[FF4M] I asked twice and got beat [Collab w/Jaye Wilde]
[Script Fill][2 fdom][spanking][Futa][Name-calling][MD/lb][Miss][SpitRoast][bondage][harsh][FaceFuck][Denial or Post orgasm torture?][Aftercare] Script by: u/JayeWilde
Play Count: 3501
[F4F] You Belong to Me, Baby Girl
[Script Fill][FDom][Futa][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Name-Calling][Breeding][Spanking][Ownership][You Were Caught][Punishment][Good Girl][Baby Girl][Pet] Script By: u/MiraniaWright
Play Count: 11932
[F4A] 50 Shades of Purple
[Script Fill][Fsub][Ownership][Bruises][Worshipful][Love Letter to a Dom][First Person] Script By: u/MiraniaWright
Play Count: 344
[F4M] Yes, This is Sam. What is it now?
[Script Fill][FDom][Samsung assistant][Teasing][Strict][Instructions][JOE/JOI][Tease & denial][Eye contact] [Grinding][Outercourse][Cum in pants][Pet names][Good Boy][Little Bitch][Countdown][Meanie] script by: u/POVscribe and u/Dibokucres
Play Count: 1664
[FF4M] I found her at a Party [Collab w/ Jaye Wilde]
[Script Fill][Msub][Fdom][Switch][Spanking][Impact play][Ass eating][Vibrator][Pegging][Three-way][GFE][Blindfold][Face riding][Sex][Choking][Breath play][Good boy][Collab w/u/Jaye Wilde]
Play Count: 9758
[F4M] Hello! I’m Sam, Your Virtual Assistant.
[Gentle FDom] [Virtual Aide] [Let me help you with your phone…] [Sitting on your lap] [Grinding] [Chest Play] [Good Boy] [Free Use Vibes] [Use Me] [Fill Me Up] [Anything else I can help you with?] [Aftercare] [slight whispering] [binaural-ish] script by u/SomewhatImmoral
Play Count: 5925
[Verification] [F] Verification Request !!
Verification request for r/pillowtalkaudio !
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[Verification] [F] Verification Request !!!
Verification request for r/gonewildaudio <3
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