Domestic Pride
A domineering housewife welcomes her wife home. A collaboration with Pear_NSFW
Play Count: 641
Bondage Nurse
What's it like to be woken up by a nurse in a bondage asylum?
Play Count: 780
Pony Play
When making a delivery to a dominatrix, Lilah ends up joining her stable.
Play Count: 2218
Puppy Perfume
A little horny tweet went a little further, and @ScotchCreamVO and @ArgonautVA decided to help record a fun script of turn about where a stalker (and his poor friend) become a lady's pups. <3
Play Count: 1844
Masturbation Fantasy: The Cult
To celebrate 2.5k followers on twitter, I've opted to... well. Do a masturbation fantasy of a cult of demons abducting me and defiling me. Listen to me try to string a narrative along while I desperately trying to reach orgasm.
Play Count: 1909
The smallest of dommes
Diagora dommes a giant. It's okay. He's super into it. :3
Play Count: 614
A little audio to accompany one of Posyomismo's pictures!
Play Count: 2092
Pair of Dolls with Midnight Datura [Transformation, Inflation, Sex Doll]
Two girls looking for a thrill have decided to take part in a contest! The person who can please them both can take them home as a pair of dolls to use again and again and again <3 Done with @MidnightDatura as, well, Datura herself! And @datshadycorner as an advertising goblin! <3 Some special art was done by @KevoGlum!
Play Count: 3196
Toppia and Bottam: The Climax!!!
A fun thing I did with Alury <3
Play Count: 989
Simping for a Succubus
Me just blatantly being a horny slut toward Nia.
Play Count: 1238
For Orc Mom
A birthday gift for a special @PrissyOrcGF
Play Count: 1264
Medusa gets a romantic interest!
Play Count: 1124
What a tewwible Fwate owo
When your dominatrix becomes some OwO pink catgirl
Play Count: 2640
A Nun's Fall
A thing for BordeauxBlack :x
Play Count: 1417
Hypno begging
for twitter <3
Play Count: 1946
Happy Birthday Mizu!
Such a pretty princess, aren't you? <3
Play Count: 934
[TGTF] Deepest Desire
A wholesome gender tf audio!
Play Count: 3466
Dance of the Loveslave
In collaboration with Mr. B and BordeauxBlack! <3 Find them on twitter at @Black_VCvoices and @BordeauxBlackVA <3
Play Count: 1368
Sissy Steffie
A femdom audio of making "you" into a sissy <3
Play Count: 3819
Sissy Poem
For Sissy Sally
Play Count: 1280
A dommebot has been built in Diagora's image! This definitely won't go wrong for anyone :3
Play Count: 1049
Clown TF!
It was super embarrassing to make this, be nice to me D:
Play Count: 2533
[Audio TF] Friends with Benefits
A tomboyish friend decides she wants to be your dick, and she's got just the potion to do it. Now make her drool. <3
Play Count: 4364
[Audio TF] Tickle Doll
Diagora has found herself in a rather peculiar experiment! But she'll make a great tickle doll, so please tickle her. <3
Play Count: 2452
Captive Toy
Inflation, Transformation, Pool Toy, Dalmation, Machine An unlucky girl becomes a rather lewd pooltoy.
Play Count: 4690
Etna's Nekomata Bootcamp
For my 1000 watcher special <3
Play Count: 1321
Diagora Meets a Mimic
Diagora, in her quest to claim a valuable treasure, ends up dealing with a mimic.
Play Count: 1861
Feet Me
A woman comes into an interview a bit later. The hot office lady across from her doesn't have a position for her anymore. Or does she?
Play Count: 2844
Scented Candles 2
Written by Killx
Play Count: 3213
[Tickling] Sawed in Laugh
A commission for someone over on DA <3
Play Count: 2181
Happy Birthday
Something short and sweet for a friends birthday.
Play Count: 1301
Sex Toy TF
Commed to do a short audio of being turned into flesh light. One of the ones with a mouth. :3
Play Count: 3269
My Personal Drone
A mad scientist decides to turn you into her own personal pleasure drone.
Play Count: 6283
[Audio TF] Droned! With Lina and Dragon
A collaboration with LinaPilchard and Dragon42 A homewrecker gets droned by the girlfriend of the man she slept with.
Play Count: 2644
[Patreon] One Cute Cat
A guy becomes a sultry cat lady. <3
Play Count: 2575
Lofty Ambitions
Lilah in the gym wanting more than she can take but trying anyways. Super lewd.
Play Count: 1393
Rosie's Jog
A commission from FA where a girl goes on a jog with her dog and uses some special perfume her boyfriend got her. F -> Feral Dog
Play Count: 6048
A demon possessed nun absorbs some other sisters of the cloth into her body. It's mega lewd. Body Part Transformation
Play Count: 1891
The Legend of the Tickle Bear
For badwolftickler <3
Play Count: 1113
[Audio TF] Cuddle Drones
A commission inspired by a twitter post about being droned by a bunch of drones who just wanna cuddle you. Forever and ever. <3
Play Count: 2013
[Audio TF] Monstrously Instatiable
When Chess tries her best to tire Dama out, but Dama really isn't done with her and makes her a bit more portable. Tentacles and sex toy TF. <3
Play Count: 1266
Moon Munchers

Play Count: 1024
Happy Birthday Mei-Nanita
Happy birthday <3 Hope you have fun as a beachside accessory.
Play Count: 735
Rental Mommy

Play Count: 2158
[Audio TF] Pool Princess
Diagora's been turned into a sexy pool toy! Oh no! Major thanks to Bose for the picture that goes with this. <3
Play Count: 4322
[Audio TF] Fifi [Patreon]
You (F) -> Dog
Play Count: 2888
[Hypno] Bubbles and Bimbos
A hypnosis script involving an induction and a scenario of becoming a bimbo and then pregnant <3
Play Count: 7260
[Audio TF] Stuck in the Mud
F -> Breeding Sow
Play Count: 2439
[Audio TF] Display Doll
You -> Mannequin Torso Dama needs a new mannequin. You'll do.
Play Count: 1683
[Audio TF] Corset Is
You -> Corset
Play Count: 2797
[Audio TF] To Socks and Paws [Patreon]
For Fifi, the adorable pup she is. Kind of a continuation of
Play Count: 1793
[Audio TF] The Cow Jumped over the Mooooooon
I don't know what I'm even doing anymore.
Play Count: 5660
[Audio TF] Titty Kitty Streamer
My part of a collab with LilithRose where my persona gets turned into a neko titty streamer by a virus laden hypnotic video! <3
Play Count: 2909
[Audio TF] Science Gone Wrong
M -> F, Tentacles. A science experiment gone real real bad. Ish.
Play Count: 1831
[Audio TF] A Princess's Princess
Cause Unidentified-TF did a yummy art and this is the sort of thing I do.
Play Count: 1818
[Audio TF] Bimbo Coffee Quickie

Play Count: 2183
[Tickling] Waking Up a Lazy Princess
Just a quickie I did for fun.
Play Count: 1683
Princess Slut Kitten
While Boz was all busy doing drawing stuff I was busy being a dirty, filthy audio girl.
Play Count: 4216
Hypno Bappers
Inspired by and made for
Play Count: 1397
[Audio TF] Wrapped Around Me
So you've been rummaging through my underwear drawer, hm? Well. If you like my panties so much, why don't we make you some?
Play Count: 3724
[Hypno] Rainy Daze
A recreation of an old file I made long, long ago.
Play Count: 1612
Masturbation Fantasy: A Mooing Vacation
Listen as I get myself off while fantasizing about lewd things. Like becoming a cowgirl and get trapped and being milked of my mind. <3
Play Count: 6056
[Audio TF] [Commission] Elevated Form
A man goes into an elevator. A dog woman comes out. Local Elevator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
Play Count: 6019
[Audio TF] Princess Piggy
A quick piggy TF to celebrate a commissioned art piece of my persona having been TFed into a piggy girl! You can see the original picture here:
Play Count: 4872
Body Swapping is for the Birds
Because Mizu asked and I'm easy.
Play Count: 1097
[Audio TF] Subject RA1
Part of an art trade. Made for the wonderful raikano. <3
Play Count: 5158
[Commission] Penelope Puppet
A commission for someone wanted an audio play of puppet tf <3
Play Count: 3120
[Tickling] Erica the Tickle Monster

Play Count: 1323
Cow-Worker of the Year
When you're maybe a bit of a hardass at work and someone plays a kinda mean prank on you.
Play Count: 3306
[Audio TF] When the Dovahkiin Can't Reload
A skyrim based audio play involving some good ol' dragon TF. A reward for a patreon.
Play Count: 1683

Play Count: 785
I feel like everyone could use more.
Play Count: 1133
Hypno Gone Wrong
A woman tries to hypnotize someone into the perfect fuckpet. It uh. Well. It goes places.
Play Count: 2243
Cosmic Tickling
For a project. <3
Play Count: 3082
Rain makes recording annoying
Play Count: 471
Waiting to Waitress v2
Play Count: 791
Inflatable Cheerleader
Redflare did a wonderful job on a commission and I was inspired to make something quick. I don't do inflation very often, but I gave it a good try! :O You can find more of my work here through soundgasm or
Play Count: 3495
[Audio TF] Waiting to Waitress
Play Count: 1103
[Audio TF] Hypno Chicken
Chicken sounds are hard.
Play Count: 1501
[Audio TF] Happy Easter
Happy easter you nerds.
Play Count: 1774
[Audio TF] Stocking You
Dating a witch is hard. Especially if she knows you have a bit of a thing for feet.
Play Count: 2509
[Audio TF] Socking It All Up
Dating a witch is hard. Especially if you confide that you have a foot fetish.
Play Count: 1869
[Audio TF] Eeveelution
The pokemon daycare isn't a charity. Mostly inspired by the Let's Go Eevee sounds.
Play Count: 2338
Dama's Introduction

Play Count: 461
Diagora hypno

Play Count: 1125
Medplay Special: Waking Up
A woman wakes up from a surgery assisted by Nurse Tina.
Play Count: 936
Medplay Special: Cat Attack
A woman with a sudden allergic reaction to her cat goes to Tina for a cure. Not a great call.
Play Count: 1077
Commission: Anniversary Doggy
A woman uses a special perfume that has some rather (un)fortunate effects.
Play Count: 2804
Medplay Special: Treatment from Tina
After getting a ride to a doctor's appointment from a friend, Nurse Tina makes sure her new patient will thank their ride properly from now on.
Play Count: 3417
MILF to Brat
Mind Control Audio Freebie
Play Count: 1590
Dommey to Mommy
Mind Control Audio Freebie
Play Count: 1642
Casino Bun
Mind Control Audio Freebie
Play Count: 1130
Be the Best Bitch You Can Be
Mind Control Freebie Audio thingie
Play Count: 1531
Hypno Puppies
Mind Control Audio Freebie
Play Count: 1661
Mind Control Freebie!
Play Count: 792
Hypno Turn About
Mind Control Audio Freebie! Hypnotizing the hypnotist!
Play Count: 1892
Whored In
Mind Control Audio Free From raunchy lewd to proper and upstanding. Hrmph.
Play Count: 989
Danger Pink Collars
Mind Control Audio Freebie! Jogger man gets a free collar. Whoops.
Play Count: 1706
Nice Side of Rude
Mind Control Quickie Audio Freebie! From Polite to Rude!
Play Count: 649
Cows Go Moo
Quickie Mind Control Freebies! Someone worried about the welfare of an infected cow doesn't take all the proper cautions.
Play Count: 2895
Melt for Me
Audio Quickie Freebie. Get melted into slime for me. <3
Play Count: 1454
First Day at the Gym
Quickie Freebie! Getting hypnotized to be a good gym bunny. <3
Play Count: 1693
A Teachable Moooooment
Script by SenorIncognito A magic professor so used to tormenting her students by using them as examples of transmogrifying potions and the like is finally cowed into taking one herself.
Play Count: 2299
Puppet Princess
Princess Diagora goes on stage with a rather magical jester and joins a performing troupe. Mostly against her will. But well. Dolls just do as they're told anyways. Goes along with this:
Play Count: 3686
A Special Birthday
A cock TF commission narration from Sabrina_Evans for a special birthday boy.
Play Count: 1747
MedPlay Special: Cowgirl O'clock!
In which a lucky man gets to become a cute cowgirl under the supervision of nurse Tina. Whether he wants to be or not.
Play Count: 1540
Own a Lilahole Today!
Lilah goes to 2B Labs to fulfill one of her deepest fetishes. Becoming a sex toy. <3
Play Count: 5473
Chocolate Chonks
A jogger takes some sugar free chocolates. A weird thing happens as oft does when I'm involved.
Play Count: 2186
Jessica Becomes a Jenny
A waitress at a bar gets turned into a donkey by an ass.
Play Count: 4925
Diagora Oinks
I dunno. I need to get back into recording things.
Play Count: 741
Tina's Medplay Special: Droning on and on and on
Always double, triple, and quadruple check your paperwork. Though, I have no clue why this is even an option to begin with.
Play Count: 4149
Tina's MedPlay Special: Moodication
Be a good cow for Tina, okie? <3
Play Count: 5897
Tina's Medplay Special: Be Careful With Needles
Tina, deciding it's best to make a man into a cute cowgirl, accidentally gives herself the treatment instead. Dumb nurse.
Play Count: 5907
Tina's Medplay Special: The Kennel
A man checks in for his appointment at a clinic. He also checks in to the kennel next door later that same day.
Play Count: 23350
MedPlay Special: The Kennel
A man goes in for a doctor's appointment. It uh... well.
Play Count: 1008
Scientist Milk

Play Count: 1385
Dad Voice

Play Count: 492

Play Count: 1105
Two Heads
Play Count: 710
Smol Doggo

Play Count: 806
Toon Doggy

Play Count: 790
Dark Husky Vibe

Play Count: 684

Play Count: 997
Hells Heels

Play Count: 833
Dragons are Hard

Play Count: 591
Ssssales Woman

Play Count: 755
Pika Pika
Have some mouth sounds, Bendzz.
Play Count: 1011
Kaws are still hard

Play Count: 432
Oracle and Sorc

Play Count: 402
Professor Piggo

Play Count: 845
Borf Borf

Play Count: 589
Master's Cock

Play Count: 1591
Wannabe Wolfo

Play Count: 603
Foxy Girl

Play Count: 973
Dragon TF

Play Count: 896

Play Count: 926
The Legend of Squekda

Play Count: 757
Cat Girl Snugs

Play Count: 865
Reverse Doggy Style

Play Count: 999
With Sealed Lips

Play Count: 668
Become My Pet

Play Count: 1150
Donkey Fake
My cute donkey impression
Play Count: 796
donkey real
my bad donkey impression.
Play Count: 741
Professor Bimbo

Play Count: 1248

Play Count: 549
Join the Husky Brigade, wewf!

Play Count: 724
Horny Hypnotist
Because I left me coughing in the previous version whoops
Play Count: 822

Play Count: 933
Bimbo Zombies
Or... Zombie Bimbos? Which was does this work so they're just mindless girls who can only think of sex and spread it like a plague? :O
Play Count: 1939
Programming Please
...I would've volunteered, gosh.
Play Count: 985
Ms. Vaim

Play Count: 440
Husky Brigade v2

Play Count: 625
Husky Brigade
...I wanna be part of the husky brigade now...
Play Count: 716

Play Count: 990
I swear I'm always this corny. :3 ...cause frosted flakes are... you know. Made of corn and... I'll stop.
Play Count: 763
Meta Bimbofication
Cute. You know. In that really lewd way.
Play Count: 1861
I'm braying I get good at this one day. Ayy.
Play Count: 691
Woo to Moo

Play Count: 1064
Chess Vore

Play Count: 1496
Begging Sissy
I don't know how to do the voice of a stereotypical sissy. Like. Gosh. Where do I even begin with that haha. But I tried!
Play Count: 1148
Thoughtlessness Is Bliss
Why it's so hard to get someone out of the whole drone game.
Play Count: 775
Monkeying Around
I had to record this like five times because I kept laughing my ass off trying to make money sounds for some reason.
Play Count: 733
Little Birthday

Play Count: 500
Wrong Bathroom
A young man wandered into the wrong bathroom. Later, a young woman wandered into the wrong bathroom.
Play Count: 1457
Silence is Golden, but...
Dildo TF :O
Play Count: 1079
Silence is Golden, but... [Chess edit]

Play Count: 512

Play Count: 328
Patreon Intro
An intro to my patreon and of me being a complete goofballs.
Play Count: 372
[Commission] For Aiko
Aiko's favorite BL author really wants some pussy.
Play Count: 477
[Commission] Rocksoft
Commissioned by Zomgom over on FA. A reading of a story of Rockruff who becomes a bimbo.
Play Count: 863
Doggy Fantasies
A simple hypnosis and guided fantasy of being turned into a helpless dog girl and getting bred. <3
Play Count: 8419
A Wonderful Nail Polish
For Tzuja
Play Count: 775
For Chess

Play Count: 563
ASMR Plushie
My second attempt at an ASMR file. Let's see how it works!
Play Count: 4731
Deep Dive
A hypnotic guided fantasy. With some... kind of dark undertones. Overtones? Tones.
Play Count: 657
Pathetic Bitch
Join me in a fantasy of being just... super pathetic.
Play Count: 2557
Ace Trainer Maria tries to catch a shiny Pikachu.'s not very effective.
Play Count: 1631

Play Count: 902
Shy Royalty fix

Play Count: 472

Play Count: 538

Play Count: 422
All Business No Play

Play Count: 464

Play Count: 777

Play Count: 706

Play Count: 536
four voices

Play Count: 463
Pain and Birds are hard

Play Count: 615

Play Count: 560

Play Count: 567

Play Count: 924
Oinking is also hard

Play Count: 686
Pink Science

Play Count: 821
I Can't Actually Ribbit

Play Count: 608
Cop Dog

Play Count: 1161
Dragon's Tummy

Play Count: 608

Play Count: 462
Order Up

Play Count: 500
Shy Royalty

Play Count: 478
Wheel of Furtune

Play Count: 539
Valley to Nerd

Play Count: 655

Play Count: 984

Play Count: 707

Play Count: 902

Play Count: 688

Play Count: 524

Play Count: 760

Play Count: 379
Dragobutt butt butt

Play Count: 722
Balloon Trick

Play Count: 1453
Attribute Theft

Play Count: 729

Play Count: 1054
Rolling Rs is Genetic

Play Count: 507

Play Count: 447
Kana can

Play Count: 445
I Need Cocks

Play Count: 1346
Nail Polish

Play Count: 664
Matcha Please

Play Count: 482
It's Braying, I think

Play Count: 686
T-rexes are cute

Play Count: 610
Donkey Sounds are hard too

Play Count: 857
Horse Noises are Hard

Play Count: 973
Dog Food
freebie quickie
Play Count: 1554
Beauty Standards Alternative
A cheerful half-elf is rejected by a gorgeous pureblood. But no one will ever reject her puppy dog eyes again by the end of the night. At least not without feeling really guilty.
Play Count: 26492
Experimental ASMR/Hypno/TF story
An experiment of me trying to combine too many things at once and maybe succeeded? I don't know.
Play Count: 1206
Beauty Standards
A cute elf girl gets denied by a hot elf boy. By the time her night is done, no one will ever deny her again. At least. Not without feeling really guilty at her absurd puppy dog eyes.
Play Count: 5806
Shower Scene
It involves doggy shampoo. Real quickie.
Play Count: 1208
A Real Bad Day
Like. A really bad one.
Play Count: 964
With 70% more barking action.
Play Count: 1031
A Little Meta
A kinky VA practicing her barks makes a wish she... probably shouldn't have.
Play Count: 1381
The Royal Hound
A reading of a short story I wrote over on FA. Contains a dragobutt princess discovering a village that seems to only be inhabited by doggos.
Play Count: 1661