[F4A] Sleepy Stoned Cy
[ramblefap][420][oral fixation][blowjob sounds][toys][edging][loud][bedtime][sleepy sounds]
Play Count: 1441
[F4M] The Bimboficationator 3000
[RAPE] [Mind Control] [Fdom] [Bimbofication] [Body Modification] [Transformation] [Gender Swap] [Futa] [Big Cock Worship] [Genre Savvy] [Mad Scientist] [Secret Agent] [Humor] [Script Fill]
Play Count: 7496
[F4M] Tied And Teased
[bondage][fdomme][spanking][fingernails][oral][denial][orgasm control]
Play Count: 1883
[F4M] Bikini Bimbo
[bikini][strip tease][transformation][bimbofication][rape][friends to lovers][free use][blow job sounds][facial][begging]
Play Count: 16523
[F4M] Paying Your Late Fees - Part 4 - With Pegging
Play Count: 3689
A Big Thank You
[toys] [bad dragon] [masturbating] [multiple] Thanks for your support!
Play Count: 2368
[F4M]Please Break My Big Fat Ass, Sir
[internet hookup][meet cute][public restroom][secretly slutty][dirty][filthy][big ass][buttplug][spanking][sound effects][analingus][anal][wet sounds][dirty talk][a2m][blowjob][BJ][script by /u/apuffoflogic42]
Play Count: 10427
[F4M] Showing A Big Dicked Virgin Just How Special He Is
[Tomboy] [Blow Job] [Extreme Filthy Dirty Talk] [Big Cock Worship] [Cum Worship] [Creampie] [Light Fdomme] [Script Fill]
Play Count: 16358
[F4M] Stripper to Supervillain - Supervillian to Sissy
[Rape][Bimbofication][De-Bimbofication][Transformation][Comic Book][Fdom][Switch][Sissy][Crossdressing][Bondage][Face sitting][Heel worship]
Play Count: 6451
[F4M] Your Cousin's Cam Girl Girlfriend
[Blackmail][Fsub][Cheating][Hold the moan][Resigned][Rape][Wet sounds]
Play Count: 5062
[F4A] Anal Fuck Toy Training
[Anal][Reluctance][Rape] just in case [Strap On][Pegging][Virginity][Oral][Rimming][Fdom][Pet][Training][Conditioning]
Play Count: 8039
[F4M] If you can Jerk it to Porn you can Jerk it to Me
[Roommates][JOI][Cheating][Fsub][Mutual Masturbation][Watching][Free Use][Blow Job]
Play Count: 19288
[F4M] If you can Jerk it to Porn you can Jerk it to Me
Play Count: 19056
[F4M] Miss me?
[Make up sex][FWB][Blow Job][Doggystyle][Multiple Orgasms]
Play Count: 5967
[F4M] Your Cock is Mine Still
[Rape][Fdom][Posession] talking about [Chastity] [Teasing][Public][GWA Artist][Blow Job][Forced Cum Eating] [Soundscape]
Play Count: 7172
[F4M] Heating Things Up
[Friends to Lovers][Cuddling][Sleepy][Romantic][Oral][Hold the Moan][Wet Sounds]
Play Count: 8335
[F4M] Your Cock is Still Mine - Voicemail
[Voicemail][Tease][Rape][Posession][GWA Artist][Fdom][Rape][Friends to Lovers]
Play Count: 4489
[F4M] Your Bimbo Girlfriend Explains it All
[bimbo][bimbosplaining][public][blow job][sharing][hot wife]
Play Count: 11582
[F4A] When the Futa Moon Rises....
[Werebimbofuta][were][bimbo][futa][transformation][bimbodomme][fdom][blow job][pegging][anal][bimbofication][GWAHalloween]
Play Count: 18040
[F4M] Your LadyBoss has a LadyCock
[futa][fdom][cfnm][blow job][wet sounds][pegging][anal][workplace][blackmail][rape]
Play Count: 19587
[F4M] Executive Ass-istant
[Free use][Secretary][Workplace][Rape][Fsub][Anal Training][Blow Job][Anal][Painal][Ass to Mouth]
Play Count: 11544
[F4A] Cheerleader Punishes Peeping Tom(boy)
[Fdom][Feminization][Rape][Forced][Blackmail][Anal Plug][Humiliation][Exhibitionism]
Play Count: 12161
[F4M] Your Dick is Mine Now
[GWA Artist][Fdom][Rape][Friends to Lovers][Friends to Rapetoy][Virgin][Teasing][Creampie][Forced Cum Eating]
Play Count: 18376
[F4FM] A Sinfully Sticky SItuation
[Dark Slime][Monstergirl][Human Couple][Rape][Friends to lovers][Forced][Anal][Blow Job][Cum swallowing][Teasing] [Encouragement][Transformation] Script by /u/EighthSpan Thank you to /u/Kilbeggan32 for the editing assist!
Play Count: 9018
[F4A] Becoming my New Bimbo Fuck Doll
[Bimbofication][Rape][Kidnapping][Transformation][Fdom][For All][Makeup][Hair][Panties][Bimbo Transforming a Bimbo][Giggles][BimboDomme]
Play Count: 16162
[F4M] A Centuar's Slave
Play Count: 13510
[F4M] This is not a Porno
[cougar][blow job][gagging][oral][fdom][touching][bossy]
Play Count: 7890
[F4M] Don't Make me Say it Daddy
[Fsub][DD/LG][Bondage][Dirty Talk][Begging][Spanking][Teasing]
Play Count: 8273
[F4M] Paying your late fees - Part 3 - With Your Ass
[Librarian][Fdom][Blackmail][Msub][Rape][Spanking][Plug][Used][Fuck Toy][Pegging]
Play Count: 10420
[F4M] Earning a Rise
[secretary][sequel][free use][exhibitionism][humiliation][measuring][dirty talk][deep throating][anal training][wet sounds]
Play Count: 9587
[F4M] Paying Your Late Fees - Part 2 - With Pictures
[Librarian][Fdom][Blackmail][Rape][JOI][Panties][Humiliation][Exhibitionism][Big Cock][Objectification]
Play Count: 10197
[F4M] A Guide to Worship
[goddess][fdom][worship][tribute][soundscape][in the rain][slow]
Play Count: 5398
[F4M] Sorry Daddy
[ddlg][punishment][spanking][tit spanking][begging][edging][blow job][gagging][whimpering][crying][facial][no ageplay]
Play Count: 5961
[F4M] Your New Bimbo Girlfriend
[JOI][Transformation][Girlfriend][Clothing][Blow Job Sounds][Phone sex]
Play Count: 15375
[F4M] How may I direct your cock?
[free use][secretary][blow job][interrupted blow job][hold the moan][wet sounds]
Play Count: 15911
[F4M] Time to Pay Your Late Fees
[Fdom][Blackmail][Rape][Cougar][CFNM][Big Cock Worship][Humiliation][Orgasm Control][Face Fucking]
Play Count: 16354
[F4F] Be a Good Little Cam Whore
[SI][Pussy Spanks][Toys][Exhibitionism][Verbal Humiliation][FDom]
Play Count: 8280
[F4M] Oral Fixation
[stoned sex[[420][Petting][Blow Job][Big Cock Worship][Slow Sucking Sounds][Hairpulling][Tit Fucking][Wet Sounds][Bareback][Cream Pie]
Play Count: 10870
[F4A] A letter to my listeners
[ramblefap][masturbation][toys][double penetration][anal][multiple orgasms][very loud cy]
Play Count: 5641
[F4M] Sweet Cheeks
[Friends to Lovers][Cheating][Big Ass][Ass job][Anal][Anal Virginity]
Play Count: 10553
[F4A] Taken by the Succubi's Toys
[Girl's Night][Rape][Intimate][Encouragement][Voyeurism][Oral][Fantasy][Big Cocks][So much Cum]
Play Count: 5815
[F4A] The Brain Erasing Inflatable Plug
[barely coherent][begging][pouty][slutty][edging][anal][toys][inflatable][painal][actually incoherent][punishment][wet sounds][multiple orgasms]
Play Count: 8468
[F4M] Diary of a C.O.M.E. Doll
[Mind Control][Bimbofication][Transformation][Tits, ass, lips and mind][Cum Play][Blow Job][Anal][Airtight][Free Use][Lots of Cum]
Play Count: 25891
[F4M] Your Roommate Your Jerk Toy - A Job For Me
[free use][blow job][hand job][cum play][facial][public][risky][dirty talk][reluctant][rape][how you got me fired]
Play Count: 12032
[F4M] A Special Dance
[JOE][JOI][Stripper][Exotic Dancer][Risky][Teasing][Facial][Dirty Talk][Watch Me][Stroke for Me]
Play Count: 8411
[F4M] Lingerie Shopping with your Wife's Bestie
[lingerie][MILF][cheating][reluctant cheating][blow job][public][blackmail][rape][becauseofblackmail]
Play Count: 14008
[F4A] Fappus Interruptus
[solo][mast][toys][clothespins][arousal gel][wet sounds][teasing][fucking][greedy cy]
Play Count: 5067
[F4M] In Heat
[mind control]?[mast][captives][begging][persuading][aggressively horny][impreg][creampie][cum play][squirting]
Play Count: 15673
[F4M] Uber MILF
[milf][blow job][cougar][seduction][pick up]
Play Count: 12084
[F4M] Office Fuck Toy
Play Count: 7125
[F4M] Begging for pegging
[pegging][rimming][strap on][sweet][gfe][fantasy]
Play Count: 8839
[F4M] This is Sparta
[impreg][free use][spartans][gang bang][oral][wet sounds]
Play Count: 5274
[F4A] Hysterical Erotica - Click - Narcissism Edition
[blackmail][rape][humiliation][erotica][hysterical][spanking][edging] Reading from: https://www.literotica.com/s/click-8
Play Count: 3792
[F4M] Interrogation Tease
[tease][fdom][interrogation][handcuffed][denial][foot play]
Play Count: 5823
[F4M] New Sensations
[bareback][first time][cum begging][dirty talk]
Play Count: 4371
[F4M] Earning your keep
[body worship][fdom][degradation][CFNM]
Play Count: 5155
[F4M] Master's Bimbo Obeys
[bimbofication][fsub][cheating][slave sharing][reluctance][blow job][wet sounds]
Play Count: 7615
[F4M] Your Roommate Your Jerk Toy - Sick Day
[free use][blow job][hand job][porn talk][dirty talk][reluctant][not what I usually sound like lol] Posted as part of my /r/Cyalith 600 Subscribers Audiowhore Challenge!
Play Count: 13457
[F4M] Don't be shy, It's a party!
[kissing][intimate][seduction][friends][blow job][mutual mast][hold the moan][manic pixie dream cy]
Play Count: 12353
[F4F] Don't be shy, it's a party!
[Kissing][seduction][fingering][mutual masturbation][hold the moan][friends][manic pixie dream cy]
Play Count: 9756
[F4M] Your Roommate – Your Jerk Toy - Rude Awakening [Sequel]
[oral][anal][anal creampie][free use][dirty talk][wet sounds][humiliation][mdom][blackmail][rape][script by /u/CoyoteHowling]
Play Count: 17395
[F4M] Just take a deep breath
[JOI][Relaxing][Mutual Masturbation][Breathing][Slow]
Play Count: 6375
[F4M] Needy
[Begging][Desperate][Big Cock Worship][Blow job][Sloppy][Deep Throat][Wet Sounds][Multiple Orgasms]
Play Count: 13611
[FF4M] Spirited into Sex Slavery
[librarian][bimbofication][mind control][rape][double the cy][stereo][possession][haunting][humping][humiliation][submission][master][sex slave][blow job sounds][begging][wet sounds]
Play Count: 24520
[F4M] I get it, we aren't friends [fsub]
Bend me over the desk, spank me and make me beg to cum on your cock. [fsub][blow job][spanking][face fucking][orgasm denial][begging]
Play Count: 19549
[F4M] I get it, we aren't friends [Fdom]
Beg me to let you lick my pussy and feel me cum on your cock. [fdom][spanking]crawling][oral][teasing][no thrusting][cei]
Play Count: 12772
[F4M] I'm so horny baby, I need you right now
[joi][stroke with my wet sounds][wet sounds][blow job][schlicking sounds][match my strokes][multiple orgasm]
Play Count: 12448
[F4M] Soap Opera Step Daddy
[lesbian][rape][ddlg][impreg][incest][incest role play][backstage][coerced co star][The Gay and the Incestuous][Genital Hospital][As Your Twat Burns][Days in Your Thighs]
Play Count: 11646
Your Professor Becomes Your Bimbo
[Rape][Bimbofication][Transformation][Dirty Talk][Cock Worship][Blowjob][Doggystyle][Bitch to Bimbo][Cum Play][Script by /u/CoyoteHowling]
Play Count: 32362
[F4M] How do you feel about that? [FDom]
[Therapy][CFNM][Facesitting][Boot Licking][Cum eating]
Play Count: 15244
[F4M] How do you feel about that? [Fsub]
[Therapy][CMNF][Blow Job][Spanking][Cum eating]
Play Count: 14567
[F4M] Cleansing Your Sin
[nun][slutty nun][titfucking][blow job][anal][blasphemy]
Play Count: 12454
[F4A] Thank you! 400 for 400
[Spanks][Tit spanking][pussy spanking][Crop][Hitachi][Edging][Buttplug][Ouchie Wheel][Squirting]
Play Count: 6033
[F4M] Your Best Friend's Mom is Butt Sex Becky
[MILF][Cougar][Big Cock Worship][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Anal][Anal Orgasm][Anal Creampie][Risky][Sequel]
Play Count: 27409
[FF4M] I'm her Daddy Now, Yes She is
[fdom][cuckold][lesbian][lesbian cuckold][strap on][bondage][DD/lg][genderfuck][gagged][wet sounds][squirting][begging][whimpers][doublethecy]
Play Count: 13739
[F4A] I'm her Daddy now
[fdom][cuckold][lesbian][lesbian cuckold][strap on][bondage][DD/lg][genderfuck]
Play Count: 8935
[F4M] Your Roommate Your Jerk Toy
[hand job][tit fuck][free use][dirty talk][blackmail]
Play Count: 24526
[f4a] Dripping from two holes
[edging][squirting][toys][gagged][drooling][no speech][wet sounds][greedy]
Play Count: 9217
[F4M] Daddy I Miss Your Cum
[JOI][dd/lg][begging][fsub][punishment][forced orgasms][hitachi][squirting][begging][facial][please]
Play Count: 12313
[F4M] No More No Fap?
[please][begging][convincing][mast][dirty talk][joe][I need you to stroke for me]
Play Count: 8037
[F4M] Your Best Friend's Mom is Blow Job Becky
[MILF][Cougar][Big Cock Worship][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Creampie][Risky]
Play Count: 36701
[F4M] A Taste of Honey
[Bimbo][Slut][Fdom][JOI][Simon Says][Punishment][Cheating][Script by /u/CastiNueva]
Play Count: 9267
[F4A] Hitachi Sploosh
[Wet sounds][Squirting][New Toy Unboxing][First Time Hitachi][Did not even make it to the highest setting]
Play Count: 9001
[F4M] I Can't Tell You - Corporate Espionage
[Secrets][Edging][Teasing][Hook up][Begging][Wet Sounds][Fsub][Just the tip]
Play Count: 7879
[F4M] Tell Me - Corporate Espionage
[Edging][Teasing][Hook up][Blow Job][Wet Sounds][Fdom][Just the tip]
Play Count: 7958
[F4M] Tomboy Princess
[tom boy][secret princess][lipstick][panties][wet sounds][daddy][fsub][blow job]
Play Count: 17431
[F4M] Taming Your Kitten
[rape][kittenification][bimbofication][mind control][master][fsub][blow job][wet sounds][plug][pet play][purring]
Play Count: 21207
[F4M] From Friend to Master
[BDSM][friends to lovers][First time BDSM][Tit Torture][Spanking][Blowjob][Choking][begging][fsub][Secret Santa for /u/ talkwordytomebaby]
Play Count: 10913
[F4M] Raising the Rent
[caught][landlord][blackmail][rape][awkward][blow job][fisting][slut]
Play Count: 11032
[F4M] Gagging a little brat
[fsub][blow job][gagging][gagged][nipple clamps][forced orgasms][wet sounds][whiney cy]
Play Count: 14210
[M4F] My Neighbor My Hero
[Damsel in Distress][oral][blow job][creampie][neighbor crush]
Play Count: 15722
[F4M] Mandatory Halloween Fun
[costume][office][office crush][hold the moan][blow job]
Play Count: 9060
[F4F] So sexy when you squirt
[mutual mast][oral][wet sounds][squirting][squirting encouragement]
Play Count: 15123
[F4M] Jerk it While I Stretch for You
[JOI][Big Cock Worship][Surprise][Begging][Fingering][Cum on my pussy]
Play Count: 25385
[F4M] Rape Toy
[Short][Begging][Needy][Wet Sounds][Rape]
Play Count: 12358
[F4A] Adjust your volume accordingly
[edging][whimpering][cumming][a lot of cumming][mast][squirting][cy gets loud]
Play Count: 12834
[F4M] Making a Dyke Love Dick
[hypnosis][mind control][rape][gay to straight][lesbian][friends]
Play Count: 20018
[F4F] The Virgin's Punishment
[Virgin][Panties][Spanking][Pussy Spanks][Toys][Strap on][Wet Sounds]
Play Count: 16512
[FF4A] A Lesson in Tentacle Monsters
[back to school][hands on learning][featuring /u/playfullittleone][rape][beast][tentacles][age][schoolgirl][anal][oral][script by /u/mysterystroker]
Play Count: 28767
[F4M] Helping Out a Neighbor: A bet
[cougar][milf][no age][oral][big cock worship][wet sounds][impreg]
Play Count: 21066
[F4MM] Just Do One More Thing for me Boys
[bi][bi encouragement][seductive fdom][exhibitionism][oral][dp][double vaginal][sharing][good boys][script by /u/myouterinnervoice]
Play Count: 21028
[F4A] You Have My Attention Now, Pet
[FDom][angry][punishment][rimming][ass worship][worship me][For attention seeking brats]
Play Count: 11110
[F4M] Cuddling your Anal Slut
[aftercare][thank you][snuggles][sleepy]
Play Count: 11775
[F4M] Breaking in Your Anal Slut
[anal][rape][fsub][begging][gagged][bondage][painal][no lube][crying]
Play Count: 25822
Pure Wand!
Play Count: 10650
[F4M] Follow and Obey
[rape][mind contro][hypnosis][fsub][wet sounds][toys][mast][be a good girl]
Play Count: 17523
[F4M] Listen like someone is watching
[public][listen in public][exhibitionism][blow job][tease][mast][can they tell?]
Play Count: 9733
[F4M] That's how you get spanked.
[ddlg][no age][roommates][bad girl][punishment][interrupted][teasing][begging][spanking][blowjob][do you want spanked?]
Play Count: 12154
[F4F] May I Hurt You Pet?
[FDom][Caring][Comforting][Kink Discovery][Sadism] [Masochism][Dirty Talk][Spanking][Biting][Aftercare][Script by /u/Shadowobsidian]
Play Count: 12334
[F4M] You think you know me by my voice?
[quickie][public][blow job][cock worship]
Play Count: 11440
[F4M] Our full moon wedding night
Play Count: 14273
[F4M] Pick Me to be Your [slut][whore][fuck toy]
[whatever you want][JOE][fsub][begging][please]
Play Count: 25602
[F4M] An Officer, and not quite a Gentleman.
[CFNM][military][Cougar][MILFitary][Wet sounds][Gushing][Forbidden]
Play Count: 10863
[F4M] Trin's Massage Parlour
Script by /u/Trinity_X, recorded for her Massage Parlor Collab. Happy ending, massage
Play Count: 8342
[F4A] So much teasing, so little time
[quickie][mast][wet sounds][fingers][multiple os][did I mention wet?]
Play Count: 7641
[F4M] Daddy's Turn
[dd/lg][no age][blow job][rimming][pegging][begging][bratting][fsub]
Play Count: 10970
[F4F] Let me help you
[exhibitionism][toys][virgin][older woman][wet sounds][oral]
Play Count: 16494
[F4M] How satisfied are you with your new fuckdoll?
[mind control][rape][transformation][bimbofication][titty fuck][blow job][anal][and pudding]
Play Count: 46603
[F4M] The Cable Gurl
[porn][caught][blow job][wet sounds][porn tropes]
Play Count: 11718
[F4F] Show Me Babygirl
Play Count: 18132
[F4M] Punished Again!
[pillow humping][brat][clothespins][inflatable][pain slut][begging][dd/lg][no age]
Play Count: 8950
[F4M]I'm at my window, nearly naked to the world
[hfo][hypnosis][trigger][explode][voyeur][gonewildcurvy][curvy girl][obsessed for months][script by /u/bob816fan]
Play Count: 17008
[F4M] Heads or Tails my Pets
[script by /u/NotInCtrl][JOI][Humiliation][Tasks][Countdown][Cruel][Denial][for some][Cumming Hard for Others][Long - 24min]
Play Count: 12618
[F4M] Marked
[roommates][hoodie thief][marking][insertions][pervertable sharpies][spanking][blow job sounds][wet sounds]
Play Count: 11033
[F4M] Your Very Personal Shopper
[lingerie][mutual masturbation][joi][cougar][secret santa]
Play Count: 11521
[F4M] Naughty Girl's Christmas List
[age]?[public][punishment][dirty talk][cream pie]
Play Count: 9768
[F4A] Metronome - A love hate relationship
[edging][toys][mast][wet sounds][failed edging][squiring][fuck]
Play Count: 10346
[F4M] Letting My Hair Down
[flirting][long hair][lingerie][anal]
Play Count: 10786
[F4F] Good Girls Don't
[SI][Dirty talk][Countdown][Reverse Psychology][Naughty Girls Do]
Play Count: 13127
[F4M] Getting Ready for Daddy's Cock
[Big Cock Worship][Inflatable][Toys][Training][Whimpering][Begging][More Begging][DD/lg]
Play Count: 14081
[F4F] Really? Pink?
[GWAlloween][Request fill][Morticia-esque][Oral][Gentle][Spanking][Bondage][MD/LG][no age]
Play Count: 10500
[f4a] Oh god it is my cake day
[spanks] [edging] [wet sounds] [glass dildo] [multi] [I so forgot] [thanks gwa]
Play Count: 6995
[F4M] You know what I really need right now?
[teasing][dirty talk][friends][blow job sounds][gagging][big cock worship]
Play Count: 18076
[F4M] The Hallway
[Mind Control][ Humiliation][Rape][Gagging][Anal Fisting][Script by /u/DanteFieroWrites]
Play Count: 14717
[F4M] Special Security Screening
[TSA Agent][fsub][blow job][spanking][gagging][choking]
Play Count: 9975
[F4M] Am I Forgiven? Saved From The Stake II
[Script by /u/cardlin][Fantasy/Medieval][Incest-play] [Seduction][Jealousy][Begging][FDom/MDom]
Play Count: 8276
[F4A] A Naughty Postcard
[mast][toys][orgasms][girl sounds][blow job sounds]
Play Count: 6290
[F4A] You want it, you got it
[GWA Response Challenge][response to /u/entrechat][girl sounds][moaning][mast] Response to: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/39sku6/m4f_i_want_you_to_come_for_me_schlick/
Play Count: 6333
[FF4A] If we don't sin Jesus died for nothing
[preacher's daughter][church][sound effects][seduction][corruption][collab with /u/playfullittleone]
Play Count: 12996
[F4M] Ice Ice Babygirl
[punishment][ice play][DD/lg][blow job][anal][whiny bratty cy]
Play Count: 8978
[F4F] Fireworks
[public][whispers][sound effects][sweet]
Play Count: 8896
[F4M] Special Lollipops
[blow job sounds][wet sounds][mind control][bimbofication][dd/lg][no age][rape][baby-girl-ification]
Play Count: 26781
[F4M] Choose Your Own Cougar... Daddy
[Choose Your Own Drunk Dial][JOI][MILF][Cougar][incest][but really just implied incest][dd/lg][fsub]
Play Count: 14252
[F4M] Choose Your Own Cougar... Big Boy
[Choose Your Own Drunk Dial][JOI][MILF][Cougar][incest][but really just implied incest][md/lb][fdom]
Play Count: 23185
[F4A] Sunday Hotel Spanking
[spanking][edging][clothespins][dice hate me] [Cumming so hard]
Play Count: 6421
[F4M] Saved From The Stake
[Script by /u/cardlin] [fdom][virgin] [Medieval/Fantasy][Rape][Witch/Knight]
Play Count: 14175
[F4M] Cort-in' Trouble
[Blackmail][Cougar][MILF][Rape][Fdom][Script Collab with /u/CorticeraGoneWild]
Play Count: 11481
[F4A] Breaking in the bouncer
[getting broken in][riding][mast][toys][wet sounds][suction dildo]
Play Count: 8698
[F4A] Please
Play Count: 6136
[F4M] Show it to me
[Big Cock Worship][Photos][Office][Wet Sounds]
Play Count: 25477
[F4M] Trash Becoming Trash
[Mind Control][Blow Job][Anal][Begging][Rape][sequel]
Play Count: 16391
[F4A] IvoryTongues MultiOrgasmic Questionaire
[answered multiorgasmically][wet sounds][toys][mast][multi][girl sounds][cy tries to english]
Play Count: 6502
[F4M] Hurry Home Honey
Play Count: 15277
[FF4a] Original Unedited Version - Playtime with Playful
Play Count: 5991
April 1st Revelations
[the secret is out][coming clean][confessional]
Play Count: 5897
[FF4A] Playtime with Playful
[SI] [mast] [girl sounds] [whimpering] [multiple os] [sexy domme unf] [req-fill]
Play Count: 13325
[F4M] Jerk it to Your Anal Slut
[JOI][Ass Worship][Anal Orgasm][Whispers][Butt Stuff]
Play Count: 50034
[F4M] Stay in bed with me
[greedy sleepy cy][blow job][cuddles][multiple os][vanilla]
Play Count: 9531
[F4M] The Virus - Patient 1
[Bimbofication][Transformation][Mind Contro][Blow Job Sounds]
Play Count: 39801
[F} 50 Shades Review - From the New Yorker
Play Count: 5297
[F4A] Thank you GWA!
[double penetration][squirting][rambling][1 year]
Play Count: 7273
[F4M] Let's get out of here
[public][blow job][anal]
Play Count: 10309
[F4M] Hot Robot Action Near You
Play Count: 9475
[F4A] No Lightsaber Sounds
[anal][plug][whimpering][nerdydirtytalk][clamps] for my audiowhore challenge
Play Count: 6109
[F4M] A nice party, with a not nice girl
[public][blow job][gagging][spanking]
Play Count: 9956
[F4A] An Awkward meeting
Play Count: 6321
[F4M] The Mob Boss Makes you Late
[bondage][oral][teasing] for my audiowhore challenge
Play Count: 6446
[F4A] Tinkerbell's Love
[Size][romance][wtf] for my audiowhore challenge
Play Count: 7940
[F4A] Bright Star Hysterical Literature
Bright Star by Keats.
Play Count: 5379
[F4M] Not since you saw me.....
[Cheating][strip tease]
Play Count: 6467
[F4M] Let me fuck your ass Daddy
Play Count: 11362
[F4A] Daddys Little Eding Girl
Play Count: 6948
[F4F] Good Morning Naughty Kitty
Play Count: 7950
[F4M] Touch yourself here
[JOI][Multiple rooms][Count Down]
Play Count: 7979
[F4A] Peach Creme Fraiche Pie
Sexy recipe Challenge
Play Count: 5372
[F4M] Viagra tease
You took some drugs before our date, was that really wise? [tease]
Play Count: 7475
[F4M] Kidnapped Again!
[Humor][Kidnapping][Fearplay][Rape][Impreg] from my Audiowhore Challenge
Play Count: 10467
[F4F] Please Mistress
[begging][strap on][tribbing][oral] From my Audiowhore Challenge
Play Count: 11474
[F4M] Purrrrrfect Timing
[Purring][JOI][Phone Sex][Countdown][Whispers]
Play Count: 11513
[F4A]Wearing myself out
[arousal gel is evil] [edging][wet sounds][begging][whimpering][tormenting myself to sleep]
Play Count: 10118
[FF4A] Sportsball Spankings
[collab with playfullittleone][spanks][pussy spanks][sparkly crop][orgasms][giggles][our teams suck][whose idea WAS this][adorabcute]
Play Count: 8230
[F4M] Backdooring
Play Count: 15673
[F4M] Backdoored
Play Count: 10732
[F4M] Couldn't we work something out?
[public][blackmail][rape][forced orgasm][whispers][begging]
Play Count: 15795
[Script by /u/tatterJack][Story][I edited out the sniffles]
Play Count: 5399
[F4M] Cumming Home for the Holidays
[Phone Sex][Spanking][Begging][Fsub][risky][are they home from church yet?]
Play Count: 7148
[F4M] Stripping In a Winter Wonderland
[Blow Job][Stripping][Stockings][Foot teasing][Warm up with me and some Scotch]
Play Count: 8537
[F4F] Kitty's Christmas Cums Early
[Secret Santa] for /u/playfullittleone [petplay][fdom][mdom][dd/lg][no age][plug][double dildo][hitachi]
Play Count: 9365
Thanks Santa Tark
Just me following along with my lovely secret Santa audio.
Play Count: 5357
[F4M] Do we have to wait Daddy?
[edging][begging][blow job sounds][dd/lg][no age][did i mention begging][cy hates edging][cold turkey]
Play Count: 9537
[F4M] Rack 'em
[Pool Table][Old friends getting friendlier][Teasing][Blow Job][Cream Pie][CE]
Play Count: 10355
[F4M]Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver
[fsub][bondage][spanking][pussy spanking][gagged][w/ tape]
Play Count: 8537
[F4A] Saturday Schlicking
[edging][pussy spanking][squirting][wet sounds][orgasms][I lost count after 12]
Play Count: 9544
[F]The Monster Within [Script by /u/vocawriter112]
[GWAlloween][Contest Entry][Script Offer][gangrape][impreg], [crying] [rape][beast][you had me at lovecraft]
Play Count: 11139
[F4M] Unzipped [Cougar]
[Cougar][MILF][Anal][Anal Orgasm][Big Cock Worship][Cheating]
Play Count: 41375
[F4M] Unzipped
[Cougar][MILF][Anal][Anal Orgasm][Big Cock Worship][Cheating]
Play Count: 9397
[F4M] Rapunzel - Dark & Tangled
[self bondage][wet sounds][masturbation][req-fill][contest entry]
Play Count: 8552
[F4M] Hitting the Jackpot Again [remixed]
Handsfree, hypnosis, remixed by reddit user /u/supsoap
Play Count: 41973
[F4M] Good Morning Blow Job For Daddy
[Blow job] [FSub] [butt stuff]
Play Count: 16565
[F4M] Playing with my Ass for Sir
[Fsub][Anal][begging][method acting][script by /u/vocawriter112]
Play Count: 10234
[F4M] Hitting the Jackpot Again
Hands Free, Hypnosis.
Play Count: 67991
[F4A] Happy Birthday Miss Playful!
[Lucky 7s][Spanking][Edging][Some Cumming][clamps][Mynippleshurt]
Play Count: 6017
[F4F] Listen to Me
[erotic poetry by /u/iwillinstructyou][sensual][whispers]
Play Count: 6172
[F4F] Let me teach you
[SI][Mutual Masturbation][Lady Lovin][He gets to watch]
Play Count: 18929
[F4A] The AVCs of the Female Orgasm
[anal][hitachi]ish[glass dildo][multiple 0][req-fill]
Play Count: 8812
[F4M] Trash Being Trash
[Blow Job][Forced Orgasms][Rape][Sequel] The follow up to "Trash Talking Trash"
Play Count: 16779
[F4A]AMAsturbation! with /u/Playfullittleone
[math+buttplug=fail][Spanking][chipmunk fetish?][Gigglefits][begging][concerned dog interference][girl sounds][Thank you Miss Playful]
Play Count: 8376
[F4M] I Think it's the HARD Drive
[req-fill][computer nerd][spanking][blow job][office][IT Guy Luvin]
Play Count: 10822
[F4M] Bless You [Extreme Sacrilege][Anal][Spanking][OhMyGod]
We duck into the church until your sneezing calms down, and one thing, leads to something it probably shouldn't have.
Play Count: 9443
[F4M] Handcuffs
[Secret Santa][Switch]
Play Count: 8575
[F4M] Just... untie me.
You come home to find your roommate tied to her bed, naked. [rape][bondage][begging][bj]
Play Count: 25995
The edge of the dice challenge
[Edging][Anal toys][fuck]
Play Count: 7773
[F4A] Random Reward [Edging][LadySounds][Nottachi]

Play Count: 5949
[FM4A] The Spanking Game
Play Count: 6319
The Hero's Challenge [F4M]
[F4M][Fantasy][Cave Elves are Totally a Thing][Nerdday Thursday]
Play Count: 9683
[F4A] Lurker Challenge
[Spanking][Edging][Being preachy]
Play Count: 14124
Trash Talking Trash
[Mind Control][Blow Job][Rape]
Play Count: 24403
More than just your cock
A quicky in front of the TV to remind you why I am with you.
Play Count: 9633
Helping Out a Neighbor - Pool Boy Edition
You happen to stop by to clean my pool while I am sunbathing... topless. [cougar][blow job noises]
Play Count: 14784
Making Sense of Elven Maidens
[Man/Elf][Drinking][1st time],Vanilla][Magic][Fantasy][Silly] Script by reddit user VeeKayToo
Play Count: 10203
[F4M] Surprise Visit
Script by reddit user PrayersToADarkFather [tease][switch][anal][rape](really con/noncon)
Play Count: 9114
[F4M] Watching you watching me [JOE]
[Sex Tape][JOE][Req-Fill] I catch you watching something I didn't think you knew about.
Play Count: 12019
Alone together
Play Count: 12109
A surprising distraction
[F4M]It's not that you staring at my boobs creeps me out... it's just... distracting.
Play Count: 17207
100-1 to 1 to 100 Counting Challenge

Play Count: 7635
A little overqualified
I think you may be a little overqualified for this job, why don't you show me how that benefits me. {oral][femdomish]
Play Count: 10359
A little underqualified
I may be a little underqualified for the job, but I'll do anything for it. [anal][blow job][blackmailyrapish?]
Play Count: 13968
A sub breaks in his domme
{Switch][Rape][fdom to fsub][spanking][blowjob]
Play Count: 11593
On being Daddy's girl.

Play Count: 8784
[F4A] Playing with my new toy!
In which I test out my new not a hitachi, including all 8 modes.
Play Count: 7333
20 Questions [TUAQ]
Unofficially completing the unofficial questionaire.
Play Count: 6184
Vote for me [JOI][F4M]
Play Count: 9401
A little time to ourselves
Just me, my toy, and you. [F4M]
Play Count: 7058
I can't call you that...

Play Count: 9760
Truth and Dare
We finish up a game of truth or dare. [F4M][Blowjob]
Play Count: 26475
Your turn to be in charge
I'm too flirty at a party and you decide to tie me up and tease me.
Play Count: 8308

Play Count: 5817
Helping out a Neighbor [F4M]
You help out your neighbor, and are amply rewarded. [cougar][big cock worship]
Play Count: 22706
[F4M] I Never Dreamed it Was Me [Mild BDSM] [ROM] [Script]
This script is by reddit user VeeKaytoo.
Play Count: 6788
You thought I was teasing...
Play Count: 8298
[F4f] Submission between friends [spanking][Fdom]

Play Count: 11307
A big surprise

Play Count: 40631
My Birthday Present
Play Count: 11455
GWA Verification

Play Count: 6171