Q&A Audio 6/1/2017
Q&A has arrived! 1 hour long :). 20 questions turned into 1 hour long audio. Why? I dunno, hehe :p. Sit back and let my soft voice relax you. Thank you all for participating and following my blog. I'm truly lucky to have the chance to build connections with all of you beautiful souls.
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Life Update!
Hello! Beautiful, sexy, vanilla and kinky people! I have today, a 40 minute audio. In the background you can hear gentle rain...from my computer, lol. This audio has the topics of: -Kitty's! -Update on my submissives. Includes drama with one of them. Gotta love the drama (heavy on sarcasm)! -New Apartment? -Still Interested in Wicca? -Learning Tarot. -Personal Trainer? -Belly Dancing? -Update on Mental Health. -A Hungry Falyn!
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Play Time Is Now.
Giggles, moans...come play with me :).
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Erotic Review of a New Sex Toy
Recording myself trying out a new sex toy I bought. Toy: Ultra Bullet Massager by FemmeFunn.
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The Way You Make Me Feel
Thinking of you...here is the result of what you do to me. Followed by a sweet message to you about how I feel about you.
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Sexy Time
Full audio of me cumming. Enjoy! Blog: https://thelifeofasocialintrovert.wordpress.com/
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Pillow Talk Audio #1
Put in some earbuds, sit back, and let my soft voice guide you to a relaxation state. Topics in this audio: -A sleep deprived Falyn -Shout-out to fellow Wordpress blogger: CollaredMichael -Thoughts on FetLife.com -Some tangents -Occasional coughing -Making more erotic audios in the future? -BDSM impact toy suggestions? My blog: https://thelifeofasocialintrovert.wordpress.com/
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Wet Sounds
Having some much needed, "me" time, hehe. I had to whisper due to having roommates so you may want to turn up the volume! I also may have rambled a bit, hehe. blog: thelifeofasocialintrovert.wordpress.com
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Q&A #1
Q&A #1 from my blog: thelifeofasocialintrovert.wordpress.com
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