Play While You’re Away [F4A][masturbation][wet noises]
Since you’re out, I figured I’d have a bit of my own fun. Don’t worry, I used the brand new toy you bought me to get me over the edge. Hope you don’t mind me showing off how it made me feel.
Play Count: 666
[F] Overc(um)ome With Need [masturbation] [ramblefap] [orgasm] [wet noises]
Pretty self explanatory. Pretty wet pussy. Pretty great orgasm. Here's to us both enjoying ourselves?
Play Count: 1799
[F4A] No Word Challenge [masturbation] [breathy] [wet sounds] [no words]
Trying the no word challenge on for size. Had a rare early morning with some free minutes so I stayed in bed, pulled off my panties and got to work.
Play Count: 2645
[F4M][Script Fill] Make Me Yours [impreg][gfe][cum worship][romantic][l-bombs] talk of [ownership]
Baby I've been thinking... It's time we make this official. Let me show you my commitment, and give you what I know we both want. Script by u/man_with_no_shame
Play Count: 4099
[F4A] Monday Morning Moaning [masturbation] [rambling]
Taking care of a very serious desire before leaving for work. Better than coffee, at least.
Play Count: 1895
Petal's 3rd Questionnaire
Doing another questionnaire, though it's been a while to get back into the swing of things. Somewhat older, maybe wiser, definitely still rambly.
Play Count: 639
Group Verification Audio Lonelyfingersonly + E.C.
Verification for group audios to be posted to gonewildaudio. Hopefully I can convince him to visit more! Happy Valentine's Day!
Play Count: 934
[FM4A] 100 to 1 Challenge With A Twist [live sex] [mutual masturbation] [wet sounds] [spanks]
Revisiting an old favorite, the 100 to 1 challenge. This time around with two voices instead of one, more than one orgasm and a deliciously hard cock instead of just my own two hands. This fuck buddy is a keeper.
Play Count: 3174
[F4M] Take A Week's Worth of Stress Out [script fill] [rough]
You've been so tense, and I'm ready to do whatever I can to help. Fuck a massage or a nice dinner, let's go for a real stress reliever. Saw u/superhappydeathsquad's script and since it's exactly how I'm feeling I wanted to give it a shot. Comments are more than welcome. :)
Play Count: 3006
[F] Inside of Love [cover]
Inside of Love by Nada Surf. Cold nights make sad songs on the front porch.
Play Count: 884
[F4A] Doin The Deflower Questionaire Part 2
Lonelyfingersonly does baby_petal's Deflower Questionaire Part 2 of 2
Play Count: 856
[F4A] Doin The Deflower Questionaire Part 1
Lonelyfingersonly does baby_petal's Deflower Questionaire Part 1 of 2
Play Count: 1113
[F4M] [Script Fill] You'll Never Be As Good As Him [Humiliation]
I know you've been dreaming about fucking me again. Looks like you need a quick reminder on why you never will. Script by SuperHappyDeathSquad
Play Count: 14704
Getting "More" Than I Bargained [F]or [One Word Challenge]
Forgive the overused expression. Hopefully the fact that I did this at work makes up for something?
Play Count: 1679
[F] On The Prowl, The Gossip [singing] [cover]

Play Count: 807
[F] Happy Working Song [Disney] [Enchanted]
Squeezing in a second (and last) Disney song before this ends!
Play Count: 853
[F] I Won't Say I'm In Love [Hercules] [Disney songs]

Play Count: 883
[F4M] Earning My Orgasm [Fsub]
I've been a good girl Sir. I've been on the edge, I've played your game. May I have my reward? Script by tiredofnotbeingright
Play Count: 2068
[F4F] I'm Your Biggest Fan(atic)
Sugar, spice, and everything nice, a spoon of admiration, and a little dash of fatal attraction. Script by tarkustrooper
Play Count: 2676
[F4M] Humiliating Orders For Losers [script by ihavearequest1]
Willing and obedient suckers only. Let's play a little game. I expect your response post haste.
Play Count: 5196
[F4F] Girls Night
A late night session, just between us. (Script by Iwillinstructyou)
Play Count: 2410
[F 4 A] A Long Wait
To thank you all for your delicious voices and kind words. Hope you like it! :)
Play Count: 1053
[F4M] Happy Birthday Daddy
Script by perverted_alt
Play Count: 2647
[F] 100-1 Challenge [Masturbation]
[F] 100-1 Masturbation Challenge. Whew, a lot harder than I thought.
Play Count: 4093
[F4M] Will I Make You Cum, Ruin Your Orgasm, or Deny You Altogether?
Script fill, first attempt
Play Count: 10017
[F] A (kind of timid) verification request
Play Count: 1595