Fucking Crickets
[M4F]Fucking Crickets [in the mood][disruptions][wolf][growls][passion][feels][crickets][foreplay][angry sex][deep voice][dom][rough][10:38]
Play Count: 6075
Wolves Mate for Life
[M4F] Wolves Mate for Life [wolf][stalking][prey][predator][hunting][owned][growls][deep voice][rough][chased][mine][woods][14:00]
Play Count: 4875
Preparing for Our First 4some
[M4F] Preparing for Our First 4some [Tuesday Tingles][foursome][fantasy][fantasizing][quickie][playtime][hot sex][dom][excitement][anticipation][horny][12:15]
Play Count: 3563
I love cumming Inside You
[M4F] I Love Cumming Inside You [grinding][cumming][squeezing][loving][passionate][storking][humping][deep voice][growls][cumming inside you][gripping][pinning you down][pumping][12:22]
Play Count: 14118
My SLUT Fucktoy - Owned
[M4F] My SLUT Fucktoy [dom][rough][angry sex][cumming on your face][all holes][anal][oral][slapping][spanking][used][owned][mine][hard sex][rough fucking][fucktoy][deep voice][loud][growls]
Play Count: 29977
Catching You Watching Porn Again
[M4F] Catching You Watching Porn Again [pussy licking][eating you out][cum on my face][watching porn][mine][licking][sucking][growls][dirty talk][oral sex][slurp]
Play Count: 34210
Twas the Nigh Before XXXmas
[M4A] Twas the Night before XXXmas [NSFW poem][xxxmas][christmas poem][toys][deep voice][naughty santa][dirty talk][growls][festive cheer][from me to you][tingles][parody][sexy]
Play Count: 3304
InMyHandsAudio verification for DSP
Play Count: 756
Fantasising While Stroking
[M4F] Fantasising While Stroking [stroking my cock][deep voice][cumming][male orgasm][dirty talk][sucking cock][growls][moans][breathless][male masturbating][loud orgasm][fantasising about you]
Play Count: 22541
Backseat Office Slut
[M4F] Backseat Office Slut [car sex][backseat][rough][tease me][fucktoy][using you][loud orgasm][loud voice][growls][spanks][dom][tear your clothes off][daddy]dirty talk][owned][dirty talk][my slut]
Play Count: 37193
Ride Me
[M4F] Ride me][morning sex][quickie][bounce on my cock][cowgirl][cumming inside you][hands on you][dirty talk][growls][deep voice][whispers]
Play Count: 36174
Throat Fuck
[M4F] Throat Fuck [fucking your mouth][suck my cock][using you][fucktoy][heavy breathing][cumming][blowjob][cock sucking][good girl][dom][daddy]
Play Count: 10579
You Know
{M4A] You Know [poetry][love][desire][Lust][want][need][poem][narration][spoken word][deep voice][soothing][feels][feelings][heart][soul]
Play Count: 1520
Spanks for a Naughty Girl
[M4F] Spanks for a Naughty Girl [daddy][ddlg][naughty girl][bad girl][spankings][pussy fingering][do as daddy says][over my knee]slurping][forced orgasm][dirty talk][daddy dom]
Play Count: 15390
Home to a Hungry Pussy
[M4F] Home to a Hungry Pussy [cumming inside you][caught you masturbating][pussy licking][fingering you][sensual][slow fuck][whispers][orgasm]
Play Count: 22084
Cumming in Your Mouth
[M4F] Cumming in Your Mouth [jerking off][blowjob fantasy][masturbating][dirty talk][stroking][moaning][loud cumming][orgasm][heavy breathing][deep voice]
Play Count: 7189
Used in Bed - Sequel to Tied to the Chair
[M4F] Used in Bed - Sequel to Tied to the Chair [rough][bdsm][dom][spanking][heavy breathing][hard fucking][taped up][restrained][anal][daddy]growls][deep voice][dirty talk][loud cumming]
Play Count: 16288
Getting Clean, Getting Dirty
[M4F] Getting Clean, Getting Dirty [shower sex][playful][deep voice][pussy licking][dirty talk][sensual][sexy][moans][oral][dom][slow fuck]
Play Count: 8126
Tied to the Chair
[M4F] Tied to the Chair [rough][bdsm][slapping][tied up][dom][loud][angry][daddy][spanking][used][mine][fucktoy][stress release][growls][grunting][deep voice]
Play Count: 10855
Dinner for Daddy
[M4F] Dinner for Daddy [ddlg][daddy][pussy licking][cum on my face][fingering][sucking][slurping][pussy play][deep voice][dom][joi]
Play Count: 11474
Release the Tension
[M4F] Release the Tension [asmr][relaxing][joi][deep voice][soothing][relaxation technique][tingles][de-stress][whispers][deep voice][cum for me]
Play Count: 3814
Morning Breakfast Pussy
[M4F] Morning Breakfast Pussy [oral][pussy licking][slurping][taking care of you][cum for me][deep voice][growls][daddy dom][morning sex][cum on my tongue]
Play Count: 11011
In the Park
[M4F] In the Park [public][park][ddlg][daddy dom][fingering][exhibitionist][sundress][my first audio ever] outdoors][outside][teasing]
Play Count: 6915
Back to Our Bed
[M4F] Back to Our Bed [deep voice][dom][daddy][cnc][rough][control][whispers][cumming inside you][male orgasm][loud orgasm][cumming][bed][ds]
Play Count: 11777
Focus Kitten
[M4F] Focus Kitten [JOI][deep voice][whispers][listen to me][control][dom][daddy][ddlg][cum for me][dirty talk][kitten]playtime]
Play Count: 5460
Teasing Me for a Baby
[M4F] Teasing Me for a Baby [impregnate][cumming inside you][cream pie][dom][rough][dom][ddlg][taking you][daddy][deep voice][growls]
Play Count: 14929
Tell Me You're Sexy
[M4F] Tell Me You're Sexy [exhibitionism][shopping][change room sex][affirmation][risky][dom][fingering][pussy place][teasing][public sex][deep voice][growls]
Play Count: 4270
Midnight Sex
[M4F] Midnight Sex [deep voice][growls][dom][whispers][wake up sex][midnight][sex][gring][playtime][slow fucking][moans][cumming][romantic]
Play Count: 20760
Tell Me ........SLUT
[M4F] Tell Me, Slut [dom][daddy][rough][deep voice][growls][tell me][slut][ddlg][anal][using you][good girl][pounding][grunting][cumming]
Play Count: 15494
BFE - Dressing You Up
[M4F] Dressing Each Other [boyfriend][dressing you][bfe][playful]{morning][stretching][aftercare][starting the day][loving][caring][adore][adoration]
Play Count: 6341
Jerking Off Time
[M4A] Jerking Off Time [jerking off][moans][deep voice][masturbating][cumming][fap][man sounds][orgasm]
Play Count: 10383
Audio Desires - Gwen's Diner Release
[M4F]Gwewn's Diner [new audio][audio desires][story][couplings][promo][audio desires][imh][inmyhandsaudio][exclusive][audio erotica][erotic audio]
Play Count: 795
IMHA Post Notifications Fix
Hi Beautifuls Some subscribers Have not been receiving email notifications when there is a new post. We will have to correct this individually with each account. Please email admin@vanillaaudio.com with your login name and we will have it corrected ASAP. If you have any other issues like certain videos that won't play etc. Please email the webmaster and CC me We will have any glitches fixed. Thank you again for all your understanding, support and love xo Ben
Play Count: 646
Late for the Party
[M4F] Late for the Party [deep voice][dirty talk][moans][growls][dom][party][stairwell][cumming][fucking][rough][imh][in my hands]
Play Count: 16328
Twas The Night Before XXXmas
[M4F] Twas The Night Before Christmas [night before xmas][naughty][christmas][santa][parody][growls][deep voice][sexy][tingles]
Play Count: 2752
Reward from your Wolf
[M4F] Reward from your Wolf [wolf][dom][deep voice][growls][dominant][whispers][joi][good girl][finger fucking][making you cum][count down][firm][owned][mine]
Play Count: 12926
The Purge
[M4A] The Purge [witch hunt][rekoning][summoning][ritual][demon][witch][halloween][halloween story][whispers][deep voice][sfw]
Play Count: 1524
Distracting Me
[M4F] Distracting Me [tease me][oral][moans][growls][distracting][playful][reluctant][couch sex][patience][deep voice][growls][cowgirl][ride me][dd/lg]cumming]
Play Count: 24742
Shhhhh Quiet
[M4F] Shhhhh Quiet [quiet][secret][whispering][growls][quiet sex][private][bed sounds][spooning][fingering][nipple play][playful][pussy play][deep voice][firm grip][cosy][orgasm][fucking][heavy breathing]
Play Count: 36171
The Temp
[M4F] The Temp [office sex][teased][boss][dom][dominant][stern][angry][bold][demanding][having my way][deep voice][growl][spanks][ordering you][do as your told][slut][fucktoy][sir][anal][owned][oral][bdsm][tied up]
Play Count: 12702
Taming of Brat and Sub
[M4F] Taming of Brat and Sub [dom][rough][dominant][sub][brat][owned][deep voice][loud][threesome][MFF][collar][control][angry daddy][daddy][dd/lg][growls][slave][fucktoy]
Play Count: 17185
Mini - Just Smile
[M4F] Just Smile [mini audio][smile][thinking about you][naughty smile][cute][deep voice][grin][cheer you up][loving][positive vibes]
Play Count: 1442
Mini - Jumping Into Bed
[M4F] Jumping into Bed [mini audio][bed sounds][cosy][bed][deep voice][soft][body hugs][growls][snuggles][feels][foreplay][mess up the bed][playful][sensual]
Play Count: 6466
Mini - It Is Time
[M4F] It Is Time [mini audio][commanding][lust][sex][fucking][foreplay][descriptive][dom][now][want][lets fuck][deep voice]
Play Count: 3291
Mini - It Is Right
[M4F] Is it Right {mini audio][crave][questions][desire][deep voice][wanting][love][feels][emotions][bfe][sharing]
Play Count: 1584
Mini - Inhaling You
[M4F] Inhaling You [mini audio][breathe][scent of a woman][smell][deep voice][admire][notice you][you][beautiful][feels][inhale][growls][attraction]
Play Count: 3364
Mini - In the Window
[M4F] In the Window [mini audio][beauty][admire][gaze][looking at you][sensual]sunlight][bfe][loving][smile][deep voice]
Play Count: 1364
Mini - Im Going to Fuck You
[M4F] Im Going to Fuck You [mini audio][fucking you][descriptive][foreplay][deep voice][what im going to do to you][growls][dirty talk][fucking]
Play Count: 6650
Mini - I See You
[M4F] I See You [mini audio][from across the room][caught staring][shy][hunting][wolf][prey][deep voice][foreplay][sensual]
Play Count: 2231
Mini - I Really Like You
[M4F] I Really Like You [mini audio][confession][bfe][expression of love][friends][first time][boyfriend][nervous][risk][out on a limb][deep voice]
Play Count: 1561
Mini - I Know What You Want
[M4F] I Know What You Want [mini audio][desire][foreplay][deep voice][watching you][naughty][tease][growls][sensual][grin]
Play Count: 2236
Mini - Hungry
[M4F] Hungry [mini audio][hungry][foreplay][deep voice][grin][wolf][slurp][growls][looking at you][devouring you][sensual][deep breath]
Play Count: 2318
Mini - How is Your Day
[M4A][ How is your Day [mini audio][supportive][caring][reaching out][talk to me][affirmation][smile][make you day][happy][deep voice][positive vibes]
Play Count: 1294
Mini - Hold My Hand
[M4F] Hold My Hand [mini audio][hold my hand][reassurance][support][safe][nervous][leading the way][comfort][security][protected][wolf]
Play Count: 1772
Mini - Happy
[M4A] Happy [mini audio][happy][happiness][affirmation][asmr][smiles][positive vibes][beautifuls][sending loves]
Play Count: 555
Min - Gotta Laugh
[M4A] Gotta Laugh [mini audio][laughing][laughter][smiles][levity][lots of laughs][still laughing][too much][lol][laugh out loud][asmr][positive vibes]
Play Count: 879
Mini - Go Get 'Em
[M4F] Go Get 'Em {mini audio][affirmation][positive vibes][smiles][happy thoughts][assurance][asmr]
Play Count: 632
Mini - Getting You Wet
[M4F] Getting You Wet [mini audio][asmr][dirty talk][deep voice][listen to me][foreplay][getting you wet][hot][build up][growls]
Play Count: 4120
Mini - Get Ready for Me
[M4F] Get Ready for Me [mini audio][foreplay][getting myself hard][getting you wet][deep voice][breathless][man moans][growls][thinking about you][stroking][horny][asmr]
Play Count: 2395
Mini - Sex Before Work
[M4F] Sex Before Work [mini audio][foreplay][sex][morning sex][deep vice][starting the day right][asmr]
Play Count: 4621
Mini - Feel Me Feeling You
[M4F] Feel Me Feeling You [mini audio][kissing][growls][man moans][asmr][whispers][sexy][feeling your body][hands on you][kiss you neck][sensual][breathing][feels]
Play Count: 4210
Mini - Feel It
[M4F] Feel It [mini audio][deep voice][you time][little moments][break time][asmr][feels][time for just you][touching][relaxing][caressing][tough yourself]self care][growls][self love]
Play Count: 1897
Mini - Everyday Hugs
[M4F] Everyday Hugs [mini audio][hugs][sexy][body feels][embrace][holding you][deep voice][soft][feels]
Play Count: 2235
Mini - Enjoy Your Day
[M4F] Drunk Sex [mini audio][enjoy your day][take a break][breathe][relaxation][asmr][deep voice][tingle][little moments][feels][smiles][touch][good thoughts]
Play Count: 1117
Mini - Drive Time
[M4A] Drive Time [mini audio][car drive][driving][car ride][sunshine][smiles][great day][leisure][relax]
Play Count: 527
Mini - Dress You Up
[M4F] Dress You Up [mini audio][dressing you][morning][my girl][dom][deep voice][starting your day]
Play Count: 1818
Mini - Dirty Thoughts
[M4F] Dirty Thoughts [mini audio][dirty talk][deep voice][dom][naughty][sex talk][foreplay][what I'm going to do to you]
Play Count: 2007
Mini - Come to My Bed
[M4F] Come to My Bed [mini audio][deep voice][quiet voice][wanting][desire][talking][come to my bed][be with me][snuggles][cuddles]
Play Count: 4074
Mini - Chasing You
[M4F] Chasing You [mini audio][chasing][playful][tease][sexy fun][laughing][want you][giggles][catch you][deep voice]
Play Count: 4648
Mini - Anticipation
[M4F] Anticipation [mini audio][anticipation][sweet][growls][tingles][foreplay][deep voice][playful][watching][waiting]
Play Count: 1421
Mini - Anticipation
[M4F] Anticipation [mini audio][anticipation][sweet][growls][tingles][foreplay][deep voice][playful][watching][waiting]
Play Count: 1228
Mini - Beautiful in My Eyes
[M4F] Beautiful in My Eyes [mini audio][beautiful][looking at you][adore][loving][praise][desire][gaze][deep voice][soft]passion][love]
Play Count: 1660
Mini - Angry NOT
[M4F] Angry NOT [mini audio][acting angry][grin][laugh][drive me crazy][tease me][not mad][seductive][swearing][laughing]
Play Count: 2914
Mini - Afternoon Walk
[M4F] Afternoon Walk [mini audio][coworker][lunch break][outdoor walk][cheerful][smiles][flirty][asking you out]
Play Count: 1304
Mini - A little Game
[M4F] Little Game [playful][sexy game][deep voice][secret][teasing][touch yourself][guided][dom][joi][nipple play]
Play Count: 2709
Mini - 5am Morning
[M4A] 5am Morning [mini audio][great day][well wishes][birds][quiet][good morning][deep voice][smiles]
Play Count: 955
On Your Knees
[M4F] On Your Knees [on your knees][dom][deep voice][domination][deep voice][growls][commanding][blowjob][oral][rough][wolf][hard sex][cumming][orgasm][spanking][slaps]
Play Count: 15202
Aftercare 2
[M4F] Aftercare [aftercare][sweet][sensual][growls][deep voice][soothing][loving][tender][firm][caress][holding][kisses][breathing]
Play Count: 18987
House Guest Fuck
[M4F] House Guest Fuck [cheating][sneaking][quiet][private][growls][whispers][cumming][spooning][deep voice][heavy breathing][kissing][whispering][lust]
Play Count: 11218
Just One More Time
[M4F] Just One More Time [exhausted][do it again][deep voice][growls][whispers][sensual][wanting more][sensual][closeness][snuggle fuck][moans][man sounds]
Play Count: 20152
Are You Ready
[M4F] Are You Ready [slow fucking][cumming][orgasm][tight][deep voice][growls][breathless]
Play Count: 9783
Against the Wall
[M4F] Against the Wall [rough][pinned][deep voice][strangers][caught][stalking][wolf][glamour][against the wall][anticipation][mine][dom][cumming][pounding][dominant]
Play Count: 21271
Slut and Wolf Foreplay
[M4F] Slut and Wolf Foreplay [wolf][dom][deep voice][growls][foreplay][making you wet][cum for me][fingering][pussy play][anticipation][nipple play]
Play Count: 8066
I Want to Cum Inside You
[M4F] I Want to Cum Inside You [cumming inside you][whispers][growls][deep voice][breathing][bed sounds][moaning][man sounds][orgasm][cumming][impregnate][groans]
Play Count: 26906
Jerking Off Watching Porn
[M4A] Jerking Off Watching Porn [man sounds][jerking off][masturbating][male masturbation][groans][moans][breathless][fap][cumming][orgasm][male orgasm]
Play Count: 15276
Good Girl
[M4F] Good Girl [good girl][deep voice][whispers][growls][sweet][sexy][sensual]
Play Count: 6882
Teaser - Late for the Part
[M4F] Late for the Party - Teaser [tingle Tuesday][glamour][sex in the stairs][photos][HOT][clothed sex]
Play Count: 1834
BFE - Welcome Home Dinner
[M4F] Welcome Home Dinner [boyfriend][bfe][dinner][chatting][playful][cooking][laughing][kissing][taking care of you][relaxing][welcome home][deep voice][kitchen][fun]
Play Count: 6958
Leading the Way Pt5 - MINE
[M4F] Leading the Way Pt5 - MINE [dom][bdsm][flogging][spanking][slapping][aftercare][deep voice][growls][aggressive][playroom][sub][master][collar][leash][owned][mine]tied up]
Play Count: 4274
My Fucktoy
[M4F] My Fucktoy [dom][sub][rough][anal][cuffed][bdsm][deep voice][growls][ordering][discipline][good girl][slut][dominant][belt][fucktoy][agressive]
Play Count: 19409
IMH - Naked Nature
[M4A] IMH - Naked Nature [nature documentary spoof][humour][asmr][production by Mute0][nature sounds][narraive][David Attenborough][spoof][whispers][low voice][mating season]
Play Count: 1630
Mini - Wink
[M4F] Wink [mini audio][wink][turn on][what turns me on][deep voice][soft voice][want you][romantic][naughty][growls][imh]
Play Count: 2429
Mini - What is it About You
[M4F] What is it About You [mini audio][deep voice][watching you][caring][observing][loving][feels][about you][attraction][sum of the parts][irresistible]romantic][sweet]
Play Count: 2681
Mini - Watching you Dress
[M4F] Watching You Dress [mini audio][deep voice][watching you][getting dressed][sexy][you look great][positive feels][body positive][imh][caring]
Play Count: 2974
Mini - Time Spent
[M4F] Time Spent [mini audio][spend time with me][deep voice][you and me][romantic][loving][rhyming]time with you][imh][smiles]
Play Count: 1207
Mini - Thoughts of Us
[M4F] Thoughts of Us [mini audio][deep voice[soft voice][romantic][loving][poetry][thinking of you][thoughts of us][thoughtful][loving][imh]
Play Count: 995
Mini - Stretch
[M4F] Stretch [mini audio][stretch][stretching][growls][groans][deep voice][yawn][so good][imh][full body]
Play Count: 1643
Mini - Starting the Weekend Right
[M4F] Starting the Weekend Right [mini audio][deep voice][getting ready][weekend plans][you and me][smiles][imh][Friday Night]
Play Count: 1187
Mini - Sound of Sleet
[M4A] Sound of Sleet [rain][sleet][sounds from my car][cosy][rainy night][laugh][what could we do][naughty][deep voice][imh][soft voice]
Play Count: 1457
Mini - So Horny Today
[M4F] So Horny Today [horny][hardon][mini audio][relief][deep voice][growls][need to cum][office][mid day thoughts][imh]
Play Count: 2594
Mini - Snuggle Time
[M4F] Snuggle Time [mini audio][snuggles][cuddles][cozy][cosy][toughing][deep voice][breathing][warm][body feels][sensual][loving][romantic][bedtime][imh]
Play Count: 2778
Mini - Panting the Seed
[M4F] Planting the Seed [naughty thoughts][mini audio][deep voice][mid day thought][desire][teasing you][tease][imh]
Play Count: 1892
Mini - Office Sneak Away
[M4F] Office Sneak Away [mini audio][playful][laughing][whispering][naughty][kissing][growls][quickie][exciting][office][work life][sneaking][fun][imh]
Play Count: 2328
Mini - Naked Closeness
[M4F] Naked Closeness [mini audio][deep voice][growls][whispers][sensual][sexy][tingles][close][body feels][imh][feels][close to you][naked]
Play Count: 3172
Mini - Morning Light
[M4F] Morning Light [mini audio][stretch][morning light][beautiful][growls][morning sex][deep voice][bed sounds][imh][sexy]
Play Count: 3913
Mini - More of THAT
[M4F] More of That [mini audio][deep voice][groans][growls][breathing][sighs][rumbles][breathless][man sounds][imh][lip sounds][feel so good]
Play Count: 2693
Mini - Is it Right
[M4F] Is it Right [mini audio][deep voice]sexy][sensual[need][desire][crave][want you][feels][loving][lust][imh]
Play Count: 1818
Mini - I Know You Want It
[M4F] I Know You Want It [mini audio][deep voice][wanting][sexy][tease][sexy][close][lust][imh]
Play Count: 1203
Mini - Get Ready for Me
[M4F] Get Ready for Me [mini audio][thinking of you][deep voice][getting you wet][breathless][foreplay][hot][heavy breathing][imh][groans][growls][edging]
Play Count: 1877
Mini - Enjoy Your Day
[M4F] Enjoy Your Day [mini audio][deep breath][deep voice][slow voice][touching][hands][tingles][sexy thoughts][breathing][imh][moments][smiles][earbuds in]
Play Count: 2230
Mini - Dress You Up
[M4F] Dress You Up [mini audio][dressing you][deep voice][sexy clothes][sexy][picking out your clothes]what I want][imh]
Play Count: 2264
Mini - Dream of You
[M4F] Dream of You [mini audio][deep voice][romantic][dream][loving][sensual][sweet][thoughts of you][imh][smile][daydream][little things]
Play Count: 1401
Mini - Bed Workout
[M4F] Bed Workout [mini audio][stretch][beautiful day][morning][morning sex][deep voice][horny][growls]
Play Count: 3317
Mini - After Work
[M4F] After Work [mini audio][deep voice][drinks][patio][ice clinking][city sounds][patio][backyard][enjoy][cheers][evening][relax]
Play Count: 1138
Dr. Seuss - One Fish
[M4A] Dr. Seuss - One Fish [story time][Dr Seuss][one fish][bedtime][story][calm][relaxing][fun][InMyHandsAudio][warm fuzzies]
Play Count: 1162
Everyday Fucking Sounds
[M4F] Everyday Fucking Sounds [humping][male moans][heavy breathing][cumming][orgasm][grunts][groans][jerking off][masturbation][fuck me]
Play Count: 27300
Hands from Behind
[M4F] Hands from Behind [deep voice][sensual][fingering][body play][growls][caress][hands][sexy][slow][feels]
Play Count: 11827
Claiming My Prize - Wolf and Prey
[M4F] Claiming My Prize - Wolf and Prey [wolf][dom][chase][deep voice][growls][moans][forced][trapped][whispers][caught][mine]
Play Count: 16425
Perfect Pink Princess
[M4F] Perfect Pink Princess [rough][oral]hardcore][dom][slut][owned][deep voice][growls][spank][collar][grunts][princess][sub][imh][pink][bdsm]
Play Count: 10081
Vanilla Audio Hosting - Feb/March 2020
Hi Beautifuls. A short audio on my transition to Vanilla Audio.
Play Count: 1173
Mini - Got Me with that Look
[M4F] Got Me with that Look [staring][looking][beautiful][gorgeous][eye contact][radiant][capture me]
Play Count: 2359
Mini - Afterglow
[M4F] Afterglow [afterglow][[aftercare][deep voice][whispers][comfort][after sex][tingles]
Play Count: 5066
Mini - Evening Sexy Smiles
[M4F] Evening Sexy Smiles [city sounds][cool breeze][deep voice][smiles][sharing][relaxing][together][couple][ice in a drink][romantic][IMH]
Play Count: 1831
[M4F] Fucktoy [fucktoy][slut][dom][sub][rough][spank][anal][oral][cock sucking][mine][owned][deep voice][loud][cumming][control][domination][IMH]
Play Count: 18492
Mini - Mmmmm Bed
[M4F] Mmmm Bed [comfort][cozy][relax][bedtime][cuddles]
Play Count: 2826
Mini - Simple Kiss
[M4F] Simple Kiss [deep voice][romantic][kissing][loving][desire][need][kiss][simple things][IMH]
Play Count: 4000
[M4F] DO NOT DENY ME [rough][angry][Dom][deep voice][commanding][growls][spank][pinned][forced][IMH]
Play Count: 12752
Don’t. Deny. Me.
[M4F] Don’t Deny Me [rough][angry-ish][dom][deep voice][commanding][growls][spank][pinned][forced][IMH]
Play Count: 7037
Mini - Stretch
[M4F] Stretch [male moans][stretching][deep voice][waking up][morning][rise and shine]
Play Count: 2750
Mini - Playful Wrestling Time
[M4F] Playful Wrestling Time [playful][wrestling][laughing][deep voice][fun][chasing]
Play Count: 6166
Mini -Dream of You
[M4F] Dream of You [Mini Audio][romantic][sweet][dreaming][soft][deep voice][beautiful]
Play Count: 1469
Snack break
[M4F] Snack Break [oral][pussy licking][fingering][sucking][slurping][pussy][oral sex]-
Play Count: 19485
Mini - Watching you Dress
[M4F] Watching you Dress [mini audio][morning][watching][getting dressed][a little love][you look great]
Play Count: 1876
Our First Home
[M4F] Our First Home [couple][spontaneous][romantic][playful][deep voice][kissing][fucking][scenario][cummimg][aftercare]
Play Count: 5768
Humping Sounds
[M4F] Humping Sounds [male moans][male orgasm][grunting][deep voice][cumming][heavy breathing][bed sounds][humping sounds][masturbation]
Play Count: 55984
Work Wife
[M4F] Work Wife [cheating][deep voice][growls][Office][boardroom]quickie][fucking][sucking][imh][risky]
Play Count: 12054
Limo Driver
[M4F] Limo Driver [car sex][backseat][MFF][Dom][rough][deep voice][growls][cheap whore][drunk][cowgirl][ride me]
Play Count: 9895
Me Time
[M4F] Me Time [jerking off][male masturbation][moans][growls][deep voice][cumming][jerk off sounds][fap ramble]
Play Count: 9618
Out of the Shower
[M4F] Out of the Shower [deep voice][growls][shower][descriptive][hands][caress][masturbating][nipple play][[kissing sounds][moans][fingering]
Play Count: 9697
I Love Fucking You
[M4F] I Love Fucking You [moans][growls][deep voice][[sensual][fucking][feels][yummy]
Play Count: 6008
Mini - Out the Window
[M4A] Out the Window [beauty][good vibes][ramble][mini audio][deep voice][affirmation][feels][views]
Play Count: 830
Twitter 1
Love my Twitter followers For more follow me Www.patreon.com/InMyHandsAudio
Play Count: 845
Narration - A Thorough Education
[M4F] Narration - A Thorough Education [story][Narration][Violet Grey][teacher][student][after class][encounter]
Play Count: 2004
[M4F] MINE [growls][moans][fucktoy][collar][leash][handcuffs][fucktoy][dom][sub][rough][jerk off sounds][cum][cumming][owned]
Play Count: 10163
Outdoor Fucking
[M4F] Outdoor Fucking [outdoors][outside][nature][caught][doggystyle][dom][exhibitionist][lip sounds][enthusiastic][laughing]
Play Count: 8326
Private Fashion Show Pt2
[M4F] Private Fashion Show Pt2 [fashion show][dom][growls][deep voice][Doggy style][rough][spanking]
Play Count: 5412
Private Fashion Show Pt1
[M4F] Private Fashion Show [striptease][blowjob][fashion show][riding][on all fours][growls][deep voice][dom]
Play Count: 6603
[M4F] Coach [coach][extra practice][age gap][young old][dom][shower][slut][deep voice][rough][growls][teen][basketball]
Play Count: 25146
Coat Check
[M4F] Coat Check [party][exhibitionism][deep voice][growls][gala][crowd][fun][public]ish
Play Count: 4600
Cozy Morning Sex
[M4F] Cozy Morning Sex [deep voice][growls][intimate][kissing][cuddling][connection][feels][sensual][intense]
Play Count: 21947
On Top of You
[M4F] On Top of You [growls][deep voice][D/s][dom][kitten][princess][babygirl][daddy][firm][pinned][orgasm]
Play Count: 22429
Kitten Cums - All for You
[M4F] Kitten Cums [all for you][dom][kitten][pussy play][oral][deep voice][growls][daddy][fingering][licking][sucking][commanding]
Play Count: 17314
Take Care of Me
[M4F] Take Care of Me [commanding][guidance][ride me][deep voice][moans][cumming][pampered][orgasm]
Play Count: 10572
Just a Quickie for Me
[M4F] Just a Quickie for Me [male moans][growls][deep voice][breathless][jerking off][male masturbation][orgasm][cummiing]
Play Count: 8091
Mini - After Sex Goodnight
Sample of the twice a week mini audios to make our days better, you’ll find them on my Patreon. Stay tingly xoxoxo
Play Count: 5166
Coworker or Office Slut
[M4F] Coworker or Office Slut [office][slut][deep voice][growls][dom][d/s][moans][orgasm][cumming][belt sounds][role play]
Play Count: 7101
Massage - Mini
Relaxing you at the end of your day.....
Play Count: 771
GIFs - Mini
Sending you naughty GIFs throughout the day. Making you wet. .......Grin
Play Count: 1331
Verification Pillowtalkaudio
[M] Verification for Pillowtalkaudio
Play Count: 853
Fucking Fireside
[M4F] Fucking Fireside [oral sex][kissing][great sex][D/s][growls][deep voice][moans][male moans][fireplace][inmyhandsaudio]
Play Count: 11307
I’m Pulling Over
[M4F] I’m Pulling Over [exhibitionist][car sex][public][agressive][deep voice][growls][horny af][d/s][cumming]
Play Count: 11694
Fuck Me
Reddit script fill.
Play Count: 2872
Wanting Waiting, Finger Fucking
[M4F] Wanting Waiting Finger Fucking [finger fucking][D/s][Daddy][sub][masturbation][orders][command][dom]
Play Count: 7137
After the Show
[M4F] After the Show [public][exhibitionist][growls][male moans][car sex][riding][fingering][cowgirl][orgasm][cumming]
Play Count: 10712
A Christmas Poem
[M4A] A Christmas Poem [naughty][poem][poetry][deep voice][laugh][christmas]
Play Count: 1413
This Hallowed Night
[M] This Hallowed Night [contest][halloween][demon][supernatural][deep voice][growls][anal][molesting][maul][beast]
Play Count: 3792
Verification Gone Wild Audible

Play Count: 756
Disappointed Daddy
Some girls break the rules. Some girls need discipline. SPANK
Play Count: 12473
Close Your Eyes
This is your time. Talking you through your tingles
Play Count: 4533
We’re Horny, Let’s Fuck
I’m horny. You’re horny. Let’s Fuck
Play Count: 16913
Road Trip Picnic
A wonderful day for a stop on our road trip. A picnic where all we have is each other to satisfy our hunger.
Play Count: 4512
Pull Pinch ....Cum
A little nipple play
Play Count: 8514
Selling Her Talents - Audio
Narrating my first ever erotic post from July 2016 Selling Her Talents Enjoy. Earbuds In
Play Count: 4216
Aftercare (one)
A little aftercare audio to attach at the end of any of my erotic sex audios to get the feels and sooth. Xoxo
Play Count: 7843
Fantasizing About You
Jerking off thinking about you.
Play Count: 8455
You Know
A poem By IMH
Play Count: 1920
Booty Call
Bring it!! Booty call.......and that’s all.
Play Count: 8131
Best Friends
Dumped? I’ve always been here for you. That’s what friends are for.
Play Count: 21768
Mutual Masturbation
The title says it all
Play Count: 7439
Bad Little Slut
Flirt as you will but Daddy show you your place. Spank!!!
Play Count: 19169
Wolf in the Woods
You strayed from the path deep in the forest looking for adventure and found exactly what you were looking for.
Play Count: 16396
Fucking Arounf the House
A laze day turns frisky
Play Count: 14104
Fucking Around the House
Just a day of sex around the house
Play Count: 14493
Cafe Feels
Stopping on our hot afternoon walk leads to a little more adventurous day. Disclaimer: I had a really good cum and forgot where the mic was when recording lol. Please excuse the ‘pops and breathy’ sounds.
Play Count: 4628
Pt4 Leading the Way - The Dungeon Room
Part 4 D/s Series
Play Count: 3914
Pt3 Leading the Way - At the Club
Part 3 D/s Series
Play Count: 3119
Teaser - By My Command
M4F JOI Full audio available at eSensuals in May 2018
Play Count: 1260
Pt2 Leading the Way - On Display
D/s series Part 2
Play Count: 2951
Pt1 Leading the Way - Preparing
D/s Series Part 1
Play Count: 3212
Distracting Me
Distracting me just enough for a quicky.
Play Count: 13772
I Want
Twitter request of a sexually romantic passage by Robyn Carr
Play Count: 3262
Harlequin Romance
A spoof on the sexual terms used in Harlequin Romance novels. Lol. Enjoy
Play Count: 1945
We Made a Baby
After surprising me with amazing news I show you again how we made a baby.
Play Count: 23713
Teaser - Backseat Office Slut
Picking you up from work. I can see you from a mile away!! What the fuck are you wearing.
Play Count: 1975
Teaser - Getting Clean, Getting Dirty
Wash me. Then i’ll Take it from there......
Play Count: 1855
Tied to the Chair - Teaser
A taste of what’s to cum. After a long week. This is the stress relief we both need.
Play Count: 1705
Her Neck
An original poem
Play Count: 1122
Reddit Verification
My Reddit Verification Audio for InMyHandsAudio
Play Count: 1216
Reading Ingredients
Troy McLure reads food ingredients Casey Kassem style.
Play Count: 1732
Q&A January 2018 Part 3
Part 3 of my first ever Q&A
Play Count: 1598
Q&A January 2018 Part 2
Part 2 of 3 my first Q&A ever!! Lol.
Play Count: 2150
Q&A January 2018 Part 1
Part one of my first Q&A from twitter
Play Count: 2867
A Festive Thank You to You
Merry Christmas from me to you
Play Count: 755