Platinum Puppets: Oblivious Obedience
Description from FAQ page: "Bambi is trained to obey commands automatically and forget that she is obeying. Suggestions to obey without thinking and forget commands. Suggestions to move and speak while in trance. Ending command is to get up and drink water and return while in trance. (If safe and possible, if not, Bambi will imagine herself completing the task). Occasional parts that are cock sucking focused use CZN and ZCDO to confuse and deepen Bambi. No awakener. "
Play Count: 2201
Bambi Resistance Breaker (Fixed) (No Sharing)

Play Count: 1326
Bambi Resistance Breaker (Fixed)
Updated audio with better pacing/fixed pronunciations. Contains suggestions to share the file.
Play Count: 919
How to Resist Bambi
This file is designed to trick Bambi into trance. Removed suggestions related to 'Platinum Puppets' Suggestions to: listen more, heavy obedience training, obeying a non specific 'master', lots of triggers from the OG files, lots of themes to suck cock. For experienced bambis!
Play Count: 4875
Platinum Bambi
This is the first Platinum Bambi file, it contains many different layers and suggestions, which include: Enjoying hypnosis, accepting Bambi, cocks, major obedience, being super slutty, touching while listening, sharing the files.
Play Count: 6814
Bambi Gives In
This is a file to deeper your Bambi Experience. Definitely for more experienced subjects. It starts with a Confusion Induction that has a lot of trance triggers and snaps and counting pops. Suggestions to: Enjoy hypnosis. Sucking cock. Installs "Yes Brain" as an obedience trigger while you suck cock. Suggestions to obey a non specific 'master'.
Play Count: 4475
Bambi Body Betryal
This file is essentially a Bambi version of Cal's Curse. Orgasm Denial. Suggestions to: No orgasms unless you ask permission, explaining why you cant orgasm ,listening again.
Play Count: 5767
Yes Brain Loop
A training loop to associate sucking cock with saying yes
Play Count: 3802
Bambi Thinks With Her Tits
See title! This file will make your tits influence you to bounce your tits more, think of sucking when you think of your tits and installs a sound trigger with your tits.
Play Count: 2638
Bambi Confusion
Don't try and listen to all the words and sounds, you might get confused ;) Suggestions to keep listening to files after it ends.
Play Count: 4269
Beginner Trigger Trainer
Not my work, but wanted to re-upload here
Play Count: 2948
Bambi Trigger Remover
If you actually want to remove Bambi triggers, don't listen to this. Triggers fade with time, not with more hypnosis.
Play Count: 4050