[M4F] Fall Asleep With Me [Aftercare][Gentle][Pet Names][Whispering][Breathing][6:00]
"I'm very happy that you're here with me right now..."
Play Count: 113770
[M4F] Professional Compliance [Mdom][Office][Growling][Whispering][Blackmail][Choking][16:49]
"You will be trained extensively during your time here..."
Play Count: 81763
[M4F] Break In Part 2 [Fearplay][Knifeplay][Rape][Forced Orgasm][Slapping][24:40]
"You weren't supposed to be here tonight..."
Play Count: 155148
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 11 - Summer Heat [Mdom][Lifeguard][Blowjob][Cum With Me][Teasing][Kissing][Whispering][20:30]
"There are better ways of getting my attention than this..."
Play Count: 143144
[M4F] Hades and Persephone [Mdom][Possessive][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][19:36]
"Not even the gods can keep me from taking what's mine...
Play Count: 112349
[M4F] The Intern and the CEO [Mdom][Rough][Slapping][Name Calling][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][19:01]
"Is there anything you have to say before we get started?"
Play Count: 105622
[M4F] The Forbidden Library [Mdom][Harry Potter][British Accent][Rape][Whispering][Growling][19:53]
"You shouldn't have been up here this late at night..."
Play Count: 124386

Play Count: 38543
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 10 - Thanksgiving [Gentle Mdom][BFE][Blowjob][Mansounds][Oral][Teasing][Growling][Whispering][Cum With Me][23:11]
"If only I didn't have to sneak in through your window late at night..."
Play Count: 205347
[M4F] Disciplinary Action [Mdom][Spanking][Fingering][Punishment][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][21:04]
"You're late, again..."
Play Count: 134761
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 9 - Birthday [Gentle][Vanilla][Kissing][Whispering][Teasing][Massage][Cum with Me][BFE][23:39]
"I have something I wanted to give you..."
Play Count: 184262
[M4F] The Boy next Door - Part 8 - Anger [Mdom][Rough][Spanking][Orgasm Control][Growling][Teasing][Whispering][21:34]
"You weren't supposed to show up until later..."
Play Count: 179927
AudioAsk Q&A 3 [2:29:00]
Cameo by my rumbling stomach and a tiny spider
Play Count: 58536
[M4F] Don't Listen to This in Class [Mdom][Pet Names][DD/lg][Oral][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][Meta][ASMR][23:06]
"Back again I see..."
Play Count: 163698
[M4F] Your Biggest Fan [Mdom][Stalker][Rape][Blackmail][Possessive][Namecalling][Choking][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][22:48]
"I thought you looked familiar..."
Play Count: 187885
[M4F] Sins of the Father - The Loyal Babysitter [Mdom][Babysitter][Anal][Cheating][Kissing][Oral][Biting][Choking][Clit Slapping][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][26:16]
"Thank you for staying so late, we kind of lost track of time..."
Play Count: 164338
[M4F] Therapy Session [Mdom][Hypnosis][Oral][Slow][Whispering][Growling][Teasing][27:55]
"So tell me about this voice..."
Play Count: 119358
[M4F] The Sleepover [Gentle Mdom][Virgin][Oral][Comforting][Reassuring][Kissing][Whispering][Teasing][Moaning][Growling][Cum with Me][23:52]
"You have to stay quiet, we wouldn't your brother to hear us..."
Play Count: 333629
[M4F] Don't Listen to This in Public [Mdom][Pet Names][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][Meta][ASMR][18:41]
Don't say I didn't warn you...
Play Count: 92050
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 7 - Anxiety [Gentle][Whispering][Calming][Caring][Non-Sexual][12:31]
"I know what you're going through. I just want to make sure you're ok..."
Play Count: 51872
[M4F] The Seduction of Dr. Quinzel [Mdom][Rape][Joker][Jealousy][Possesive][Fearplay][Knifeplay][Whispering][Growling][Teasing][22:03]
"You really should've known better Harleen..."
Play Count: 84449
Dirty Pretty Things - Michael Faudet - Part 1
Reading the poetry of "Dirty Pretty Things" through page 135
Play Count: 18895
Dirty Pretty Things - Michael Faudet - Part 2
Reading from page 135 through the end.
Play Count: 10414
i am a filthy disgusting human being (blooper)

Play Count: 34282
[M4F] Sins of the Father - Parent Teacher Night [Mdom][Teacher][Handjob][Teasing][Whispering][Growling]
"That's strange. My son is doing so well in all of his other classes..."
Play Count: 47058
[M4F] Before Breakfast [Mdom][Msub][Teasing][Whimpering][Begging][Gentle][BFE][Banter][Whispering][Growling][Cum with Me][19:16]
"If you're trying to break me it's going to take more than just a couple of licks and bites."
Play Count: 183939
AudioAsk Q&A 2

Play Count: 22796
AudioAsk Q&A 1
Answering questions from my babygirls
Play Count: 32613
[M4F] Waking Up With Your Best Friend [Gentle][BFE][Banter][Friends][Whispering][Growling][Handjob][15:35]
"I could've sworn you invited me over just to watch a movie."
Play Count: 149014
[M4F] A Better Way to Spend Valentine's Day [Mdom][Russian][Breakup][Rough][Friends][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][20:38]
"We should be able to hang out for a little while before my date tonight."
Play Count: 114138
[M4F] Good Bedside Manner [Mdom][Patient/Nurse][Whispering][Growling][Teasing][Moaning][Mansounds][Nipple Play][Fingering][25:06]
"You have been taking such good care of me this past week..."
Play Count: 91001
[M4F] In Flight [Gentle][Mdom][Whispering][Handjob][Strangers][Airplane][ASMR][Quiet][Orgasm Control]
"Flights do tend to get awfully boring..."
Play Count: 99301
[M4F] Contract Negotiations [Mdom][50 Shades of Grey][Denial][Growling][Whispering][Teasing][Spanking][23:08]
What that scene should've been
Play Count: 52162
[M4F] Your Meta Teacher [Msub][Mdom][blackmail][begging][oral][growling][whispering][teasing][teacher][student][25:51]
"You're always distracted in class. I wonder what you've been listening to"
Play Count: 137464
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 6 - Distraction [Mdom][Spanking][Studying][ASMR][Whispering][Growling][Teasing][Countdown][24:01]
"Sometimes you need a break from studying."
Play Count: 108004
[M4F] The Masquerade [Mdom][Gentle][Oral][Kissing][Pet Names][Whispering][Growling][20:14]
Happy Halloween
Play Count: 64747
[M4F] The Morning After [Gentle][BFE][Laughing][Banter][Rambling][PTA]
“I don’t remember much of last night. But I know I enjoyed it.”
Play Count: 90669
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 5 - Jealousy [Mdom][Possesive][Namecalling][Rough][Whispering][Teasing][Growling][17:49]
"Don't make me remind you again."
Play Count: 141827
[M4F] Master's Home [Mdom][Gentle][Pet Play][Kitten][Teasing][Beg for Me][Growling][Whispering][Aftercare][21:34]
"I have a surprise for you kitten."
Play Count: 109027
[M4FF] The Boy Next Door - Part 4 - Such Good Friends [Mdom][Threesome][Make Out][Instructing You][Encouraging][Oral][Growling][Whispering][21:47]
"I didn't think we'd have company..."
Play Count: 65044
[M4F] Don't Tell Your Friends [Gentle Mdom][Reassuring][Comforting][Virgin][Make Out][Instructing You][French Kissing][Whispering][Growling][Laughing][Teasing][Oral][Cum in my Mouth][25:29]
It's ok to be nervous. I know it's your first time.
Play Count: 325084
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 3 - Library [Mdom][Public][Cum with Me][Dirty Panties][Whispering][Teasing][Growling][Begging][Whimpering][20:41]
We have to stay quiet
Play Count: 123401
[M4F] Revenge of the Nerd [Mdom][Tutor][Handjob][Orgasm Control][Countdown][Beg for Me][Growling][Teasing][Whispering][23:44]
You never know what will happen when you push someone's buttons too much
Play Count: 103464
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 2 - Pillow Talk [Whispering][Sleepy][Teasing][Growling][Mansounds][Beg for Me][ASMR][23:05]
The audio starts with a vibrating phone sound, so don't panic, it's not your phone going off :)
Play Count: 109731
[M4F] The Boy Next Door - Part 1 - Church [Whispering][Teasing][Growling][Handjob][Beg for Me]

Play Count: 77615
[M4F] I don't mind wasting time with you [PTA][Morning][Rambling][Laughs][Banter][11:23]
Correction. It's supposed to be Buffalo Bill, not Bob. I was awake all of 5 minutes before I started recording.
Play Count: 37987
[M4F] The Lost Tourist [Mdom][Growling][Whispering][Moaning][Creampie][Hard Fuck][Beg for Me]
For all of my fans on the other side of the world ;)
Play Count: 165461
[M4F] Your Meta Coworker [Mdom][Whispering][Growling][Teasing][Handjob][Beg for Me][Work][22:41]

Play Count: 37093
[M4F] Good Morning Babygirl [Mdom][Gentle][Dd/lg][L-Bombs][Handjob][Whispering][Growling][Countdown][British Accent][Pet Names][ASMR][19:28]

Play Count: 103347
When your foot falls asleep while you're recording [Humor]

Play Count: 45256
[M4F A Good Student's Reward [Mdom][Gentle][Professor][Student][Oral][Whispering][Growling][Clit Slaps][Teasing][Beg for Me][22:03]
As fun as it is to punish bad students, good ones deserve some one-on-one time with the professor as well ;)
Play Count: 198542
[M4A] Organized Orgasms #5 - 2/20-2/26 [Mansounds][Growling][Giggles][Gasps][Heavy Breathing][Moans][Whimpering]
Note: 2 second intermission between each orgasm. #1 - Starts [0:00] Duration [0:44] - (2-20-2016 1) #2 - Starts [0:46] Duration [1:00] - (2-22-2016 1) #3 - Starts [1:48] Duration [1:10] - (2-23-2016 1) #4 - Starts [3:00] Duration [1:00] - (2-25-2016 1) #5 - Starts [4:03] Duration [1:06] - (2-26-2016 1) Total [5:09]
Play Count: 42554
Shoutout to my Soundgasm Lurkers!

Play Count: 14035
[M4A] Organized Orgasms #4 - 2/13-2/19 [Mansounds][Growling][Giggles][Gasps][Heavy Breathing][Moans][Whimpering]
Note: 2 second intermission between each orgasm. #1 - Starts [0:00] Duration [0:41] - (2-15-2016 1) #2 - Starts [0:43] Duration [2:10] - (2-15-2016 2) #3 - Starts [2:54] Duration [0:57] - (2-15-2016 3) #4 - Starts [3:54] Duration [1:59] - (2-16-2016 1) #5 - Starts [5:55] Duration [1:32] - (2-16-2016 2) #6 - Starts [7:29] Duration [0:58] - (2-17-2016 1) #7 - Starts [8:29] Duration [0:45] - (2-19-2016 1) Total [9:15]
Play Count: 25533
[M4A] Organized Orgasms #3 - 2/6-2/12 [Mansounds][Growling][Giggles][Gasps][Heavy Breathing][Moans][Whimpering]
Note: 2 second intermission between each orgasm. #1 - Starts [0:00] Duration [0:49] - (2-6-2016 1) #2 - Starts [0:51] Duration [0:57] - (2-7-2016 1) #3 - Starts [1:50] Duration [1:11] - (2-9-2016 1) #4 - Starts [3:03] Duration [0:50] - (2-11-2016 1) #5 - Starts [3:55] Duration [0:41] - (2-12-2016 1) Total [4:36]
Play Count: 18523
[M4F] A Little Extra Help Around the House [Mdom][Whispering][Growls][Teasing][Mansounds][Cheating][Married Man][Maid]

Play Count: 88604
[M4F] No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [Mdom][Fearplay][Interrogation][Molestation][Rape][Name Calling][Forced Orgasm]

Play Count: 84848
[M4A] Organized Orgasms #2 - 1/30-2/5 [Mansounds][Growling][Giggles][Gasps][Heavy Breathing][Moans][Whimpering]
Note: 2 second intermission between each orgasm. #1 - Starts [0:00] Duration [0:51] #2 - Starts [0:53] Duration [1:12] #3 - Starts [2:06] Duration [1:31] #4 - Starts [3:39] Duration [1:02] #5 - Starts [4:44] Duration [1:16] #6 - Starts [6:02] Duration [0:51] #7 - Starts [6:55] Duration [1:17] #8 - Starts [8:14] Duration [3:32]
Play Count: 20773
[M4A] Organized Orgasms #1 - 1/23-1/29 [Mansounds][Growling][Giggles][Gasps][Heavy Breathing][Moans][Shivers][Whimpering]
Note: 2 second intermission between each orgasm. #1 - Starts [0:00] Duration [0:47] - (1-23-2016 1) #2 - Starts [0:49] Duration [0:45] - (1-23-2016 2) #3 - Starts [1:36] Duration [2:29] - (1-23-2016 3) #4 - Starts [4:06] Duration [0:43] - (1-24-2016 1) #5 - Starts [4:51] Duration [0:51] - (1-25-2016 1) #6 - Starts [5:44] Duration [1:07] - (1-26-2016 1) #7 - Starts [6:53] Duration [0:45] - (1-27-2016 1) #8 - Starts [7:40] Duration [0:45] - (1-28-2016 1) #9 - Starts [8:27] Duration [0:38] - (1-29-2016 1) Total [9:05]
Play Count: 35633
[M4F] Happy Anniversary [Rape][Namecalling][Slapping][Throatfucking][Married][Creampie][Aftercare]
Aftercare starts around 15:30
Play Count: 97454
[M4F] A Visit to the Tailor [Msub][Mdom][Oral][Rough][Choking][Namecalling][Whispering][Growling][Mansounds][Creampie]
A simple dress alteration turns into something much more exciting.
Play Count: 292775
[M4F] I like to have a little something sweet with my afternoon coffee. [Mdom][Blackmail][Molestation][Orgasm Control][Teasing][Whispering][Students]

Play Count: 63786
[M4F] A Concerned Doctor's SI: Remastered HD Anniversary Edition [Medical][SI][ASMR][Relaxation]

Play Count: 25391
[M4F] Your Son's Lacrosse Coach [Mdom][Growling][Fingering]
You’ve seen him at every practice and even ran into him on the street a few times, but you didn’t expect this to happen…you’ve always dreamed it would.
Play Count: 40773
[M4A] I have a sore throat now [Msub][Whimpering][Begging][Man Sounds][Post Orgasm Torture][Giggles][Loud][Toy]
I came. Hard.
Play Count: 202964
[M4F] Engagement gift for my hardest working employee [Mdom][Office][Growling][Whispering][Spanking][Fingering][Cheating][Cuckold][Impreg]
Impreg is during the last 4 minutes of the audio, so if that's not your thing you can still enjoy the rest of the tags by listening up to 17:00 :)
Play Count: 126079
[M4F] A Teacher's Pet on Prom Night [Teacher/Student][Whispering][Kissing][Compliments][Reassuring][Soundscape][Creampie]
This one has a pretty long intro (8-9 mins.)
Play Count: 224906
[M4F] The Neighbor's Daughter [Mdom][Cheating][Whispering][Growling][Creampie]

Play Count: 135359
[M4F] Sharing a Hotel Room with a Coworker [Mdom][Oral][Growling][Coworker]
Darn cheap company can't even afford to put us in separate hotel rooms!
Play Count: 95938
[M4F] What would happen if you discovered a male friend is on GWA? [Mdom][Oral][Spanking][Growling][Whispering]

Play Count: 75049
[M4F] A Shy Girl and Her Boss [Mdom][At Work][Spanking][Whispering][Oral][Beg for me]]

Play Count: 85540
[M4FF] A Present for My Pet [Mdom][Spanking][Teasing][Growling]
My pet needed a toy to play with. So I got her one.
Play Count: 24464
Whimpers AND Growls! [Post-orgasm Cooldown][Giggles]

Play Count: 28024
[MF4A] You're My Favorite Niece [Collab w/WickedSub][Mdom][Molestation][Choking][Orgasm Control]

Play Count: 67904
[M4A] If Billy Mays Sold a Sex Toy [Humor][Offensive][Ridiculous]

Play Count: 11594
[M4F] Teasing You at Work [Mdom][Whispering]

Play Count: 25126
[M4F] Detention [Mdom][Teacher/Student][Spanking][Growls][Namecalling][Blackmail]

Play Count: 42474
[M4F] Clean Your Room [Mdom][DD/lg][Growly][Angry][Spanking][Name Calling]

Play Count: 71660
[M4F] Thank You Ma'am [Msub][Virgin][Doctor][Whimpering][Shy]

Play Count: 93298
[M4F] Break Up [Forced Orgasm][Crying][Hate fuck][ALL the tags][No seriously][Listen at our own discretion][Rape][Raw]

Play Count: 190688
[M4F] Late for Practice [Msub][Whimpering][Begging][Teacher/Coach][Man Noises][CE]

Play Count: 117137
[M4F] Stay in School [Ageplay][Spanking][Dressing Room]
You thought it'd be ok to skip school and come into my store to do whatever you wanted, didn't you? I'll have to teach you otherwise.
Play Count: 46778
[M4F] A Concerned Doctor's Follow-up [SI][Oral][Fingering][Cum in my mouth]
I wanted to do a Part 2 audio for http://soundgasm.net/u/Qarnivore/M4F-A-Concerned-Doctors-SI-SI-Medical
Play Count: 146483
[M4A] Dialogue Between Me and My Penis [Humor]
Now my throat hurts...
Play Count: 24634
[M4F] Welcome to Canada [Mdom][Handcuffs][Spanking][Choking][Sound FX!][Growly][Rape]
I am not Canadian myself, but I've heard the border guards can be real dicks.
Play Count: 49320
[M4F] Make a Man Out of You [Rape][Hardcore][female on male][Military][Msub][Whimpering]
*Warning* This gets intense at certain parts. I highly recommend not listening if you're not in the right mood for rape.
Play Count: 67629
[M4F] Dinner with the Parents [DD/lg][Whispers][Growly][Fucking in a car]

Play Count: 115050
[M4F] The Secret to Relaxation [Oral][Whispers][A little growly][At Work]
It's your first week on the job and the pressure seems to be getting to you. Here, let me help you relax.
Play Count: 30674
[M4A] Talking While Masturbating [Edging][Orgasm][Giggles]

Play Count: 68296
[M4F] Break In [Fearplay][Knifeplay][Rape][Growling][Spanking][Hardcore]

Play Count: 104774
[M4F] Are You Awake? [Whispers][Sweet][Nipple Sucking][Dash of Growly]

Play Count: 92417
[M4F] Decision [Dom][Namecalling][Spanking][Choking][Begging][Whispering][Growly Voice]

Play Count: 45754

Play Count: 21188
[M4F] Study time in the Library [Msub][Molestee][Whimpering][Begging][Hand-fucking][Whispers]
Credit for this idea goes to thisisaburneraccount.
Play Count: 93485
[M4F] Talking dirty while using my toy. [Toy][Man Sounds][Orgasm]
I had my iPod resting on my chest to record, so if you listen closely you can hear my heart rate :
Play Count: 62890
[M4F] Where it's dark and no one can hear you. [Dom][Fingering][Molestation][Whispering][Namecalling][Edging]

Play Count: 62985
[M4F] Let's Sneak Away [Oral][Whispering]

Play Count: 46819
[M] Playing with one of my toys [man sounds][orgasm]

Play Count: 35929
[M4F] Reassuring my pet [gentle][Mdom]

Play Count: 27739
[M4F] Caught at Work [Mdom][Handjob][Denial]

Play Count: 24808
[Req-fill][M4F] Molested on the Train [Molestation]

Play Count: 43041
[M4F] Lesson Learned [Teacher][Mdom][Name calling][Spanking][Begging]
You lack discipline, and that's why you're in detention. It'd be a shame if I missed this opportunity to teach you a lesson.
Play Count: 33920
[M4F] What Are Friends For? [Vanilla][Romance][Love][30+ mins][Friendzone Win]
My girlfriend just broke up with me and all I want is to be by myself! ...but, you're my best friend, so I guess I don't mind if you want to talk.
Play Count: 113442
[M4F][Req-fill] Fingering on the Ferris Wheel [Molestation]
Two strangers, third wheels, end up in a Ferris Wheel cabin together. Something is bound to happen, I just can't seem to put my finger on it. Hmm...
Play Count: 55518
Russian recording for rmoss7
Russian rambling :)
Play Count: 32278
[M4F] A Concerned Doctor's SI [SI] [Medical]
No problem :) This sort of issue is very common, nothing to be embarrassed about. As long as you listen to my voice and follow my instructions, I should be able to treat it before your appointment is over.
Play Count: 34348
[M4F] My Tutor thinks I need an incentive to study. [Msub][Orgasm Control][Edging][Whimpers]
I get so distracted looking at your hot body while you're tutoring me. From the moment you arrive all I want to do is just kiss you, but it seems there's a not so sweet side to you which I discover when you press your hands against my chest and pushed me down onto the bed. I'll play your little game. I would do anything for you.
Play Count: 76424
[M4F] My baby girl had a bad dream, but Daddy is here now. [DD/lg] [oral] [sweet]
Oh, sweetness did you have a bad dream? Come here and let Daddy comfort you.
Play Count: 99887
GWA Verification

Play Count: 11916