Custom Instructions
For those who get custom audios or commissions, here are the rules and instructions to help you get me your ideas.
Play Count: 2438
Succubus Introduction part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 21272
Succubus Main first part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 15684
Succubus main loop part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 11680
Succubus Feeding Part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 12062
Succubus Dreams First Part Part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 9965
Succubus Sweet Dreams Part 1
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 9726
Succubus Introduction part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 9119
Succubus Main first part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 8796
Succubus main loop part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 7769
Succubus Feeding Part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 8338
Succubus Dreams First Part Part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 7632
Succubus Sweet Dreams Part 2
[F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff]
Play Count: 8075
I found her at a Party
[Script Fill][Msub][Fdom][switch][Spanking][impact play][ass eating][Vibrator][pegging][threeway][GFE][blindfold][Face riding][sex][choking][breath play][good boy][Collab w/u/CountessVA][JayeWilde]
Play Count: 17851
Love in the Tub F4F
[F4F][script fill/Flip] [GFE] [gentle Fdom] [kind of domestic] [restraining] [grinding] [stroking] [spanking] [bathtub sex] [l-bombs] [size difference] shes bigger [but he's the clever one] [aftercare] [helping hardworking boyfriend let go of stress][Thorgasmotron][Repost]
Play Count: 18115
From your Heels to your toes
[F4F][Foot Fetish] [Worship] [Confessions] [L-bombs] [Just A Love Letter to the Female Foot][magisci][Repost]
Play Count: 10494
Dueling Orgasms
[F4A][loud] [multiple orgasms] [headphones needed] [toys] [wet sounds] [fbombs][Repost]
Play Count: 15016
Cum All Over Me
[Cum begging] [Masturbation] [Orgasm][GuyFromSpain][Repost]
Play Count: 16353
Breast Friends
[F4F][Self Breast Exam][GFE][Shower][Fingering][Kissing][caring][improv][Repost]
Play Count: 11643
Nipple Play Orgasm
Play Count: 13407
Home for the Holidays Part 2
Teaser! out on Patreon 4/20
Play Count: 11550
Cum Court part 1
[F4M][Script Fill] [FreeUse][ATM][Creampie][forced orgasm][fantasy world][Akia]
Play Count: 19813
Meet the Gladiator
[F4M][Private Script Fill][Futanari] [Msub] [Harsh FDom] [Reluctance] [Sissy] [Degradation] [Crossdressing] [Body Transformation] [Sex Transformation]
Play Count: 37906
Gamergirls' Gangbang
[FFFF4M] [Script Fill][Fdom][Pegging][degrading][exhibitionism][spanking][strapless strap-on][oral][cunnilingus][facesitting][used][phone sex]masturbation][collab] [Geministar][forney][swearnotbythemoon][margo_moon]
Play Count: 28410
Sweet Chastity Teaser
These are the kinds of audios you can only find for $8/month on OnlyFans
Play Count: 14113
My Hands
[F4M] [redo of my first audio][3dio - binaural] [fdomish][count down][headphones needed]
Play Count: 15391
Frosty the Fucktoy
[F4M] [Holidays][Temperature play][blowjob][icicle dick][all the hilarity] [singing][Imrov]
Play Count: 13785
The Adventures of Bondababe and Telegirl Chapter 1
[F4A][Private Script Fill]Implied non-con, so [Rape] [Superheroine] [Bondage] [Toys] [BDSM] [Harley Quinn][Spanking]
Play Count: 15097
You Know What You Did
[F4M][Chasity][gentle fdom][chastising][ownership][strap on for me][denial][Clean my toy][then clean me]
Play Count: 19555
Sensory Overload
[FF4A][Script Fill] [SFW] [No Sex] [Club] [Peer Pressured] [Are you Alright?] [Anxiety Attack] [Talking Through] [Not My Scene] [Too Much!] [Men's Room] [Dead Zone] [I got you] [Escape] [Call me okay?] [Food is also good][u/bensonsmythe][Collab wuth u/Josie Edwards]
Play Count: 15063
The Futa Academy Prequal - Chapter 5
[F4A][Futa][Narrative][Blowjob][betrayal][They Meet][End of prequal]
Play Count: 15613
The Futa Academy Prequal - Chapter 4
[F4A][Narrative][Futa] [edging[][masturbation][BJ][3 way]
Play Count: 15853
The Futa Academy Prequal - Chapter 3
[F4A][gay sex][cross dressing][three way][rim job][blow job][anal][drugs and alcohol]
Play Count: 17800
The Futa Academy Prequal - Chapter 2
[F4A][Futa][bj][anal][date][kissing][sex toys][lingerie] [ruined orgasm]
Play Count: 19277
2B's Escape
[F4M][Script Fill][Doggystyle][With 9S][Alternate Timeline][Giggling][Blowjob][Creampie][Sweet][Caring][Slow Build Up][Androids][Opening up][orgasms][Lots of kissing][Vanilla][Teasing][Whispers][Cute-bombs][Playful][Groping][Breast Licking][Sloppy and wet][Aftercare][Ravishedheart]
Play Count: 20783
The Futa Academy Prequal - Chapter 1
[F4A] [Futa][Gay sex][fem boi][its back!][masturbation][cam show][using vegetables]
Play Count: 24029
Free Use Submarine Captain-SFX
[F4M][Script Fill][SFX] [Free Use] [Gangbang] [Anal] [Double Penetration] [Airtight] [Deepthroat] very mild [Dubcon] mentions of [Impreg][DefeatedDamsels]
Play Count: 24155
Free Use Submarine Captain
[F4M][Script Fill] [Free Use] [Gangbang] [Anal] [Double Penetration] [Airtight] [Deepthroat] very mild [Dubcon] mentions of [Impreg][DefeatedDamsels]
Play Count: 19071
You Wanted To Be A Brat? Well, Now You're Going To Pay
[F4M][Script fill][Futa][FDom][Futa][Cuddle Fucking][Struggle Fucking][Brat Taming][Teasing][Denial][Punishment][Control][Using Your Body However I Want][Ownership][Lots of Good boys][SuperHappyDeathSquad]
Play Count: 47398
You Wanted To Be A Brat? Well, Now You're Going To Pay -F
[F4F][Script fill][Futa][FDom][Futa][Cuddle Fucking][Struggle Fucking][Brat Taming][Teasing][Denial][Punishment][Control][Using Your Body However I Want][Ownership][Lots of Good Girls]
Play Count: 34919
Evil Genius
[F4A][script fill][Rape] [Beast] [Sexual Slavery] [Sexual Torture] [Wax Play] mention of being [Held at Gunpoint] [Defeated Damsels]
Play Count: 18911
Check out my new home....
Less and Less audios will be on SoundGasm and more and more will he bere: check it out
Play Count: 18595
Watch Penguins with me
Start this link when I say I am starting it:
Play Count: 13597
Becoming a Kraken's Tentacle Slave SFX
[Script fill] [Monster Girl] [Octopus Girl] [Fdom] [Sweet to Cruel] [Tentacles] [Rape] [Pegging] with tentacles [Breath Play][Orpheus_the_Traveler][SFX]
Play Count: 38419
Becoming a Kraken's Tentacle Slave
[F4M] [Script fill] [Monster Girl] [Octopus Girl] [Fdom] [Sweet to Cruel] [Tentacles] [Rape] [Pegging] with tentacles [Breath Play][Orpheus_the_Traveler][NO SFX]
Play Count: 16292
Bff in a Coffee Shop or The Ideal Birthday
[F4M][Futa][Chastity]mentions of [cheating]mentions of [impreg]
Play Count: 33533
The Ideal Birthday Surprise - part 2
Play Count: 48857
Mommy's Pretty Girl
[F4F][Gentle Mommy Dom][MD/lg][Breast play][Begging][Fingering][Edging]
Play Count: 32491
Futa Files - Agent Adventures ending 1
[futa][fighting][improv][anal][stroking][choking][he wins]
Play Count: 17207
Futa Files - Agent Adventures ending 2
[futa][fighting][improv][choking]you get [anal][she wins][msub]
Play Count: 21819
Futa Files - Agent Adventures all endings
[futa][fighting][improv][facefucking][were futa][story time]THREE endings all in a row [anal][stroking][choking][he wins]/[choking]you get [anal][she wins][msub]/[69][tie]
Play Count: 15848
Futa Files - Agent Adventures Begining
[futa][fighting][improv][facefucking][were futa][story time] Ending 1: Ending 2: Ending 3:
Play Count: 19763
Futa Files - Agent Adventures ending 3
Play Count: 13636
*Vacation interrupted* (part 1)
[F4M][script fill][Succubus][a lil sweet][romance?][making a deal][Hell is an office][mild fdom][lots of kisses][lots of fucks][condom][missionary][def not vanilla but sort of?][part 1]
Play Count: 15372
Succubus Goes on a Date (part 2)
[F4M][Script Fill][Public Play][Teasing][Surprises in a Box][Vibe Panties][FDom Sorta?][Sex in a Bathroom][Loud][So Many Fucks][Condoms save your Soul][Pound Me][Def not Vanilla but still Sweet]
Play Count: 16337
Welcome to Monster Girl Ranch
[F4M][Monster Girl][Futa][Chastity]light [sph][face fucking][denial][ass pounding][bondage][spider gag][spanking][degrading][Jamie McKafee]
Play Count: 56198
Older Friend Helps You Relax
[F4M][Script Fill][Friends to Lovers]: older friend [Comfort]s you. [Tsundere] [Wholesome] [L-Bombs] [Lap/Chest Pillow] [Gentle F-Dom] [Inexperienced] [Breeding] [Aftercare] SO MANY [Good Boy]s [Snuggly] [Headpats] [Teasing] [Sweet] enough to give cavities.
Play Count: 30669
The Ravishing of Wind Earth Water Spirit and Fire
[Script Fill] [Collab] [Seduction] [Rape] [Bondage] [Throatfucking] [Fingering] Brief Talk of [Impreg] [Fucking] [Enslavement] [Body Betrayal] [Forced Orgasms] [Breaking] [Fantasy Setting]
Play Count: 18041
Blissful Interruption
[F4M][Script Fill][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][Sweet Boy][CFNM][Teasing][Aftercare][Older Woman][Whispers][Ravished Heart]
Play Count: 19479
Beg for Me
[F4M] [Md/lb][Sweet degradation][Pain and pleasure][Good boy][Just the way you like it]
Play Count: 19887
Beg for It
[F4F] [Md/lg][Sweet degradation][Pain and pleasure][Good girl][Just the way you like it]
Play Count: 16956
Public Cum Toilet Service
[F4A] [Dubcon] which unfortunately I guess might mean [Rape] [Stuck in Wall] [Free Use] [Gangbang] [FSub] [Creampie] [Impregnation] [Anal] [Painal] [Anal Creampie] [Anal Creampie Expulsion] [Condoms] [Degrading Clothing] [Public Humiliation] [Predicament] [Twist] [Cum on clothes] [Cum on objects] mentions of [Felching][Defeated Damsels]
Play Count: 45127
MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 2
[F4M][Incest] [Rape] [MILF] [Fsub] [Hypnosis] [Mind Control] [Blowjob] [Anal] [Ass to Mouth]
Play Count: 33487
The Bitch Queen Must Rescue Her Captured Pup
[F4M][script Fill] [Role Reversal] gentle [FDom] [It’s All Right I’m Here Now] [Fantasy] [What Were You Thinking?] [You Are Mine!][Part 2][LSI]
Play Count: 20086
Bully’s Confession
[F4m][Script Fill][fdom] [msub] [highschool] [sadism] [masochism] [bully] [confession] [bully to lover] [petplay][M00n_Men]
Play Count: 28958
The Mother And The Stewardess
[FF4M][Script Fill][Fdom][Age][Incest][Blowjob][Public][Collab w/VexxingCat][Dreamboy23][reupload]
Play Count: 35050
Avengers Infinity Whore Issue 3 Ragnacock
[script fill][collab] [MEU] [Avengers] [Thor] [Loki] [Spider-Girl] [Thanos] [GotG] [Rape] [Shapeshifting] [Cunilingus] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [Futa] [Fucked From Behind] [Creampie]
Play Count: 13656
Were Your Harem Welcome Home Master Wont You Please Fuck Us
[fffff4M][5 Harem Girls] [Fsub] [Seducing Master] [Helping Him Relax] [Blowjob] [Virginity] [Fucking] [Creampie] [Impreg] [L-Bombs] [Sultry] [Orgasms] [Collab][reupload][script fill]
Play Count: 29098
No Fap November
[FFF4M][Script fill][3 Girls, 1 Guy][Teasing][Denial][No touching!][Bulge][Tit Grinding][Triple Blowjob][Begging][Part 1 of (who knows)][collab with /u/LushInLace and /u/SweetCarolineKisses][Reupload]
Play Count: 23465
Keep Running Bitch
[FF4M][workout] [fitness] [motivation] [personal trainer with benefits] [torture] [pain] [healslut] [marathon runner][Script flll - drenchcoat][reupload]
Play Count: 14015
Mother Son Counseling - Day 6
[FF4M][Incest] [collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses] [Mother/Son] [BDSM] [Dungeon] [Forced Realization] [Forbidden Romance] [Incest Counseling] [Fantasy Realization][Romance][Machine Intercourse] [Bound][Sensuality][Seduction][Script and audio mix u/AceRider85][Reupload]
Play Count: 21671
Mother Son Counseling - Day 5
[FF4M][Incest] [collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses] [Mother/Son] [BDSM] [Dungeon] [Forced Realization] [Forbidden Romance] [Incest Counseling] [Fantasy Realization][Romance][Machine Intercourse] [Bound][Sensuality][Seduction][Script and audio mix u/AceRider85]{reupload]
Play Count: 17263
Mother Son Counseling - Day 4
[FF4M][Incest] [collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses] [Mother/Son] [BDSM] [Dungeon] [Forced Realization] [Forbidden Romance] [Incest Counseling] [Fantasy Realization][Romance][Machine Intercourse] [Bound][Sensuality][Seduction][Script and audio mix u/AceRider85][reupload]
Play Count: 17622
Mother Son Counseling - Day 3
[FF4M][Incest] [collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses] [Mother/Son] [BDSM] [Dungeon] [Forced Realization] [Forbidden Romance] [Incest Counseling] [Fantasy Realization][Romance][Machine Intercourse] [Bound][Sensuality][Seduction][Script and audio mix u/AceRider85][reupload]
Play Count: 17397
Mother Son Counseling - Day 2
[FF4M][Incest] [collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses] [Mother/Son] [BDSM] [Dungeon] [Forced Realization] [Forbidden Romance] [Incest Counseling] [Fantasy Realization][Romance][Machine Intercourse] [Bound][Sensuality][Seduction][Script and audio mix u/AceRider85][Repuload] Day one:
Play Count: 22439
Cock Zero to Cock Hero
[FF4M][script fill][Mother/Friend/Son][Riding][creampie][Incest][age][Prude Mother Turns Into Horny Slut][Collab with sweetcarolinekisses][reupload]
Play Count: 29208
Turnabout Duel MonstergirlSalamanderWarrior Woman Monster Court
[FFF4M]Turnabout Duel[script view] [Monstergirl][Salamander][Warrior-Woman][Monster Court][collab with Ruthie, Fieldsoflupine and halfsinhalfvice] [reupload]
Play Count: 13879
Playing Footsies - Episode 4 - Six Feet Under
[Script Fill Magi][PART 4][Foot Fetish] [Using More Than Their Feet] [Caught on GWA] [u/RuthieRen] [u/VenomKitten] [u/OleanderandClover] [u/JayeWilde] special guest star [u/VexxingCat] edited & writen by [u/Magivetenskap][reupload]
Play Count: 12834
Playing Footsies - Episode 3 - Heart & Soul
[FFFF4M][Magi Script Fill][PART 3][Foot Fetish] [Soft Fdom] [Heel Removal] [Toe Sucking] [Panties to the Side] [Sucking and Fucking] [Begging for Creampie] but [Cum on Feet] [Caught in the Act] [u/RuthieRen] [u/VenomKitten] [u/OleanderandClover] [u/JayeWilde] edited by [u/kilbeggan32]{repost]
Play Count: 12931
Playing Footsies - Episode 2 - Netflix Footjob
[FFFF4M] [Magi Script Fill][PART 2][Foot Fetish] [Foot Massage] [Dub-Con] [Footjob] [Masturbation] [Cum on Feet] then [Self Lick It All Off][reupload]
Play Count: 13541
Playing Footsies - Episode 1 -Footnotes
[PART 1] [Narrative] [Foot Fetish] [Shoe & Sock Removal] [Foot Massage] [Teasing] [Blue Balls] [u/VenomKitten] [u/RuthieRen] [u/OleanderandClover] [u/JayeWilde][reupload]
Play Count: 13341
Two Horny MILF's and their Teenage Fucktoy
[script fill][Two Older Women/One Teenage Boy][MILF][Legal Teen][No Age][Threesome][Double Blowjob][Riding][Fingering][Cheating][Dirty Talk][Facial][Cum Swapping][collab with u/lushinlace][reupload]
Play Count: 37116
Backstage Cock Worship
[FFF4M][Script Fill][Blow Job] [3 Girls Blow 1 Cock] [Moaning] [Teasing][Stop and Start][Porn Shoot][Competition][Greedy Sluts][Collab w/ Sweetcarolinekisses and Lushinlace][Reupload]
Play Count: 24618
The Widows Web
[Script Fill][Fdom][blowjob][creature][fantasy] [rape][Snuff] [kinda][Story] [GWAalloween]SFX
Play Count: 15509
Where the wild things are
just a little book hidden here on SG
Play Count: 11822
Avengers Infinity Whore Issue 4 Wizards Sleeve Sanctum
[Collab] [Avengers] [MEU] [Scarlet Witch] [Doctor Strange] [Loki] [Rape] [Cape Rape] [Spanking] [Breast Enhancement] [Nipple Orgasm][Script by u/MagiRRMartin]
Play Count: 11875
Two MILFs Suck Your Cock
[FF4M][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Dirty Talk][Incest][MILF][Begging For Your Cum] [lesbian] [Collab with /u/BlondeBimboBrianna][reupload]
Play Count: 27040
Let Us Suck Your Cock Daddy
[FF4M][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Sloppy and Messy][Whimper and Moaning][Squirming and Begging][Dirty Talk][Cumming Together For Daddy][Please Daddy, Cum With Us][Daddy's New Fucktoys][Collab with /u/BlondeBimboBrianna][Reupload]
Play Count: 24389
The Perfect Couple - Part 2
[MF4A] The Perfect Couple - Part 2 [Collab with /u/Acerider85] [Inc] [Q&A] [Podcast] [Questions from Fans] [Heavy Romance] [Kissing Sounds] [Mother/Son] [First Date] [Couple] [BBW] [Heavy Romance] [Big Ass Worship] [Dating] [Lush Sensuality] [Seduction] [Beauty] [Series] [Script by /u/AceRider85][reupload]
Play Count: 13032
The Perfect Couple - Part 1
[MF4A] The Perfect Couple - Part 1 [Collab with /u/AceRider85] [Inc] [Q&A] [Podcast] [Questions from Fans] [Heavy Romance] [Kissing Sounds] [Mother/Son] [First Date] [Couple] [BBW] [Heavy Romance] [Big Ass Worship] [Dating] [Lush Sensuality] [Seduction] [Beauty] [Script by /u/AceRider85][reupload]
Play Count: 14303
She Changes My Life
[MF$A] The Phone Call That Changed My Life [Collab with /u/Acerider85] [BBW] [Inc] [Phonecall] [Impreg] [Marriage] [Heavy Romance] [Big Ass] [Mother/Son] [JOI] [Couple] [Heavy Romance] [Big Ass Worship] [Love Story] [Lush Sensuality] [Pregnancy] [Seduction] [Beauty] [Script by /u/AceRider85][RE upload]
Play Count: 13926
Fit Tomboy is “Really” an Ass Girl
[F4M][Rape][Anallingus][jacking off][cum cleanup]
Play Count: 28345
Bringing Your Mature Girlfriend Home For Christmas Dinner
[F4M][Script Fill][Christmas] [Mature] [Mommy] [Non-Incest] [Tit Sucking] [Creampie][RPines]
Play Count: 27972
The Bitch Queen and Her New Pup
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Role Reversal] gentle [FDom] [Don’t Be Frightened, My Beautiful Princeling] [Fantasy] [Being Taken by Her Hand] [Pleasuring Your New Mistress][LSI]
Play Count: 22407
MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 1
[F4M][Incest] [Rape] [MILF] [Fsub] [Hypnosis] [Mind Control] [Blowjob] [Facial]
Play Count: 32783
Where do you think you're going dressed like that?
[F4F] [Age] [FDom] [Dirty talk] [Finger fucking] [Oral] [name calling]
Play Count: 32456
Tying him up because you love him - part 1 & 2
[F4M] [Script fill] [Fdom] [Msub] [Romantic Bondage] [Tied Up] [Gagged] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Sex] [Strong Woman] [humiliation?] [Tied to Bed] [Hogtie] [Love]slight [Pee play][narrative]
Play Count: 21073
Clinical Trial
[F4F][Lesbian][Vibrator][Nipple play][clinical]
Play Count: 14906
Love and Load
[F4M][Script Fill] [Sci-Fi][Battle Cyborg][Failed Prototype][Learning How to Love][Sad Past][Emotional][Warning 37C - Sweetness Overflow][Virgin][Vanilla][L-bombs]
Play Count: 14511
Sickbay Nurse Cures Your Blue Balls Part 3
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Handjob] [Doggy Style] [Cunnilingus] [Begging] [Tease And Denial] [Creampie] [Nurse] [part 3]
Play Count: 25426
The Breeding Machine
[F4M][Script Fill] [Rape] [Machine-Assisted Fucking] [Impreg] [Mad Science] [Bad Science] [Drugged] [Medical] [Mental Changes]
Play Count: 29760
2019 DSP Fuckfest Draft
[FFFFA4M] [SCRIPT FILL] [RAPE] [Fdom] [Fsub] [All-star Draft] [Orgy] [Choking] via [Throatfucking] [Revenge] [Rivalry] [Forced] [Rough Sex] [Strap On] [Anal] and [Double Penetration] a bunch of [Degradation] [Exhibitionism] [Wet Noises] [Come On and Slam] [If You Wanna Jam]
Play Count: 18989
Avengers Infinity Whore. Issue #8, ENDGAME
[FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF4A] [Collab] [Marvel Avengers] [MEU] [Mind Control] [Everybody Jills] [Everybody Cums] [Rape] [Anal] [DP] [Orgasmic Snuff]
Play Count: 16743
One Lucky Twitter Follower
[F4A][Body Appreciation][JOI of sorts][whispers]
Play Count: 12729
A Date with Diana - Part 3
[FF4F][script fill] [Wonder Woman] [Harley Quinn] [Bondage] [Tender] [Pet Name] [Lesbian] [Fdom][Fsub] [Teasing] [Bratty Sub] [Voyeurism] [Cunilingus] [Super Heroine] [Encouragement] [Begging] [Edging] [Gagged] [Putting on a show][collab w/RuthieRenAgain][u/rmp792]
Play Count: 15282
[F4M] Mario and Bowsette [Slight SPH...] until [Magic Mushroom][Blowjob][internal thoughts][surprise enjoyment]
Play Count: 19287
A Boy and His Bully Confessions
[F4M] [Rape] [femdom] [futa] [bully] [namecalling] [sissyfication] [CBT] [humiliation] [spanking] [face fuck] [anal] mentions of [chastity] [public]
Play Count: 68593
Aftercare for my sweet boy
[F4M] [Script fill][Sweet][Loving][L-Bomb][Adoring][Bondage mentions][Aftercare]
Play Count: 17106
The White Queen's Suitor
[F4M][Script Fill][Fantasy][Queen and Farm Boy][Sweet][Gentle Fdom][Magic][Inexperienced Guy][Finding out her dommy side][69][Riding][Creampie][Aftercare]
Play Count: 24122
But I HAD to kidnap you....
[F4F][Improv][Rape] [Kidnap] [Jealousy] [fingering] [cunilingus] [fucking machine] [strap on] [Yandre] [Hair Pulling]
Play Count: 36573
Your Girlfriend is a Succubus
[Script fill][Sweet] [L-Bombs] [GFE] [Monster Girl] [Sequels to "Your Best Friend is a Succubus"] [Can be Standalone Pieces] [Modern Fantasy] [Succubus] [Short][u/celestialbepis]
Play Count: 20177
The one that Didn't get away
[F4F] [Cunnilingus] [Breast suck] [Fingering] [Cheating] [Friends to lovers] [once] [improv]
Play Count: 15802
A Double Date With Diana
[FF4F] [Script Fill] [Wonder Woman] [Supergirl] [Bondage] [Tender] [Pet Name] [Kara’s First Time] [Lesbian] [Fdom] [Cunilingus] [Super Heroine] [Encouragement] [Begging] [Collab w/u/FieldsofLupine][/rmp792]
Play Count: 18906
Going on a Date with the Magician's Apprentice
[F4M][Script Fill] [Sequel] [D&D Setting] [Arousal Perfume] [Gentle Fdom] [Good Boys] [Oral] [Consensual Mind Play] [Slight JOI] [Blowjob] [Multiple Orgasms] [Creative Use of Mage Hand]
Play Count: 17964
A Boy and his Bully
[Futa][Bully]talks of [Cuckold with your mom][sissyfication][anal][degrading][cock size comparison][name calling][spanks][face slaps]
Play Count: 78573
Tigerlilly and Tinkerbell Capture Peter Pan
[FF4M][Rape][Collab w/a fairy][peter pan][futa][size change][anal][fucking][yandre][its a trap peter!]
Play Count: 21154
Nurse Cures your Blue Balls - Part 2
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Handjob] [JOI] [Missionary] [Begging] [Cum In Mouth] [Creampie] [Nurse] [Virgin]
Play Count: 39418
No humiliation, just good sex
[F4M] [Script fill] [Small Penis] [Brief SPH] [Not a kink] [But not kink-shaming][Brief begging] [Cum in mouth] [Vanilla for the most part]
Play Count: 15162
Wendy Darling and the Lost Boys (prequal)
{F4M] [Futa] [Age] [Rape] [anal] [BJ] [Revenge] [Peter Pan] [Improv]
Play Count: 23341
Aw, You Came Early? It's Okay, I Still Love You.
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Premature Ejaculation] [Encouragement] [L-Bombs] [First Time Without A Condom] [Cum Lube] [Post Orgasm Insertion] [Cumming With Your Cum]
Play Count: 18346
A Date with Diana - Part 1
[F4F] [Wonder Woman] [Bondage] [Tender] [Pet Name] [First Time] [Lesbian] [Fdom] [Cunilingus] [Super Heroine] [Encouragement] [Begging]
Play Count: 20319
Be A Good Boy
[F4M][Script Fill][FDom][Msub][Whipping][Face Sitting][Cowgirl][Moaning][Orgasm][Creampie][LK3x3]
Play Count: 33166
Mommy Makes You Feel All Better
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Incest] [Mom] [Mother] [Mommy] [Son] [Handjob]
Play Count: 49733
Pony Boys Deserve a Home Too!
[F4M] [Script Fill][Adult][Animal-Boy][Adopted by a caring woman][Comforting][Heatpats][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][In Heat][Switch][Missionary][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 16186
Cougar Cub Boys Deserve a Home Too!
[F4M] [Script Fill][Adult][Animal-Boy][Adopted by a caring woman][Comforting][Heatpats][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][In Heat][Switch][Missionary][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 16445
Fox Boys Deserve a Home Too!
[F4M] [Script Fill][Adult][Animal-Boy][Adopted by a caring woman][Comforting][Heatpats][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][In Heat][Switch][Missionary][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 16877
Dog Boys Deserve a Home Too!
[F4M] [Script Fill][Adult][Animal-Boy][Adopted by a caring woman][Comforting][Heatpats][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][In Heat][Switch][Missionary][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 22019
Cat Boys Deserve a Home Too!
[F4M] [Script Fill][Adult][Animal-Boy][Adopted by a caring woman][Comforting][Heatpats][Gentle Fdom][Good Boy][In Heat][Switch][Missionary][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 19187
Humming only
yup, just that
Play Count: 14069
Wendy Darling
[F4M][Script Fill][Peter Pan World][BJ][Face Fuck][Gagging][Anal][Futa][Punny][Spanks][Rape]
Play Count: 21439
I Want to Duck your Cocktail
[FM4A] [Script Fill][humor][Sexting][aurocorrect hell][talk of sex][ducking][just have fun] [Collab w/u/Evil_scottsman]
Play Count: 12587
Futa Mommy Uses Her BoyToy
F4m Futa Fdom MD/lb Name calling BJ spanks bondage rimming anal beg for me aftercare
Play Count: 61282
Oni Senior Shows Who's In Charge
[F4M] [Script Fill][Monster College][Oni Girl][Giant Woman][Size Difference][Fdom][Thicc][Big Tits][Aggressive] but still [Consensual][Creampie][Angel_main]
Play Count: 44414
After the Fallout: Breeding a New Society
[F4A] [Script Fill] [Fallout] [Beast] [Dog] [Rape] [Transformation] [Gangbang] [Oral] [Anal] [Blowjob] [Creampie] [Impregnation] [Breeding] [Bitch] [Mind Control][RPines]
Play Count: 39266
Realistic Gang Rape
[F4M][Several guys][begging][crying][face fuck][airtight] [all 3 holes][EXTREME RAPE]
Play Count: 56909
Relaxing With Mommy In The Bathtub
[F4M][Script Fill][Gentle FDom] [Incest] [Adults] [Footjob at first] and then [Slippery Handjob] [Spooning From Behind] [Whispering] [Kisses] [Bubble Bath] [Good Boy][Mynamemadeyousmiley]
Play Count: 61740
Monster Wife Series: The Orc
[F4M][Script Fill][Monster Girl][GFE][Strong Woman][Size Difference][Aggressive, Horny Wife][Gentle Fdom][Pinned Down][Claiming You][Shower Sex][Cunnilingus][Riding][Creampie][Aftercare][angel_main]
Play Count: 85456
The Anti Valentines
[F4M] [Kissing][nipple suck][BJ][Riding][doggy style][FWB][hairpulling][creampie]
Play Count: 22388
Nurse Cures your Blue Balls - Part 1
[F4M][script fill][Handjob] [Blowjob] [Cum In Mouth][nurse]call me [mommy]
Play Count: 56140
The Dark Champion’s Regret
[F4M] [Script Fill][Fantasy] [Fdom] lost [Romance] [Regained?] [L-Bombs] [Rape] because he’s her captive [Sad] and a little [Tsundere] mentions [Cheating] but all are [Faithful]
Play Count: 15619
Blackmailing Your Neighbor On Hooker Alley
[F4M] [Script Fill][Rape] [Futa] [Futanari] [Crossdresser] [FDom] [Femdom] [Female Domination] [Whore] [Hooker] [Prostitute] [Kink Shaming] [Feminization] [Blackmail] [Humiliation] [Cock Sucking] [Anal] [Creampie]
Play Count: 34038
Cum Hungry Milf Drains Fat Loads Out Of Huge Cocks To Save The Town!
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Absurd Premise] [Big Cock Worship] [Huge Loads] [MILF] [Blowjob] [Handjob] [Creampie] [Gangbang]
Play Count: 31839
Your Mommy Gets Jealous Of Your New Girlfriend
[F4M] [Script Fill][Incest][Yandere][Mother/Son][Forget About Your Date And Fuck Mommy Instead][She Treats You So Much Better Than Those Girls Anyway][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball Sucking][Riding][Doggy][Creampie][ALL the Dirty Talk][L-Bombs]
Play Count: 68469
House party turned to nightmare
[F4A][Script Fill] [Victim can be both F/M] [Drunk] [Futa] [Rape] [Fdom] [Taken advantage of] [Starts gently ends rough][Kanskesvensk script]
Play Count: 37547
Don't you fucking quit
[FF4M][workout] [fitness] [motivation] [personal trainer with benefits] [torture] [pain] [healslut] [marathon runner][SweetCarolineKisses]
Play Count: 16252
Mileena's Next Target
[FF4F] [Tickling][torture][arm pit licking][Mortal Kombat][Breast Expansion][Breast sucking][rape]
Play Count: 15595
Play with me
[F4M][Script fill][text based adventure][joi][computer sounds][gentle fdom]
Play Count: 27208
New Kid At The Bakery Pt 2
[F4F][Script Fill] [Older Girl] [Big Ass] [Ass Play] [cunnilingus] [Donut Talk] [Food Play] [Lick the frosting off my ass] [glaze me like a Donut] [rimming]
Play Count: 17862
Dancing the Blades: Ronin After the Battle
[F4M][Script Fill] [Romance] [Confessing Her Love] [Blowjob] [Woman on Top] [Woman in Love] [Passion] [Blowjob After Sex][RavishAGirl]
Play Count: 18426
Snared by a Siren
[F4M][Script Fill] [Monstergirl Monday] [Sea Anemone] [Impreg] [Erotic Horror] [Lethal Lovemaking] [Vore] [EigthSpan]
Play Count: 16873
To Slay A Succubus
[F4F] [Fantasy] [Futa] [Magic] [Affection] [Rape] [Breast & Pussy Worship] [Cunnilingus] [Virginity] [Creampie] [Snuff]
Play Count: 21394
Succubus Families are Weird
[F4M][Script Fill] [Incest] [Demons] [Dirty] [Humor] [Reluctant Male]
Play Count: 36157
The Dark Lord's Catgirl Slave
[F4M][script fill][Cat Girl] [Sex Slave] [Dirty Talk] [Brainwashing] [Blowjob] [Cock Kisses] [Masturbation] [Taking her from behind] [Breaking in your new slave] [Mindfucking her until she's begging for it] [Rape]
Play Count: 23032
Nursing Your Blue Balls Part 2
[F4M][Script Fill][Medical Play][Cock Worship][Body Worship][Spanking][Teasing][Gentle Femdom][Sympathy and Care][Prostate Massage][Tease and Denial, Sort of]
Play Count: 37265
Nice to Meet Goo: A Slime Girl's Tale
[F4M][Script Fill] [Slime Girl] [Slimy Tentacles] [Rape] upon defeat. [Riding His Virgin Cock] [New Adventurer] [RPG Terminology] [Inexperienced Guy] [Bad Pun Alert]
Play Count: 20965
Cougar and Her Cub Pt.3: Moving Day
[F4M][Script Fill][Teasing][Handjob][Series][Describing past sexy things][L-bomb][Domestic]
Play Count: 36250
Sister Discovers her Brother's Dark Kinks
[F4M] [Script fill] [Beast][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Dirty Talk][Incest... kind of?]
Play Count: 31356
Breaking in the Bronco
[FM4F][rape][bad dragon][drugged][couple][wet sounds][name calling][fisting][cream pies][nipple clamps][Collab w/u/MrLiquoriceReturns] kidnapping] [serial killer] [scaregasm] [mutilation discussion] [DARK]
Play Count: 17405
I Need To Hurt You To Keep You
[f4m] [script Fill][Extreme][rape] [fdom] [yandere] [blowjob] [threats]
Play Count: 19323
The Lilinpyre Part 1
[Script Fill] The Lilinpyre [Part 1] [F4M] [Urban Fantasy] a fusion of a [Vampire] and a [Succubus] [Club Bathroom] [Fdom] [Hypnosis] [The Cock Whisperer] [Humiliation] [High Heels] [Blowjob] [Shoejob] [Very Ruined Orgasm] [Cock Snuff] [Gore]
Play Count: 15216
I Raised You To Be My Cumhole
[F4M][script Fill][incest][mother/son][fdom][rape][futa][age][degradation][namecalling][abuse][threats][facefucking][deepthroat][distension][choking][fingering][anal][forced orgasm][cumplay][cum eating][creampie]
Play Count: 46510
You're My Sissy Slavewhore
[F4M][Script Fill][Femdom][Forced Feminization][Sissy][Humiliation][Small Penis Humiliation][Chastity][forced bi][JOI with countdown][CEI]
Play Count: 27724
The Final Girl
[F4M] [Script Fill] The Final Girl [horror] [slasher movie] [outdoor sex] [affectionate sex] [single orgasm] [masturbation] [breath play] [snuff] [horror violence] [cinematic]
Play Count: 14467
One Seriously Fucked Up Family
[FF4A][collab with ZombieLolipop] [age] [rape] [dubcon][Incest][Futa][Breeding][Orgasm Denial][Anal][Facefucking][Rimming][Ass to Mouth][Spanking][Crying][Humiliation][Slapping][Spitroasting][Bestiality][ScriptFill]
Play Count: 44463
Female Kaa Seduces You and Eats You
[F4M] [Script Fill][The Jungle Book] [FemKaa] [FemDom] [Hypnosis] [Giant Snake] [Coils] [Oral] [Anal] [Unwilling] [Humiliation] [Strangulation] [Castration] [Blood] [Death]
Play Count: 23743
Bedtime for Mommy's Good Boy
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Repost] [Age] [Mommy/Son] [Incest] [Affectionate] [Nurturing] [Handjob] [Pantyjob] [ASMR]
Play Count: 54965
Doggy surprise for mommy and daughter
[F4M][Script Fill] [rape][beast][dog][knot][age][incest][daughter/mother][daddy/daughter][bondage][self-bondage][panty gag][blowjob][corset][high heels]
Play Count: 37971
We need to Hide
[it’s the purge…we can do what we want][Futa Mummy][Monster Boy][Anal][double blowjob][ass eating][transformation][MD/lb]
Play Count: 25633
Why I love your huge, fat cock
[F4M][Script Fill][Extreme Dirty Talk][Huge Cock][Big Cock Worship][Veins][Blowjob][Cum Worship][Ball Worship][I mean it, it's SUPER dirty]
Play Count: 44385
Mom's Basement
[F4F][Script fill] [Inexperienced younger woman][Best friend's mom][FemDom][MILF][Rough sex][Legal teen][Rape][Kidnapping][Chloroform][Basement dungeon][Mommy's secret "Fun Room"][Whipping][Face-sitting][Breathplay (with whip!)][Mommy Dom, literally] [Mominatrix?][Aftercare]
Play Count: 29516
Sword and Sorcery 4 - The Finale
[F4M][script fill] [FemKnight][Size Difference][Fantasy][Romance][L-bombs][Settling Down][Pregnancy][Fdom][Fsub][Magic][Fingering][Cunnlingus][Creampie]
Play Count: 17340
The Gentlest Domme Caretaker
[F4F] [Script fill/flip][Femdom] [Mommy Domme] [Gentle] [Grinding] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Ownership]
Play Count: 28738
Mommy's Frustration
[F4M] [script fill] [JOI kinda][mom/son][anal][CEI][edging][Fdom][msub]
Play Count: 47837
New Years Deal -Jaye
[F4M] [script fill] [Gentle Fdom][Mean Fdom][MD/lb][bondage][degrading][good boys] [edging][hair pulling][ass fingering][stroking][whispers] mentions of [pegging] and [impact play] and [free use]
Play Count: 16914
New Years Deal F
{FF4F][Script Fill][Gentle Fdom][Mean Fdom][MD/lg][bondage][degrading][good girls] [edging][hair pulling][fingering][clit rubbing][whispers] mentions of [pounding] and [impact play] and [free use][Collab w/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 18748
New Years Deal M
[FF4M][Script Fill] [Gentle Fdom][Mean Fdom][MD/lb][bondage][degrading][good boys] [edging][hair pulling][ass fingering][stroking][whispers] mentions of [pegging] and [impact play] and [free use][Collab w/ BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 18008
A Matter of Life and Death
[F4M] [Script Fill][Fantasy][Paladin vs Necromancer][Enemies to Lovers][Emotional][Dark Past][Shy][Cuddling for Warmth][Kissing][Happy Ending]
Play Count: 14762
Playing Footsies, Episode 6: Foot Feast Friday!
[FFFFFF4M] [Collab] [Shoe and Sock Removal] [Foot Play] [Food Play] [Worship Our Feet While We Eat] [Use Our Soles as Dessert Plates] [And We'll Use Your Cock As A Dessert Spoon] [One Man, Ten Feet] [Fifty Suckable Toes] [Which One Gets Your Cum?]
Play Count: 15818
A Seductive Queen Relaxes In Her Stables After A Long Day of Ruling Her Kingdom SFX
[F4M] [Script Fill][Beast][Three Horses/One Sultry Queen][Handjob][Titjob][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball Sucking][Doggy][Anal][Multiple Creampies][Cumplay][Extreme, Filthy Amounts Of Dirty Talk][Many More Tags Inside Script][Horse SFX]
Play Count: 41223
Syntical: Episode 4
[FF4A] [Story][Sequel][Collaboration][Alien World][Bonding With Synticalese][A Temporary Arrangement][Sweet][Endearing][Comfort][Quality Time]
Play Count: 14266
You've Been Very Good This Year...And I'm Your Present
[F4M][Script Fill][Christmas][Sexy Elf][Oral][Sex][Man Sounds][Lady Sounds][Humor][Light Bondage]
Play Count: 17864
A Seductive Queen Relaxes In Her Stables After A Long Day of Ruling Her Kingdom
[F4M] [Script Fill][Beast][Three Horses/One Sultry Queen][Handjob][Titjob][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball Sucking][Doggy][Anal][Multiple Creampies][Cumplay][Extreme, Filthy Amounts Of Dirty Talk][Many More Tags Inside Script]
Play Count: 22707
Apprentice at the Magic Shop Mixes Up an Order
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Magic Item Mix-Up] [Accidental Drugging] [D&D Setting] [Nerdy to Slutty] [Aphrodisiac] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Strangers to Lovers] [Tied Down] [Slight Fdom] [Good Boys]
Play Count: 31840
Control Room
[F4M] [Script Fill][Fdom to Fsub][Fucking][Doggy style][Grinding][Struggling][Name Calling][Dubcon][Stockings][Stuck In A Trap]so[Rape][This Is A Work Of Fiction Written For Adults By An Adult]
Play Count: 18582
The Jaded Succubus
[F4M][Script Fill][Fdom][Succubus][Degradation][Humiliation][Name Calling][Hatefuck][Humor][Good Boy][Optional Good Boy Bomb][GWAlloween]
Play Count: 38076
Mind Games
[F4F] [Script Fill] [gentle femdom] [fsub] [fdom] [RAPE] it's mentioned [dom/sub] [orgasm delay] [edging] [sleepy] [first script] [humiliation] [embarrasment]
Play Count: 17358
Doggy Surprise Part 2
[F4M][Script Fill] [beast] [incest] [mother/daughter] [father/daughter] [rape] because [reluctance] [blowjob] [creampie] [knot] [knotting] [dog] [dog cum] [Cunnilingus] [dirty talk] [bondage] [high heels] [lingerie] [forced orgasm]
Play Count: 34448
Fat Bottomed Girl
[F4M] [Script Fill][Nerdy][Curvy][MILF][Friends to Lovers][L-bombs][Romance][Fdom][Virgin Guy][Grinding][Facesitting][Blowjob][Titfuck][Creampie]
Play Count: 63828
The Butterfly
[F4M][script fill][Fdom][Giantess][Monster Girl][Blowjob] [Scifi][Snuff
Play Count: 23397
My Good Girl [
[F4F][script fill] [gentle fdom] [rimming] [petplay] [anal] [pegging][nipple play] [oral] [caring] [aftercare]
Play Count: 21756
3 Priestesses and 3 Nuns from the Church of Cock Give You a Trial by Cock Worship
[FFFFFF4M][Script-Fill][Collab][Religious][Trial][Huge Cock Worship][Multiple Cumshots][Cum Worship][Sextuple][Blowjob][Long Sequel]
Play Count: 26545
Deal with a succubus
[F4F] Deal with a succubus [Script Fill][fdom][sweet and rough][demon][blood][body writing][namecalling][facesitting][shy virgin] short mention of [dd/lg][petplay]
Play Count: 21745
The November Nutcracker: No Nut November, No More
[F4M][Script Fill] [Dirty Talk] [Wordplay] [Handjob] [Story Telling] [Challenge] [Lots of November Nutting]
Play Count: 42429
Love in the Tub F4M
[F4M] [script fill/Flip] [GFE] [gentle Fdom] [kind of domestic] [restraining] [grinding] [stroking] [spanking] [bathtub sex] [l-bombs] [size difference] shes bigger [but he's the clever one] [aftercare] [helping hardworking boyfriend let go of stress]
Play Count: 20073
Shy Guy Gets Lucky
[F4M][Script Fill] [roommate voyeurism][sweet girl with shy guy][whispers][handjob][grinding][creampie]
Play Count: 53654
Becoming the Futa Boss' Secretary
[F4M] [Futa][Anal][Blowjob][Cumming Together][MILF][FDom][Rough][Humiliation][Degrading]calling you a [Slut][Doggystyle][Office Fantasy][mild JOI][Ass slapping][Marking][Surprise Ending]
Play Count: 64423
Work Product
[F4M][Script Fill][Fdom][Handjob][Good Boy][Milking][Mind Control]
Play Count: 53812
Punished For Inventing The No Nut November
[F4M][Script Fill][FDom] [Rape] [Tied up] [Milking] [Handjob] [Forced ejaculation] [Blowjob] [Swallow] [Riding] [Creampie] [Cum 3 times] [Post-Orgasm BJ and Sex] [Accusing you of inventing No Nut Novemember] [Don't care if you didn't]
Play Count: 58781
Avengers Infinity Whore Issue 7
Avengers Infinity Whore. Issue #7, Civil War Part 1, A Wonderful Dystopia [FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF4A] [Collab] [Marvel Avengers] [MEU] [Rape] [Anal] [Fisting] [Facefull of Titan Jizz] [Breast Worship] [Tit Clits] [Double Strange] [Nipple Orgasm] [She-Hulk Gone Wild] [Hulk (nut)Buster] [Excessive Cum]
Play Count: 15896
The Three Sirens
[FFF4M][Script-Fill][Collab][Temptation][Sweet][Vanilla][Sex][Creampie] with [u/BlissfullyQuiet][u/fieldsoflupine]
Play Count: 19002
Shedding It All For Love - SFX
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Futa] [Shy] [Confession] [Blowjob] [Rimming] [Anal] [Dirty Talk] [Good Boy] [Begging] [Prostate Orgasm] [Lost In Lust] [Creampie] [Cock Warming] [Aftercare][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 45728
A Deal To Become Mommy's Good Boy
[F4M][Script Fill] [Incest][Encouragement] [Handjob] [Fdom] [Good Boy Galore] [Ball-Draining Demands] a little bit of [Post-Orgasm Torture] [Dirty Talk] [ASMR]
Play Count: 79480
Futanari Academy – Halloween Special 2
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][halloween][blow jobs][facial][futa on futa]futa on man][degrading][sissy]
Play Count: 25820
Monster College Halloween Party
[FFF4M] [Script Fill][Monster Girls] in [Halloween Costumes][Angel Girl][Slime Girl][Sphinx Girl][Foursome][Magic][Stamina Boost][Multiple Orgasms][Lots of Creampies][with BraveryAudios & Xyta_Midnyte]
Play Count: 29384
[FF4M][Script Fill][Friends to Lovers][Succubus][Breast and Ass Expansion][Personality Switch][Petite and Shy]to[Voluptuous and Seductive][Acceptance][Aftercare][collab w/u/fieldsoflupine]
Play Count: 52007
Shedding It All For Love
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Futa] [Shy] [Confession] [Blowjob] [Rimming] [Anal] [Dirty Talk] [Good Boy] [Begging] [Prostate Orgasm] [Lost In Lust] [Creampie] [Cock Warming] [Aftercare][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 32506
Futanari Academy – Halloween Special 1
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][halloween][blow jobs][facial]
Play Count: 24474
Turning A Mortal Into My Personal Cum Maker
[F4M][Script Fill] [Succubus] [Fdom] [Choking] [Musk] [Cock Appreciation] [Milking] [Ball Squeezing] [Prostate Play] be my [Good Boy] [Aftercare] some [4th Wall Breaking]
Play Count: 32940
Dragon Whored
[FF4M][Script Fill] [Collab] [Threesome] [Kissing] [Teasing] [Handjob] [ Blowjob] [Ass Play] [Rimming] [Prostate Play] [Deepthroat] [Cum Swap] [Cum Kiss] [Swallowing] [Face Riding] [Cunnilinus] [Riding] [Creampie] [Degradation] [Good Boy] [Cute Boy] [You’re ours now][Collab w/VenomKitten]
Play Count: 25584
Hurry Home
[F4M][Script Fill] [pegging] [fdom] [bondage] [phone] [Chastity]
Play Count: 19253
Attacked by horny twins at a party
[FF4M][Script Fill [FDom] [Twins] [Sisters] [Shy Guy] [Party] [Sneaky] [Pussy licking] [Double Slippery Handjob] [Cum on tits][Collab w/LushinLace]
Play Count: 44260
Truth Serum
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Monstergirl Monday] [Manticore] [Fdom] [Cum milking] [Interrogation through ecstasy] [Aphrodisiac poison] [Rape]
Play Count: 24097
A Naughty MILF Gives Out A Special Halloween Treat
[Script Fill] [F4M] [Cock Sucking] [Ball Sucking] [Oral] [Anal] [Gangbang] [Creampie] maybe [Dirty Talk] [Puns] [Halloween] [Over 18]
Play Count: 41920
Avengers, Infinity Whore. Issue #6, They Say That A Hero Will Save Us
[FFFFFFFFFFFFFF4A][Collab] [MEU] [Avengers] [Stark] [She-Hulk] [Vision] [Thor] [Spider-Girl] [Starlady] [Gamora] [Groot] [Doctor Strange] [Scarlet Witch] [Captain Marvel] [Thanos] [Loki] [Winter Soldier] [Rape] [Mind Control]
Play Count: 15720
Just Take it, my Good Boy
[F4M][MD/lb][Mommy][Futa][possessive][some degrading][rough sex][face fucking][anal][blindfold][angry][choking][aftercare]
Play Count: 31951
Just Take it, my Good Boy BJ SFX
[F4M][MD/lb][Mommy][Futa][possessive][some degrading][rough sex][face fucking][anal][blindfold][angry][choking][aftercare][BJ SFX]
Play Count: 42226
Just Take it, my Good Girl
[F4F] [DD/lg][Daddy][Futa][possessive][some degrading][rough sex][face fucking][blindfold][angry][choking][aftercare][Without BJ noise]
Play Count: 21811
Just Take it, my Good Girl BJ SFX
[F4F] [DD/lg][Daddy][Futa][possessive][some degrading][rough sex][face fucking][blindfold][angry][choking][aftercare][WITH BJ noise]
Play Count: 28281
Futanari Academy – Spring Break
[F4A] [Narrative][Futa][weed][anal]both ways
Play Count: 21326
Futanari Academy – Chapter Eleven
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][backbone][Romantic][l-bomb][Blowjob][Anal][The End]
Play Count: 20464
Perfect Little Slut M
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [gentle degradation] [corruption] [reminiscing] [no age][Mommy]
Play Count: 20955
It's Just a Fantasy, Baby
[F4F][Script Fill] [Romantic] [L-bombs] [Negotiation] [Aftercare] [Rape] [Rapeplay] [Fdom]
Play Count: 21677
Perfect Little Slut
[F4F] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [gentle degradation] [corruption] [reminiscing] [no age]
Play Count: 20071
Best Game Ever
[F4A][Script Fill] [Dungeon Master][Friends to Lovers][Confession][Playful][Nerdy][Adorkable]LOTS of[D&D References][Shy][Kissing][Cuddling][SFW]
Play Count: 17655
Toxic Love
[F4M][Script Fill] [Yandere][Rape][Snuff][DARK][Futa] [Extreme][Surprises]
Play Count: 24084
It's not small, it's average
[F4M][Script Fill] [gentle FDom] [anxiety] because of [small dick appreciation] actually [average/normal size dick] [virginity] [girlfriend] [riding] [lots of kisses]
Play Count: 25481
Playing Footsies Episode 5, Sun & Soles
[FFFF4M][Part 5] [Script Fill] [Collab] [Foot Fetish] [Beat your Meat to our Beach Feet] [Lesbianism] [Coconut Oil] [Breast Worship] [Ass Worship] [Public] [Cum Eating] [Food Play] [Grape] [Fucked While Both Feet Worshiped]
Play Count: 16666
Miss You - SFX
[F4A][script Fill][bittersweet][voicemail][Voicemail SFX]
Play Count: 14367
Miss You
[F4A][script Fill][bittersweet][voicemail]
Play Count: 14060
The War of Conscience Part 4
[FF4M] [script fill] [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape][possible ASMR][knife play][snuff][penetration][surprise ending][Collab w/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 15296
Fantasies Do Cum True
[Big Cock] [Blowjob] [Double-Teaming] [Ball Sucking] [Cock Worship] [Kisses] [Swallowing] [F-Bombs] [Aftercare] [Reassurance][Script Fill][Collab with Lushinlace]
Play Count: 20173
The War of Conscience Part 3
[FF4M] [script Fill] [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape][possible ASMR][bondage][roofie] [all three holes][Collab w/u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 15629
Futanari Academy – Chapter Ten
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][heart break][Lesbian Pimp Records][blow job][Anal]
Play Count: 19968
From Tomboy to Submissive Girlfriend
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Tomboy] [Friends Become Lovers] [Virginity] [Impregnation] [Submissive] [Tomboy on the streets, 1950s housewife in the sheets]
Play Count: 51548
How the Tickle Tables Turn
[F4F][tickling][slight bondage][fdom][teasing][private Script]
Play Count: 18276
I'll Keep You Safe
[F4A] [Script Fill] [Vulnerability Encouragement][Singing][L-Bombs][Kisses][Silly][Giggles][Nuzzle Imprisonment][Sleepy Time]
Play Count: 17508
Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs
Come learn this simple dish with me
Play Count: 14613
I *said* I was going to fuck you up
[F4M][RAPE] [Script Fill] [anal] [futa] [FDom] [msub] [bullying] [degradation] [choking] [size difference] [Amazonian bully vs wimpy nerd] [creampie]
Play Count: 50040
Futanari Academy – Chapter Nine
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][glory hole][rimming][drugs][blowjob][anal][ATM]
Play Count: 24837
You Never Really Know Your Neighbor - Part 2
[F4M][Magic][NBM][Amputee][Fucking][Oral][I have your dick]
Play Count: 22706
You Never Really Know Your Neighbor - Part 1
Play Count: 23391
Futanari Academy – Chapter Eight
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][anal][gay sex][guy on futa]
Play Count: 23456
Sword and Sorcery 3 - The Rescue
[F4M][Script Fill] [FemKnight][Size Difference][Fantasy][Romance][L-bombs][Vanilla][Cunnilingus][Creampie][Battle][Fantasy Violence]
Play Count: 19418
A Sadist's Rant
[F4A][Script Fill] [Sadist] [Masochist] [Degrading] [Choking]
Play Count: 16642
Come Nurse From Mommy, Baby Girl
[F4F] [Script Fill][md/lg][no incest][no age][nursing][intimate][anr][lactation][relax][petting][l-bombs][pampering][no sex][affectionate][good girl]
Play Count: 22471
Hey Babe, I'm Gonna Fuck My Little Sister. Oh, and My Mom.
[FFF4A][Part 5] [Script Fill] [Collab] [Lesbian Incest] [Age] [When The Boyfriends Away] [Friendly Family Cumpitition] [Who Cums First?] [Cunilingus] [Analingus][u/PlayfulMoonlight][u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 29052
Hey Babe, Wanna Fuck My Mom
[FFF4M][Part 3] [Foursome] [Deepthroat] [Triple Blowjob] [Anal] [Facial For All][u/PlayfulMoonlight][u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 37820
Hey Babe, Wanna Breed My Little Sister? Oh, And Also Me? And Then Our Mom?
[FFF4M][Script-Fill] [Collab] [Part 4][Creampies][Breeding][Impreg][Sexy Sisterly & Motherly Banter][Striping Each Other Down][Bjs][Begging For Your Cum][Goodnight Kisses][u/PlayfulMoonlight][u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 43334
The Oedipus Complex
[FF4M][Script Fill][Incest][Collab] [Mother/Son] [Blowjob] [Facial] [Anal] [Fucking] [Reluctance][u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 34510
Bigger Guys Need Double the MILF’s
[FF4M] [milf][big man appreciation][workout or work over][blow job][face sitting][riding][boob job][cover our tits in cum][girl on girl][Colab w/u/LushInLace]
Play Count: 66078
Futanari Academy – Chapter Seven
[F4A] Futanari Academy – Chapter Seven [Narrative][Futa][threeway][blowjob][anal][ass fingering][futa sandwich]
Play Count: 26825
She Who Drinks Hearts
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Snuff] [Rape] because con to very non-con [I’m Out of Candy, But I Have Treats] [Young Man and Much Older Woman][Late Halloween]
Play Count: 17730
I Went Goth For You!
[F4M][Script Fill] [Big Titty Goth Girl][Friends to Lovers][Big Tits][Love][Blowjob][Face Fucking][Oral][Doggy Style][Tattoo][Dirty Talk]
Play Count: 51294
Your Teacher is your New Next Door Neighbor - a quickie in the classroom part 2
[F4M] [Script Fill][Teacher/Student][Part 2][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Creampie][Classroom Sex][Quickie]
Play Count: 36095
Your Teacher is your New Next Door Neighbor
[F4M][Script Fill][Teacher/Student][No Age][Legal Teen][Neighbors to fuckbuddies][Older woman/younger man][Cheating][Facefucking][Riding][Dirty Talk][Screaming Orgasm][Bikini][Creampie][Co-Written by my Girlfriend]
Play Count: 57530
[F4F] [Script Fill] [GWAlloween][Two Scripts][Monster Girl vs Heroine] [One Encounter, Two Points Of View][Who Will You Choose To Be?] [Cunnilingus][Blasphemy][Swordplay][Entrapment][Magic][Hidden Desires][Fdom vs Fdom][Switch]
Play Count: 16179
Avengers: Infinity Whore. Issue #5, America's Ass in London
[FFFFFFFFFFFF4A] [Collab] [Avengers] [MEU] [Captain America] [Black Widow] [Winter Soldier] [Thanos] [Rape] [Futa] [Mind Break] [America's Ass] [America's Anal] [Creampie]
Play Count: 16972
Avengers: Infinity Whore- Issue #3: Ragnacock
[FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF4A][collab] [MEU] [Avengers] [Thor] [Loki] [Spider-Girl] [Thanos] [GotG] [Rape] [Shapeshifting] [Cunilingus] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [Futa] [Fucked From Behind] [Creampie]
Play Count: 15966
Avengers: Infinity Whore. Issue #2, A Premonition of Sultry Dissolution
[FFFFFF4A][Collab] [Audiodrama] [Sci-fi] [MEU] [Avengers] [Toni Stark] [Ruth Banner] [She-Hulk] [Spider-Girl] [Lady Thor] [Vision] [Futa] [Mind Control] [Rape] [Rough Sex] [Creampie]
Play Count: 16446
Futanari Academy – Chapter Six
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][Feet][Teacher/Student][Cum eating][Anal][Anal wrecking][hair pulling]
Play Count: 27944
You Got This
[F4M][Script Fill][Funny] [GFE] [Reassurance] [Snuggly] [Care-Giver to Care-Receiver] [Gender Bendable]
Play Count: 15599
She's The Boss
[F4M][Script fill] [Older Woman][Boss vs Employee][Inexperienced Guy][Reluctant][Gentle Fdom][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Cowgirl][Sweet] but gets a little [Rough][Creampie]
Play Count: 34432
Futanari Academy – Chapter Five
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][Virgin][Hit with a desk][Anal][Blowjobs][BF/GF][Loveing Care]
Play Count: 25214
The War of Conscience Part 1
[FF4M] [script offer] [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary][possible noncon] and because of that [rape] [ASMR possibly][bj][finger fuck] [titjob][pussy pounding][Colab with u/BlissfullyQuiet[
Play Count: 17921
The War of Conscience Part 2
[FF4A][script Fill] [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape][possible ASMR][gun][penetration][Colab with u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 16069
Sword and Sorcery 2 - The Aftermath
[F4M] [Script Fill][FemKnight][Size Difference][Fantasy][Romance][L-bombs][Gentle Fdom][Creampie][Post-battle][Injuries] and mentions of [Death]
Play Count: 21062
Syntical: The Lost Little Boy
[FFF4M] (Chapter 3) [story] [sequel] [sfw] [isekai] [alien world] [size difference] [soft and sweet]
Play Count: 17511
Instructions for a Needy Little Slut
[Script Fill / flip][JOI] [Rough FDom] [Angry] [Heavy Degradation] [Face Slapping] [Breathplay] [Boxer Gag] [MD/lb][anal fingering][mentions of having a cock myself]
Play Count: 23724
Uncle Sam Shoots His Fireworks Inside Lady Liberty
[F4M][Script Fill][Happy 4th of July] [Blowjob] [Creampie] [Political] [Uncle/niece] [Incest] [Shitpost] [Finally Putting My Minor in History to Good Use]
Play Count: 19600
The Great Pink Pants Shark
[F4M] [script offer][big cock humiliation]yes you read right [teasing][insults][denial]
Play Count: 18078
The Recluse
[F4M][Script Fill] [Friends to Lovers] [Polar opposites] [Person in wheelchair] [L-bombs] [Sweet] [Potentially dangerous levels of feels] [No, seriously, this is ridiculously saccharine stuff] [You will actually get diabeetus from listening to this. You have been warned]
Play Count: 18274
Sword and Sorcery
[F4M][Script Fill][FemKnight][Size difference][Switch][Fantasy][Romance][Sex Magic][Blowjob][Spanking][L-bombs][Creampie][Aftercare]
Play Count: 31979
Futanari Academy – Chapter Four
[F4A] [Narrative][gay sex][Futa][Futanari on male][FDom][Teacher on Student][NO age][rape][drugged][butt fuck][anal][several parts][Boy Pussy][blow jobs][throat fuck][car sex][DP]
Play Count: 31928
Yeah, I Found Her at a Party
[FF4M][Script Fill][Msub][Fdom][switch][Spanking][impact play][ass eating][Vibrator][pegging][threeway][GFE][blindfold][Face riding][sex][choking][breath play][good boy][Collab w/u/BlissfullyQuiet]
Play Count: 21996
So the Devil walks into a bar...
[FMM4A][Script fill] [Halloween script] [corruption] [blasphemy][BJ] [begging] [rape] (to be safe) [angels] [supernatural][Devil Futa][Bisexual][u/UndiscoveredKink and u/realSirHawk]
Play Count: 18494
The All-Daddy
[FFF4M] [Collab] [Father's Day] [Norse Mythology] [Fantasy] [Dad Bod Worship] [Beard Worship] [Bell-end Worship] [Injury Recovery] [Double Blowjob] [Balljob] [Lots of Daddys] [Riding] [Face Sitting] [Creampie]
Play Count: 18696
Game of Moans Chapter Six, A Crimson Crown
[10F7M4A] [Audiodrama] [whores] [epic] [fantasy][oral sex][sex][futa][Incest][Snuff][Cruel][adultery][RAPE][humiliation][Goddess]
Play Count: 17018
Aftercare for My Good Little One
[F4A][script fill][Snuggles][sweet names][kissing][gentle][aftercare][shhhhh][humming?][Dom]
Play Count: 16725
Aftercare for My Good Little Girl
[F4F][script fill][Snuggles][sweet names][kissing][gentle][aftercare][shhhhh][humming?][Dom]
Play Count: 18410
Aftercare for My Good Little Boy
[F4M][script fill][Snuggles][sweet names][kissing][gentle][aftercare][shhhhh][humming?][Dom]
Play Count: 39267
I Know Why You’re Here – You Need My Permission To Cum
[F4M][JOI][Orgasm Control][Gentle FDom]
Play Count: 19750
The Goodest Boy?
[F4M][Pet Play][script][spanks][fdom][name calling][toys][oral][fucking][good boys]
Play Count: 26601
Futanari Academy – Chapter Three
[F4A] [gay sex][narrative][anal][bukake][pile driver][futa][blow job][teacher on student][ Futanari on male][FDom][Teacher on Student][NO age][several parts]
Play Count: 28827
Dear Writer
[F4A] [script fill] [teasing][fourth wall fantasy][playing your muse][sultry][masturbation][dirty talk]
Play Count: 14596
Futanari Academy – Chapter Two
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][Futanari on male][FDom][Teacher on Student]x2[NO age][caught having sex][butt fuck][anal][several parts][Boy Pussy][blow jobs][throat fuck]
Play Count: 35161
Full Body Massage!
[F4M][Hypno][HFO] [script fill] [Fdom][Relaxing][Masseuse][Triggers] [Snaps][Spanking][Prostate Play] [light humiliation][verbal responses requested] [futa][cock sucking][anal][cum kiss]
Play Count: 60221
A Date With Death
[F4A] [Script Fill] [Grim Reaper] [Old Friends to Lovers] [Mentions of Death] [Hurt/Comfort] [L-Bombs] [No Sex] [With Background Sounds]
Play Count: 22146
Steps to Damnation: A HFO
[F4M][Script Fill] [Hypnosis] [Succubus] [Very Dirty] [Long] [Blowjob] [Handjob] [Titjob] [Creampie]
Play Count: 36108
Futanari Academy – Chapter One
[F4A][Narrative][Futa][Futanari on male][FDom][Teacher on Student][NO age][caught having sex][sloppy seconds][butt fuck][anal][several parts]
Play Count: 55854
Cougar and her Cub Pt.2: Rainy Night Revelation
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Kissing][Cuddling][Adorable][Very cute][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 30631
Cougar and her Cub Part 1
[F4M][Script Fill] [Middle of the night][Sweet][Confessions of love to sleeping partner][Descriptions of cute shit]
Play Count: 33411
Hold Still, Bitch
[F4A][Ramblefap][three word challenge][celebrate 3k Subscribers][orgasms]
Play Count: 20152
Aftercare: You Conquered Me
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Fsub] after a [BDSM] or [Rough] or [Rape] fantasy session [Worship] [Submission] [Gratitude] [Sweet Surrender] [You Make Me Feel So Safe] [I Open for You] [Seduction] [Giggles] [Ready for Round Two]
Play Count: 21469
Avengers: Infinity Whore. Issue #1, The Rings of Infinity
[FFFFFFFM4A][Collab] [Erotic Audiodrama] [Rape] [Sci|fi] [Avengers] [Starlady] [Gamora] [I Am Groot] [Thanos] [Marvel] [MEU] [Genderbend] [Ass Modification] [Forced Lesbianism] [Stepcest] [Futa] [Blowjob] [Snowballing]
Play Count: 20140
[F4F][Script fill] [GWAlloween][Two Scripts][Monster Girl vs Heroine] [One Encounter, Two Points Of View][Who Will You Choose To Be?] [Cunnilingus][Blasphemy][Swordplay][Entrapment][Magic][Hidden Desires][Fdom vs Fdom][Switch]
Play Count: 16774
Game of Moans Chapter Five, The Mother and The Goddess
[8F6M4A][Audiodrama] [whores] [epic] [fantasy][oral sex][sex][futa][Incest][Threats of Violence][Cruel][adultery][RAPE][humiliation][masturbation]
Play Count: 18226
Thigh Burn
[F4M][sweet][GFE][hair loss comfort][L-bomb]
Play Count: 15716
Girlfriends Get Fucked Completely In The Tentacle Room
[FF4A] [script fill][Monster Monday][Consentacles][Gloryholes][ALL Holes Filled With Cum][Bukkake][Blowjobs][Deepthroat][Cum Swallowing][Licking Cum Off Eachother][Facials][Anal][Double Penetration][All The Dirty Talk][Begging][Multiple Orgasms][collab w/u/blissfullyquiet]
Play Count: 59040
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cthulhu
[FFMM4A] [Script Fill] [Collab] [Sexy Virgin Begging to Be Fucked] [Chained to an Altar] [Naked Gay Wrestlers] [Evil Elder Goddess Rising] [Rape] [Forced FF Cunnilingus] [Impreg] [Laying Eggs] [Tentacles] [More Tentacles] [ALL THE TENTACLES]
Play Count: 22729
The Sapphic Palace
[FFFF4F][Fdom][Gentle][harsh][name calling][cunnilingus][teasing][impact play][whips][vibrators][slight degradation][all that fun fun stuff][collaboration][u/Xyta_Midnyte][u/SunshineCorvair][u/Xinley]
Play Count: 25050
Black Cat & Spidey
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Vanilla] [Fdom] [Rule34] [Spiderman] [Black Cat] [Sex] [Webbing] [Kitty want Milk] [Age] [Creampie]
Play Count: 27146
Please Fuck Me Full of Bunnies
[F4M][Script Fill] [Easter Bunny] [Monstergirl] [Seduction] [Fsub] [Very Needy] [Blowjob] [Light Bondage] [Creampie] [Impreg] [Bunnies] [Begging]
Play Count: 31898
You Shouldn't Have Come Here, Pretty Man. Now You're OURS.
[FFFFF4M] [Script Fill] [Collab] [Fdom] [Rape] [Snuff] [Maenads] [Village Girls Gone Wild] [Feral Lust] [Madness] [Facesitting] [Tied Balls] [Pegging] [Riding] [Brutality] [Cannibalism] [Yummy Yummy]
Play Count: 27315
I Love Chubby Guys!
[F4M][Script Fill] [Chubby] [Fat Appreciation] [Friends to Lovers] [Cock Worship] [Blowjob] [Creampie]
Play Count: 23400
The Door
[F4A][script Fill][sad][unhappy endings][relationship]
Play Count: 16290
Your Dog Fucking Girlfriend Part 2- NO SFX
[F4M] [script fill][BEAST][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball sucking][Cunnilingus][Anal][Knotting][DP][Creampies][Multiple Orgasms][ALL the dirty talk][Collar and Leash][Dogs are a girls best friend]
Play Count: 23627
Your Dog Fucking Girlfriend Part 2
[F4M] [script fill][BEAST][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball sucking][Cunnilingus][Anal][Knotting][DP][Creampies][Multiple Orgasms][ALL the dirty talk][Collar and Leash][Dogs are a girls best friend]
Play Count: 72286
The Timid Amazonian Slave girl And Her Loving New Master
[FF4M][script Fill][slave girl] [Amazoness] [giant woman] [size difference] [loving] [first time] [body praise] [missionary] [handholding] [headpats] [l-bombs] [creampie] [impreg] [aftersex][Collab w/u/RuthieRen]
Play Count: 59730
She’s Such A Beautiful Predator
[F4M] [Rape] just in case because he never says yes [Script Fill] [Aggressive] and [Possessive] [FDom] [You’re a Good Little Slut] [Name Calling] [Your Body Betrays You] [Pinned Against the Wall] [Friends to Lovers] [Aftercare]
Play Count: 39624
Futa Threesome
[FF4M] (Female-Male-Futa) [Script Fill] [Threesome] [Futa] [Blowjob(s)] [Double Fucking] [Surprises] [Slight FDom] [Slut][Headphones might be good] [Anal][Collab w/u/Xinley]
Play Count: 109868
The Game of Moans Chapter Four: Whores, Bastards, and Broken Hymens
[11F6M4A][Audiodrama] [whores] [epic] [fantasy][oral sex][sex][futa][Incest][Threats of violence][Cruel][Foursome][adultery][RAPE][humiliation][cum swallowing][masturbation]
Play Count: 19185
Tonight, Goddess Is Going To Give You A Choice...
[F4M][Script fill][Chastity][cunnilingus] [FDom] [Humiliation] [Ruined Orgasm]
Play Count: 23848
If At First You Don't Succeed, Straddle Him
[F4M][Script Fill][Playful][Dirty Talk][Teasing][Straddling][Outercourse][Thigh Grinding][Cock Grinding][Blowjob][Denial][Using Your Body]Talk of [Sex]but[No Penetration][Tasting Myself On Your Cock]
Play Count: 21813
I Saw What You Did…
[F4M][DSP5K][Blackmail][Self Made Woman][Rape][improv][Painal][Blowjob][for u/ topicslayer]
Play Count: 24344
Truth April Fools in total
Outakes with AgentEff
Play Count: 16431
The Big Reveal
I thought it was time you knew the truth.....
Play Count: 20621
My Actual Hands
[JOI][Part 2][cakeday][good boy]
Play Count: 20073
Your Fantasy Girl Jerks You Off On The Bus
[F4M] [Script fill][FDom] [Close Eyes] [Jerk Off] [Whisper] [Fantasy] [Cum in Public] [Pervert] [Whispers]
Play Count: 41593
Why are you still awake?
[F4M][Script Flip][Fdom][Futa][rough] but also [sweet][spanking][deep throat encouragement][choking][sex][MD/lb]
Play Count: 55966
Son, Mommy is Your Wife Now
[F4M] [script fill] [Incest] [Age] [Mother of the Year] [Cheating] [Handjob] [Creampie] [Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval]
Play Count: 72246
Son, Please Let Mommy Make It Right
[F4M] [script fill] [Incest] [MM/lb] [Cheating] [Keep It Down!] [Standalone Sequel] [Creampie]
Play Count: 44432
Fun with my Lush
[F4A][only noise][few orgasms][bed creak][fap without the ramble][little breathy]
Play Count: 19121
Coerced Crossdressing
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Feminization] [Blackmail]
Play Count: 32492
Dungeons & Dragons Session like no other
[FFFF4M][script fill][Dungeons & Dragons][Sexy sisters][Nerdy][Lucky brother][Under age][Dirty][Slow build up][First time][Roleplaying][Blowjob][Silly][Laughing][Cum in mouth][Facial][bi sexual women][multiple orgasms] [collaboration with u/nightfawn, u/playfulmoonlight and u/xinley]
Play Count: 63186
[F4F][Script Fill] [RAPE][Cunnilingus][Monster Girl][Somnophilia][Dreams][Bondage][Rope][Manacles][Webs][Snake][Tentacles][A Smorgasbord Of Restraint]
Play Count: 22143
Seduced by a Dryad: Don't Chop Me Down, Woodsman. Wouldn't You Rather Have Me?
[F4M][Script fill] [Seduction] [Fdom] Some [Bondage with Vines] [Blowjob] [Woman on Top] [Creampie] [Teased and then Had by a Tree] ... and just in case, [Rape]
Play Count: 29561
A Stranger and a Friend
[F4A] A S[F4A] [Script Fill] [Long Distance] [Friends] [Monologue] [Inner-Thoughts]tranger and a Friend [Script Fill] [Long Distance] [Friends] [Monologue] [Inner-Thoughts]
Play Count: 16758
Movie Night with Mom
[F4M] [Script Fill]Incest] [Age] just in case [Cheating] on a Cheater [Slow and Caring] [Shy] [Handjob] [BJ] [Gentle Riding] [First Time] [I’m still fertile, you know…] (self.gonewildaudio)
Play Count: 83764
Saving Themyscira
[F4M][Script Fill] [Wonder Woman][comforting][rescue] [heroine] [needy][inexperienced][virgin][first time][kissing][swollen breasts][finger fucking][oral][blow job][penetration][multiple-orgasm][impreg]
Play Count: 31066
Welcome to the Ravish a Girl Workshop, Sir!
[FFFF4M] [Script Fill] [Collab] [Shopping for the Perfect, Sweetest Rape] Lots of [Rape] [Sadism] [Blowjob] [Fearplay] [Spanking] [Forced Orgasm] [Duct Tape] [Creampie] [Impreg] and [Tentacles] [u/Nightfawn. u/Blissfullyquiet and u/PlayfulMoonlight]
Play Count: 27538
A Mid-Summer's Wet Dream
[FFFMMMMM4A][Cupid] [Valentines] [Oral] [Anal] [M on M] [Fucking] [Orgy] [a few spanks][Giving her the nut] [the donut][gone wilde] [gone wrong] [Stupid Cupid]
Play Count: 21975
Kane, His supplies and a chorus

Play Count: 16499
Kane loves his office supplies

Play Count: 16730
Mod Blooper Reel
its just....wrong
Play Count: 17013
Mommy will help you relax!
[F4M][Script Fill] [Affectionate][Baby][Handjob][Blowjob][Cum for me][Possible HFO?][Cuddling][Loving] [L Bomb][MD/lb]
Play Count: 43039
The Game of Moans Chapter Three: Lord Blow
[10F8M4A] [Audiodrama] [whores] [epic] [fantasy][blowjobs][sex][futa][Incest][Threats of violence][Cruel]
Play Count: 19675
Getting Your Mom’s Friend Pregnant
[F4M][Script Fill] [Impreg] [Older Woman] [Younger Man] [Cock Sucking] [Creampie] [Love] [Marriage]
Play Count: 69835
[F4M] [Script fill] [Yandere] [Stalker] [Morning Sex] [Handcuffs] [Blowjob] [Riding] [My Panties in Your Mouth] [Choking] [Forced to Cum Inside] so [Rape] [Implied Impregnation] [Drugged] [You Ghosted Me] [I Found You] [Now You're Mine]
Play Count: 34368
[F4A][Script Fill] [GWAlloween][Witchcraft][Magic Cream][Oral][Fucking][Grinding][Memories][Enchanted Entrapment]so[Unhappily Ever After In Part 2]
Play Count: 19039
Thank you JOI
[F4M] [JOI][Edging][Whispers][Fdom][Appreciation][Possible Denial]
Play Count: 24679
A Chance Meeting in the Park
[F4M][script fill] [Rape] but also [Rape] [Fsub to Fdom] [Futa] [The Predator Becomes Prey][Anal][Snuff]
Play Count: 36585
I Need to Own You
[F4M] [Script Fill][Fdom] [Yandere] [Rape] [Kidnapping] [Panties Gag] [Taking You in my Childhood Bed] [I Know You Love Me!] [Blowjob] [Creampie] Forced [Impreg] [Good Boy]
Play Count: 37522
The Milking Machine 3: Adoption Clinic
[F4M] [Script Fill][Fdom] [Handjob] [Milking] [MiniGiantess] [Nurse]
Play Count: 50361
The Bog's Forever Kiss
[F4F] The Bog's Forever Kiss [Script Fill] [Bog] [Quicksand] [Kidnapping] [Fdom] [Rape] [Damsel in Distress] [Erotic Suspense] [Fearplay] [Sticky, Sensual] [Slaps] [Erotic Peril] Tenderness] Mention of ffm [Threesome] and [Creampie], lots of [Cunnilingus] [Vibrators] oh and sweet, sticky [Death]
Play Count: 19521
Goodbye to Your Boxers
[F4M] Goodbye to Your Boxers [Script Fill][FDom] [JOI] [Feminization] [Crossdressing][Countdown]
Play Count: 26792
You're Safe With Me
[Script fill][F4A][Comfort][Nightmare][Past Trauma][GFE][L-Bombs]
Play Count: 20443
The Warrior and the Extremely Grateful Elven Sisters
[FF4M][Script Fill][Threesome] [Incest] [Sisters] [Fantasy] [Elves] [Blowjob] [Face-sitting] [Cunnilingus] [Moaning][Collab w/SwitchnBitch]
Play Count: 41161
Timeloop: Impregnate the Scientist, Save the World!
[F4M][Script Fill] [Lab Experiment Gone Wrong Means She Keeps Reliving the Same Chance Encounter, But Hotter Each Time] [Body Betrayal] [Strangers to Lovers] [Lady to Slut] [Public Sex] [Rough, Intense Bathroom Stall Sex] [Passionate] [Impreg]
Play Count: 30582
[Script Fill] [F4a] [comfort] [l-bomb]
Play Count: 18419
I’m Sorry For Hurting You
[F4M][Script fill/flip] [Request] [Voicemail] [Ex-Girlfriend] [Emotional] [Apologetic] [Cheating] [Regret] [I Miss You] [L-Bombs] [Crying] [Forgiveness]
Play Count: 23662
Valentines: Butt Plug? Check. Pedicure? Check. Boyfriend? Check!
[Script fill] Valentines added [F4M] [Footjob] [GFE] [Wet Sounds] [Clothed Sex] [Panties to the Side] [Butt Plug] [Fucked From Behind] [Anal]
Play Count: 23438
Roommates: Cooling Off
[f4f] [Script Fill/Flip] [good girl][gentle FDom][foot massage][kissing][couch sex][breast play][fingering][stroking][riding][Friends to Lovers[playful][teasing][moaning][sequel]
Play Count: 25904
What I Did to You in the Library
[F4M][Script flip fill][Rape] because of dubious consent before [Sleep Play] [a little ass play]
Play Count: 26237
Grasping Power
[F4A][Script fill] [RAPE][Tentacles][Witchcraft][Lovecraftian] [Fucking][Anal][Mouth Fucking][Gagging][Betrayal][Knife Play][GRAPHIC][This Is Fantasy Fiction Written By An Adult For Adults]
Play Count: 30374
The Choice to
[F4M][Script Fill] [cum inside] a [succubus][trance][edited re-release][whispers][joi fantasy]
Play Count: 27139
My Morning Snack
[F4M][Script Fill] [fdom] [light bdsm] [rape] [body worship] [body positivity]
Play Count: 22732
Lessons of the forest
[F4M][Script Fill] [Alraune] [Monster girl] [Plant girl] [Fdom] [Rape] [Cunnilingus] [Orgasm denial] [Tentaclejob] [Cum milking] [You will learn to respect nature]
Play Count: 33352
Telling Him to Fuck Her Sleeping Body Via Voicemail
[F4M][Script fill] [rape] but more [dubious consent], [friends become lovers] versions, [sleepsex], [drunken sex] [impregnation]
Play Count: 31535
You Belong To Me Now
[F4M][Script Fill][FDomme][Kidnapping][Forced][Sweet to Psycho][Rape][Pet Play][Punishment]
Play Count: 27866
Fuck Me, Sir, and Make Me Cum at Midnight; Break My Curse on New Year's Eve
[F4M][Script Fill] [Bondage] [Fsub] [Spanking] [Blowjob] [Fucking] [Light Choking] [Gagged With Her Own Wet Panties] [Owned] Lots of [Giggles] Lots of [Moans]
Play Count: 26032
The Borribles - Chapter two
Play Count: 17795
Grimmer Tales 1: Dead Beauty
[F4M][script Fill] [Age] [Rape] [Incest] and [Pseudo-Incest] [Necrophilia] because [Sleeping] [Vampire] that [Hunts/Kills] with a [Teenager] sort of [MM/lb but Wrong] [Romance] [Narrative/Story] [Seriously This Gets Pretty Fucked Up]
Play Count: 21825
You're Safe with Me
[F4M][Script Fill] [FDom][Gentle Domination][JOI][JOE][Mutual Masturbation][GFE][Affectionate][Nurturing][L-Bombs][Mild Degradation][Name Calling][Reassurance][Kink Encouragement][Submissive Empowerment][Good Boy][All of the "Good Boys"][Aftercare][Gender Flips Welcomed!]
Play Count: 29000
Hey Baby, Mommy Needs You…..NOW
[F4M] [Script Fill][new years eve][MD/lb][no age][cunnilingus][blowjob][tit fuck][semi-public][good boys][praising]
Play Count: 38473
Do You Miss Me?
[F4M][Script Fill][Friends to Lovers Fantasy][Soft, Slow, Sensual][Whispers][JOE]
Play Count: 20960
I Fucking Love You, Ok?
[F4M] [script Fill] [Best Friends to Goddamn Lovers] [Tomboy] [Bossy] [Protective] [Post-Breakup Comfort] [Some Fucking Swearing] [BJ and Loving Pegging]
Play Count: 34953
Please Suck His Dick. For Me?
[F4MM] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Forced Bi] [MMF Threesome] [Deepthroat] [Anal] [Creampies]
Play Count: 56884
Game of Moans Chapter Two: The Kings Load
[MMMMMMMFFFFFF4A][audiodrama] [epic] [fantasy][blowjobs][some sex][futa][Incest][Threats of violence][Fingering][Cruel]
Play Count: 21250
Lesson Plan
[F4M][script Fill] [Age] [Rape] because [Coercion/Reclunctance] [Fdom] [Degradation/Name Calling] [Hand Job] [Masturbation] [Rough Fucking on the Desk] [Manipulative "Aftercare"]
Play Count: 31825
A Succubus Finds Herself A Couple Playthings
[FF4MF][Script fill][rape] [first time][Fdom] [succubus] [Cunnilingus] [face-sitting] [mind break?][marking] [ friends to lovers][creampie][muffled orgasm] [ shared pleasure] [impreg][collab with PlayfulMoonlight]
Play Count: 35173
Mommy's Little Man
[F4M][Script fill] [MD/lb][bedtime][nurturing][sweet][no age][INCEST][handjob][breast play][dirty talk]
Play Count: 34608
I Know What You Need
[F4M][Script Fill] [blowjob][vanilla Fsub][bra & panties tease][grinding][cum][Whispers]
Play Count: 23628
I Just Want to Watch
[F4TF] [Script Fill] [MD/lg] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [SI] [JOI] [Wet Noises] [Orgasm] [Reminiscing] [Lots of Pet Names][Lots of L-bombs] [Encouragement] [Long] [A choice at the end]
Play Count: 21774
Our Little Friends With Benefits Thing
[F4M][Script fill][Fuck Buddies][JOE][F4F Confession][Creampie]
Play Count: 26089
Vegetable Beef Soup

Play Count: 18229
Shaped By You
[F4MF][Script Fill][GWAlloween][Slime Girl][Origin Story][Monster Girl][RAPE][Vore][Death][Entrapment][Monster Sex][Fear][Narrative][This Is A Story Written By An Adult For Adults]
Play Count: 21763
I Know What You're Doing
[F4M][Script Fill][JOE][perv on me][my pics are your porn][tease][show me how you stroke][ALL the whispers]
Play Count: 28551
Kaa and The Queen of the Jungle
[F4M] Kaa and The Queen of the Jungle [F4M] [Horror] [Jungle Book Inspired] [Giant Snake] [Outside] [ASMR] [Exhibitionism] [Rape] [Fdom] [Hypnosis] [Ballplay] [Aphrodisiac] GWAlloween] [Contest Entry] [Script Fill]
Play Count: 32620
Love and Death in Silent Hill
[F4M][script Fill] [Romance] [Sad] [Why won’t you come with me?] [Flip of SH2]
Play Count: 19481
New Authority
[Script Fill] [F4A] [Cunnilingus] [FDom] [Rape] [Just in case] [Sexual favors] [Intern becomes supervisor]
Play Count: 21068
Goblin and Orc Prostitutes Fuck A Human Adventurer
[FF4M][Script Fill] [Monster Girls][Orc/Goblin][Prostitution][Femdom][Cunnilingus][Blowjobs][Double Blowjob][Ball sucking][Cumming All Over Your Face][Riding][Bi-play][Fingering][Anal][Tit Sucking][All The Dirty Talk][Facial][Cleaning Your Cock Off][Collab w/u/Nightfawn]
Play Count: 35838
Where the Voices Are...?
Improv night on where the voices are server. [Rape] but it's [All in good fun] Players are LucidDean, JayeWilde, Nightfawn, CombustableDaredevil and DefinitelyNotBats
Play Count: 19169
Game of Moans Chapter One
[MMMMMMMFFFFF4A] [audiodrama] [epic] [fantasy][blowjobs][some sex][Choking][futa][Incest][Threats of violence][Fingering][Cunnilingus][hair pulling][slapping]
Play Count: 29035
Mileena x Kitana
[FF4A] [Tickle fight][smothering]by tits[rape][armpit licking][magic][video game][breast enlargement]forced [lesbian][bondage][twincest][giggles][Crying][begging]a little [fdom][Collab w/u/Nightfawn]
Play Count: 22194
I’m Hot for Professor
[F4M] [Script Fill] [rape][blackmail][Younger woman/older man][Fear Impotence][Name calling][Pegging][anal...on you][cunnilingus] and maybe [an ass smack or two][Denial….perhaps]
Play Count: 24770
The Borribles - Chapter one

Play Count: 18622
Nurse, Please Clear the Operating Field
[FF4M] [Script Fill] [handjob] [blowjob] and [swallowing] during [surgery] [humor] [for some values of "humor"] [artistic license: medicine] [artistic license: medical ethics] [cfnm] some [verbal abuse] possible [somnophilia] [rape] just in case [Collab w/NightFawn]
Play Count: 23281
You Got My Text Then?
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Fsub] [Cannibalism] [Blowjob] [Yandere] [Dd/lg] [Snuff] [Fear Play] [Hand Job] [Cock Worship] [Technical Incest]
Play Count: 22491
Bad singing lullabies...maybe it will help?
Play Count: 19472
The Giving Tree
[F4M][Script Fill][Fdom][Giantess][Handjob][Blowjob][Gloryhole][Snuff]
Play Count: 36963
I just want to breathe you in
[F4M] [Script Fill] [GFE/BFE] [Extremely sappy] [Romantic] [Lots of snuggles and cuddles] [Supportive][Work stress support][L-Bombs] [Whispers/ASMR]
Play Count: 22044
Love Lives
A poem by Audio_Script_Guy
Play Count: 18474
Be My Slut, Boy!
[F4M][Script Fill] [aka The Mirror Game] [fdom] [rape] [bondage] [crossdressing] [strap-on] [pegging] [forced orgasm] [swapping roles] sort of [revenge for patriarchy] and, yes [optional singing]
Play Count: 38852
Let Mummy Fuck your ass
take my cock like a big boy
Play Count: 43328
Relaxing Pet Play
[F4F][Script Fill] [Kitten] [anal pent.][Femdom][GFE][hair play] and slight [hypnosis]
Play Count: 23661
The Cat Fight
[FF4A][Script Fill] [Collab!][Humor][It's a script.. about a script?!][Collab w/u/Vexxing_Cat]
Play Count: 20387
quick wet orgasm
hidden gem only on soundgasm
Play Count: 22159
Nocturnal Creatures
A werewolf story of love and sex. written by a good friend of mine.
Play Count: 21690
[F4M] Summertime [Milf][Younger man][JOI][Dirty talk][light Fdom]
Play Count: 27790
Operation Love-Me-Forever
[Script Fill] [F4M] [Yandere] [Semi Erotic] [Confession] [Mock v-log entry] [Totally Obsessed!] [Fangirling] [Stalking]
Play Count: 29317
How To Be Mommy's Boy
[F4F][script Fill][MD/lb][crossdressing][exhibitionism][fingering][instructions on how to throw a football][so I guess kind of][educational][masculinization]
Play Count: 25420
Girlfriends Try Out Futa Modification For The First Time
[FF4A][Script Fill] [Futa][Gentle Fdom][Fsub][One shy and innocent girl - one naughty and commanding girl][Dirty Talk][Begging][Blowjob][Riding][Ball Sucking][Creampie][Cum Swapping][Body Modification][Collab with u/Nightfawn]
Play Count: 39769
The Thief
[F4M] The Thief.| female on male [Script Fill] [Rape] [Forced Orgasm][Forced Impreg] a touch of [Yandere] mentions of [Drugging] mentions of [Mutilation][Threats][Medieval][Fantasy]
Play Count: 27562
Mommy Follows Doctor's Orders
[F4M] [Script Fill][incest][Mommy/Son] [No Age] [Breast Obsessed] [Breast Play] [Tit Fuck] [Curvy Body] [Cock Worship] [Dirty Talk] [Cum Eating] [Script by Moothu]
Play Count: 58277
Cry Me a River

Play Count: 19945
Daddy Ramble Fap
[F4M][Fsub][Collar][cat tail butt plug][daddy][wet sounds][fuck me please]
Play Count: 26077
Cum X Clinical Trial
[FF4M][Script Fill] [Medical fantasy][Nurse][Doctor][Blowjob][Measuring][Cock growth][Titfucking][Cock Teasing][Fucking][Anti-ejaculation miracle pill][Collab with u/NightFawn]
Play Count: 59142
Dude Looks Like a Lady
[F4M][oops!][crossdressing][fucking][GFE][baby girl]
Play Count: 26551
Futa fucks your wife....and then you
[F4M/F] [Script Fill] [Oral] [Throatfucking] [Futa] [Anal] [Fdom] [Fingering] [role reversal] [Sound effects]
Play Count: 50212
leaving on a jet plane
Singing again
Play Count: 20549
Somewhere over the rainbow

Play Count: 20615
The War of Conscience
[MF4Mf?] [script Fill] [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary][possible noncon] and because of that [rape] [ASMR possibly][bj][finger fuck] [titjob][pussy pounding][Collab w/MLKane]
Play Count: 21709
Forgive and Remember Herself
[Script Fill] [FF4M] [Sequel] [Voyeur] [Masturbation] [Blowjob] [Cock ring] [Incest] [Cum tasting] [Lesbian mother and ex-girlfriend] [Breakfast] [Dance][Collab w/OleanderandClover]
Play Count: 26325
I Fuck You So Much Better Than She Does
[F4M][Script Fill] [Lady Sounds][Cheating][Cuckquean][She's There, But You're Thinking About Me][Begging][Cumming][JOI][Want][Need][Telling You How Bad I Want You And How Good You Feel]
Play Count: 28532
Make Me Be a Better Girl
[F4M] [teacher/student][reluctant fsub][punishment][break me][hair pulling][pain][blow job][crying][anal][spanking][For u/Moondancewithme]
Play Count: 29198
Horny MILF Next Door Fucks Her Teenage Boytoy With Dessert Products
[F4M][MILF/Teenage boy][Legal teen][Gentle Fdom][Cheating][Dirty talk][Fucking while covered in whipped cream and chocolate][First time Anal][Anal creampie] [Script Fill]
Play Count: 39571
Not a damsel in distress
[F4M] Not a damsel in distress [Script Fill [Exasperation] [Teasing] [Good boy] [Good girl] [Handjob][Blowjob][light Mdom] [Fingering][Cunnilingus][light Fdom] [With a dark twist]
Play Count: 22554
Tentacle Sex-Ed
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Monstergirl Monday] [Tentacle girls] [Professor instructing her students] [Learning to pleasure men] [Cum milking] [Learn by doing] [Tentacles-on education]
Play Count: 35071
Being Comforted By Your New Daemon
[F4M][Script Fill][traveled to a different world] [furry cuddles] [sweet words] [you're all mine] [teasing] [giggles for days] [playful] [lot's of nuzzling] [boosting confidence] [sharing feelings]
Play Count: 32135
[FF4A][Script Fill][Supernatural][Fear][Finger Fucking][Breast Play][Kissing][Collab with u/SwitchnBitch]
Play Count: 21864
What You Need
[F4F][Script Fill/Flip][Rape][Yandere][Drugged][Magic][Betrayal] [Fdom][Delusional][Cunnilingus][Psycho/Psychotic][Impreg][Throat Fucking][Mind Fuck] [Light degradation][Mind Control[Bound] [Script redo with permission]
Play Count: 28565
I'm Not Your Fucking Mommy, Little Boy
[F4M] [Rough][Fdom][Script Flip][no age]
Play Count: 33521
I’m Not Your Fucking Mommy, Little Girl
[F4F] [Rough][Fdom][Script Flip][no age]
Play Count: 26331
False alarm.
[F4M][Script fill][Fdom][Bondage][Abuse of power][Cunnilingus][Penetration][Good boy]
Play Count: 24161
Happy Mother's Day, Love Your Son
[F4M][no age][incest][m/s][cunnilingus][slight bj][mentions of feet][riding][restraining][recorded in public]
Play Count: 33317
You're beautiful kitten
[F4TF][script fill] [gentle Fdom] [kitten] [oral] [gfe] [sweet] [loving] [acceptance] [some body worship] [nipple play] [lots of kissing] [l-bombs]
Play Count: 24946
Praise you
[f4a] [script Fill] [loving][sweet][praising the listener][it has a slight monolouge feel?][you've done so well][you've come so far][you are worth looking at and listening to][you are a someone]
Play Count: 22146
An Open Letter to the Person I'm In Love With
[F4A][Script Fill] [Crush][All the Cheese][Monologue]
Play Count: 21780
Dick Pics for Breakfast
[F4M] [Script fill] [Blowjob][Deepthroat][Friends to Something More]
Play Count: 28859
I am a slut... and I love being a slut
[F4M] [Script Fill] [monologue][narrative] mentions of [fsub read as fdom][group sex][gangbang][rough sex][anal][spit roasting][double penetration][facial][cum play][cum swallowing][discord challenge for may][Subreddit special]
Play Count: 33653
Dragon Slayer
[FF4M][Script Fll] [Monstergirl Monday] [Dragon] [Sisters] [Sibling Incest] [Threesome] [Gentle Fdom] [Reverse Spitroast][Impreg][Collab w/u/VexxingCat]
Play Count: 41354
Demure Dancing Daggers

Play Count: 21271
We Need To Talk...
[F4M][Script Fill] [Reassurance] [Body/Mind Appreciation]
Play Count: 23058
Sweet Cheeks
[F4M] Male butt appreciation [script fill][GFE] [Cute] [Girls being the big spoon]
Play Count: 29133
The erotic audio navy seal copypasta - Harsh
[F4A][Script Fill][harsh voice][Shitpost][Copypasta][Degrading]
Play Count: 21789
The erotic audio navy seal copypasta - Mommy
[F4A][Script Fill][mommy style][Shitpost][Copypasta][Degrading]
Play Count: 23900
The Double Date
[FF4M][Fdom][Giantess][Handjob][Blowjob][Collab with Vexxingcat]
Play Count: 36911
A Part of My Hoard SFX
[F4M][script Fill][monster girl][dragon][fantasy][fdom][rape][captive][slave][fearplay][threats][breathplay][blood][biting][pain][riding][creampie][faceriding][cum eating]
Play Count: 28481
A Part of My Hoard NO SFX
[F4M][script Fill][monster girl][dragon][fantasy][fdom][rape][captive][slave][fearplay][threats][breathplay][blood][biting][pain][riding][creampie][faceriding][cum eating]
Play Count: 24157
A Public Spanking
[F4M][Script Fill] [Fdom][Milking][Thighjob][MiniGiantess][Nylons]
Play Count: 37905
Punishing Your Boy Toy
[F4M][public][Fdom][several 3ways][narrative in parts][body writing]leash and collar][ruined orgasm 15:49][lactation][Lbomb][recorded in my car][bad and good boys][no extra sound effects]
Play Count: 27376
Walmart Rape or not…maybe just a fuck at the park?
[F4M] [rape play][car fucking][cops][officer buck?][comedy][blowjobs] [recorded in the car]
Play Count: 25583
Forgive and Remember
[Script Fill] [FF4M] [Incest] [Lesbian] [Romance] [L-bomb] [Mother and ex-girlfriend] [Highschool sweetheart] [Cuckold] [Premature orgasm] [Voyeur][Collab w/OleanderandClover]
Play Count: 37741
The Pornstar's Wife:Part 3
[F4M][Script Fill] (The Award) [Blowjob][Handjob][Sloppy and Desperate][Swallowing][Wifely Duties][Big Cock Worship][Dirty Talk]
Play Count: 30484
The Pornstar's Wife: Part 2
[F4M][Script Fill] (The Cancelled Scene) [Blowjob][Handjob][Sloppy and Desperate][Swallowing][Wifely Duties][Big Cock Worship][Dirty Talk]
Play Count: 29915
Mommy goes all Subbie
Subreddit special
Play Count: 37146
Son drugs his mother with a love/lust potion
[F4M] [script Fill][incest] [mind control] [sort of Split personality][mom son] [age] [wet sounds] [handjob] [titfucking] [Blowjob] [bent over the kitchen table sex] [dirty talk/angry talk]
Play Count: 55805
Filthy Family Freeuse Contract
[F4A][ScriptFill] [age][beast][incest][freeuse][prostitution][narrative][cheating][fsub][girl on girl][BDSM][nipple clamps][pussy spanks][self degradation][faceriding][voyeurism][threesome][ageplay][dog][cum eating][swallowing][knotting][creampie] possible [impreg]
Play Count: 55154
You Lost a Bet
[b/gfe?][futa][asshole spanking][one liner after orgasm][Fdom to Fsub][anal][You are not worthy][Half Pineapple Pizza]
Play Count: 31673
I need you every day

Play Count: 22746
Sorority Rush Week
[FF4M][Script Fill] [FF4M][Fdom][Handjob][Blowjob][Edging][Milking Table][Good Boy][Collab w/u/VexxingCat]
Play Count: 55680
Your Dog Fucking Girlfriend
[Script Fill][F4M][Beast][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Creampie][Dirty Talk][Cum swallowing]
Play Count: 95194
Fsub Ramble Fap
My first Ramble fap live on the discord server
Play Count: 24506
Jaye Does Down Under
So a good friend asked me to read the Australian national anthem all sexy like. So here ya go
Play Count: 22472
Mommy Only wants to Hurt you in the Best Way
[F4M] [incest] [Slight Fdom][mommy play] [Exploring Kink] [Learning About My Sadistic Side] [Emotional] [L-Bomb] [JOI] [slight pain][lick you clean][Aftercare][NO AGE][Script change fill]
Play Count: 33480
Ramblefap Switch
[F4M] [LB to Daddy][mommy to good girl][cursing][good boy and good girl]
Play Count: 24107
JayeWilde does Stardew
So i totally give shit commentary on the epic game of Stardew Valley. its either boring as fuck or epic as hell.
Play Count: 23059
Bond of Brothers
[MF4A][Script Fill] [No Age][Incest][BF, GF, Boyfriend’s Younger Brother][Exhibitionism/Voyuerism][Oral for All][One on Each End][Double Barrel Pleasure][Double Facial][Req Fill][Collab w/u/ MrLiquoriceReturns ]
Play Count: 25531
Kissing and Giggles
MrLiquoriceReturns and I did this for a collab we did together, but it worked so well I had to share the whole thing.
Play Count: 22987
You Were Always a Girl...
[F4M][script Fill][rape][futa][mad scientist][yandere][surgical gender swap][flashbacks][forced feminization][drugs][mindfuck][manipulation][gaslighting][l-bombs][whispers][mutual masturbation][cunnilingus][creampie][forced orgasm][forced impreg][mindbreak]
Play Count: 43907
The Stewardess
[F4M][Script Offer][F4m][Fdom][Handjob][Blowjob][Mini-Giantess][Good Boy]
Play Count: 47846
Writer's Block or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Thesaurus
[F4M][Script Fill][Big Cock] [Dirty Talk] [Humor] [Thesaurus Abuse]
Play Count: 23181
The Pornstar's Wife
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Edging] [Teasing] [Wifely Duties] [Big Cock Worship] [Blowjob] [Handjob] [Mentions of lots of sexy things ;)] [Denial]
Play Count: 33537
[F4A][Tucking you in][snuggles][hair toying] [chocolate milk][humming hey jude]
Play Count: 23664
The Woman Who Never Died: I am Violence and Heat and Woman, and You Are Mine
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Fdom] but Switchy, [Primal Woman] [Vampire Goddess][Snuff] [You Have NEVER Been Fucked Like This] [I Taught Men to Fear the Night, and to LOVE It] [Choking] [Creampie] [Blood and Death] because vampire
Play Count: 27734
You Haven't Had Aftercare Until You Fuck Your Mommy
[F4M][MD/lb][Incest][NO AGE][Oral across the board][rolling orgasms][marking][good boy][collar][riding my son][vacation chat][aftercare]
Play Count: 48851
I'd Like to Report a Crime
[F4M] I'd Like to Report a Crime [Script Fill][Rape][Drugged][Cop][Creampie][Facefucking][Anal][Gang rape][Cop rape][Fsub][Humiliation][Abuse]
Play Count: 29104
Taking My Good Boy Shopping
[F4M][scriptfill] [fdom][public][butt plug][GFE][teasing][oral][whispers][hold the moan][edging]
Play Count: 37039
Tourette lady and compulsive masturbator boy in shrink's waiting room
[FM][script-Fill][collaborate /u/MrLiquoriceReturns] [dirty talk] [mental illness] [milf][NO AGE]
Play Count: 26728
Wearing The Horns
[F4M][Script fill] [Cuckolding][Small Penis Humiliation][FDom][Big Cock Worship][JOI][Creampie]
Play Count: 36816
Balls of Blue
[Script Fill][F4A] [Futa] [Foot Fetish] [Sweet Talk] but also [Dirty Talk] [Deepthroat] [Anal Play] [Rimming] [Cumming on my own Feet] [Cum Play]
Play Count: 32690
Body Pimpin Episode 2
[F4M] [script Fill] [fdom] [fitness] [workout] [workout encouragement] [human sybian] [rape][tv-show]
Play Count: 24807
An Audition of Sorts
[F4M][all 3 holes][anal][BJ][twist ending]
Play Count: 25826
Caroline and i have a phone call
this is SHIT quality and was done last min on discord. Enjoy carolines side lol
Play Count: 24472
Cheating with the Milf Next Door
[F4M][MILF][BJ][Cheating][Taking charge][Worship][Asian Love]
Play Count: 35373
Anatomy Lesson on Miss Davis
[FF4M] Anatomy Lesson [part 3 of miss davis][public][all three holes][oral][facial][fdom]and [fsub][big cock worship][the rought stuff][collab with /u/SweetCarolineKisses]
Play Count: 34024
Cheating Daughter
[F4M]Cheating Daughter [incest][oral][fucking][cheating][daddy] actually my father [kissing][skin slapping fuck]
Play Count: 42429
Happy Valentines, Baby Brother
[F4M] Happy Valentines, Baby Brother (candygram for Hellenbach) [incest][kissing][oral][all the sex][Pegging]Kind of, surprise [Impregnation] maybe [two orgasms][rimming]
Play Count: 35206
The Cleaning Lady
[F4M][Script Fill] [age][Fdom][Handjob][Milking][SFX][Narrative]Kind of
Play Count: 39462
Thank You

Play Count: 25054
Ravaged by 2 Sexy Cops While You're Recording for GWA - JJ
[F4M][Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [Rape] [They Find You Handcuffed While Recording, and Take Advantage] [Handcuffs] [Facesitting] [Fucked] [Creampie] [Good Boy] [Anal Play] [Blowjob][Headset Recommended][Two Jayes??]
Play Count: 32342
Ravaged by 2 Sexy Cops While You're Recording for GWA - JB
[FF4M] [Collab/w/u/BlissfullyQuiet] [Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [Rape] [They Find You Handcuffed While Recording, and Take Advantage] [Handcuffs] [Facesitting] [Fucked] [Creampie] [Good Boy] [Anal Play] [Blowjob][Headset Recommended]
Play Count: 33896
Ravaged by 2 Sexy Cops While You're Recording for GWA - VB
[FF4M] [Collab/w/u/Vi0letlight and BlissfullyQuiet] [Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [Rape] [They Find You Handcuffed While Recording, and Take Advantage] [Handcuffs] [Facesitting] [Fucked] [Creampie] [Good Boy] [Anal Play] [Blowjob][Headset Recommended][edits by JayeWilde]
Play Count: 27978
Ravaged by 2 Sexy Cops While You're Recording for GWA - JV
[FF4M] [Collab/w/u/Vi0letlight] [Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [Rape] [They Find You Handcuffed While Recording, and Take Advantage] [Handcuffs] [Facesitting] [Fucked] [Creampie] [Good Boy] [Anal Play] [Blowjob][Headset Recommended]
Play Count: 30786
Teacher Strikes Up a Deal with Two of her Students
[F4MM] [Script Fill] [Big Cock Worship] [Small Cock Humiliation] [Blowjob] [Cowgirl] [Facesitting] [body smacking] [spanking]
Play Count: 47342
Mother curing her porn addicted son
[F4M] [script-offer][incest] [MDlb] [gangbang] [spanking] [mom son]
Play Count: 62328
Teaching my son to Suck Cock
[F4M][incest][blowjob][moaning][orgasms][lets all share][age]
Play Count: 45650
Laugh Until You Scream
[F4F][Fdom] [Revenge] [Bondage] [Tickle Torture] [Sadistic] [Body Worship] [Forcing You To Beg][Name calling]
Play Count: 28118
Can I Snuggle Up in Your Lap?
[F4M] Can I Snuggle Up In Your Lap? [Script Fill] [Cute] [Sleepy] [L-Bombs]
Play Count: 27258
Queen of the Black Coast
[F4M][Script Fill] [Pirate Queen] [Barbarian Warrior] [Seduction] [Erotic Dance] [Sultry] [Seriously, Extremely Sultry] [Exhibitionism] [Mild Fdom]
Play Count: 41006
It’s OK to Talk Dirty
[F4M][request fill][Dirty Talking]{name Calling][BlowJob][Fucking][wet sounds]
Play Count: 33484
JOC From Your Mistress
[F4M][Jerk Off Command]like a [JOI][Fdom][orgasm torture][in my control]
Play Count: 31206
Don't give up
[F4A][talks of suicide][l bomb] [uplifting]
Play Count: 25237
They Were Just There
[F4A] [Script Fill] [Monologue] [Sad to Uplifting] [Life]
Play Count: 23238
I still think about you
[Script Fill] [F4A] [reminiscing] [bitter sweet] [the one that got away]
Play Count: 23916
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man
Play Count: 23421
Reverse Birthday Gangbang
[FFFFF4M] [Collab] [Masturbation] [All The Moaning] [Lesbian][Blowjob] [Anal Play] [Deepthroat] [Creampie] [Daddy] [Multiple Orgasms] [Snowballing] [Cum Covered Selfies][SweetCarolineKisses, Jayewilde, Nolabelle53, LushInLace, and miyu213]
Play Count: 51715
The Quest to Slay our Best Friend's Mom's Pussy
[MMMM4F] [Collab] [Naughty D&D] [Gangbang] [Cheating] [MILF] [All Holes Filled] [Two Oral Creampies] [Three Anal Creampies] [Come Again For One Lucky Nerd] [A Whole Lotta' Geeky Dude Up In Ya][John17999, maniacal_ramblings, TemporalEcho, and DicedRadium]
Play Count: 34247
A mother knows what makes her boys grow big and strong
[F4M][script Fill][Futa][Incest][slight femdom][mother/son][cum feeding][age][Oral][blowjob][excessive cum]
Play Count: 88001
Fuck Me
Just had to get one out there thinking of you
Play Count: 27988
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23265
A Foot Gangbang
Collab with JayeWilde, SweetCarolineKisses, oh_reaally and LittleMissAphrodite Happy way belated cakeday Magisci
Play Count: 30375
4 orgasms in 2 ears
Bliss and i cum, each twice
Play Count: 30039
Dueling BlowJobs
[BJ] [Wet sounds] [gagging] [moaning] [headphones needed]
Play Count: 37383
Frat Mommy
[F4MF] Frat Mommy [rape][drinking][Md/lg][Play with mommy and her boy toy][letting him take you][bondage][teasing][be my slut]
Play Count: 36893
Apt Pupil
[F4MF] Apt Pupil [Older man][Caught by his wife][He was the warm up][vibrator torture][orgasm control][narrative][your new role model][desk fucking][bondage]slight[degration]
Play Count: 24569
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Visarionovik and Readerr7
Play Count: 23205
Your Mom Steals Your Girl for the Holidays
[FF4M/f] Your Mom Steals Your Girl for the Holidays [u/Zenadillo][lesbian][vibrator][cunnilingus] [kissing][you’re left out][Collab w/u/MyErotikaMind]
Play Count: 30296
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23226
Bad Mother
[FM4A] Bad Mother [Age][Gay Conversion][FDom][MSub][Collab w/u/Always_daddy]
Play Count: 32224
Oh No, My Son's a WEEB!
[F4M] Oh no, my son's a weeb! [Script Fill] [MD/lb] [Age] [Incest] [Teen] [MILF] [Gentle FDom] [Mommy] [Virgin] [Rape] [Just in case] [Breastplay] [Dating advice] [Humor turned romantic]
Play Count: 57738
Lingerie Boi
[F4M]Lingerie Boi[Script Fill] [F-DOM][M-SUB][Crossdressing][Secret Kink][Surprise]
Play Count: 30893
Opps, Wrong Class
[Script Fill] [F4M] [Futa] [Teacher] [Futa on male] [Rape] [Age]
Play Count: 77322
Not-Such-A-Baby Sitter
[F4M][age][msub light][HUGE cock][painful fucking][hard oral][protests][mean]
Play Count: 62761
I'm glad You Came, Zen
[F4M][Script Fill] [Futa][Blowjob][Anal][Gentle FDom] [Sweetsgiving][Zenadillo]
Play Count: 48570
Mistletoe Strip Tease
[F4M] Mistletoe Strip Tease [GWA SS] [ManovMistree][strip tease][wet sounds][skin slapping][outer sex] [pound me for the holidays][GFE]and some [santa baby]
Play Count: 32462
A Slut for the Holidays
[F4M][GWA SS][mastermisterred][begging for it]talk of[free use][self name calling][wet sounds][cumming]
Play Count: 30197
Monther's Anal Yoga (without ending)
No eating the creampie
Play Count: 38772
Mothers Anal Yoga - Full

Play Count: 72830
I had a nightmare...
[F4M]{request fill][thunderstorm][sleepy cuddle fuck][woke from a nightmare]
Play Count: 31184
Cabin In The Woods
Start and here: Oral: Vaginal: Anal:
Play Count: 30455
Cabin In The Woods
Anal Ending Only
Play Count: 27003
Cabin In The Woods
Vaginal Ending
Play Count: 26526
Cabin In The Woods
Oral ending
Play Count: 26665
Cabin In The Woods
Oral ending Full audi0
Play Count: 28600
Cabin In The Woods
Vaginal Ending Full
Play Count: 29505
Cabin In The Woods
Anal Ending Full Audio
Play Count: 32300
Cabin In The Woods ALL
This has all endings back to back 9 oral 12.11 vaginal 14.40 anal 1852 ending start
Play Count: 31088
Stressed Out Miss Needs Some Relief
[F4M] Stressed out Miss needs some Relief[Fdom][Msub][Mommydom][Little boy][No incest][creampie][Miss calling][Orgasm Control]
Play Count: 37695
A Weekend In Son City
[F4M] [Script Fill] [incest] [mom/son] [sneakiness] [cheating] [wet sounds]
Play Count: 58442
Ramble Fap for my Pet
[F4M][cuckold][caged][public][oral][vaginal][pet names][desperate]
Play Count: 29743
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23475
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23356
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
ThrobZombi3 interviewed by bananahannahfofana
Play Count: 23512
Hey Sister, Our Brother Is A Panty Thief
[FF4M][script Fill][sister/sister/brother][catched jerking off with sister's panties][humiliation][who's the hotter sister anyway?][blowjob][riding][cum in panties][incest][age][rape][Collab w/u/MyErotikaMind]
Play Count: 41672
"It's NO FAP NOVEMBER!" Part 2
[FFF4M][Script fill] [3 Girls, 1 Guy][Teasing][Denial][No touching!][Bulge][Tit Grinding][Triple Blowjob][Begging][Part 2 of (who knows)] [collab with /u/LushInLace and /u/SweetCarolineKisses]
Play Count: 34535
Be A Man
Bad mulan singing....enjoy? if you can
Play Count: 24021
MMM, You Rubbed Our Lamp, Master
[FF4M] [Script Fill] [Jinn] [Sisters] [Magic Lamp] [Three Wishes] [Oh Master, Whatever Will You Wish For?] [Light Bondage] [Seduction] [Fsub] [Blowjob] [One Innocent, One Sultry] [It's a Trap! Be Careful What You Wish For][Collab w/u/MyErotikaMind]
Play Count: 38980
Teacher Seduces Student on Field Trip After Overhearing Him Fuck
[F4M] [Script Fill] [older woman] [younger man] [teacher] [student] [cheating] [overheard] [slight fdom] [big cock]
Play Count: 69971
A Saucy Thanksgiving Mess
[FF4A] [orgasms][food fight] [hate fuck] [smacks] [hair pulling][wet sounds][eat my ass] [Part 2] [Collab w/u/SweetCarolineKisses]
Play Count: 29058
I am (make me) Yours
[F4TF][Large endowments][narrative]{talk of sex][first date][flirty]
Play Count: 27870
All Tied Up, in More Ways Than One.
[F4M][Cuckold][large cock][bondage][humiliation][hairy cunt][body builder][narrative][voice in your head]
Play Count: 32868
She's Nerdy, Neurotic, and Needs to Get Fucked
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Friends Become Lovers] [Virginity] [College] [Dorm] [Reluctance] [My Good Grade Means You Get Laid]
Play Count: 43776
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23600
Cooking with Jaye Wilde
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Play Count: 26347
cooking with Wilde
Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla
Play Count: 24088
The Initiation
[F4M][Script Fill][age][Fdom][Handjob][Milking][Good Boy]
Play Count: 52421
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23759
A Lesson Learned, Sort Of
[F4M][Script Fill][Date Night][FDom]Eventually[Role Play][Rape][Condom][Sneaky Condom Removal][Unwanted Creampie][Revenge][Forced Cum Eating][Ballbusting][Happy Ending][Snoball]{multiple orgasms]
Play Count: 33602
First Time
[F4M][Script Fill] [gentle Fdom] [Switch] [Oral] [Biting] [Aftercare] mentions of [Pegging] [First Come, First Serve] [Good Boy]
Play Count: 35786
Confidence queen
[F4M][Script Fill] [cock worship] [man worship] [cock growth][BJ sounds]
Play Count: 53244
A Note for Miss Davis
[FF4M][scriptfill][enslavement][bj][vaginal][anal][fdom][fsub][you win][cunnilingus][moans][orgasms][Collab w/u/Sweetcarolinekisses]
Play Count: 36509
I am Here to Help With ANYTHING
[F4M][wet sounds][injured][bj][orgasm][sweet and caring]
Play Count: 33211
Scottish MicroPenis Worship
[F4M] [Micropenis worship] [Scottish love] [bad singing] [outer sex]
Play Count: 26707
Dear Quiet Guy
[F4M] Dear Quiet Guy... [Script Fill] [longing][secret crush][dirty talk][Orgasm]
Play Count: 59795
Big Man
I need you
Play Count: 27683
Cucked by her husband

Play Count: 31855
The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
[FF4A] [orgasms][food fight] [hate fuck] [smacks] [hair pulling]
Play Count: 30381
The Widow's Web
[F4M][Script Fill][Fdom][blowjob][creature][fantasy][Snuff] [kinda][Story] [GWA Halloween}
Play Count: 33200
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Agent Eff
Play Count: 23587
Date Gone Domme
with YourHeavyMetalLover
Play Count: 26962
Make Me Yours
I've seen you, watched you....come and get me
Play Count: 27435
cooking with Wilde 2
Sausage veggie pasta
Play Count: 24441
The Sound of You
[F4M] [Mast] [Narrative] [Men of GWA] mentions of [Oral] [Orgasmic Bliss] [Script fill]
Play Count: 24866
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23996
My Pet JOI

Play Count: 30142
Class Demonstration
[F4M][Script fill][F4M][Fdom][Handjob][Blowjob][Milking][Good Boy][forced orgasm] [double orgasm]
Play Count: 59953
Dear Girl
[f4f] [Dear Girl] [Victorian London] [Domme/sub] [Flogging] [Clit slapping] [cunnilingus] [Romance][Script Fill]
Play Count: 28623
Kidnap me again. I promise I'll make you so proud'
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Rape][Mast][Degradation][Kidnapped][Theraputic Recounting] [kidnapped again][Stockholm][Fuckload of kinks][GhostOfWill]
Play Count: 30059
dnd questions
For ckoudy_bear
Play Count: 24601
Sleepy Sunday phone answers
Play Count: 24350
Eyes on the Road
[F4M] [teasing] [finger licking good][vibrator][orgasms][please don't wreck] [cheating] [kinda]
Play Count: 27103
cooking with Wilde
Play Count: 24325
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Nordic Love
Play Count: 24301
nephew part 5
The final part
Play Count: 30281
my collar
Nephew piece
Play Count: 29974
Moms BFF gives you a ride
[F4M][Milf] [BJ] [Ageplay] [Teasing][JOI ish][orgasm][jerk you off] [lick those fingers] [cum in my mouth 3 2 1]
Play Count: 42457
nephew part 4
The party
Play Count: 29215
nephew part 3
Play Count: 28813
zumio review

Play Count: 26535
Uber Surprise
[F4M] Uber Surprise [BJ] [Anal] [not for me] [Futa] [BJ for me] [eat that ass] [Car recording] [cumming]
Play Count: 55541
he let me cum

Play Count: 30216
nephew part 2

Play Count: 31432
my nephew
I'm being blackmailed for you enjoyment
Play Count: 37300
Orphan rapetoy for depraved lady

Play Count: 38371
for ilyphoenix
Play Count: 24322
Happy Birthday to My Toy
[F4M] [collaring] [switch roles] [toy] [slave] [oral] [biting/marking] [wet sounds][real orgasms][happy birthday]
Play Count: 29725
Sybian Ramble Fap
there isn't much ramble to it
Play Count: 34183
Oh Yes Daddy
Play Count: 32246
Good Girl, Oh Daddy
[MF4A][Daddy] [Good Girl] [orgasms] [wet sounds] [Collab w/u/Moondancewithme]
Play Count: 30654
the phone call
[Incest] [Sensual] [Mother/Son] [Couple] [Impregnation] [Forbidden Marriage] [Romance] [BBW] [Big Ass Worship] [Lush Sensuality] [Seduction] [Beauty] [Script and edits by /u/AceRider85]
Play Count: 52621
Ultimate Birthday Blowjob
Happy Birthday Diced Radium xoxo-Bliss and Jaye
Play Count: 15027
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
DeusExMachina09 and SweetCarolinekisses
Play Count: 24386
Deep thoughts by JW
Play Count: 26404
Couples JOI
[F4MF] [fdom] [JOI] [bj] [cunnilingus] [body worship] [fucking] [fingering] [follow my instructions]
Play Count: 40015
Wait Here....? Yes Here!
[FM][Kind of Script Fill] Yes, here. [Sequel?][FDom][Parents' Home][Handcuffs/Light Bondage][Handjob][Blowjob][Denial][Post Orgasm Denial][Mentions of Anal][MSub][Parent's Home][Handcuffs/Light Bondage][Handjob][Blowjob][Denial][Post Orgasm Torture][Hold the Moan][Mentions of Anal][Yes Princess]
Play Count: 28819
Two Teachers, One Cock
[script Fill][FF4][Collab with /u/Swetcarolinekisses] [teacher][big cock][mild Femdom][sucking][creampie][why am I tasting another pussy on this cock?]
Play Count: 49955
Nursing Your Blue Balls
[F4M][Script Fill][Medical Play][Cock Worship][Tease and Denial][Edging][Fdom][rape][just in case][flirting]
Play Count: 48624
Milf's School bus Boyfriend
[F4M] [script Fill] [AGE][milf][Good boy][yandere][dubcon][rape][to be sure]
Play Count: 64934
Yes, here.
[F4M][Script Fill] [Sequel?][FDom][Parents' Home][Handcuffs/Light Bondage][Handjob][Blowjob][Denial][Post Orgasm Denial][Mentions of Anal]
Play Count: 29981
The Goddess Worship Switch
[F4M] [Script Fill] [JOI] [Body Worship] [Perv on Me] [Fdom] [switch] [Fsub] [Teasing] then [Begging] [Humiliation]
Play Count: 30869
Do You Even Know How Amazing You Are?
[F4M] Do You Even Know How Amazing You Are? [Script Fill] [cuddles] [kisses] [positive reinforcement] [L bomb] [giggles]
Play Count: 29651
Please Cum Home
[F4M][3 real orgasms][begging][mentions of sex][voicemail style][background noise]
Play Count: 27668
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
BlissfullyQuiet with DicedRadium
Play Count: 23633
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
WhoIsBucky....come find out!
Play Count: 24899
Real Milf does it best
[F4M] [Summer nights for /u/Lapinceau] [bj] [cunnilingus] [milf] [request fill] [wet sounds] [taking what I want]
Play Count: 40644
The Real After Party
[MF4A][Public][Elevator][Training][HoldTheMoan][Creampie][Collab with /u/Moondancewithme]
Play Count: 27003
Young Man, Would You Like Some Pussy?
[F4M] [Script Fill] [MILF] [older woman] [younger man] [matter of fact seduction] [legal teen] [mother's best friend] [blowjob] [cunnilingus] [big cock] [creampie] [filthy talk] [good behavior rewarded]
Play Count: 54079
sleepy cuddles

Play Count: 27493
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 23603
The Princess Gets Rescued
[F4F] The Princess Gets Rescued [Summer nights] [for /u/mymbling] [orgasms] [anal] [feet] [futa] [cunnilingus] [blow job] [rescue] [fucking] [body worship] [royalty]
Play Count: 53268
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Comfortably_numb85 interviewed by Blissfullyquiet (recorded seperately)
Play Count: 24988
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 24848
So you had a bad day
punny fun for all
Play Count: 26010
My Asian Boyfriend
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Big Cock] [Exhibitionism] [Raceplay] [BJ]
Play Count: 43816
MILF and son's friend, small dick JoI
[F4M] [Script fill] [joi] [SPH] [tiny dick] [milf]
Play Count: 42985
You were listening to me on GWA?
[F4M] Caught on GWA - Mother Version [Big Cock] [JOI] [Script Fill] [Incest?] [MILF]
Play Count: 49166
Rolling RambleFap

Play Count: 27446
Let Mommy Take Care of You, Honey
[F4M] [Script Fill] [Gentle Femdom] [MD/lb] [Good Boy] [L-Bombs] [Suckling] [Dirty Talk] [Teasing] [Sucking] [Fucking] [Creampie] [Cleaning aforementioned creampie] [Aftercare]
Play Count: 70938
Every Hour Must Be Accounted For
[F4A] Every Hour Must Be Accounted For [Free Use][FSub][Objectification][Humiliation][Lady Sounds][Used][Office Whore][Rape][script fill]
Play Count: 35473
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 25508
Jaye's Gone WILDE Man of the Week!
Play Count: 25362
Seven Minute Workout and shower
[F4M] Seven Minute Workout Gym-Class [script-Fill] [fitness] [workout encouragement] [fat-shaming] [hazing] [sweating] [fdom] [teacher] ADDED [three holes filled] [virgin] [shower sex] [teenage gang bang]
Play Count: 34956
Seven Minute Workout Gym Class
[F4M] Seven Minute Workout Gym-Class [script Fill] [fitness] [workout encouragement] [fat-shaming] [hazing] [sweating] [fdom] [teacher]
Play Count: 29727
The Muse
[F4M] [Cuckold] [Big cock worship] [Mild humiliation] [fdom fsub switch]
Play Count: 38695
Caroline gets Wilde with Jaye
[FF4a] [Feet] [Cheating] [cunnilingus] [straight to lesbian] [lactation] [Echo Echo Echo] [Collab with /u/Sweetcarolinekisses]
Play Count: 36013
GW Audible verification

Play Count: 24801
Surprise, Motherfucker!: A Revenge Fuck
[F4M] [Script Fill] Surprise, Motherfucker!: A Revenge Fuck [older woman] [younger man] [female teacher/male student] [cheating] [revenge] [sex tape] [fuck you to cheating husband] [taunting] [big cock worship]
Play Count: 45158
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Poem selection from the book
Play Count: 25483
Caught Peeping on Mom
[F4M] [Script Fill] Caught Peeping On Mom [big sister] [voyeur] [humiliation] [mild SPH] [incest] [age] [rape] [CFNM] [forced masturbation] [CEI]
Play Count: 45575
It's ok to give up
[F4M] It's Okay to Give Up [Request Fill] [encouragement] [vulnerable] [comfort]
Play Count: 28837
In the Pool
[F4m][Script Fill] In The Pool [F4M][Fdom][Handjob][Good Boy][Milking]
Play Count: 76457
pta verification

Play Count: 25513
The Goddess of Soles
[F4M] Into The Forest of the Goddess [Long] [Fantasy] [Magic] [Fdom] [Fsub] [Foot Worship] [Footjob] [Cum Everywhere] [Deepthroat] [Tit Fucking] [Creampie] [Anal] [Anal Creampie] [story] [story fill]
Play Count: 40121
Oral Extravaganza
[mf4a] [sloppy oral] [wet sounds] [cumming] [69 dude] [cunnilingus] [blow job] [collab with /u/TemporalEcho]
Play Count: 29224
The Goddess of Soles
[F4M] Into The Forest of the Goddess [Long] [Fantasy] [Magic] [Fdom] [Fsub] [Foot Worship] [Footjob] [Cum Everywhere] [Deepthroat] [Tit Fucking] [Creampie] [Anal] [Anal Creampie] [story] [story fill]
Play Count: 27810
Showing A Feminist Who's The Boss
[F4M] Showing A Feminist Who's The Boss [script fill][feminist][fsub][office][cock worship][blowjob][intercourse]
Play Count: 37758
Mother's Yoga Stretch
[F4M] Mother's Yoga Stretch [Incest][Mom - Son][Age][Creampie][Script Fill]
Play Count: 92940
Smelling Mommy
[MF4A] Smelling Mommy | Optional [Incest] and [Age] | [Caught][Panty Sniffing][FDom/MSub][Stern Mommy][Punishment][Spanking][Handjob][Blowjob][Cumplay][Cum Eating][Snowball][L-Bombs][Script Fill] [collab with /u/JB3420]
Play Count: 47079
Help I'm Stuck
[F4M][MILF][rape][Semi public][MMF threesome][Stuck] [Script fill]
Play Count: 43938
Ball Busting Moms part 2
[F] Ball Busting Mom, Part 2 [dominant mom & aunt] [Fdom] [ballbusting] [strict] [cbt] [bd] [age] [punishment] [humiliation][story Fill]
Play Count: 46308
Post Workout Reward
[F4M] Post workout reward [script-Fill] [workout encouragement] [exercise] [fitness| [sweat]
Play Count: 32084
Ramble Fap 2

Play Count: 29712
Bribing your best friend's younger brother
[F4M] Bribing your best friend's younger brother [slutty girl][age][big dick][virginity][riding]
Play Count: 44667
The Cop and the Streaker
[F4M] The Cop and the Streaker [Script Fill][Blowjob][Fdom][Oral][big cock] [good boy]
Play Count: 45885
[F4M] Fitness and Workout Encouragement [script fill][fitness] [workout] [rape][just in case] [tv-show]
Play Count: 31621
horny motivation for marathon runner
[F4M] horny motivation for marathon runner [script fill][workout encouragement] [fitness] [inspiration] [body worship] [sweat] [background music]
Play Count: 29447
Mom’s Surprise on Your Birthday
[F4M]Mom's Surprise on Your Birthday[Script fill][incest][age][no age][small penis teasing][cock worship][MDlb]
Play Count: 46586
My Good Boy Toy
Rape me today...and maybe tomorrow
Play Count: 40219
bbq ramble

Play Count: 27529
Divorced MILF vs. Hung 18
[F4M] Divorced MILF vs. Hung 18 Year Old [milf] [older woman/younger man] [family friend] [divorcee] [big cock] [disbelief] [loud cumming] [perfect match][Script Fill]
Play Count: 80437
mommy sides with your rival
[F4MM] 34GG mommy sides with your rival [Cuckold] [Humiliation] [Nipple Sucking] [Tit fucking] [Huge Breasts] [Incest Denial] [Cougar] [Horrible Mother] [British Accent][Cum on breasts] [Big Cock] [Nice to Mean] [Sucking sounds] [Moaning] [Cruelty] [Violence][Script Fill] [Request]
Play Count: 85558
The Collector
[F4M] The Collector [ASMR][Dark][Serial Killer][Castration][SoundFX Required][Powerless][Script Fill]
Play Count: 45764
Breaking a Warrior
[F4M] Breaking a Warrior [supernatural/vampire] [some Fdom] [rape] [pegging] [blood] [orgasms] [x-post AudioCandy][Script Fill]
Play Count: 32107
The Gym Teacher
[F4M] The Horny Gym Teacher [Age][Big Cock][Cheating][MILF][Virgin][Script fill]
Play Count: 87557
The Woman Who Knows You Better Than Anyone
[F4M] The Woman Who Knows You Better Than Anyone [Script Fill][light Fdom][voyeur][stalking][fantasizing][masturbation][dirty talk][possession][whispers]
Play Count: 30577
Breeding Your Uncle's Wife
[f4m]Breeding Your Uncle's Wife [cuckold][impreg][milf] a bit of [sph] a touch of [big cock worship] a sprinkle of [fsub] and exactly 2 tbsp of [fdom][script fill]
Play Count: 59009
Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 3
[F4M] Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 3 [Incest][Mom/Son][Handjob][Blowjob][Facial][Creampie][Script fill]
Play Count: 65629
Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 2
[F4M] Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 2 [Incest][Mom/Son][Handjob][Blowjob][Facial][Creampie][Script fill]
Play Count: 59388
Porn Producer part 2

Play Count: 33886
Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 1
[F4M] Becoming Mom's Partner in Porn Part 1 [Incest][Mom/Son][Handjob][Blowjob][Facial][Creampie][Script fill]
Play Count: 74716
Help from a Friend
[F4M] Help from a friend [Script Fill][Best friends] [Favor] [Oral Fixation] [Blowjob] [Extramarital] [Big Cock] [Cock Worship] [Noises] [Begging]
Play Count: 36675
[MF4A]Questions [Script fill] [Duet] [Erotic Poetry] [Seduction] [D/s] [Mdom] [fsub] [conversation] [belt] [You can mess with the genders if you want][/u/Buncotton]
Play Count: 26310
Cafe’ de Lait
[F4M] Cafe' de Lait [F4m][Fdom][Age][Milking][Public][Good Boy][Script fill]
Play Count: 70308
Pretty Little Pet
[F4F][Fdom][Fsub][sweet mistress][mean mistress][cum three times challenge?][Script Fill}
Play Count: 32026
Bug Love
[MillionCicadasF4AllNCicadasToo] if you can't beat them, join them [orgasm] [bug love]
Play Count: 27709
mom fucks bully part 2
[F4M] Hot Slut Mom Fucks the Neighborhood Bully (Part 2) [rape][milf][blowjob][creampie][impreg][script fill]
Play Count: 90422
Fucking Cicadias
They are SOOOOO loud!
Play Count: 26706
Gangbanged Filth Whore
[F] --- Gangbanged Filth Whore --- (gangbang, degradation, humiliation, facial, bukkake)[RAPE]
Play Count: 48139
Tonight is Different
[F4M] Tonight is Different [Pegging][Gentle FDom][Cum Eating][Cum Cleanup][script fill]
Play Count: 37046
GWA Backstage Verification

Play Count: 25308
Milked by Mom
[F4m] Milked by Mom: Holiday Sleeping Arrangements rewrite [age][incest][oral]
Play Count: 68761
MILF rewards sons best friend
[F4M] [Script fill] MILF Rewards Son's Best Friend for Beating Up Bullies [older woman] [younger man] [cheating] [best friend's mom] [legal teen] [big cock worship] [seduction] [blowjob] [hard fucking] [loud]
Play Count: 92007
The Boss Helps Out
Breaking the News pt. 3 [script fill][F4M][cuckold][cruelty] multiple requests
Play Count: 58850
May I hurt you
[F4F] [Script Fill] [Req-fill] May I Hurt You? [D/s] [Sadism] [Masochism] [FDom] [Caring] [Comforting] [Kink Discovery] [Dirty Talk][Spanking] [Aftercare] [/u/GentlestWhispers]
Play Count: 31666
Cougar and a young man
[F4M] A cougar seduces a young man, but she's looking for more than just pleasure. [Fdom][BigCock][crazy][impreg]
Play Count: 66293
Milf Fucks his BFF in front of son
[F4M] MILF Fucked in Front of Her Son [Big Cock] [Creampie] [Slight Humiliation]
Play Count: 69276
[F4A]Ramble Fap
[dirty talk] [incest] [f bomb] [good boy] [dom/sub] [cock calling] [lots and lots of cumming]
Play Count: 36599
Neighborhood Bully
[F4M] Hot Mom Makes a Deal With the Neighborhood Bully
Play Count: 81702
Mom has the talk with her son
[F4M] Mom has the talk with her son [mom/son] [incest] [age] [loving] [hj] [riding] [good boy] [script fill]
Play Count: 95601
Mommy's Anal Cherry
[F4M][incest][m/s]first time[anal][no one milks your cock like mommy][script req fill]
Play Count: 79929
Mothers Dirty Panties Soft
[F4M] Mother's Dirty Panties [Incest][Mom - Son][Age][Rape][Deep Rimming][Anal][Nasty][First Script]
Play Count: 69767
Home Visit
[F4M] Home Visit [older woman] [younger man] [teacher] [student] [big cock] [cheating]
Play Count: 53150
Teachers Deal
[F4M][teacher][high school boys][cum covered fucking][cum on your teacher][watch as I masturbate in front of the class]
Play Count: 43858
Ex-Girlfriend cuckolds you
[F4M] Your Ex-Girlfriend cuckolds you [cuckolding][chastity][BBC][sweet femdom]
Play Count: 65488
Hot for Teacher
[F4M][teacher][female teacher/male student][light fdom][creampie][fuck me while the whole class watches][I need that young cock][mild self-degradation *optional*]
Play Count: 59294
Orgasm scream
Play Count: 32116
The Masseur’s Hands
[F4M] The Masseur’s Hands. [Massage] [Oil] [Relaxing] [Pent Up and Giving In] [A Pun or Two] [Foot Stuff] [Slow Fucking] [Customer Satisfaction] [Slow Deepthroat] [Happy Ending In Her Mouth]
Play Count: 38349
Porno Audition
JOI for a porno
Play Count: 42603
a Footjob, for science!
by Hypnosock
Play Count: 33689
Teach Me, Punish Me, Love Me
Foot job story by Magisci
Play Count: 31089
By woodywilson
Play Count: 61744
Cum for me
Script by Woody Wilson
Play Count: 35895
hypnotic footjob in the library
hypnosis, feet
Play Count: 37310
You Wreck Me
A poem I wrote for someones who's voice melts in my mouth.
Play Count: 27369
JOI Edging
Play Count: 31156
My Hands
JOI Hypnosis
Play Count: 32159