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Almost in time for 2000 subs :S

[What Do I Find Sexy?]
[Attractive Qualities]
[I <3 Girls w/ Tattoos]
[My Fave Threesome]
[Am I Kinky?]
[+ Lots More]
[I'm so sorry this took so long...]

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Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #10 - Sex In the 4th Dimension: DD/lg & Me <3
In this cast I talk about Daddy Dom/little girl (ddlg) dynamics and how this type of roleplay has positively effected my life. [15:49]

There are a few common misconceptions I address (including ones that I held, too!), and I hope you'll give this a listen to gain some context on ONE PERSON'S sexuality and take on the kink.

Everyone is different, that's what makes life interestingly awesome. If you keep an open mind and open communication with your partners you *may* discover some fun things about yourself... This is why I think sexuality is 4-dimensional! :D

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[M4A] 1000 Subscriber [AMA] 2 of ? [15:04] [Sleep Aid] [Relaxation Aid]
same old boring shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Time Travel isn't for me...]
[What I Smell Like]
[My Musical Tastes]
[Interior Design ft. Admiral the Accent Cat]
[Thoughts on The Great British Bake-Off]
[MORE GBBO Thoughts...]

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[M4A] 1000 Subscriber [AMA] 1 of ? [24:40] [Sleep Aid] [Relaxation Aid]
Boring af :3

[My Favorite Travel Destinations]
[Musing On German Pop Tastes]
[One Thing Everyone Should Do In Their Life]
[Why I Still Make Porn]

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Contextual Note - Metal Talks for 15 Minutes #09 - Ouch
A little bit on some of the pain I continue to work though, and why losing this work is SO SO SO hard for me.

Here's a link to the long-form cast about the last 10+ years of my life.

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Metal Talks for 15 Minutes #09 - Ouch
What I've been working on and why I'm a bit disappointed. <3

[The PornHub Fiasco] [Disappointment] [What I've Been Doing] [I Need Your Support] [Hopefully We Laugh At This Later] [12:31]

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I'm on Spotify! :D
Here's a link to my aritst profile

Click Here To Find and Follow Me On Spotify!

I'd be really pumped if you followed, rated, and (if you can) shared my content! I'm so happy to share it and appreciate your support as I branch out! It's so much fun to do something I can be proud of and share it with you!

Thanks for your amazing support, I love you guys <3

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I Hope This Sounds Better!.. (New Mic Test)
If it doesn't I've made a huge mistake.

Test of new Røde NT1-A Dual-mic (Binaural) Array.

I want to make better stuff for you guys! It'll take a minute, but I'll get this thing sounding GOOD!.. :D

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Metal Talks for 15 Minutes #08 - 33 Years, 10 Months
This is the most meaningful thing I'll ever record on this account. If there's hope for me, there's hope for you...srsly. <3 [My Story] [Abuse] [Disease] [Darkness] [Dependence] [Malpractice] & [Mistreatment] -> [Recovery] [Happiness] [Humanity] [Self Esteem] [Love] [Confidence] [Happy Endings] [No, Not That Kind] [Thanks For Being Here For Me] [HOPE] [76:05] <3
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Getting High and Cleaning My Bathroom
I like to doze to people talking about mundane stuff. I hope this hits the mark. <3 [Stoned Ramble] [Relaxation Aid] [Nap To This] [Chores] [Topics Include] [The Best Weekend Wakeup] [Streaks] [Vanity/Counter Tops] [Bad Kissers] [Clean Bathroom Dating Dynamics] [Other Goofy Shit] [Because High] [Tangential] [Windex Sounds] [47:04]
Play Count: 2906
Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #07 - The Sex Addiction Edition
Don't worry, there's a "Happy Ending" d: [Happily Less Sexy] [Talking About My Relationship With Sex] [Self Worth] [Validation] [Sex Addiction & GWA] [How I've "Recovered"] [Doing Good For Others = AWESOME] [Loving Yourself] [Hope] [Laughs as Always] [White Traccent] (:
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Let's Doze...
[M4A] [RambleCuddle] [Oh, You're Awake?] [Let Me Help You Fall Back To Sleep] [Optimum Sleep Position - Engage] [Cuddle] [How's The Temperature, Good?] [Deep Breaths] [Shoulder Massage] [Let Those Anxious Thoughts Go] [Laughs] [REAL YAWNS]
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Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #06 - The Travel Show
A long show about my world travels thus far plus a request for comment/activities for my September 2018 Scandinavian solo adventure (see reddit post for timestamps - https://www.reddit.com/r/YourHeavyMetalHangout/comments/8kuyvd/series_page_metal_talks_for_15_minutes/). 1hr 49min
Play Count: 1155
Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #05 - Forgetting Sarah
Topics Include: [College Jeopardy Try Outs] [Flat Tires] [Power Outages] [Mayhem] [My First Car] [Teen Embarrassment] [Suck It, Trebek] [21:07]
Play Count: 824
...Like I Love You
[M4A][Improv] [Binaural] [Awful Day] [Not The Sum of Your Mistakes] [Let's Cuddle] [Let's Practice Self-Compassion] [It's Tough For Me, Too] [I'm Going To Tell You You're Wonderful Until You're Sick of It] [I Love To See You Happy] [You Are A Beautiful Person] [Love]
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Metal Just Talks...
More than 15 minutes regarding my life/porn journey.
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Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #04 - I Changed My Mind
[RIP Tony][Gaining Perspective][Vietnamese vs. Sushi][I Try To Pronounce Sushi The Right Way] [Badly Butchering Shakespeare] ["Protesteth" Isn't A Word] [Black Holes & Revelations] [Cosmology & Astrophysics Amateur Hour]
Play Count: 802
Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #03 - The Master Of Disaster
[I Can't Say "Meteorological"] [How Disasters Furnished My Home] [Floods & Tornadoes] [My Take On The Dying Field of Aeronautical Journalism] [Taking A Stand and Saying the RIGHT Thing]
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PTA Verification for u/HeyItsMetal
Requesting PTA Verification. May 25th, 2018. Looking forward to performing comfort and relaxation audios again!
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Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #02 - Sweet Tea & Sexx Laws
[The Ethics Of Porn] [Body Positivity] [Slip-On Footwear] [Hot Takes On Iced Tea]... And maybe more. Title: https://youtu.be/IQfwgzoiq4c <- I dare you to not dance.
Play Count: 1200
Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #01 - Cargo Shorts, Breaking The Stigma
Topics include: Fashion Norms, Denim, & The Collective Rejoicing of Men in Their Mid-30s Everywhere.
Play Count: 1248
Metal Talks For 15 Minutes #00 - The Actual 'Episode Zero'
In this short clip I speak about who I am, what I'm doing, the goals for this little project, and the standard disclaimers. Non-compelling content, but it's good hygiene.
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