]
Your roommate's girlfriend comes back to remind you what you did. You want to put it behind you, but she has other ideas. Script by u/Watsonj3981
Play Count: 39987
[F4M][Script Fill] Breeding Your Uncle's Wife [Cuckold] [Impreg] [Incest] [MILF] [SPH] [Big Cock Worship] [Fdom] [Msub]
Your uncle and his sexy wife are trying to have a baby...and they really need your help. Script by u/flos_legere
Play Count: 53590
[F4M] Your Roommate's Hot Girlfriend Needs You to Satisfy Her Curiosity [Cheating] [Seduction] [Cuckolding a Friend] [College] [Handjob] [Blowjob [Gagging] [Cock Worship] [Giggles]
You've always wanted to fuck your roommate's girlfriend, but you never thought it would happen. Now he's away and she's at your door. Another terrific script by u/watsonj3981. Enjoy!
Play Count: 59186
[F4M] Horny Slut Trapped In a Snowstorm With Her Boss [Eager Fsub] [Legal Teen] [Office] [Cheating] [Sloppy Blowjob] [Weather] [Tease] [You Can Fuck Me Better Than My Boyfriend]
The office good girl quickly turns into an eager little slut when she's left alone with her boss in a snowstorm. Script by u/Donotalighthere http://bit.ly/2Ia04bG
Play Count: 53683
[F4M] Jerk It Next To Your Wife [Femdom] [Cheating] [JOI] [Games] [Risky] [Naughty] [Slutty] [Breathplay] [Wife] [69] [Countdowns] [Don't Cum Till I Say] [Hands off] [Fantasy] [Using You] [Cock Worship] [Mocking] [Evil Giggles]
I know your wife is right next to you...but that's not going to stop me. Script by u/TriedNoFapAgain
Play Count: 23260
[F4M] I'm Your Naked Little Orphan Girl [blowjob] [anal] [rimming] [rape] [dd/lg] [gagging] [degradation] [fantasy] [Inspired by Game of Thrones] [all characters are over 18] [Repost]
A traveler on the King's Road rescues an innocent young woman and her sisters from a band of ruffians. That night, she asks him for his continued protection...at a cost. Hijinks ensue. Enjoy. Script by u/jjiinn
Play Count: 48223
[F4M] Your Wife's Kinky Friend: Part 3 [Request Fill] [Femdom] [Slave] [Cheating Aftermath] [Affectionate] [Oral] [Dildo] [Pegging] [Mention of Water Sports] [JOI] [Countdown] [Ruined Orgasm]
Continued lessons in ownership...
Play Count: 19581
[F4A] AprilW9's Q&A
This is over 30 minutes long. May God have mercy on your souls.
Play Count: 9123
[M4F] Her Final Tinder Date [Snuff][Necro][Rape][Blood Play][Psycho][Serial Killer][Slaps][Collab][Knife Play][Seriously Fucked Up][Vibrator][Drugged][Kidnapped][Choking][Ownership][Written by F_Stop_Fitzgerald]
Probably darker than you're imagining. Written and edited by u/F_Stop_Fitzgerald
Play Count: 14975
[F4M] Your Wife's Kinky Friend: Part 2 [Request Fill] [Femdom] [Bondage] [Slave] [Cheating Aftermath] [Smothered by Pussy] [Mention of Pegging] [Mention of Water Sports] [Fingered Asshole] [CEI]
His guilty conscience made him tell his wife about getting owned by their kinky neighbor. Now his wife has left him. He wants her back, but he wants to get owned again more. Enjoy!
Play Count: 22295
[F4M] Let Me Give You What You Want, Baby [Cuckold] [Affectionate Femdom] [Fantasy] [Unsatisfied Wife] [Bring in Another Man?] [Ruined Orgasm] [Proper Name]
A woman knows her husband wants to watch another man fuck her...and she wants to give it to him.
Play Count: 39114
[F4M] Watch Me Get Fucked By a Real Man [Script Fill] [Cuckold] [Femdom] [SPH] [Impreg] [JOI] [Countdown] [Humiliation] [CEI]
Sorry, baby. Your cock's just not good enough. Custom request fill based on a script by u/Kubrick86
Play Count: 82285
[F4M] Your Wife's Kinky Friend [Request Fill] [Femdom] [Cheating] [Bondage] [Slapping] [Pegging] [Strap-On] [Face-Sitting] [Water Sports]
Just being neighborly...
Play Count: 44590
[F4MM] Calling the Office While Another Man Fucks Me [Request Fill] [Cuckolding] [Phone Sex] [Overworked Husband] [Neglected Housewife][Given Name][Gratitude] [Humiliation] [Threesome with a Twist] [Bi Curiosity] [JOI]
Just checking in...
Play Count: 29121
[F4M] Can I Trust You? Daughter's Friend's Confession [Script Fill] [DD/lg] [Legal Teen] [Confession] [Friend's Father] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Ambiguous]
A teenage girl needs to make a confession. Her best friend's father just wants to help. Perfectly innocent. What could possibly happen? Fantastic script by u/Jjiinn
Play Count: 37282
[F4M] My Perfect Little Plaything [Ramblefap] [Request Fill] [Fdom] [Hints of Fsub] [Power Play] [Slapping] [Car Sex] [Background Noise]
You asked me to dominate you. I didn't disappoint.
Play Count: 10713
[F4M] The Masseuse [Script Fill] [Sexy Massage] [Anal Fingering] [Prostate] [Blowjob] [Come in My Mouth] [Relaxing Music] [Professionalism]
I know just how to make you relax. Script by an anonymous admirer.
Play Count: 67690
[F4M] Put on Display [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Msub] [Exhibition] [Exibition] [Light humiliation] [Good boy] [Cunnilingus] [Moans]
Give the audience what they want, baby. Thanks to u/Zyvah for this terrific script.
Play Count: 14591
[F4M] The Executive Assistant [Script Fill] [Office Sex] [Boss and Secretary] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Creampie] [Anal] [Professionalism]
A good secretary can get so much done in a day. Script courtesy of an anonymous admirer.
Play Count: 34354
[F4MM] Jerk Off Contest: Part 3 [Cuckold] [Light FDom] [Threesome With a Twist] [Slapping] [Daddy] [Impreg] [LBomb] [Blowjobs] [Creampie] [Cum Eating] [Ruined Orgasms] [Improv]
A husband wants to play cuckold for his wife again. The wife and her Dom happily oblige. 100% improvised. Thanks to u/handethetruth and u/mrjf999 for their suggestions.
Play Count: 30933
[F4FM] Such a Good Little Slave: Part 7 [Script Fill] [Femdom] [Voyeurism] [Manipulation] [Lesbian Experimentation] [Fingering] [Cunnilingus] [Orgasms] [Cock Cage]
The Mistress and her slave are going through a dry spell. Fortunately, Jenny is looking to experiment. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 11519
[MF4A] Between Us and God [Rape] [Collab] [Virgin] [Priest] [Sacrilege] [Catholic Schoolgirl] [Growls] [Crying] [Church]
A virginal schoolgirl goes to her priest to confess her lustful thoughts. He makes her atone. A collaboration with u/F_Stop_Fitzgerald
Play Count: 13167
[F4M] The Ghost and the Baby-Sitter [GWAlloween] [Contest Entry] [Rape] [Virginity] [Legal Teen] [Hypnosis] [Possession] [Slow Burn] [Masturbation] [Baby-Sitter] [Orgasms] [Hints of Necro] [Phone Sex]
She's his unfinished business.
Play Count: 20222
[F4M] Musings of a Good Housewife [Erotic Free Verse] [1950s] [Fantasy] [Longing] [Hints of Dissatisfaction][Bend me over the couch and fuck me] [Your cumslut] [Your whore] [Talking Only]
How was your day, dear? I've fixed your favorite drink and dinner's almost ready. First, just let me tell you a little something... Script by u/submrs
Play Count: 9151
[F4M][Script Fill] Helping Daddy With The Rent Part 2 [FSub] [Incest] [Rape Aftermath] [Crying] [Technically Consensual Sex] [But Abusive Situation] [Creampie] [Impreg] [Legal Teen] [Daddy] [DD/lg]
A recently divorced father is late paying the rent...again. His teenage daughter did what she had to to get an extension from their landlord. The story picks up with her going home to her daddy, and he wants to help her feel better. Thanks to u/floslegere for this intense, super fun script.
Play Count: 21794
[F4M] Sexy Android Seduces Bounty Hunter [Sci Fi] [Blade Runner][Coercion][[Castration][Doggy Style][Dark Humor]
Exactly what it says. I'm sleeping with Harrison Ford. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 12520
[f4m][script fill] Helping Daddy With The Rent [Rape][FSub][Slapping][Spanking][Blowjob][Creampie][Impreg][Legal Teen][Daddy][Hint of Incest][DD/lg][To Be Continued]
And we're right back to the darkness. A young girl's father is late paying the rent so she has to persuade the landlord to give them an extension...SOMEHOW. This is Part One and will be continued. Thanks to u/flos_legere for this fun and terrifying script. https://pastebin.com/v3qZtf21
Play Count: 28267
[F4M] [Script Fill] At The Drive In [GFE] [Romance] [L Bomb] [Fingering] [Handjob]
I usually go dark, so for a change, I decided to do something sweet and romantic. Hope it doesn't freak you guys out too much. Thanks to u/LouisJordan4Prez for writing this terrific script, and finally giving me the chance to do it at a Drive-In. https://pastebin.com/hmprsnYt
Play Count: 12241
[F4A] Baseball Reading Challenge [Request Fill] [Reading Aloud] [Baseball] [Real Orgasm]
In which I read a few paragraphs of a real sports article and see what happens. Requested by a Cardinals fan, obviously. The article is "10 Years Ago, Wainwright Threw the Curveball that Froze New York." Derrick Goold is the author. St. Louis Post Dispatch is the publisher. I wrote / own nothing.
Play Count: 5775
[f4m] [script fill] I Need To Hurt You To Keep You [rape] [fdom] [extreme] [yandere] [blowjob] [threats] [kidnapping] [serial killer] [scaregasm] [mutilation discussion] [DARK]
A young woman, infatuated by a regular customer, takes matters into her own hands and tries to make him see the error of his ways. He isn't the first, and he likely won't be the last. But to keep him, she has to hurt him. Oh, boy. This is a dark one. Just how I like it. Enjoy! Script (and summary) by u/KardinalSin
Play Count: 28479
F4M [Script Fill] [Script Offer] [F4M] Her Last Orgasm? [rape] [age] [incest][dd/lg] [fsub] [breath play] [bondage] [abuse] [forced orgasm] and [almost but not snuff]
While her mom is away, a young teenage girl is forced to be her daddy's plaything...and this time might cost her life. Script by heelboy67 https://pastebin.com/eYjMNaC7
Play Count: 26484
F4M Script Fill The Firefighter [Age] [Legal Teen] [Older Man / Younger Woman] [Daddy Issues] [Mother/Daughter] [Blowjob]
A recent high school grad wants to reward the firefighter who just saved her life...and who just slept with her mother. Script by u/Watson3981
Play Count: 15733
F4M [Script Fill] Daddy, Can You Help Me? [Incest] [Daddy/Daughter] [Consensual] [Fingering] [Possible Age, but Not Specified] [Slight Manipulation]
Dipping my toe back into incestuous waters. A daughter has been dropping hints to her daddy that she wants him. Now some private time at the pool, a sunny day, a skimpy bikini, and sunblock are her weapons of choice. Thanks to u/jaaronm40 for this fun script. Enjoy!
Play Count: 31936
FM4A Stranger in a Bar [Collab] [Rape] [Technically, Definitely Coercion] [Mdom] [Fingering] [Slapping] [Public Sex] [Manipulation] [Mindfuck]
Collab with the ever delightful u/F_Stop_Fitzgerald A young woman in a bar is just trying to relax and read a book after a long day at work. But that doesn't stop a fellow patron from trying to get her attention. Script by yours truly. Excellent edit and sound effects by u/F_Stop_Fitzgerald. He also provided me with the title.
Play Count: 12383
F4M [script fill] Such a Good Little Slave Part 6 [Femdom] [Teasing] [Fingering] [Manipulation] [Light Bondage] [Slapping] [Spanking] [Hint of a Threesome] [Giggling] [Sub Turns Dom]
The Mistress finally gets to meet her slave's new girlfriend...with exciting results. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 11356
[Script Fill] [F4M] Baby...I'll tell you about work 'til you admit it. [Cuckold] [Story] [Vanilla] [Cheating] [Office] [JOE]
Your girlfriend just found your weakness: cuckold porn. She's been trying to make you admit it so you can have a little fun, but you refuse to own up. Lucky for you both, she's about to catch you in the act...and you're about to hear what she wants to do to her boss. Script by u/MrPornWriter http://bit.ly/2tqF6Bn
Play Count: 28601
[Script Fill] [F4M] Skipping Bail [sex] [moans] [chatty brat] [multiple orgasms] [seriously, a fuckton of orgasms] [criminal seduces cop] [cheap motel] [smoking] [forceful, but not really] [hair pulling] [lax professionalism][handcuff tease]
A poor little rich girl skipped town with her daddy's money. Now the law has caught up to her. Fortunately, she has the skills to work around the situation. Script by u/Pen-and-Pencil https://pastebin.com/0AmRkKPu
Play Count: 11854
[Request Fill] [F4M] Dirty Word Ramble JOE [Ramblefap] [Masturbation] [No story][Orgasm][Technically for anyone, but there's a mention of cock]
As requested by u/LowGrowl Here's something I've never done before. I believe this is what they call a ramblefap? Just a fun experiment with stream-of-consciousness to see how many delicious dirty things fall out of my mouth. Enjoy!
Play Count: 7926
F4M [script fill] Such a Good Little Slave Part 5 [Femdom] [Teasing] [Sneaking Around] [Chatty] [Story] [Sweet] [Quiet Sex] [Handjob] [Giggling] [Religion]
The Mistress meets her slave's parents and hijinks ensue in his childhood bedroom. A sweet, comparatively light installment before she gets to finally meet the other woman. Script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 10592
[F4M] Escaped from the Harem [Chastity Belt] [Public Sex] [Orgasm Denial][Blowjob] [Fingering] [Wet Sounds] [Creampie] [Impreg][You Can Fuck Me If You Help Me]
A young woman escapes from her master's harem. She hasn't had an orgasm in a year, and she needs help from a kind stranger. Another terrific script by u/watsonj3981
Play Count: 22324
[F4MM] Jerk Off Contest Part 2: [Cuckold] [Improv] [Light FDom] [Threesome With a Twist] [Slapping][Bondage] [Daddy] [Impreg] [LBomb][Creampie]
Picking up exactly where we left off at the end of the Jerk Off Contest. A loving wife talks her husband through his first cuckold experience while her Dom fucks her. Based on an idea by u/OpenedDoor
Play Count: 28937
[F4M] [Script Fill] Such a Good Little Slave Part 4 [Extreme Femdom] [Teasing] [Manipulation][Nipple Torture] [Ball Torture] [Slapping] [Spanking][Pegging][L-Bomb] [High Heels]
The slave has a confession for his Mistress, and she decides he needs to be punished. For what love story doesn't have its ups and downs? Script, as always, by u/watsonj3981 who started us down this dirty little road...with a few twists by yours truly.
Play Count: 22121
[F4MM] Jerk Off Contest: [Improv] [Light FDom] [Cuckold] [Threesome With a Twist] [Jerk Off][Whoever Wins Gets to Fuck Me] [Daddy] [Impreg] [LBomb][Come on My Face]
Filling my requests with the speed of a snail stuck in January molasses. This one was from u/OpenedDoor A woman has her subby husband and her dominant lover meet for a threesome...with an unexpected twist. 100% improvised. Enjoy!
Play Count: 37438
[F4M] Choke Me, Daddy [JOI] [FSub] [Exes Reunite] [Slow burn] [Daddy] [Slapping] [Choking] [Countdown to Orgasm]
You called me out of nowhere and wanted to meet. Now you just want me to talk to you. Like I used to... My first script! Also, my first outright Fsub audio. Idea requested by u/ImTheNightman Enjoy!
Play Count: 25326
[F4MF][SCRIPT FILL] Fuck For Me Or I'll Fail You Both [teacher/students][discipline][lick her juices off of my desk][exhibitionism][rape][extortion][couple][cunnilingus][mast][creampie][JOE/SE][forced impreg]
A teacher disciplines her students for their inappropriate behavior in class. And it just gets more inappropriate from there. Script by u/so_sweet_like_anise
Play Count: 32343
[F4M] [Script Fill] Captured, Teased & Denied. [Rape] [Female on Male] [Interrogation] [Teasing] [Denied Orgasm] [Or is it?] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Gagging/Deepthroat]
A prisoner of war is treated to some unorthodox interrogation techniques by his captor. Terrific original script by The Smut Listener: https://pastebin.com/Qz8kmyfH
Play Count: 40091
[F4M] [Script Fill] Such a Good Little Slave Part 3 [Rape][Male on Female] [Extreme Femdom] [Teasing] [Manipulation][Lesbian Storytelling] [Crying][Nipple Torture, Too] [Multiple Orgasms] [L-Bombs] [Twisted Happy Ending]
The prisoner returns to his captor to try and settle the score. A love story for the ages. Script by watsonj3981, with my own touches.
Play Count: 16677
[F4M] [Script Fill] Therapeutic Confessions Episode 4 of 4 [Bondage][Knifeplay][Bloodplay][Rape][Snuff]
In which the good doctor, finally, fucks her. Script by SuitAndLies here: http://bit.ly/2n98UPZ
Play Count: 7682
[F4M] [Script Fill] Such a Good Little Slave Part 2 [Rape][Technically] [Female on Male] [Extreme Femdom] [CEI] [Cum Draining] [Humiliation][Face sitting] [Multiple Orgasms] [Post-orgasm torture] [Love in the air]
The ravished young med student returns to our heroine, for another round of torture. Script by watsonj3981, with some of my own flourishes. Enjoy!
Play Count: 32329
[F4M][Script Fill] Therapeutic Confessions: Part 3 of 4 [Blowjob][Gangbang][Knifeplay][Narrative]
In which our heroine plays a little game of pool. Original Script by SuitAndLies http://bit.ly/2n98UPZ
Play Count: 7349
[F4M] [Script Fill] Such a Good Little Slave [Rape] [Female on Male] [Male Virgin] [Extreme Femdom] [CEI] [Pegging] [Ruined Orgasm] [Cum Draining] Humiliation]
Virginal young med student in the wrong part of town gets kidnapped and forced to have sex with his captor. And she is utterly delighted with him. Original Script by watsonj3981, with some additions by yours truly. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/2npCWPt
Play Count: 81846
[F4M] [Script Fill] Therapeutic Confessions: Part 2 of 4 [Cheating][Creampie][Narrative]
In which our heroine crosses all sorts of boundaries. Original Script by SuitAndLies: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/5x4ps8/f4mscript_offer_therapeutic_confessions_first/
Play Count: 9495
[F4M] "You'll never have me" [SCRIPT FILL] [FDom][Sorta Bondage][Not Nice][Orgasm][ Using him][cruel][domineering][fantasy][narrative]
A guy around your office is not so subtle in his desire for you, but you couldn't be less interested. Script by pennyforyourtautbod http://pastebin.com/7BAG3hVT
Play Count: 8459
[F4M][Script Fill] Therapeutic Confessions: Part 1 of 4 [First Time][Blowjob][Cheating][Gangbang][Knifeplay][Bloodplay][Rape][Snuff]
A young woman bears her soul to her doctor. Part 1 of 4. Fantastic Script by SuitAndLies Link to script here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/5x4ps8/f4mscript_offer_therapeutic_confessions_first/
Play Count: 10411
F4M [script fill] For my obedient good boy [JOI] [CEI] [whisper] [affectionate femdom] [no humiliation]
Original script here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/5l9eym/f4m_script_offer_for_my_obedient_good_boy_joijoe/
Play Count: 63298
I Know Exactly What You Want...
Script by funnytraybake http://pastebin.com/6q7wCJXG
Play Count: 22367