hi everyone

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Ten Points
You are mine. Now ride me like I'm yours. [M4F][BFE][Get On Top of Me][And Kiss Me Slow][Put Em In My Mouth Please][What Are You Doing, Huh?][Where Are You Goin-][Get It Juicy][I Wanna Drink][Do That Thing You Do][Slow, Slow, Slow][Mutual Pleasure][Taking Turns][Kisses on Kisses][Switch]
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Where We Fit
Hi. I'm just gonna say it. [BFE][Gentle MDom][Conversational][SFX][Ambient][Show Me How You Do It][I Wanna Watch][Slightly Instructional][Look At Me][Can You Do That For Me][Use That Cock][That's It][You Can Do It][I Know You Can][Spitplay][Stick That Tongue Out]
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Getaway Car
There it was. My own little getaway car. [M4F][Pillowtalk][Conversational][Ambient][Heavy SFX][Slight Gum Chewing][Loud Cars][Cars][Car Talk][Get Me a Soda][Let Me Ask You Again Then][When Was the First Time You Ever Saw a Car and Felt It Was Something More][There You Go, Kid]
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[M4A] Things We've Done [You Should Get Some Sleep][If You Can][Reminiscing][Dreams][Childhood Memories][Conversational][Rainforest][Thunder][Crickets][SFX][Ambient]
I got night watch. You should get some sleep.
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[M4F] Stick Around [Partly Instructional][Partly Improv][Let Me Take Care of You][I'm Gonna Watch][You're Gonna Play][So Go Ahead][Play With It][That's It][That's a Good Girl][You Can Do It][There You Go][Atta Girl][Encouragement][Praise][SFX][Ambient]
I'm gonna watch. You're gonna play.
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[M4F] To Expect Company [MSub][Historical Period][English Accent][What Exactly Are Your Intentions][We...We Can't Do This][Apologies][I Forgot My Manners][Can I Go Slow Ma'am][Am I Doing a Good Job Ma'am][Let Me Be a Good Boy Ma'am][Very Good Ma'am]
Am I to expect company then? Alright.
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[M4F] I Got a Question [MDom][Atta Girl][Kissing][Nipple Play][Play With It in My Face][Sit on My Face][You Heard Me][Slight Spitplay][I'm Not Done With You Yet][Open That Mouth][Make Me Cum][Make Me Cum Again][Encouraging][SFX][Ambient]
After a long, much-needed vacation, you find yourself called back to work. Apparently so was he.
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[M4F] Quite the Ride [MDom][Car in the Rain][Spur of the Moment][Releasing Energy][Kissing][Hair Pulling][Neck Grabbing][Don't Say a Word][Eating You Out][Missionary][Cowgirl][Encouragement][Mutual Pleasure][Heavy SFX][Ambience]
Word is someone's been making moves. Word is that's you.
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[M4F] A Little Heat [Firefighter][Slight MDom][Conversational][Slow Build-Up][Catching Up Over Drinks][Catching Up On the Couch][Eating You Out][Blowjob][Cowgirl][Missionary][Cumming Inside You][Good Girl][Aftercare][SFX Heavy][Ambience]
Took a bit of personal time to myself, hope y'all didn't mind too much. Feels good to be back though x It's not everyday someone saves your life. It's not everyday you bump into your savior.
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[M4F] Prettiest Thing I'd Ever Seen [V-Card][Boyfriend Experience][Young and In Love][Sweet][Affection][Taking Care of Each Other][L-Bombs][Mutual Pleasure][Mutual Oral][Conversational][Pillowtalk][Sleeping Over][Parents Out of Town][SFX Heavy][Ambience]
Hi all. Making this was quite pleasant for me so I hope you all enjoy! My parents, your parents, outta town. It seems tonight's the night.
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[M4F] The Same Kind of Peace [RA Cal][SFX Heavy][Slight ASMR][Affectionate][Sweet][Encouragement][Relaxed][Comfortable][Cuddling][Conversational][Missing You][Mutual Pleasure][Kissing][Eating You Out][Fingering You][Making Each Other Cum][Beach]
Hi everyone! The love continues to blow my mind and I appreciate all your patience. Much love x I decide to take the dorm to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. Some catching up is in order.
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[M4F] A Laboratory Mishap [Commanding][Firm][Co-Workers][Mutual Pleasure][Not Quite Ourselves][Make Me Cum Twice][Cumming Down Your Throat][Cumming Down Mine][Cumming Inside You][Cumming On Me][Double Orgasm][SFX Heavy]
Hi everyone! Last week, I would have never guessed where I'd be with you all in just a few days. The outpour of love and support is honestly mindblowing. After some time relaxing the past couple days, here's another one for you all! Much love x We're both called down to the lab in the middle of the night for some last minute work. Mistakes were made.
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[M4F] The Days Are Long, The Days Are Hard [MDom][Frustration][Taking It Out On You][Teasing][Punishment][Spanking][Choking][Bad Girl][Hair Pulling][Doggystyle][Degradation][Eating You Out][Make Me Cum][Make Me Proud][SFX Heavy][Slight Suspense]
Hey everyone, yesterday was a bit busy all day so I really only had a chance to work on this throughout the night. The love I've gotten over the last couple days is honestly crazy and I really didn't think these would ever get as popular as they did so I really have to be incredibly grateful to you all. Much love x I just wanted some Postmates. This is what you deserve.
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[M4F] A Lakeside Evening [Friends to Lovers][Ambient Sounds][Car][Conversational][Slow Build-Up][Good Girl][Encouragement][L-Bombs][Affection][Mutual Pleasure][Eating You Out][Cumming Inside You][Slight Pillowtalk]
Here's for all the love last time. You're all a sweet, kind bunch. On the last day of our last summer break before we leave for college, we decide to head down to the old lake one last time. I have something to tell you though.
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[M4F] I'm Cal, your newest Resident Assistant! [Slightly Meta][Conversational][Slow Build-up][Massage][ASMR][Sound Effects Heavy][Kissing][Eating You Out][Breathy][Moaning][Good Girl][Encouragement][Mutual Pleasure][Cumming Inside You][Slight Pillowtalk]
Hey everyone, I'm Cal! This is my first post ever on here, I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for stopping by! After remembering a short conversation we had during orientation earlier, you decide to swing by my dorm and catch up a bit. Or catch up a lot.
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