Public Display
I'm going to make an exhibition of you. Hump your bed to orgasm in front of an audience, for my amusement
Play Count: 4400
Puppy Transformation
Wouldn't it be nice to fall into trance and become my little puppy dog for a while? Who's a good boy?
Play Count: 1375
Succubus Seduction
Drift off deep into trance, feeling the energy draining from your body and your mind, feeding me...
Play Count: 7009
Orgasm Control
Your orgasms are mine to give, and take away...fall deep into trance for me, and let me take control of them for a whole week. Beg me for permission to cum here: Recommended prior listening: Submit to me
Play Count: 4320
Submissive Spanking
Feeling tense? Let go of all those negative emotions with every spank, so you can serve me more completely
Play Count: 2758
Anal Craving
Drop down into trance for me, and let me show you how frustrating that emptiness in your ass can be...
Play Count: 3338
Tied and Teased
Hypnotized, tied up, touched all over your body...just not in the one place you want most.
Play Count: 3238
Deep Humiliation
Let me take you into a deep trance, and tell you all the things that make you worthless... (WARNING: Deep, personal humiliation and degradation. Not for everyone. This file will ensure that no negative after effects remain following the conclusion of the session)
Play Count: 3341
Submit to me
A simple hypnosis file to make you feel submissive to me, to teach you what I expect of my submissive, and to explore your desire to worship me...
Play Count: 6696