131 - Under Starlight [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Join me on a hike to a special camping spot where I will finally give you the love and affection that you deserve. A special night, under the stars, with lots of love, affection, and of course, hypnosis. Girlfriend experience fantasy with pet names and love yous. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 451
130 - Enslavement Fractionation [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A rewarding experience for a good slave, constantly fractionating you, taking you deeper and making you submit and obey me more, each time you drop, to celebrate your submission. Includes mantras, repeating my words, and a suggestion to become more submissive and obedient to me every time I use the “drop” trigger in this file. Warning: Enslavement, and brainwash-like repetition. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2464
129 - Our Blanket Fort [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Tess GFE] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Let’s build a blanket fort with all the cute and useful stuff required, and then, we can fall asleep together, safely, in our fort. Girlfriend experience fantasy, wholesome. Includes pet names. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Tess GFE] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 819
128 - Good Toy Brainwashing [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
As the mistress of a certain perfect toy, I decided to continue your training by implementing a new call and response trigger in the form of a question, with some sweet brainwashing to make the experience so much more intimate. A brainwashing file, with a girlfriend experience theme, that creates a call and response trigger for the question “who’s my good toy?” when asked by me, answered with “I’m your good toy, mistress”, and acts as a trigger for increased feelings of submission to me. Soft suggestion to smile when triggered with this call and response trigger or the previous one. GFE, wholesome and full of affection for the listener. It is greatly recommended that you listen to "A Perfect Toy" before listening to this one, as previous conditioning and triggers are used in this file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2963
011 - My Good Submissive [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A file to show you how much I appreciate what you do for me as my good submissive. Submissive appreciation, praise, sweet talk and gentle femdom. Remake, with rewritten lines and theme change. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 1225
127 - Object-bound [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to create a trigger for a wearable object of your choice, making you feel more submissive, more susceptible to hypnosis and more open to suggestions than before, whenever you put it on. The object’s effects will only work around people you trust, in a safe place and time. Safeties included. Trigger installation file. Includes a brief wakener, without a count up, near the end of the file. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 1319
031 - Would You Kindly? [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Would you kindly allow a simple sentence to deeply brainwash you? Of course, not that you can be brainwashed or anything. This is merely a playful interaction with an entertainer, that may or may not condition you to answer every question with “yes mistress”. Warning: Includes themes of brainwashing, gaslighting, and enslavement to me. Suggests repeated listening and serving me. Creates a trigger for the phrase “would you kindly?”, limited to Mistress Tess, and people that you trust, in a safe place and appropriate time. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3320
126 - Hypnohorny [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Loop] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file for both background and active listening, to make you feel aroused, or more aroused than before, by the mere concept of hypnosis, with mentions of various induction types. Suggests being aroused by hypnosis. Suggests repeated listening, on loop. Suggests listening both actively and passively, but leaves the choice to the listener. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Loop] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5616
125 - Playful Fractionation [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Gentle Fdom] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A playful fractionation experience where I will tease you and play with your mind over and over, dropping and waking you, until you can only feel blankness, emptiness and arousal. Suggestions include: going deeper with each cycle of fractionation, feeling aroused by finger-snapping, forgetting parts of the file or even the entire file, making a connection in your mind between hypnosis and arousal, and listening more to this file and other files. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Gentle Fdom] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2987
124 - Arousal Virus [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You’ve been once again invited to the Mistress Tess hypno facility to test out a gadget of sorts, except this time it’s a downloaded virus from a porn website inserted into a chip, which is supposed to make you feel aroused, and make you picture pornographic scenarios of your choice, in your mind, theoretically. Suggests feeling aroused after the file ends. Indirect suggestions to continue to imagine the scene of your choice after the file ends, and possibly do something about your arousal, as well. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3231
123 - Erotic Stage Show [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Exhibitionism] [Bondage] [Orgasm Control] [Arousal] [Tease and Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After hearing about a show being hosted by a certain famous hypnotist that you adore, you knew you had to attend, but little did you know how intense it would really get. Fantasy of going up on stage and experiencing a stage hypnosis act, including exhibitionism, bondage play, tease and denial, orgasm control and eventually, a hands-free orgasm. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Exhibitionism] [Bondage] [Orgasm Control] [Arousal] [Tease and Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4780
033 - Sanctify [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Enslavement] [Orgasm Control] [Sadism] [Masochism] [Moans] [Objectification] [Obedience] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You’re going to take part in my ritual of pain, where I will have full control over your body and mind. I will use you as a tool and force you to whip me on my command. Each whip you inflict on me will make me moan, and bring us both pleasure, until I am sanctified from the pleasure and the pain. As a reward for sanctifying my body with pain, you will be granted a hands-free orgasm. Warning: Dark fantasy with ritualistic, religious-like themes. Includes themes of objectification, worship, enslavement, sadism and masochism. Remastered version of the file.
Play Count: 2491
122 - Aspiring Bodywriter [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Exhibitionism] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file for an aspiring body writer, or a curious listener, that may inspire potential body writing and exhibitionism ideas. Permissive language, open ended. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Exhibitionism] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 1224
121 - Background Enslavement [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fdom] [Background] [Loop] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
An enslaving audio loop for background listening, to make you enslaved to me. Listening to this will make you more submissive and obedient to me, and it will also make you want to listen more, to both this file and other files. Warning: addicting enslavement file! Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fdom] [Background] [Loop] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7299
120 - A Perfect Toy [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After some time in a toy shop, I thought of a special idea just for you - making you into my perfect toy. Sets up a call and response trigger for the phrase “you’re a good toy”, which acts as a trance trigger and makes the listener respond with “I’m a good toy” upon triggering. The trigger can be used either by me, Mistress Tess, or by people you trust, including safeties specifying it will only work when you feel comfortable, in a safe place and consenting. Girlfriend experience fantasy with some gushing about the listener and calling them “my perfect toy”. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4240
119 - Remote Control: Vicious Loop of Tease and Denial [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Edging] [Trigger] [Arousal] [Obedience] [Denial] [Orgasm Denial] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After purchasing yet another Remote Control program, you find out that it’s a bit more than just a software update. Introduces the “touch” function, making you touch your naughty bits on command. You will be stuck in a loop of tease and denial, being tasked with touching and then being reset, fractionated, teased and finally, denied, over and over again. Creates a new “touch” + finger snap trigger for the Remote Control chip, restricted to me, Mistress Tess, and people you trust, in a safe place, and only if you consent. Leaves you edging and unable to cum no matter how much you try for 10 minutes after listening to the file, but gives you free choice about what to do next after the 10 minutes pass. It is strongly recommended that you listen to earlier entries in the series before listening to this one. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Edging] [Trigger] [Arousal] [Obedience] [Denial] [Orgasm Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7089
118 - Private Bondage Session [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [HFO] [Bondage] [Orgasm Control] [Oral SFX] [Moans] [Obedience] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
After expressing interest in a private bondage session, I had to take you up on that request. I will use a lot of bondage tape, my oral sex skills, and of course, hypnosis, to get you where I want you to be, and you will enjoy it immensely, until you cum, hands-free. Blindfold required, full body nudity recommended. Hands-free orgasm. Includes dildo sucking and licking oral sound effects. Suggests becoming more aroused with every drop trigger for the duration of this file. Includes some pet names for the listener. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [HFO] [Bondage] [Orgasm Control] [Oral SFX] [Moans] [Obedience] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6416
117 - The Relaxation Tunnel [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A relaxing journey to a mysterious dark tunnel where you will be guided into deeper relaxation as you walk through it. Suggests returning to the tunnel to relax at any point you wish, if you need some time to unwind. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 1177
116 - Lights On, Lights Out [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to create a physical trigger to put yourself in trance by either tapping your forehead yourself, or having someone you trust tap your forehead for you. Suggests reinforcing the trigger and listening again if the trigger wears off. Suggests making your mind blank when you go into trance from tapping your forehead. One tap to drop, second consecutive tap to wake. Trigger installation file, includes safeties. Beginner friendly. Includes some brief teasing and permissive language. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3256
115 - A Sensible Solution [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Edging] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A visit to the doctor’s office for an arousal problem turns into a slightly devious and much more intense brainwashing situation, leaving you with little doubt left in your doctor, and a strong need to obey her, and touch yourself, per her instructions. Warning: continuous brainwashing-like repetition. Slightly manipulative. Suggests edging during the file, and reaching an orgasm after the file ends, but leaves the latter as an option for the listener. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Edging] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5380
114 - The Three Words [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
There are three important words that are an inseparable part of being a good submissive, and you want to learn them and the meaning behind them, don’t you? This file will teach you what it means when I say “listen”, “focus”, and “obey”. Suggests becoming more susceptible and suggestible the more you listen to my files, including this one. Suggests listening more to my files, focusing better on me when you listen, and obeying me more instantly. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests remembering what was said in this file when I say or write “listen, focus, obey”. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3538
113 - Unusual Lift Experience [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Fear Play] [Sadism] [Masochism] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A strange lift ride goes from somewhat silly to fairly sinister, and only gets worse, as you realize that the lift is hacked and controlled by a certain mistress, in a very sadistic mood. Warning: some fear play based on being locked in a lift that is about to fall. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Fear Play] [Sadism] [Masochism] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4190
112 - Totally Neutral [Induction] [Erotic] [Gaslighting] [Arousal] [Loop] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A completely and totally neutral piece of audio that may or may not potentially hypnotize you to feel all sorts of things. Conversational, Ericksonian-style induction. Warning: Gaslighting! Suggests repeated listening. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Gaslighting] [Arousal] [Loop] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4070
111 - The Secret Ingredient [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A vague memory, a retelling of a story, or perhaps a present narration, of how you drank a special potion, made for the sole purpose of making you feel amazing. Suggests feeling horny, light-headed and happy during and after listening to this file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 11124
110 - Succubus Possession [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Edging] [Obedience] [Objectification] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Your dreams of a certain succubus ended up backfiring, as the succubus is summoned and is intent on consuming your body, mind and soul. You will be made to edge and repeat for her pleasure and entertainment, and become a deeply enslaved minion, for her. Warning: Deeply enslaving and slightly objectifying! Suggests having my voice remain in your mind after this file ends. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Edging] [Obedience] [Objectification] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8239
109 - Obedience & Pleasure Loop [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fsub] [Fdom] [Loop] [Background] [Obedience] [Binaural Beats] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A loop file for masturbation, or any erotic activity, that can be used in the background. Main track consists of submissive-leaning mantras and words of encouragement to follow my lead in obedience. Layers consist of dominant-leaning words of encouragement to do the same, from another perspective. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fsub] [Fdom] [Loop] [Background] [Obedience] [Binaural Beats] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7847
108 - The Hypnotease [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Fractionation] [Exhibitionism] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A file to tease you about how much you want to be hypnotized, made to obey, and expose all your dirty hypnosis secrets. I know all about what you hide, but it’s okay, your secrets and desires are safe with me. Brief mentions of exhibitionist desires. Warning: Can be potentially interpreted as gaslighting. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Fractionation] [Exhibitionism] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4819
107 - The Kinky Box [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Fdom] [CNC] [Orgasm Control] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Put inside of a special box where you will be made to feel more submissive and aroused the more you listen. Sooner or later, you will find yourself stuck in the box and in a loop of submission and arousal, with no way out. Conversational trance. Some orgasm control and a bit of memory play. Safe consensual non consent with safeties and gentle care. Hands-free orgasm. Warning: CNC. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Fdom] [CNC] [Orgasm Control] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 11219
106 - Freeze Induction [Induction] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Fractionation] [Bondage] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to make your body freeze in place, leaving you helpless to resist whatever follows - be it another file, or perhaps some naughty time with a partner, all while I tease you about it. You can end the effect at any time you choose by saying “unfreeze” out loud. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [Fractionation] [Bondage] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6017
025 - Night of the Long Fangs [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
For All Hallows’ Eve, you’ve been cordially invited to a ball held in one of the finest estates in town. At the ball, you seemed to attract a certain mistress’ attention, and from that moment, you knew that your life would never be the same again. Seduction by a vampiress, mindfucking and sex. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2487
105 - The Mind Melter [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After signing a questionable contract, you find yourself once again in my hypnosis facility ready to test a new gadget - The Mind Melter chip, which generates spirals inside your mind, every time a trance trigger is used. Suggests seeing spirals whenever you close your eyes after the trigger “drop” + finger snap has been used. Includes safeties, including the ability to end the effect, by saying “deactivate” out loud, whenever you choose. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5645
103 - Remote Control: Moan Function Installation [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Edging] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A program to upgrade your remote control chip with a new moan function, in a highly entertaining way, of course. Sets up a trigger for “moan” + finger snap, linked to the press of a button in the theoretical remote. Includes some edging and teasing. Suggests edging or getting a release after the file ends, but limits the time for either of these to 10 minutes. Suggests having the chip turn off after 10 minutes if no command has been used. Includes a few safeties for the chip, to be able to snap out of trance if something unexpected happens. For this file to work, you must listen to earlier files in the Remote Control series before listening to this one. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Edging] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4978
104 - Mind Control Shampoo [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Thank you for joining me in testing this experimental mind control shampoo, that will make you completely blank and obedient after applying it! I will scrub your thoughts away, and the dripping water will take you so deep and make you feel absolutely incredible. Suggests feeling more blank and obedient during and after this file. Includes a post-hypnotic suggestion to feel blank and obedient after you apply shampoo in your next shower. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6073
102 - Pleasurable Workout [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Loop] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A loopable background file to listen to while you work out, to feel motivated to work out, and feel pleasure upon doing so. Suggests repeated listening. Includes affirmations and suggestions to boost your motivation to work out. Suggests feeling controllable, non-overwhelming, waves of arousal when you work out. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Loop] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6464
101 - Dumber and Dumber [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Arousal] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [Intelligence Alteration] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to encourage you to edge and lose your intelligence the more you do so, in favour of arousal. Finishing with denial, and tasking you with more edging, be it by looping the file, or continuing without my voice in the background. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests losing your IQ temporarily as you edge. Suggests losing IQ with every time I use “drop” + finger snap throughout the file. Denies an orgasm at the end. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Arousal] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [Intelligence Alteration] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 16029
100 - Confess Your Sins [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Orgasm Denial] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You have sinned and you have no choice but to come to me and confess your sins. You will repeat after me, as you degrade yourself, and you may be forgiven. Warning: Intense degradation and gaslighting. Suggests edging and ruining your orgasm after this file ends. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Orgasm Denial] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4666
099 - Strange Fractionation [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Layers] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A strange confusion induction that may or may not make much sense, as you find yourself doubting everything the more you listen. Warning: Intense gaslighting and confusion! Includes layers with mantras and suggestions to obey even more. Suggests not thinking, becoming more blank, and letting go of your thoughts for some time. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Layers] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7932
098 - D.R.O.P [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file for beginners, either new to my content, or to hypnosis in general, to help get into trance and enjoy the effects of the “drop” trigger, when used by me, during sessions with me, or in my files. For veterans, this file aims to make the “drop” trigger hit harder and deeper than before. It also gives you the choice to have the trigger used by those you trust. Creates a trance trigger for the word “drop”, when used by me, or certain people that you trust, in a safe place. Suggests becoming more suggestible and susceptible to my voice and “drop” triggers. Soft suggestion to listen to more of my files and experiment with them, but it is phrased as a choice for the listener. Includes a few safeties for trance, such as rejecting unwanted suggestions and more. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7086
097 - A Terrible Induction [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
An attempt to make the worst induction I possibly could by mixing hypnotic language with a bunch of nonsense, that will absolutely still put you into a nice, deep trance, probably. It is recommended that you schedule another file after this one. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2660
096 - Oral Desires [Induction] [Kinky] [Obedience] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to make you want to give oral sex and feel intense arousal and feelings of submission when you do so with people you trust. Will you be able to resist the deep submission and the urge to give oral sex after this file? Suggests feeling aroused and submissive when you give oral sex. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Obedience] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5709
095 - Innocent Gaslighting [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A completely innocent file, by someone who totally isn’t Mistress Tess, that will not at all gaslight you, and definitely won’t make you believe everything I say is true. Warning: Intense gaslighting and manipulation! Suggests repeated listening. Suggests listening to more of my files. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5521
094 - Pleasure Suit [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Moans] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
As a part of an experiment in a secret facility, you will enter this very special experimental suit, set to bring you unimaginable pleasure, until you orgasm. Pleasure snaps. Hands free orgasm. Warning: Some memory play. Surprising, exponential pleasure. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Moans] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 24579
093 - Soft Reset [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to remove specific unwanted suggestions and triggers given to you either by me, Mistress Tess, or by anyone else. It is recommended that you listen to an induction prior to listening to this file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2547
092 - The Zombie Virus [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Transformation] [Orgasm Control] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Infected with a virus in a strange lab to transform you into a mindless, obedient and horny zombie, ready to spread the virus further. Transformation file. Suggests becoming sluggish, slow, and heavy. Suggests becoming deeply aroused and craving. Warning: Suggests being unable to cum without spreading the virus, done by sharing the file with other people. The more people you share it with, the stronger the release will be. Orgasm or a reset file required to revert back to human state. CW: Needles. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Transformation] [Orgasm Control] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5289
091 - Spiraling Deeper Down [Induction] [Erotic] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You want to be more susceptible to spirals, and I can help you with that. How about you stare at a lovely spiral, let my voice play, and see what happens. Suggests becoming more susceptible to spirals. Creates a trigger for spirals, linking it to a similar “drop” trigger. Suggests linking staring at a spiral to becoming more blank and mindless. Trigger limited to safe places, around people you trust. Spiral required. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5720
090 - Something New [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Allow me to take your mind deep into trance and experience something new, in a familiar form and tone, or is it something familiar in a new way? Is it confusion or a vivid explanation of what you could potentially feel? Your imagination is the only limit. Suggests experiencing this file and other files you listen to as a new experience every time. Soft suggestion for repeated and further listening. Warning: Possible amnesia effect about the contents of this file. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3823
089 - Too Late for Regrets [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Degradation] [Objectification] [Orgasm Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You insist on listening to a brainwash file despite my warnings? Very well, face the consequences. I will make you my puppet and slowly degrade you into submission. You chose to be brainwashed, and so, you will get what you wanted. Warning: Deeply enslaving, strict, objectifying and degrading! Suggests becoming more susceptible to my voice every time I say “listen, focus, obey”. The file leaves you with a suggestion to answer my questions with “I am deeply brainwashed”. You will be made to touch and denied an orgasm, unless you listen to an orgasm file or a reset file. Aftercare recommended. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Degradation] [Objectification] [Orgasm Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 12160
088 - Back and Forth [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A game of back and forth, where you’ll be pulled up and down, and eventually, may question just how genuine it really was. Will you remember, or will I gaslight you so much that you end up doubting it all? Warning: Gaslighting and slight memory play! Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fractionation] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4692
087 - The Forbidden Voices [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Alter Egos] [Obedience] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
An evil master uses the forbidden voices to creep inside your mind and enslave you, but the voices have a very different plan for you. Warning: Dark brainwashing fantasy with lots of confusion and manipulation! All suggestions are removed by the end of this file. This file toys with the concept of alter egos, do not listen if you have any conditions that involve alter personalities! Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Alter Egos] [Obedience] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5339
086 - The Mistress Tess Hypno Support Line [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Loop] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Thank you for calling my hypno support line, how about you listen to this pre-recorded message while you wait for our operators to answer your call? Suggests repeated listening. Intended for looping. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Loop] [Binaural Beats] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5811
085 - Submissive Relaxation [Induction] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file for a good submissive to feel better, relaxed, and slightly more submissive than before. Includes affirmations, praise for the submissive and very gentle dominance. Suggests feeling more submissive after this file ends. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Gentle Fdom] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4108
084 - Aftercare [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After a play session together, whether intense or just simply fun, you deserve some aftercare, and I will provide it. Cuddles, praise, affirmations and the Tess girlfriend experience. Suggests getting a short rest, for a few minutes, after the file ends. Best used after other files. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3304
083 - Exposed on Stage [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Exhibitionism] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A certain listener went to see me perform live, but they don’t quite remember what happened. Did they watch the show, or did they actively participate? Perhaps this retelling of the story will shed some light on it. Deeply confusing fantasy featuring exhibitionism, touching and moaning on stage. Warning: Sets up a trigger to feel arousal from my finger snaps. Edging optional. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Exhibitionism] [Arousal] [Amnesia] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6286
082 - A Dangerous Tease [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Moans] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
How long will you last while I tease and arouse you in public? Background file for the brave, or the reckless. Includes brief mentions of bondage, gagging, exhibitionism, sex toys, being hypnotized into a plaything for me, and different instances of sex with me. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Moans] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7262
081 - The Fairy of the Woods [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Amnesia] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
During a casual stroll in the woods, you meet a fairy, who seems a little too eager to speak to you about all sorts of things, like freedom, control and perhaps something more, but it’s so confusing, and you don’t remember. Warning: a bit of gaslighting and memory play! Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Amnesia] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5415
015 - Hypnotic Birthday Party [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Enslavement] [Exhibitionism] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You’re invited to my birthday party, but you can only enter if you’re in trance and deeply obedient to me. Let’s celebrate this great day by worshiping me as your goddess, and perhaps you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Warning: Enslavement! The fantasy includes kneeling, exhibitionism, public masturbation, deep submission and treating me as a goddess for the duration of this specific file. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Enslavement] [Exhibitionism] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4849
080 - A Game of Obedience [Induction] [Erotic] [Obedience] [Fractionation] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Let’s play a fun game of obedience and fractionation, where your obedience is rewarded with a nice, deep trance. Suggests repeated listening. Conditions you to answer my questions with specific answers, and rewards you for your obedience. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Obedience] [Fractionation] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6110
079 - Pleasure Trigger [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [HFO] [Orgasm] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A file to train you to cum on command by creating and using the “cum” + finger snap trigger. Can be used either by your dominant, a person you have assigned to this role, or by me, Mistress Tess. Suggests listening to this file again if the trigger wears off, should you want to. Touching optional. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [HFO] [Orgasm] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 22703
078 - Tied Up [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Bondage] [Exhibitionism] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You expressed an interest in bondage play, and I could not refuse. In fact, I had a very naughty idea for you that involved some exhibitionism, but you won’t remember much beyond the pleasure. A fantasy featuring bondage and exhibitionism, with some amnesia that will only leave the pleasure in your mind after the file ends. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Bondage] [Exhibitionism] [Amnesia] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5736
077 - Spirit of the Night [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Let me tell you a wholesome bedtime story about a wonderful spirit that roams your dreams and keeps you safe and happy, and then, put you to sleep in a lovely, soothing way. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2928
076 - Properly Plugged [Induction] [Erotic] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You need to be properly plugged, and I will give you the encouragement you need. Suggests wearing a butt plug at all times, or at least as much as you can. Suggests going into trance every time you insert a butt plug. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests inserting a butt plug once the file ends. Requires a butt plug. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4559
024 - Kneel for Me [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Learn to kneel, on command, for your mistress. Obedience is rewarded with arousal. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests kneeling on my command and responding with "yes mistress". Suggests feeling aroused when you kneel and obey me. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Obedience] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4507
075 - More Obedient [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Background] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A background file with suggestions to make you more obedient to me, or your dominant, and make you feel pleasure when you obey. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Background] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7378
074 - The Challenge [Induction] [Erotic] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A resistance challenge that will make you wonder if you really want to win, by the end of it. Conversational trance, highly forgettable and not so genuine, after all. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8628
073 - Control Your Desire [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A lesson from your dominant about orgasm control, and controlling your desires, to please your mistress. Will I grant you permission to touch, or leave you frustrated? Warning: Suggestion to only be able to masturbate and cum if you listen to an edging or orgasm file after this one. Not listening to one will leave you denied and unable to cum. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7209
072 - Sketchy Therapy Session [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Gender-neutral]
A somewhat comical scenario, in which you go to a therapy session with a sketchy hypnotist, with no medical background whatsoever, to experience a trance. Sort of. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3333
071 - Sneaky Induction [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A not so clever and somewhat humorous induction, that will attempt to sneak up on you and hypnotize you without you noticing. Will you realize it before it is too late? Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fantasy] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4673
070 - Touch for Me [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Loop] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A loop of touching for our mutual pleasure. Your pleasure is my pleasure, my pleasure is your pleasure - and you will touch for me, until you cum. This file is meant for looping, until you finally cum, or, alternatively, for multiple orgasms. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Loop] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 10840
069 - Melt [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I am going to melt your mind like a block of ice, and leave you with a nice trigger to play with. This file will instill a trigger for the word “melt” + finger snap to make you go blank on command. Trigger limited to trusted people or to Mistress Tess. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests masturbating during and after the file, but the latter is a soft suggestion, left as a choice for the listener. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6612
012 - Arousing Shower [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
After a long day of work, I invite you to join me in the shower for a good time. Long, playful and arousing tease. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Tess GFE] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3666
021 - The Witch’s Hut [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fear play] [Gaslighting] [Bondage] [Amnesia] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Lost in the forest and attracted to a strange hut. Dark fantasy about being hunted. Is it real, or is it all just a foggy memory in your head? Warning: Fear play, gaslighting and a brief mention of being shackled. Blindfold recommended for immersion. Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fear play] [Gaslighting] [Bondage] [Amnesia] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3759
019 - Worship Tess [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
An enslaving, brainwash file, perfect for a slave who wants to obey their mistress perfectly, as part of their slave training. A file to train you to go deeper to my voice and obey me even better. Instills a trigger to say “I worship Tess” every time I snap my fingers. The trigger lasts until this file, or all the files that follow it for the session, end(s). Warning: Deeply enslaving and addicting! Suggests repeated listening. Suggests going deeper and becoming more susceptible and suggestible to my voice. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Fractionation] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6399
029 - Depraved Desires [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I know what a horny pervert you are, and I will tease you until you admit it. Warning: Name-calling, degradation and some gaslighting! This is a remastered version of the file, featuring higher quality audio and some minor edits to the script. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Background] [Degradation] [Gaslighting] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5816
009 - A Walk with Tess [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
You wanted to meet me for a while now, so why not join me on a walk around town and listen to me talk? A small peek into who I am as a person, and a few interesting facts about me. This file is mostly gentle, but has a few mentions of adult themes, and so, it is tagged as erotic. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2655
007 - Seduction Induction [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Gender-neutral]
Seduced by a mysterious girl at a house party, but will you admit your surrender? This is a remake of the file formerly known as Make Out Induction, featuring better audio quality, a rewritten script and changes to the original concept of the file. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4026
032 - Anticipating Fractionation [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Anticipate the drop, only to wake, and anticipate it once again. Good file for deepening a trance, but also good for use before other files. This is a remastered version of the files, featuring better audio quality and minor edits to the script. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4285
030 - Obedient Night’s Sleep [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Obedience] [Gender-neutral]
You really need to go to sleep already but you just don’t want to. I could give you the push you need, in a playful way, of course. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality and minor edits to the script. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Obedience] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3818
020 - Naughty Dreams [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [Sleep] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
After we’ve had our fun and games, it’s time to go to sleep. Inspiring ideas and suggestions about doing all sorts of naughty things together, in your dreams. Suggests having naughty dreams about the listener and I. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring a complete overhaul of the script, with many changes and a higher audio quality. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Tess GFE] [Sleep] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5717
068 - Innocent Brainwashing [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Loop] [Arousal] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A not so innocent file, that will brainwash you deeply, leave you more suggestible, aroused, obedient and with a strong desire to submit to me. Warning: Enslavement, amnesia, a little gaslighting and increased suggestibility! Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [Loop] [Arousal] [Gaslighting] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Binaural Audio] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 33454
067 - Arousing Wake Up [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Wake Up] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A wake up file to make you aroused after sleep or deep trance. Some teasing, conversational trance. Suggests becoming more aroused to my voice. Encourages touching after the file ends, but leaves the choice to the listener. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Wake Up] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3917
066 - Brainwashing Sleep [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Sleep] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [Bondage] [Enslavement] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
You need to be brainwashed, and you need to sleep. I can do both, and you will not object, because you have no say in the matter. Warning: Enslaving and addicting! Suggests repeated listening and obeying me even more. Brief mentions of bondage, immobility, and orgasm control. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Sleep] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Denial] [Orgasm Control] [Bondage] [Enslavement] [Layers] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 11405
065 - Ignorance is Bliss [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Embrace the dumb and ignorant side of yourself, and enjoy the temporary IQ reduction. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5960
064 - One Night Stand [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [CNC] [Fractionation] [Amnesia] [Bondage] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
You invited a stranger to your house for some sexy time, but she had other plans for you. Warning: Amnesia and consensual non-consent! Rape Fantasy of being drugged, hypnotized and fucked. Very ambiguous and confusing. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [CNC] [Fractionation] [Amnesia] [Bondage] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8146
022 - The Voice in Your Head [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
I will become the voice inside your head, replacing yours and shaping you to be the perfect submissive. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests having my voice in your mind after the file ends. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5611
063 - Remote Control: Fractionation [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Arousal] [Denial] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
For a software update for your RC chip, I will have to take you down and fractionate your mind until there’s nothing left, so I can update you to make you more suggestible and susceptible to the remote controlled chip, along with a nice little surprise that you will surely like, and a whole lot of playful teasing. You must listen to “Remote Control Chip Installation” before listening to this file - makes use of the triggers set up in that file. Warning: increased susceptibility and suggestibility to my voice. This file will leave you aroused and unable to touch for 30 minutes. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Arousal] [Denial] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8095
028 - Erotic Drooling Induction [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Just keep your mouth open, as you listen to me arousing you, and let yourself drool mindlessly. Suggests linking arousal to drooling. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8810
062 - Faith in the Bliss [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Gaslighting] [Moans] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I will take you to the world of the bliss, where nothing else matters but blissful ignorance, arousal, and serving your lovely mistress. Warning: Gaslighting! Slightly manipulative and very addicting! Suggests repeated listening. Sets up a trigger for returning to the state described in the file. Suggests kneeling during a certain point in the file. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fantasy] [Gentle Fdom] [Gaslighting] [Moans] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5858
061 - Night Drive [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Tess GFE] [Arousal] [Gentle Fdom] [Gender-neutral]
Join me for a romantic night drive to a mysterious place for lovers. Lots of kisses, cuddles and touching. Fantasy of us, as partners, in love. Gentle femdom and romantic language. Car sex. Hands-free orgasm. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Tess GFE] [Arousal] [Gentle Fdom] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5172
018 - The Power of Yes [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
“Yes” is such a powerful word, so why not say yes and agree with everything I say? A brainwash-like experience, that you may never quite forget. Warning: Possibly addicting? Suggests repeated listening. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5327
060 - Boobnotized [Induction] [Kinky] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Boobs are so hypnotic. How about you feel submissive upon seeing a beautiful pair of tits? A visual trigger to make you submissive, aroused and subservient when you witness beautiful boobs, in any shape or size. Trigger limited to your partner or playmate, in a safe place. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7992
026 - Full Reset [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
Reset file, removes all suggestions and triggers given to you by me, Mistress Tess, specifically. Remastered with better audio quality and some additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2882
005 - Total Enslavement [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Enslavement] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Enslave yourself to me in this deeply brainwashing file. You’ll be kneeling, repeating and touching yourself on my command, as my slave. Warning: Deeply enslaving! Suggests repeated listening. Suggests kneeling and touching yourself during the file. Suggests masturbating until you orgasm after this file ends. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Enslavement] [Arousal] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 10041
059 - Night Time Melody [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
A silly poem, from yours truly, that's meant to put you to sleep, probably. Experimental trance in the form of a poem. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2853
014 - Surrendering Control [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I will make you surrender your control to me, and you will enjoy every second of it. Multiple inductions, deep trance, total obedience. Suggests repeated listening. Suggests achieving an orgasm after this file ends, along with taking care of yourself, to please me. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5049
023 - Embrace Nothingness [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Gender-neutral]
Did you ever wish your mind were wiped clean like a blank slate? This is your chance. Suggests repeated listening. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3914
058 - Curious Composition [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A story of a time when you listened very carefully to a certain story told once upon a time, but you don’t remember, and this retelling probably won’t help. Highly confusing, amnesia. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3277
013 - Resist Me [Induction] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
How long can you resist the trance? Is this resistance challenge even genuine? Focus your eyes on a spot and listen. Let's see how long you last. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7039
057 - Long Fangs Unleashed [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Fdom] [Obedience] [CNC] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
It’s been a while since I turned you into a vampire, this is your call to serve. Your task will be to help me turn a certain lass into my next victim. Vampire tag-team fantasy, threesome. Warning: Light consensual non-consent portrayed in this file. A slightly demeaning tone is used in this file to look down on the listener and establish their role as a submissive, along with some teasing and manipulation. Note: The file is F4A and refers to the listener as “Vampire” in a gender-neutral way. It does however refer to both I and the other character as “Vampiress”, so bear that in mind. The listener’s gender and genitals are not mentioned in the file at all. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Fdom] [Obedience] [CNC] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3560
002 - Sweet Boy Sleep [F4M] [F4TM] [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-specific]
A file meant to help a sweet boy fall asleep in a sweet and soothing way. Gently erotic, relaxing you for bedtime. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [F4M] [F4TM] [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-specific]
Play Count: 4566
001 - Sweet Girl Sleep [F4F] [F4TF] [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-specific]
A file meant to help a sweet girl fall asleep in a sweet and soothing way. Gently erotic, relaxing you for bedtime. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [F4F] [F4TF] [Induction] [Erotic] [Sleep] [Gender-specific]
Play Count: 3933
027 - Lost and Found [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
You were lost, all alone, in need of help, but I found you and I will be your remedy. This file is for when you need some emotional support and comforting in difficult times. Anti-anxiety, reaffirmation and comforting language. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring higher audio quality. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Gentle] [No Wakener][Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2604
017 - Focus [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
You must focus on me, or be punished. Strict language, deep obedience, complete focus. Warning: Gaslighting and very strict language! Suggests deeper focus on me when I speak. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Fdom] [Gaslighting] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4753
016 - Nonsensical Induction [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
A very confusing and humorous conversational induction that probably makes sense. Or maybe it doesn’t. Does it? This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3711
008 - Drop, Obey, Wake, Repeat [Hypnosis] [Brainwash] [Loop] [Fractionation] [Fdom] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
This file will put you in a loop of fractionation and obedience to your mistress. This file includes a suggestion to become more suggestible the more you loop this file, a suggestion for repeated listening, and a soft suggestion for amnesia. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten and additional lines. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Brainwash] [Loop] [Fractionation] [Fdom] [Amnesia] [Obedience] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 15518
056 - Naughty Whispers [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fractionation] [Enslavement] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [Binaural Audio] [Whispers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Brainwashing whispers that will fractionate you, arouse you, enslave you and leave you a mindless mess, unable to cum without my permission. Warning: Enslavement! You won’t be able to cum until you hear the “cum” trigger, present in my orgasm files. Suggests repeated listening. This file uses binaural audio, so make sure to listen with headphones for an authentic experience. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Fractionation] [Enslavement] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [Binaural Audio] [Whispers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 9085
010 - Strange Corruption [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Enslavement] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
I will corrupt your brain and program you with one task, serving me. Gently enslaving you into serving me. Warning: Enslavement! Suggests devoting an orgasm to me, listening to more of my files and repeated listening of this file. This is a remastered version of the file, featuring better audio quality, rewritten lines and layers. Tags: [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Fdom] [Enslavement] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4802
055 - Craving Me [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
A naughty file to play in the background, while doing other things, to remind you how much you love my voice, and how you can’t wait to get back home to listen to more of me. Suggests listening to my files later, when it is safe and appropriate. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Background] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4727
054 - Obey the Voice [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Gentle Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [Orgasm] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I am the voice in your head, and I will make you want to edge for our pleasure. Gently dominant, filling you with arousal and controlling your orgasm, until you are finally allowed to cum. Edging followed by a bit of aftercare, from the lovely voice in your head. Must listen to “The Voice in Your Head” prior to this file. Repeated listening is mentioned as a choice. Tags: [Hypnosis] [Erotic] [Gentle Fdom] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [Orgasm] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 7721
053 - Dare [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Would you dare to admit just how controlled you are by me? Would you prove it? Warning: Gaslighting, name-calling, insults and highly manipulative language! Suggests listening to more of my files and serving me more! Tags: [Hypnosis] [Kinky] [Gaslighting] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4790
052 - A Healthier Lifestyle [Induction] [Gentle] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
An induction, followed by suggestions to live a healthier lifestyle. Eat properly, stay hydrated, exercise and sleep properly, keeping a sleep schedule. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3896
051 - Remote Control Chip Installation [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I will install a chip inside your mind that will allow me to remote control you. I will fractionate you, force you to obey, tease you and arouse you. Functions include: “on”, “off”, “aroused”, “obey” and “reset”. Warning: Conditioning and setup of numerous triggers! Triggers limited to trusted people in a safe place, or to Mistress Tess. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Arousal] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 17093
006 - Confusion Induction [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A conversation, or perhaps a story, that gets progressively more and more confusing. Will you even remember it by the time it ends? Remastered version of the file. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Amnesia] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4462
050 - Slut Conditioning [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
No matter your gender, you have an inner slut inside of you that just wants to fuck, be fucked or both, let them out and embrace your desires. Tasked with achieving an orgasm after the file is over. Warning: Deep brainwashing and name-calling! Suggests repeated listening. Suggests linking arousal to being called a slut. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 11849
049 - Bedtime Cuddles [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Let me cuddle you before bedtime, to help you fall asleep safely, in my arms. A very romantic file, full of love and affection for the listener. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fantasy] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3531
048 - Stop Self-Harming [Induction] [Gentle] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I want to try to help you to avoid self-harm (both mental and physical) and work towards accepting yourself, knowing that it’s okay to feel hurt sometimes. Encouragement to improve and stop harming yourself. Make sure to listen to this file with headphones. Completely gender-neutral, fit for all listeners of all genders.
Play Count: 3017
047 - Imaginary Girlfriend [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I'll be your imaginary girlfriend. I will be by your side when you need me, and whenever you do something erotic, you will feel me watching or participating. If you no longer desire the effect, you will have the power to make my voice leave your mind. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4506
046 - Hammock Sleep Induction [Induction] [Gentle] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Fall asleep in this imaginary hammock that will feel just wonderfully right, for you. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Sleep] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 2778
045 - Adore Me [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [HFO] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Moans] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
How much do you really adore me? After this file, you’ll have no choice but to praise me. You need to listen to “The Inner Slave” prior to this file - makes use of the trigger. Warning: Enslaving and highly addictive! Suggests repeated listening, suggests praising me, worshiping me, serving me more, dedicating an orgasm to me and listening to more of my slave training files. All suggestions are limited to the inner slave state. Listen at your own discretion! Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Brainwash] [Enslavement] [HFO] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Moans] [Trigger] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8211
004 - Sexy Game Night [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [Enslavement] [Amnesia] [Layers] [Orgasm Control] [Gender-neutral]
Join me in for a fun game where you will lose your clothes, your mind, your memory and some of your dignity - and will surely come back for more. Not that you'll remember, of course. Warning: Enslavement and amnesia! The remastered version of the file features layers, additional lines, rewritten lines, higher quality audio, a suggestion to drool and kneel, and a hands free orgasm. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [HFO] [Fdom] [Arousal] [Orgasm Control] [Enslavement] [Amnesia] [Layers] [Orgasm Control] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 9075
044 - Fantasy Enhancer [Induction] [Gentle] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
An induction to be used before my fantasy files to make them more vivid and to induce proper trance before the experience. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 3466
043 - Butt Plug Induction [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Orgasm Control] [Gender-neutral]
A devious induction, for a devious place. Stimulation until orgasm, with my permission. Requires a butt plug. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Orgasm Control] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4508
042 - Brain Malfunction [Induction] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Highly confusing, making very little sense until the drop. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6064
041 - Public Naughtiness [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Going shopping with me for a dress ends up being a lot more than you bargained for. Public sex fantasy with a lot of teasing, touching, moaning and a little reward at the end. Tags: [Induction] [Kinky] [Fantasy] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Moans] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4142
040 - Mirror Masturbation [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
It feels so nice to edge in front of a mirror, while I tease you and take you deeper into trance, with a little surprise at the end. Nudity recommended. Warning: You will not be able to cum unless you listen to one of my orgasm files or to a reset file! Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm Denial] [No Wakener] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4643
039 - Stranger Corruption: Re-corrupted [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Enslavement] [No Wakener] [Layers] [Gender-neutral]
An even stranger corruption than the original strange corruption program, can you handle being corrupted once again? Warning: Enslavement! Repeated listening not explicitly suggested, mentioned as a choice. Tags: [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fractionation] [Obedience] [Amnesia] [Enslavement] [No Wakener] [Layers] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 8314
003 - Flirtatious Induction [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
A rewritten and remastered version of the original file. A relatively innocent conversation that quickly takes a turn for a more flirtatious one. Is it just flirting, or seduction? Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Layers] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4536
038 - A Simple Induction [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
I know you can go into trance, you can do this! I will help you, and you’ll see just how good you are at it! A file for beginners, new to hypnosis, with some cheering along the way. Tags: [Induction] [Gentle] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5185
037 - The Inner Slave [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Enslavement] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
I will awaken the inner slave inside of you, and make sure you know exactly how a slave should behave. This file is an integral part of my slave training, only listen if you want to become my slave! Warning: Enslaving, addicting file that tasks you with listening more! Tags: [Induction] [Brainwash] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Enslavement] [Trigger] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 10544
036 - Strip for Me [Induction] [Erotic] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
If you needed an incentive to strip for your mistress, this is it. Suggests masturbating after the file (or chain of files) end(s). Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Fdom] [Obedience] [Effect] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 6610
035 - A Playful Tease [Induction] [Erotic] [Gentle Fdom] [Arousal] [Gender-neutral]
I am so good at teasing, wanna see just how good I am? Very sweet and playful gentle femdom. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Gentle Fdom] [Arousal] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 4438
034 - Moans of Pleasure [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Trigger] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Moans are so pleasurable, but did you ever get turned on by your own moans? This file will make your own moans trigger your arousal, and send you off with a nice orgasm to celebrate your newfound skill. Tags: [Induction] [Erotic] [Arousal] [Orgasm] [Trigger] [Effect] [No Wakener] [Gender-neutral]
Play Count: 5896