Moans, Purrs & Shivers [M4A] [M4F] [Mast] [No words] by Gaelforce
I've been laying bed thinking about you all day... and I just can't help myself...
Play Count: 17889
Striptease by Gaelforce [3D Sound] [Irish Accent] [Mast] [RP]
I know you love me in a suit, but I bet you'd like me even more out of it... But I don't come cheap you'll have to pay a price....
Play Count: 33739
Dirty Cop - by Gaelforce [Cop Fantasy] [Rough] [Trigger Warning]
You've been a very bad girl. How bad do you want to get out of those cuffs? A rough and dirty audio for my naughty girl... Tags: Rough, Trigger Warning, Cop Fantasy
Play Count: 27984
Sexy Pillow Talk [Erotic ASMR] by Gaelforce
We fell asleep together last night, and I was so turned on...I dreamed about you ... I felt your body next to mine and I was on fire...
Play Count: 26368
Sweet Captive by Gaelforce Audios - Preview Clip
Available from eSensual Books - Bound and desired and in Gaelforce's capable and sensual hands, what more could a girl ask for? This Audio Erotica presentation will have you as a most willing prisoner. Lie back and relax Sweet Captive, you're not going anywhere until your Master is done with you.
Play Count: 5656
Merry Christmas, Baby! - Gaelforce
After a long, hard day of emergency Christmas shopping, Gael relaxes you with a bit of 'naughty' to reward your 'nice' behavior this year!
Play Count: 10939
Bad Santa 2016 - Gaelforce
Have you been naughty or nice? Let Bad Santa remove your holiday stress.
Play Count: 7709
Sauna by Gaelforce
You look so sexy when you get a little sweaty. You know it's always been a fantasy of mine to have hot and steamy sexy in the sauna. We DO have the place all to ourselves...
Play Count: 12381
Sexy Submissive by Gaelforce - [M4F] [MDom] [BDSM] [Fishnets]
You've been a bad girl again haven't you. How many times have I warned you about playing with yourself in my absence? And yet you persist? Looks like someone's going to have to be taught a lesson...
Play Count: 20470
Sexual Devotion - Gaelforce
You want to know that turns me on? Devotion. Devotion is so fucking sexy. Especially when it comes from a sexy woman like you...and I mean woman, not a little girl, a fucking woman, who know what she wants. Are you devoted to me? To my cock? Show me.
Play Count: 36445
Vampires For A Night - Gaelforce
Alternate Title - 'The Halloween Party' We've been invited to a Halloween Party. It's going to be a lot of fun and we are dressed to the nines as sexy vampires. But before we go, I have a little gift for you. I want you to wear this little vibrator in your panties. Of course, there is a trick to this treat. I'll have the remote control.
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Gaelforce As You've Never Heard Him Before

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