Yandere Mommy Spoils Her Good Boy
waggles my fingers. you now crave midwestern milf pussy, idiot
Play Count: 20416
Twinky Paladin vs Futa Succubus [RAPE]
your pronouns are now he/her/hole
Play Count: 32765
Rambunctious Tomboy Bestie Gets Outed as Breeder
Daisy mains be like
Play Count: 72106
You Angered The Dragon And Now You're a Slave [RAPE]
I don't want love and attention! I'm a timeless, powerful dragon! But I'll kill you for stealing my love and attention. I DON'T WANT IT THOUGH. but you did steal it. So now you're going to live with me. NOT IN A LOVING WAY THOUGH. you're going to breed me whenever I want. BUT IN A MEAN, SCARY WAY.
Play Count: 46171
Giving Your First Time To An Experienced Southern Sweetheart
You're her new favourite!!! You're coming back, right? Edited by u/adhi23 Become a Patron!
Play Count: 87639
Healing Affirmations In The Bath With Your Girlfriend [3DIO]
sleep tight little gamers Become a Patron!
Play Count: 80749
Unlocking The Good Ending With Your Goth Ex-Girlfriend
sorry for being a bitch GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK Become a Patron!
Play Count: 153427
Your Childhood Best Friend (Loved You The Whole Time)
Bruh aint it a little fast lmao pls calm down crazy ass hoe but fr she loves you more than anything lol Become a Patron!
Play Count: 191724
Hosting In The Luxury Cabin - Business or Pleasure?
suave business lady thinks you're just TOO cute and uses your slutty body <3 <3 It's your own fault, really... edited by u/adhi23! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 44519
Mommy Helps Her Femboy Hump Her Pillow
edited by u/adhi23 !! gawrsh that's some incest bon appetit whores Become a Patron!
Play Count: 69207
Submit. Speak. Cum. (NO BINAURAL TONES)
exactly the same content, but no alpha, beta or theta waves! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 9357
Submit. Speak. Cum.
try not to fall asleep challenge (HARD) Become a Patron!
Play Count: 63880
Usurped By An Apophis
DEMON SNAKE? IN MY KINGDOM? it's more likely than you think! Edited by the wonderful u/adhi23!! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 89594
Chubby Sweet Mommy is Jealous of Your Crush On Your Smokin' Hot Aunt
b-b-b-b-but i wuv youuu!!!! ;-; edited by u/adhi23
Play Count: 108664
Shortstack Imp vs Holy Warrior
Now I know what you're thinking. Do they have sex, Ivy? Do they do naughty things together in this funky little audio? Now, I'm here to tell you; yes! Yes they do! Please enjoy the sex, crusader! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 71421
Hot-Headed Goth GF to Empty-Headed Bimbo GF
The Absolute Sloppiest Toppy. The Gooeyist Throatpie. This motherfucker is WET and DEEP and DRIPPY and GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK BITCH GOTDAMN Become a Patron!
Play Count: 286860
Your Long Term Tomboy GF Celebrates Your Gym Progress!
You can do it!!!!! I'm so proud of you, just keep going!! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 83393
Your Newlywed Rich Wife
ceo boss lady flexes her new beautiful hubby - EDITED BY u/adhi23 Become a Patron!
Play Count: 99806
Dainty Elf Prince vs Muscle Orc Dick [RAPE]
This audio was sound designed by u/adhi23!! Please enjoy this big green cockerino
Play Count: 94276
Gone Wild Academy - New!
AAHAHAHA HAPPY BIMBO SLIME GIRL oh this is my hearttt thank you to the girl gang for giving me my own section of the Gone Wild Academy collab!!! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 51618
ふたりのヒミツ - The Secret of Us Two
This is an experimental audio, using exclusively my 3DIO binaural microphone and the Japanese! Become a Patron!
Play Count: 79909
Yandere Stalker Gets Pretty Wild NGL [RAPE] [SUICIDE MENT.]
WOOF that's dark. highly requested however!! please enjoy! or dont. whatever you're into, I guess.
Become a Patron!

Play Count: 165067
An Unlucky Stray Boy Gets Used and Abused [RAPE]
v_silvermoon's voice makes me fuckin COOM GODDAMN
Play Count: 97336
Your Assigned Mommy is an Amazonian [RAPE]
well this here big greek lady has some needs that you prolly aint gonna be able to stop her from fillin
Play Count: 158227
Goth MILF Hellhound Keeps You Safe and Warm
you live here now lmao
Play Count: 189266
Mommy's Home
<3 <3
Play Count: 92495
Sneaky Outercourse in the Royal Library
Part of the CRYSTAL KINGDOM SERIES!! Emerald wanted to finally come clean about some of the stuff she's been thinking about you...
Play Count: 24580
A Mother's Hips Never Lie
this was a commission, but they are letting y'all listen too!! everyone say thank you to u/AceRider85!!!
Play Count: 77356
You are giving this lovely lady so much confidence! What a hero. Edited by Stratus Wind
Play Count: 124320
magic is just science we haven't fucked yet
Play Count: 89660
May I Have This Dance?
Play Count: 185662
Congrats to winner, u/IceColdAudit!! Let's start off the spooky season with a fun, goofy and loving... I MEAN TERRIFYIN.... script!
Play Count: 70010
Queen Bee Uses Big Dicked Freshman
Mamma Mia That's A Spicy Creampie
Play Count: 127064
Amazonian Goofball GF Relieves Your Stress After Finals
Kisses, cuddles, massages, and blowjobs for the cutest little boyfriend in the whole dang world!!!!
Play Count: 130299
Your Older Sisters Compete For Your Love
Confident and Protective, Shy and Experienced. Lisa and Stacy are down bad for you, champ.
Play Count: 258807
You Fought Your Way Through Hell For Me?
STUPID BORING HUMAN. You shouldn't have come here.
Play Count: 87749
Paying Off Your Sister’s Gambling Debt to Madame Oni [RAPE]
Big Strong Oni Lady Fuckin Adopts You I Guess SOUND DESIGNED BY STRATUS WIND!!
Play Count: 172132
Good Cop, Bad Cop (Bad Ending)
Ooofa doofa good luck king afikvnad
Play Count: 33735
Good Cop, Bad Cop (Good Ending)
Lovely shortstack and terrifying muscle woman have come to solve CRIMES using CUM
Play Count: 52453
Pink Panties
Reject Modernity, Return to Futa
Play Count: 176579
The Tough MILF-y Biker Chick's Secret Side
AKA: 'I love you, unfortunately' EDITED BY STRATUS WIND!
Play Count: 79228
Supervillain Crushes Her Hero [TW:RAPE]
When you saved her from a chaotic and terrifying ordeal a few years ago, she fell in love with you. From there on, some wires got crossed. Now she's the hamburglar of your fuck butter.
Play Count: 158867
Mom is a Pornstar??
yEUH PORNSTAR BABEY!!! (if you wanna find the raw 'porn' audio I made specially for this audio, check out my gumroad! gumroad.com/ivywilde)
Play Count: 158897
Tied Down and Fucked By Your Gangster Girlfriend
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( · ͜͞ʖ·) =ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿. Edited by Stratus Wind!
Play Count: 70893
Nurse? Wife... Where am I?
somethings wrong with my head and im getting banana slamma'd in a hospital
Play Count: 80965
The Teachers Pet
Pwoffessor pwease funk my booty uwu
Play Count: 181891
Relax in the Bath on Mommy's Lap
short, sweet and gentle for good boys who need cuddles and calmness <3
Play Count: 121723
Mistress's Eager Plaything
Girlboss wife loves the heck outta you
Play Count: 40087
Locked in the Equipment Shed with a Tomboy
The perfect pair: a shy nerd and a rough and tumble outcast
Play Count: 241532
Tomboy Futa Roommate Satisfies Your Cuckhold Fetish
Her dick is bigger than yours!! neat!! Edited by Stratus Wind!
Play Count: 183073
Party Bimbo Sunshine GF Plays Your Mommy
your son calls me mommy now binch lmao
Play Count: 117017
The Pet Of House Dimitrescu
she's big and you're fucked
Play Count: 72699
Step-Mommy Crushes Your Head Between Her Thighs (With Love)
Ditzy, loving, bimbo stepmom with a big heart and a filthy mouth pops your eardrums with her adductors
Play Count: 104967
Rough Tomboy Bully Shows Her Feminine Dominatrix Side (By Fucking Your Ass)
Oooof Ouch Owie My Prostate
Play Count: 147395
Big Sis Lets You Stay In Her Tent
Cuddles.... kisses.... incest
Play Count: 606305
The Minotaur's Fucktoy
I see you are a Monster Pussy Connoisseur...
Play Count: 112939
Taken By The Shrine Maiden Yokai (TW:RAPE)
Escaping from yokai? Have you tried MORE YOKAI
Play Count: 114914
Settle Down, Prince. Your Milkmaiden Mommy Is Here To Serve You.
Play Count: 211990
Bullied By Your Big Sisters [TW: RAPE]
Guest starring u/valeriethinevalkyrie!
Play Count: 148128
Gifted To The Orc Queen [TW:RAPE]
HOOOOO baby ur new wife is pretty
Play Count: 202416
Quickie in the Janitors Closet with the Cool Girl
How tf they keep this relationship secret when she's this loud??? People know, but they know she'll beat the snot outta them if they bring it up
Play Count: 304330
Stay With Me, My Love
I read a bunch of fanfic from 2009 this morning and decided I have too much love in my heart to not make something like this.
Play Count: 47280
Me! Me! Me!
We got a Binaural Yandere Fuckaccini
Play Count: 84060
A Private Boxing Match With Your Knockout Fiancée
*beats the shit out of you but in a loving way*
Play Count: 42795
Kidnapped By Your Cute Sadistic Girlfriend
You asked for it, and she was more than happy to fulfil your fantasies.
Play Count: 77300
Tomboy Futa GF Fucks You In The Fitting Room
bippity boppity surprise colonoscopy Sound design and editing by @bigbungusnsfw on twitter!!
Play Count: 259252
Thick Thigh'd Dorky Secretary Services You During a Work Day
It's my first ever subby audio fellas i rlly hope you like it!!!
Play Count: 78277
The Breeding Station Is Open For Business! (Feat. KumBomb)
Based on REAL events that HAPPENED (mostly) To take part in these real events, check out our show schedule! https://twitter.com/KumBomb/status/1364805591059857411?s=20
Play Count: 93038
Mommy Gets Her Femboy Ready for College
Git Taken Care Of Skrub
Play Count: 70479
Hucow Warrior Mommy Saves The Catboy
Nice and gentle now... I'm not gonna hurt ya...
Play Count: 93664
You're My Property, So Act Like it!
Get absolutely pwned by this preppy little pegger
Play Count: 79415
Big Sis Finds Out About Your Rape Fantasy [TW: RAPE]
Big Titty Bully Goth Older Sister Does A Heckin Incest
Play Count: 1133780
Getting Bullied Again By Your Buff GF
Tomboy bullies you because she CARES about you
Play Count: 83951
You Want Me To Read Your Script?
Ultra rare Ivy: using my actual voice for an audio lmao
Play Count: 39369
Behind Every Great Man (Is A Snake With Big Titties)
*chugs cum like a champ*
Play Count: 107905
Your Futa Girlfriend Can't Keep Her Hands To Herself
You're so pretty, she just can't help but fuck you. aka IVY'S FIRST FUTA AUDIO!!!!
Play Count: 266498
The Warmother Chooses Her Husband
Play Count: 66872
Mommy Sees You're Desperate At The Movie Theatre
Gentle, domineering and sugary sweet mommy takes care of your embarrassing situation at the movie theatre. Make sure you jerk off before you leave the house next time, darling.
Play Count: 207936
The Wanderer: Cyberpunk 2077
Oh fuck oh shit it's jenny silvertits
Play Count: 45218
Femme Fatale Behind Enemy Lines Escapes With You
After narrowly escaping death on a risky espionage mission in Nazi Germany, you and the French-Swiss dame you were tasked to extract hide out in a hotel. She patches you up, and helps you with your pain.
Play Count: 56582
Your Christmas Performance Review (18+)
Your office romance with the boss is really paying off. This christmas party just got 10x better
Play Count: 62693
Experienced Seductress Teaches You Confidence Using Hypnosis (18+)
It's all according to her plan, it seems. How did you even get to this club?
Play Count: 42756
Goth Bully Gets Bored on a Camping Trip (18+)
She's kind of a bitch, kinda mean, but she's thinks you're cute and clueless and is willing to teach you. Or whatever. Not like she cares.
Play Count: 281311
Grudge Match With Your Tsundere Delinquent Roommate (18+)
She's a salty little bitch with games but good lord that ass
Play Count: 79538
The Wolf's Prey (TW: RAPE) (18+)
Commissioned by a chum to just go absolutely unhinged and ape shit. Diction? Vocal technique? Saliva control? Not today, bitch. Feral wolf girl gon give it to ya.
Play Count: 192175
Here Cums The Bride (18+)
It's a slippery slope when my new husband decides to drink himself stupid on our wedding night. ESPECIALLY after we've both been sexually abstinent for 6 months in preparation. Luckily, you're the best man, and are gentlemanly enough to help me back to our suite.
Play Count: 56342
The Oni Dom's Pretty Little Noise Box (18+)
Big Boss Blue Oni businesswoman blows off some steam by using you as her noise box. Featuring cuddles, headpats, praise and consent.
Play Count: 37989
I Want You To Be My Pet. (18+)
November is nearly over, lovelies. Destroy Dick December lurks around the corner. Make sure you're protected. Make sure you're under the command of a wonderful mistress. Warming up for December. Let's see what this month holds...
Play Count: 56926
Overprotective Mommy Supervises Your Orgasm (18+)
Controlling? Yep. Overbearing? You betcha. Jacking you off? You fuckin know it. Turns out you can be an adult and still be belittled by a mommy.
Play Count: 89603
This Is A Shitpost I Needed A Platform For
I got bored of editing stinky audio so I sat at my desk and did Karaoke. Anywhere here's Double Team The girl mentioned in this is my buddy KB (KumBomb) lmao
Play Count: 7294
Milking The New Cow Boy 2: Taking You To Bed (18+)
Soft, sweet mama milky times.
Play Count: 63735
A classic, cheesy halloween special about a group of young adults who do a bunch of orgy sex because of a cool ghost. STARRING THE WONDERFUL: KumBombVA BoshidoBlasta HazelHornsVA MagicMicVA MamaStrassa Abelandwilling HAPPY HALLOWEEN <3 Written and edited by me, sound design by BoshidoBlasta, voice balancing by DevilBirb
Play Count: 9395
Ivy_WildeVA Verification for GWA
What it says on the tin. Necessary at this point :P
Play Count: 10039
Shelley Frankenstein and Her Monster (18+) (HALLOWEEN COMPETITION: DOCTOR)
The year is 1979, and Dr. Frankenstein is perfecting the re-animating process. There are a few... kinks... to work out.
Play Count: 26442
Aliens? On my dick? It's more likely than you think.
Play Count: 70730
Bound By Blood (18+) (HALLOWEEN SCRIPT)
Creepy loopy milfy cutie calls you a brat and destroys your pp and then does freakin sweet cuddles
Play Count: 43696
Big Congrats to u/GivingScriptsATry for winning this week with this hilarious and sexy script. Halloween wouldn't be halloween with some cheesy campy mixed with creepy lewdness.
Play Count: 24940
A New Life In The Amazoness Tribe Part Two (TW: RAPE) (18+)
Another adventure in SNU SNU (No yelling this time lmao)
Play Count: 62682
A New Life In The Amazoness Tribe (TW: RAPE) (18+)
DEATH BY SNU SNU Edited by the Big Bungus
Play Count: 96524
Fortune Teller Helps You Out (18+)
In this episode Ivy does an Italian accent and gets her pussy ate by a hot girl
Play Count: 44872
Taken Care of By A Cowgirl Succubus (18+)
You call in for a succubus to steal your soul, and a sweet, caring, but unorthodox succubus girl turns up at your door. She's shy, but she'll grow in confidence the more sexual energy you give her. (TW: DEPRESSION)
Play Count: 101511
Getting Bullied Again (+18)
While at the gym you get confronted by the last person in the world you wanted to see again: Your high school bully. She's a foulmouthed tomboy jock girl, and after all these years you still remember her and the way she tormented you. Worst of all you still remember the massive crush you had on her despite all that. But something is different this time. it seems like she feels a little bad about the way she used to treat you... and it looks like that crush might not have been as one sided as you thought.
Play Count: 102507
Trapped My Shy Boy Against The Wall (TW:RAPE) (18+)
You have been hunted by a beautiful woman for a while now, but have been too scared to notice. Now, she's taking what she wants. TW:RAPE, CREEPY, ASSAULT
Play Count: 127568
Your Friend’s Gorgeous Mom Relieves Your Stress (18+)
Oh, I know. I can tell there’s still stress in there. Your body and mind are both aching for release, and I know just the way to do it. Would you like my hands to...wander inward? Yes? Well, I think I could do a little more, massage-wise... I’m not exactly on the clock, you know. You’re such a good boy. I could make a little exception for you.
Play Count: 76810
A Woman's Touch (+18)
After your most recent assignment you go for a drink at a bar in a ritzy port town and come across a confident woman, a lady from a well off family who enjoys casual sex. And this bar is her favourite spot to find partners. She’s slept with a handful of soldiers in her time but something about you is something special. 20s Noir Jazz AHOY
Play Count: 38539
Your Ex, The Succubus (18+) TW: RAPE
You fucked up, now. You broke up with a succubus, and she's going to exact her revenge. Really, really hard. TW: RAPE
Play Count: 94937
Kept Warm By Your Buff Orc Knight (18+)
Strong, cocky and laid back lady Orc knight has been given a mission to protect a young human from a rich family while traveling through a dangerous land known as the Valley of Torment. In order to prevent from freezing while near the edges of the valley, they have to conserve body heat.
Play Count: 75011
Your Orc Captain Can't Help Herself During Drills (18+)
@bigbungusNSFW edited, but with no male vocals apart from the background orcs!!!
Play Count: 55785
Tomboy Bully Tapes and Rapes You (+18) (TW: RAPE)
A college freshman has been getting bullied regularly by one of the seniors. Today she pays a surprise visit to the freshman's dorm room, with a roll of duct tape in her hand and a sly smile on her face.... RAPE IS NEVER OKAY AND THIS IS 100% FANTASY
Play Count: 103537
Sacrificed To The Red Oni (18+)
You're bound and put in a container in the woods for her to find. Good Luck.
Play Count: 80369
Banshee of The Woods (18+)
The banshee of the woods heals you with a gentle touch when she discovers your pure intent.
Play Count: 34130
Milking The New Cow Boy! (18+)
An experienced Farm Girl gets to know the farm's latest addition, a shy and slightly awkward cow-boy, and it's time for his milking....
Play Count: 145825
Motherly Moth Girl Looks After You. 18+
You are a young and inexperienced hunter who has become lost in the words while searching for food for your village. Your ragged clothes do little to protect you from the cold bite of the winter air, and just as you are about to give up at trying to find your way home, you discover what appears to be a log cabin with smoke billowing from the chimney. Hoping this will be chance to survive the night, you cautiously knock on the door only to be greeted by an almost 7 foot tall, fully nude moth girl. Despite your initial fear, she turns out to be very kind and allows you to enter. Noticing your shivering body, she offers to keep you warm with a silk blanket, which escalates into something a bit more intimate. The script starts with the listener approaching the cabin.
Play Count: 88735
Maybe This Time (Hitachi Karaoke)
Oh boy
Play Count: 9304
Rockstar Babe Absolutely Destroys You (18+)
To shreds you say... A hard ass but playful metal singer sees you with a boner at her concert and takes full advantage. This is my favourite audio I've done so far!!
Play Count: 41402
Orc Captain with Anger Issues Opens Up (18+)
Lean mean green machine shows you a soft side that you didn't think she had. The other guys in the platoon aren't gonna believe this.
Play Count: 100941
Cherrikissu's OC Pepper Voice Reel!
Hey! This is an old one, but its been requested since it was removed from Soundcloud. https://twitter.com/cherrikissu/status/1262501923439206400?s=20
Play Count: 7041
The Elven Light (18+)
Darkness has beset the land. Battles rage as Men and Elves fight to protect their own. A man now returns to his Elven love after a long and difficult engagement.
Play Count: 28216
I'm Your Number One Fan. (18+)
I love your work. I've read all your books, I follow your social media religiously. I just want you to give me a chance. Let me in.
Play Count: 64590
Angry Sex: Bitchy Girlfriend Wants A Real Man 18+
A couple is fighting, and the girl really lets her boyfriend have it. She wishes he would take charge more and be a real man. In fact, she dares him too. "Go on, show me who's boss." He's game after she agrees to a safeword. Whatever, she doubts she's going to need it...
Play Count: 41604
Welcome To The Milk Trade, Cutie! 18+
A cow girl receptionist at a brothel has a huge crush on a shy human who she finds unbearably cute but didn't know if he shared the same feelings. Lo and behold; one day he walks in. Maybe this is her chance to win him over.
Play Count: 70383
Marooned Sci-fi Pilot Must Turn To Hooking To Pay For a Ticket to Earth (18+)
Nobody on this planet gives a shit who you are, and news of the war or even who the Terran Hegemony is hasn't touched this place. And wouldn't you know it, you forgot your wallet back on the carrier. So there's no delicate way to put this, but if you want the credits for a ticket back home, you're gonna have to get weird with some aliens.
Play Count: 39881
Hey Sweetie! Let's Cuddle and Cum Together! 18+
A sweet, affectionate and cuddly JOI/POV about a GF/Mommydomme and her BF/Good boy having a cuddle session.
Play Count: 60516
AI Sexbot 2: Meet Your Maker 18+
Summary: After gaining sentience, the rogue AI has been out in the world for some time now, and tracked down her creator. Disguised as an escort, she decides not to reveal herself too soon. Let's see what type of guy he is.
Play Count: 18920
Demoreel 18+
Hey! I'm Ivy. This is my most recent demo reel. It was on soundcloud, but I'm moving my content to here from now on. My Twitter is twitter.com/Ivy_WildeVA My Reddit is u/Ivy_WildeVA Thanks for listening!
Play Count: 8790
Hypnosis Fuck: Inducing You To Relax, Cum, and Sleep. (Also Subjugate Yourself to my Orders) 18+
A calming, relaxing and definitely not brainwashing audio for you to listen to when life feels a little out of control. This is a commission for a certain listener very close to my heart <3
Play Count: 38508
Demon Lilim Interrogates You (18+)
The world is split into three factions, monsters, neutralists, and the order. The order seeks to rid the world of monsters and flooded their peoples’ minds with anti-monster propaganda, making their people think that monsters only exist to rid the world of humans. This couldn’t be any father from the truth, and as a novice adventurer is sent to scout out and clear an old house that was rumored to be occupied by monsters, he faces one of the daughters of the demon lord. To her, he is just a scared human, to him, she is the devil herself.
Play Count: 65352
Secretly Psycho Superhero Claims a Fanboy (18+)
Creepy yandere Captain Nebula finds true love. TW: RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT
Play Count: 85761
Your Car Broke Down in the Wrong Neighborhood (Commission) 18+
Human gets lost and arrives at in remote castle in the hills. Encounters vampire, but of the sex kind because this is smut. No actual sex audio takes place due to the commissioner's desires. Enjoy!
Play Count: 10581
Sexbot Gone Rogue 18+
An impatient man purchases an AI sexbot and is very eager to try her out. Too eager to listen to any instructions or safety warnings. Let's see how that works out for him.
Play Count: 28943
Hypnotism starter
A commission for the beginning of a hypnotism session - calming, relaxing, the goal of this is to centre yourself and lose your thoughts. No NSFW in this one, but it is implied ^^
Play Count: 6769
The Princess and the Pervert (+18)
Boredom takes it's toll on the snarky princess you've captured, and she decides the best course of action is to tell you to jerk your cock. Script by u/The__Man_of_Steel Audio and editing by Me
Play Count: 17533
ADITLO Supportive and Loving Cow Girl Maid
A guide to the life of a sweet cow girl servant who's only purpose is to love and appreciate you.
Play Count: 18596
Supporting Your Girlfriend Through Her Werewolf Transition 18+
Your shy but loving partner goes through their usual difficult transformation, except she's ovulating and it's a blood moon. Buckle your seatbelts, it's about to get hairy.
Play Count: 33125
The Knight's Bath (Sponge fetish) 18+
You're a knight returning from battle with your adventuring party. You're pretty dinged up, so a loyal and kind nurse mage insists on cleaning your wounds and taking care of you to say thank you for protecting her village. Just one reason to always complete the side quests.
Play Count: 29351
Keep Me Warm (18+)
A lost lamia stumbles across a lone human in the desert at night and needs his help. This audio uses binaural hypnosis. Please listen with headphones to properly enjoy!
Play Count: 88753