Spurt for Mommy [NSFW 18+]
A silly little commission, where a Mommy-type character urges you to come quickly for her! You get this a few days before public release, thank you for being a Patron of mine. [CONTAINS] Gentle femdom, mommy kink, implied masturbation, praise, no sound effects, pure voice only
Play Count: 4766
Pony Girlfirend Snugglepuddle [mild!NSFW ASMR)
Pure voice ASMR (minimal sound effects), of your pony girlfriend giving you a loving snuggly handjob! Please support me on Patreon :) https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 4511
Nurse Cleans You Up [EROTIC ASMR]
Only slightly naughty~ A unique sort of commission, where I was asked to read from a script about a nurse taking care of her patient. It's more relaxing than erotic, but I hope it's enjoyable! It is pure voice, no sound effects, and is based on a Japanese audio play translated into English. Commissioned + scripted by: Anonymous Voice acting: Me [MY PATREON] https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 4923
Toriel Gets Caught [NSFW 18+]
Toriel gets some rare alone time, with her grown-up son out of the house. It's been a while since she last did...'that', so she takes full advantage of this rare opportunity for some personal TLC. it would be a shame if her sons' attractive friend were to spy on her, wouldn't it? I have used a technique I've always wanted to try in this audio for the first time, where we get to hear the character's inner thoughts while the nastiness goes on~ Please let me know what you think! [CONTAINS] Female masturbation, vibrator, dildo, exhibitionism, fantasizing, dirty talk, MILF, age difference (don't worry it's legal), voyeurism, straight sex, creampie, squirting. Script, Editing and voice acting: Me (Oolay-Tiger) Commissioned by: miku322 [MY PATREON] https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 12449
Giantess Destroys City [SFW-ish]
Not a month after I mentioned I've never done a foot-fetishy type of audio, I get commissioned to do...this XD It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like the idea of a giant lady destroying a city with her feet, well, it just might be for you?
Play Count: 2436
Femdom Futa Girlfriend [NSFW 18+]
Your futa girlfriend gives you exactly what you want after you return home from an exhausting days' work...she fucks you. HARD. Commissioned by: Sun My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 12357
Princess Azula Blows Off Some Steam [NSFW 18+]
Azula (Avatar) has become frustrated, being forced to remain in her Fire Nation castle while her father has gone away to fight the Avatar. You don't mind if she takes her boredom out on you, do you? After all, you're a Fire Nation soldier, and you must serve your Princess. Azula is 18+ in this audio, and you should be, too! [CONTAINS] Sexual tension, erotic bathing, nipple play, spanking, dirty talk, some femdom, straight sex, creampie Commissioned by: Anonymous Voice of Azula: Oolay-Tiger (me) Script: Oolay-Tiger (me) My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 16684
chastET - Ch2 [Alien Secrets] - Ep4
[PREVIOUS EPISODE] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch2-Alien-Secrets-Ep3 [FIRST EPISODE] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep1 Cherry finally opens up to Alexandré, and he understandably has a LOT of questions about her and her homeworld. He is an ally worth having, but will she share ALL of her secrets, especially the...naughtier ones? --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, ESC Device, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 4036
Rizella vs. The Sorceress of Halloween [NSFW 18+]
A parody of the Fandeltales animation, featuring Rizella the Wizard venturing out alone on Hallows Eve. There, she encounters a voluptuous woman who possesses the treasure she desires, and Rizella will do anything to get it! [CONTAINS] Futa, futa on female, blowjob, deepthroat, lesbian, sex Rizella belongs to Derpixon (used with permission) Rizella voiced by - Me (Oolay-Tiger) Sorceress voiced by - SilkyMilk SFX/Script/commissioned by - DeltaBrony
Play Count: 7741
The Studhuntress [HUGE NSFW AUDIO]
A modern online chatroom 'romance', featuring the impossibly hot and horny MILF (codename: Studhuntress), and her newest victim...UH, I mean, 'prospect' (codename: 16”stud). Listen to their hot and heavy battle over the keyboard, and place your bids on who will give in first! [CONTAINS] Plenty of dirty talk, MILF, young stud, dirty stories, male and female voices, insatiable slut, huge cocks, gangbang [RUNTIME] 36mins It is voices-only for now, it potentially will be mixed with sound effects/music/etc, but that would be a huge undertaking as this audio is 36mins long! My longest EVER. Commissioned & scripted by: Anonymous Studhuntress: Oolay-Tiger (myself) 16”stud: Ivan E. Recshun https://www.soundcloud.com/user-941544498/sets/demo-reels Script: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bnMFfJ3_QYmlTUkoWHBjVp-p9oCy4TJhrzhw_fsQ43c Please support me on Patreon and get early access to all of my work! :D https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 9398
Soft Dom Girlfriend [NSFW 18+]
After a long day of work you're totally exhausted, feeling underappreciated, and in need of a your favourite hot meal and some soft dom loving from your devoted girlfriend, who has been waiting for you to come home. Happy birthday to you! [CONTAINS] Domestic love, hugging, spooning, kissing, affection, teasing, blowjob, straight sex, female moans, female on top, soft femdom Commissioned by: Anonymous Script, voice acting and SFX: Oolay-Tiger (me) https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 21788
Night with Tracer [NSFW 18+]
You are an Overwatch operative, Tracer's (Lena's) boyfriend, and you fool around with her and Emily on the regular. But tonight it is just you and Lena, and she wants to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to Overwatch! How do you feel about a domestic romantic dinner, followed by plenty of kissing, cuddling and wild sex? [CONTAINS] Domestic life, straight sex, female moans, anal, blowjob, vaginal, rimjob, cunnilingus, inappropriate use of a chronal accelerator Finally I got the chance to make a Tracer audio that I am personally quite happy with. I think I did her voice a lot better than my last one all those years ago: https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/Tracer-The-Girlfriend-Experience-NSFW [CREDITS] Tracer, SFX, Script: Oolay-Tiger (me) Commissioned by: Anonymous Please consider supporting me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 28816
Malachite (Jasper x Lapis) [NSFW 18+]
Jasper and Lapis are fused as Malachite, and struggling in their own mind. Both have never stopped fighting for control of the fusion. Who will win this battle of dominance? [CONTAINS]: Bondage, tentacles, oral, femdom, futa, futa on female, lesbian. --- [CREDITS] Jasper: Oolay-Tiger (me) https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Lapis: Erin Wylard / erinwyvoices https://twitter.com/erinwyvo https://www.castingcall.club/m/erinwyvoices Script, Sound Effects and commissioned by: swine9
Play Count: 11490
chastET - Ch2 [Alien Secrets] - Ep3
[PREVIOUS EPISODE] http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/post/176945324155/soundgasmnet [FIRST EPISODE] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep1 [MY PATREON] https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger With Cherry's cover as an alien in disguise well and truly blown, how will Alexandré react? Will his excitement at finally meeting an alien, and the prospect of recognition and admiration from his peers, cloud his good nature and doom Cherry to a life of cruel experimentation? --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Extras, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 5483
chastET - Ch2 [Alien Secrets] - Ep2
[PREVIOUS EPISODE] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch2-Alien-Secrets-Ep1 Alexandre has noticed the change in Cherry's attitude towards him, but graciously gives Cherry the option to go with another tour guide. Cherry finds herself unable to take the easy way out, something about this human makes her want him to stay. --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Dee Dee - Drooling Demon https://thedroolingdemon.tumblr.com/ Cooking Student - DryeGuy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsu_rfmO7d6VRH-EH1CeeQ Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 5080
chastET - Ch2 [Alien Secrets] - Ep1
Alexandre leaves Cherry alone for a bit as he investigates the anomaly with Dr. Feinstein, leaving Cherry some time to ponder as to why everyone seems to be staring at her. They couldn't know her secret...could they? Also introducing THREE new characters, who I am sure will appear in the story later with some gauranteed 'fun' times. This episode is 20mins long, I hope you enjoy everyone's hard work! --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, foreign student, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Dee Dee - Drooling Demon https://thedroolingdemon.tumblr.com/ Zoey - Laddinger http://spectraltremors.tumblr.com/ http://laddinger.tumblr.com/ Chuck - gravigokenji gravigokenji@gmail.com http://gravigokenji.tumblr.com/ Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Nervous male student - Ivan E. Recshun https://ivanerecshunva.tumblr.com/ Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 5667
chastET - Ch1 [The Arrival] - Ep4
<---[PREVIOUS EP] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep3-NSFW-18 [FIRST EP] https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep1 After learning what his major field of study is, Cherry tries now to keep her distance from Alexandré and come across as distant and aloof to avoid suspicion. But his eager personality quickly overtakes her, and she finds herself along for the ride as we are introduced to another major character in the story! How will this new character affect her life on the ETU campus? And why does Alexandré seem to drop everything to follow them around? I hope you enjoyed the very first chapter of chastET, that's a wrap! Next chapter will hold many more surprises and sexyfuntimes, please let us know what you think of the project so far <3 --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Extras, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Dr. Feinstein - Ivan E. Recshun https://ivanerecshunva.tumblr.com/ Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 5727
Seiya x Usagi (Sailor Moon) [NSFW]
I apparently watched Sailor Moon when I was VERY young, but don't actually remember it, so sorry if the voices aren't what you expect! Usa helps Seiya celebrate her 20th birthday <3 [CONTAINS] Futa on female, blowjob, sex (vaginal), kissing Voices/editing: Myself (Oolay-Tiger) oolaytiger@gmail.com Commissioned/scripted by: Anonymous [MY PATREON] https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 10326
chastET - Ch1 [The Arrival] - Ep3 [NSFW 18+]
PREVIOUS EP: https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep2-NSFW-18 FIRST EP: https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep1 Cherry meets her tour guide, Alexandré, and finds him veeery interesting... They learn more about each other as he shows her around the ETU campus. [CONTAINS] Transformation, straight sex, femdom, female and male moans Please support our Patreon to keep the series going, and to get episodes 2 weeks earlier! https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger --- [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Anita - ScarletMoonVA https://scarletmoonvoiceacting.tumblr.com/ Jock 1 - gravigokenji gravigokenji@gmail.com gravigokenji.tumblr.com Jock 2 - DryeGuy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsu_rfmO7d6VRH-EH1CeeQ Dr. Feinstein - Ivan E. Recshun https://ivanerecshunva.tumblr.com/ Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 7002
chastET - Ch1 [The Arrival] - Ep2 [NSFW 18+]
PREVIOUS EP: https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/chastET-Ch1-The-Arrival-Ep1 Cherry's tour guide arrives soon, but she wants to take a little time and explore her body. But, there's something strange about it... [CONTAINS] Female masturbation, exploration, using a mirror [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Alexandré - Kanono http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 7696
OC Commission Holly x Randall [NSFW]
Holly is a (furry) cowgirl that I have voiced before in an animation by mrsafetylion, with a sweet and caring boyfriend called Randall. She waits for him to come home from work, making the house clean and nice. But there's just one problem...her boobs won't stop filling up with milk! [CONTAINS] - Lactation, straight sex, blowjob, kissing, cunnilingus Script, voice acting and sound design by me. Commissioned by: mr.opossum Please consider supporting me on PATREON for exclusive content, and first releases of all my audios! https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger Email: oolaytiger@gmail.com
Play Count: 9641
chastET - Ch1 [The Arrival] - Ep1
It's finally here, the very first episode of my original erotic series! This ep is SFW and is setting the scene for the story, while also introducing you to our main character Cherry. There will be 4 episodes per chapter, each episode is released 2 weeks earlier on my Patreon, so be sure to support me there if you like this series! https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger chastET is an upcoming episodic, erotic audio series, produced by myself and written by the very talanted NakedOwlMan, revolving around a virginal main character called 'Cherry'. Cherry has been kept very sheltered her entire life from proper, human interaction (details will be explored and become more apparent as the series progresses), and this includes experiences of the erotic kind. Finally free from her family and restricted home life, she's the new girl on campus at Edward Teller University, and she has a sexual checklist that she is just DYING to tick off. Only problem is...she's shy, inexperienced, a foreigner and doesn't know any of the other students. Worst still, Cherry isn't so sure that she wants to 'pop her cherry', so to speak, quiiite yet. What to do! Why, the tried and true 'everything but sex' technique, of course. [CREDITS] Cherry, Narrator, Sound Design - Oolay-Tiger oolaytiger@gmail.com https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger Writer - NakedOwlMan nakedowlman.tumblr.com Anita - Scarlet Moon https://scarletmoonvoiceacting.tumblr.com/ Cherry’s Father - DryeGuy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsu_rfmO7d6VRH-EH1CeeQ Announcer, Helpful Student - gravigokenji gravigokenji@gmail.com gravigokenji.tumblr.com Music - DJKiske https://djkiske.bandcamp.com/ https://www.soundcloud.com/djkiske/
Play Count: 8554
Legend of Zelda - Dat Ass [NSFW DOUJIN DUB]
For the best experience, please read along with the doujin! https://doujins.com/the-legend-of-zelda/nuezou-dat-ass-34312#ranzb7hw This audio is voice-only, so it doesn't have the sound effects that some of my other audios do, so the visual guide really rocks! The commissioner wanted a bratty Princess kind of voice for Zelda (I'm not a fan of the voice in BotW...), but I hope it turned out well <3 CONTAINS: Blowjob, swallowing, facefuck, face sitting, light femdom, rimjob, anal, straight sex, cloth ripping, after-sex selfie Commissioned by: Sho Voice: Oolay-Tiger (me)
Play Count: 40054
Mana World - COMIC DUB [NSFW 18+]
A long time in the making, but I was commissioned to do a dub of a NSFW comic called Mana World! CONTAINS: Dubcon, blowjob, titjob, cumshots, straight sex, orgasm denial, degradation, master/slave relationship, gross old man Read along if you wish, the comic is here! https://www.8muses.com/comics/picture/Mana-World-Comics/Mana-World-Archive/Chapter-1-The-Summoning/1 Rickard Grey & Mikey: Ivan E. Recshun https://ivanerecshunva.tumblr.com/ Syx/Demon/Succubus & Narrator: Oolay-Tiger (me) http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Sound Design: Strelok Audio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCHMpmIxt26Z5eUQij-KYA Mana World comic belongs to: 8muses
Play Count: 13364
Pacifica Northwest's Admirer [NSFW 18+]
Pacifica is 18+ in this audio, and you should be too! Please do not click play if you're a minor, thank you! Pacifica Northwest of Gravity Falls has received a love confession letter on her locker from a secret admirer, asking to meet her at the local pool at night. Bored and with nothing better to do, she finds herself meeting up with this stranger. Who dares to think they are good enough to date the great Pacifica? CONTAINS: Flirting, mild degradation, blowjob, facefucking, straight sex, cowgirl, silent male. Commissioned by: GermanCake Voice acting and SFX: Oolay-Tiger (me)
Play Count: 26334
Femdom Catgirl - Futa on Male (18+)
Read from pages 5-20 of this NSFW doujin, 'Kari No Ojikan' https://nhentai.net/g/181264/1/ CONTAINS: Femdom, catgirl, futa on male, female voice only (no sound effects), involuntary feminization, tail play Commissioned by: Anonymous Voiced by: Myself (Oolay-Tiger)
Play Count: 22088
A Rough Lesson In Sex, with Mommy Toriel [NSFW 18+]
Toriel’s adopted son has reached adulthood, but she’s never really got out of the habit of spoiling him and treating him like her child. When finally forced to teach him about being a good man and lover, she’s unable to hold back her own pent-up lust, and wants to make sure he belongs to her forever. This audio is almost 16 minutes long, my longest EVER! Take some time to enjoy it <3 [CONTAINS] Rough sex, incestuous overtones (adoptive), MILF, straight sex, blowjob, cowgirl, doggy, possessiveness, femdom, gentle femdom. Commissioned by anonymous. Sound Design: @tehstrelok https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCHMpmIxt26Z5eUQij-KYA [SCRIPT] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzrsQQn_V3fBaTBuSUF2UW5YNFVZTndmYVNpOGY1ei1CS0w0/view?usp=sharing MY PATREON, FOR MORE: https://www.patreon.com/oolaytiger
Play Count: 99706
Toriel x Frisk - Shower Sexscapade (NSFW 18+)
A newly chubby Toriel is bathing her large wobbly body, when all of a sudden she 'drops the soap', as it were. A now mature-age Frisk just can't resist fucking her voluptuous-looking ass~ [CONTAINS] Straight sex, hyper, chubby kink, cartoony SFX, Mommy kink, incest (adoptive), anal, kissing, male and female moans. YES FRISK IS 18+. [CREDITS] Toriel: Oolay-Tiger - http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Frisk: Kanono - http://www.youtube.com/kanonopuddle Commissioned by: Anonymous Events are based on this picture by hornymustardsauce - http://hornymustardsauce.tumblr.com/post/167592468333/toriel-and-frisk-are-back-and-she-just-learned-an
Play Count: 22539
Garnet by the Beach [18+]
As the sun sets over sea, a young man sits near the shoreline just outside of the Crystal Gem's temple, the sound of gentle waves can be heard. Approaching him is none other than Garnet, the stoic and incredibly strong de facto leader of the Crystal Gems. And she intends to reward him for all of his hard work! [CONTAINS] - Kissing, blowjob, straight sex Garnet VA: Oolay-Tiger (myself) http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Sound Design: @tehstrelok​ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCHMpmIxt26Z5eUQij-KYA Commissioned by: @gilver-tblr​
Play Count: 46388
A Very Momo Xxxmas [18+]
Merry Christmas! My OC Momo finally gets to try out her new toy, on you… Her strapless strapon! [CONTAINS] Straight sex, strapon, vibrator, femdom, female moans, accent, anal (on a male) Look me up on tumblr for more! Commissioned+Scripted by: @deltabrony7
Play Count: 17113
Fun on the Farm [NSFW 18+]
A lighthearted, slightly NSFW skit of the commissioners OC's! Mary-Beth seems quite taken with the new boy on the farm, and she stumbles upon him taking a shower. Contains: masturbation, voyeur, straight sex, long skit, southern accents [CREDITS] Mary Beth voiced by: Oolay-Tiger http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/ Kelly voiced by: Reiyu http://reiyusan.tumblr.com/ Commissioned/written by: d20master
Play Count: 17018
My Little Rule63 (NSFW 18+)
A pony OC and their friend indulge in some good, old-fashioned, girly genderbending fun <3 Contains: Dirty talk, cross-dressing, moans, genderbend, ponies Commissioned by: Anonymous Dom pony: Myself (Oolay-Tiger) Sub pony: Kiga https://thehungrygoatsartisticfeast.tumblr.com
Play Count: 15527
NSFW (18+) Peridot 'Experiments' - (Peridot x Garnet)
Peridot discovers a dirty magazine in Steven’s room, and decides to copy what she sees in it all in the name of science! She didn’t count on Garnet catching her, though… Both voices: me (Oolay-Tiger) Sound Design: @tehstrelok https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCHMpmIxt26Z5eUQij-KYA Commissioned by: @asthetitleimplies
Play Count: 40127
Sylvanas Windrunner BJ (18+ NSFW)
Sylvanas Windrunner from Warcraft services some draenei! Voice and sfx: Oolay-Tiger (myself) Commissioned by: deltabrony7 Character belongs to Blizzard
Play Count: 22278
Misery's Soft Spot (NSFW 18+)
Misery and Malice are demons who reside in hell. Malice is frustrated that Misery seems to have a soft spot for a human, of which she is meant to kill and take his soul. Misery visits the human again, and shows exactly why she doesn’t want to kill him quite yet… Malice: Kiga - https://thehungrygoatsartisticfeast.tumblr.com Misery: Me / Oolay-Tiger Sound Design: @tehstrelok​ - YouTube Characters belong to: n0ncanon Image by: @artofnighthead Script Edit: @kurarukisoldier Commissioned by: esjob
Play Count: 15711
Vixen Macro Muscle Milk - NSFW audio
Contains: macro kink, micro kink, muscle growth, violence, femdom, sex, cartoony sound effects, furry. One of the strangest commissions I have ever done, but admittedly it really put me out of my comfort zone as far as voice acting goes! Think of it as a NSFW version of this Tom & Jerry cartoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU0GSbe6r_4 Commissioned by: Cid Silverwing Sound Design: tehstrelok - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCHMpmIxt26Z5eUQij-KYA
Play Count: 14878
Premature Teasing - NSFW (18+)
Contains: degradation, humiliation, femdom, cuckhold, teasing, mentions of premature ejaculation, female voice only. Commissioned by anonymous!
Play Count: 17812
Princess Azula (from Avatar) Gives you a BJ - NSFW 18+
Avatar the Last Airbender! Voiced by myself. Commissioned by: shazammm89
Play Count: 60447
Tawna Bandicoot (NSFW 18+)
A bit short (and loud), but hey, it works! Tawna Bandicoot wants to fuck you~ Tawna doesn't have a canon voice to my knowledge, so I went with a kinda slight valley girl/Pamela Anderson thing! Commissioned by: @superstrongseaplane Voiced by me (Oolay-Tiger)
Play Count: 23867
Underwater Erotic Asphyxiation
A different kind of audio to be sure! The character jumps into a lake, and is pleasured by tentacles while trying to hold her breath. Commissioned by: Lord Backael Sound Design: tehstrelok
Play Count: 18602
Pinecest (Dipper x Mabel) NSFW 18+
This has been a labour of love, recorded live over skype with my boyfriend who is also a voice actor! (And yes, it was just acting ;P ) Contains incest obviously, OLDER Dipper x Mabel from Gravity Falls. I hope you dig it as much as we do! Female VA: Oolay-Tiger (me) Male VA: DryeGuy Sound Design: Strelok
Play Count: 26331
Good Morning from Toriel (18+)
Toriel wakes you up with a nice, sloppy blowjob ^^ Commissioned by Anonymous
Play Count: 37982
Cindy Aurum (FFXV) NSFW 18+
NSFW 18+ ONLY. THIS IS AN EROTIC AUDIO. This one is a little different in that it is a narrated story! Cindy x Gladio Commissioned/scripted by: @thesindump​ Sound Design: @tehstrelok​ All voices by me Oolay-Tiger
Play Count: 21722
Demona (Disney's Gargoyles) NSFW 18+
Demona is frustrated after a bad day, good thing you're around for her to take it out on! Contains: Transformation, femdom, FXM, sex, oral, kissing etc. Commissioned by: Sound Design by Strelok
Play Count: 22284
Helena The Vampire meets April (slight nsfw)
Their first meeting and backstory. Female/female, vampirism. A commission!
Play Count: 12354
Jasper Goes Native (Steven Universe 18+)
Instead of landing in the mountains, Jasper is launched into Ocean City and has to deal with some very strong urges with the help of a new human friend. Contains: Dom female, female x silent male, oral, cunnilingus, rough sex... Voices: @oolay-tiger and @drye-the-nsfw-guy​ Written by: @swindle94 SFX: @dizzy-wizard & myself
Play Count: 43927
Helena The Vampire and April x Human Prisoner (18+)
Helena isn't hungry for blood today, so she calls her assistant for...assistance on dealing with her captive human. Contains: double blowjob on a gagged male Helena and April voiced by me Human voiced by Drye-the-nsfw-guy Commissioned by glompme on tumblr
Play Count: 17550
Helena The Vampire (mild NSFW)
A sexy vampire ties you up and sucks you dry. Commissioned by glompme on tumblr, character belongs to them
Play Count: 17383
Mommy Degrades You (18+)
This isn't everyone's thing, so listen at your own discretion. Was a bit of an experiment, since I usually prefer the more loving side of Mommy kink
Play Count: 21329
Drunk Bunny x Sans (18+)
Sans gets freaky (after a long skit) with the drunk bunny from Grillbys
Play Count: 16847
Sinful Sans (18+)
Worked pretty hard on this commission - it's interesting voicing a dude
Play Count: 20033
Underboob Sans and you (18+)
Just....bear with me and imagine Sans has tits, okay? Okay.
Play Count: 18306
Toriel has phone sex with a female (18+)
Had a few requests from my sister sinners...sure why not!
Play Count: 24054
Mommy Kink (18+)
I likes what I likes
Play Count: 61834
Underfell Toriel wants you to stay (18+)
So naturally she give you the succ, yandere style
Play Count: 34574
Sans walks in on Toriel masturbating (18+)
Play Count: 15924
Toriel accidentally calls Sans 'Daddy' (18+)
Collab with alwaysaslutforsans
Play Count: 18586
Toriel pegs Sans...AGAIN
Play Count: 15052
Toriel pegs Sans (18+)
Strap-on city!
Play Count: 14778
Toriel and Sans have phone sex
I love phone sex >.>
Play Count: 14730
Toriel tries bondage on Sans (18+)
A commission to bring this a fanfic to life, in which Sans is a vocal subby-sub trying light bondage for the first time with Tori.
Play Count: 14515
Toriel is Jealous (18+)
Toriel voiced by me, Sans by alwaysaslutforsans
Play Count: 17855
Toriel Teases Sans (18+)
Slight Mommy kink as she jerks him off All voices by me~
Play Count: 21374
Sans Doms a Pet Play Partner (18+)
And Toriel watches a little ;P This one was a commission for @loveinthebones, a very fun one!
Play Count: 13587
Underfell Tori meets Undertale Sans (18+)
A sizeable skit, then sin...slight dubious consent
Play Count: 18758
Peridot Couch Audition - Steven Universe (18+)
Peridot needs cash
Play Count: 159374
Mommy Fantasises About You (18+)
I wrote a thing and then voiced it… Contains no gendered pronouns or descriptions. Read along if you wish: http://oolay-tiger.tumblr.com/post/148250726465/you-dont-even-notice-until-its-too-late-it
Play Count: 29499
Pent Up - Muscle Growth - (18+)
Commissioned and mixed by: Becky Cascane Voice: Oolay-Tiger (myself) Becky is having a really, REALLY bad day... Will she be able to control her temper?
Play Count: 23072
Tracer - The Girlfriend Experience - (NSFW)
Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night with Tracer? I apologise if the accent isn’t up to scratch - I still haven’t played this game but am definitely getting around to it! Commissioned by: @zantetsuken15 Image by: http://thesulfonic.deviantart.com/art/Tracer-wallpaper-604735915
Play Count: 213948