Spider ft.The Secret Subject
Spider is a dark female domination fantasy. TSS has trapped maiden within her cotton candy spider web and shown her that's she a spider too. You're their next victim. Tread carefully. Find more of the secret subject at https://www.keep-it-trancey.com/ Spider is a dark domination fantasy that contains themes of obedience, immobility, intelligence reduction, and control. This track is on the scarier side so those who dislike horror/scary media are advised to approach this track with caution.
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Chaos VS Maiden: To The Ground
A musical collaboration between mind maiden and chaos doll. Fresh out of the quarantine chamber. Chaos: Vocals, Guitar Maiden: Drums, Synths Cover Visuals by Mousii More Maiden & Chaos can be found below: /www.pareon.com/mindmaiden www.patreon.com/chaosdoll Lyrics: Motherfucker, Burn. Light the fuse and hold it steady Watch it burn, are you fucking ready? Time is never on your side Changing things that won’t abide Hold your breath and isolate Stupid men deciding fate Doctrine of an evil caste Hoarding shit not meant to last Watch this system fall apart Burn it all, that's how we start. Watch the boomers detonate Only assholes thrive on hate Don’t back down before they burn This is how they fucking learn They don’t own a goddamn thing They don’t get to pull the strings Mother nature wants revenge Beg forgiveness once again Species built for suicide Human kind’s a parasite All potential goes to waste Disappears without a trace Burning heaven down to ash Praise your lord with sacred cash Mock and mimic, celebrate Your inaction seals our fate. You have no idea what's coming for you.
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Bimbo Hospital (Ft. TheSecretSubject)
I can’t beleive they fell for our plan... We’ve got some bad news. Your brain is too full. Luckily, there is a treatment and a special facility…and drugs. Lots of drugs. Doctor Subject and Nurse Maiden will get to work right away. Just breathe in the gas and let them do their work. Just breathe. You’re in very good hands. This track is a super dark track scripted by The Secret Subject, and Produced by Mind Melted Maiden. For more high quality files check out: https://patreon.com/mindmaiden If you want to hear more of TSS check out: https://www.keep-it-trancey.com/ CONTENT WARNING: This track contains non consent (subject is taken, and bimbofied) Trigger that brings you back to the emotional state the track invokes Forced drugging via gas mask Gaslighting Domination Degradation Humiliation Dehumanization Bimbofication Suggestions of IQ reduction Please remember that this is a fantasy and that using tracks responsibly is absolutely a necessity.
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