[MF4A] Super Hero Defeated by his Arch Nemesis [w/ MissNiaSax]
[DubCon] [Drugs] [Cunninglingus] [Titjob] [Male Moans] [Female Moans] [Cowgirl] [Missonary] [Milking Machine] [FDom] [MSub] [Mindbreak] [HeroXVillain] Today we got a nice long collab with the incredible MissNia! Our Hero, Captain Courageous is kidnapped and turned into the willing servant of his arch-nemesis, the vile temptress, Midnight Mistress! Be sure to check out MissNia's work here https://twitter.com/MissNiaSax
Play Count: 2296
[MF4A] A Porn Couple Invite You Over to Watch them Fuck [Switches] [Blowjob] [Deepthroating] [Facesitting] [Mentions of Mommy] [FDom to FSub] [MSub to MDom] [Meta] [Facial] [Wet Sounds] [Doggy] [Mentions of Audio Porn, OnlyFans, Etc.]
Today I bring you this lovely Collab I did with Vera Monroe. You're working when you go to take an order and find that the people at the table are your favorite Erotic Audio Performers. They invite you to their place so you watch them have some fun instead of just listening to them. Female voiced by: https://twitter.com/Vera_Monroe_ Features Music from Bensound. SFX from Fesliyan and Sex Sounds courtesy of Oolay Tiger
Play Count: 4150
[MF4A] Pegging in the Office [FDom] [MSub] [Pegging] [Praise] [Good Boy] [Dirty Talk] [Mild Degradation] [Cum Countdown] [Blowjob] [Handjob] [Cunninglingus] [Collab Audio]
Here's a little collab I did with a friend on Twitter. The boss' secretary comes in and asks him for a small favor. To fuck his tight little asshole. I'm not really a pegging kind of guy, but this was a pretty fun time. Secretary Voice by https://twitter.com/bunnyaudios Editing done by https://twitter.com/nyahahn
Play Count: 1147
[M4F] Playtime with Puppy [Script Fill] [Mdom] [Fsub] [Puppy] [Master] [Party] [Brat] [Biting] [Degradation] so many [Dumbs] [Finger Sucking] [Slapping] [Facefucking] [BJ] [Belt as Collar] [Spitting] [Doggy Style] [Cum Countdown] [Aftercare]
You're at a party with your BF and you REALLY want his attention. When you get it, he takes you to an empty room and gives you EXACTLY what you need. The music was provided by Bensound.com SFX gathered from Soundsnap Sex Foley from Oolay Tiger.
Play Count: 3644
[Verification] [M] [Performer] u/TallguyZin
Hey yo! Looking for Verification for a new Subreddit. Here is the audio!
Play Count: 167
[M4F] I dreamt about you [Improv] [MSub] [Begging] [Dreams] [Deep Voice] [Whimpering] [Cum Countdown] [NO SFX]
Hey yo! I made my very first improv. Here I tell you about a wild sex dream I had about you where you completely dominated me. I hope you enjoy it!
Play Count: 1686
[M4F] [Script Fill] Choices Matter
Tags: [Call me Master] [Baby Girl] [Good Girl] [choking] [degradation] [denial] [ownership] [blowjob] [choke on my cock] [prove you want to cum] [cowgirl] [breathplay] [gaslighting] [edging] [forced begging] [creampie] [permission to cum] [aftercare] For all you good girls who just want to please Master. This was so fun to fill and I hope you enjoy it!
Play Count: 2265
[M4F] [Yes Professor]- [Script Fill] [Professor/Student] [Gentle MDom to Kind of Rough MDom] [Fingering] [Cunninglingus] [Growls] [Gagging] [Short Aftercare] [No Penetration] [Marking] [Mentions of Firm Breasts] [Lots of Good Girls and Sweethearts]
Here's a new Script Fill. The Script comes from u/ShyLittleMouse Check out their work! I hope you enjoy the audio.
Play Count: 2316
Gone Wild Audio Verification
Just some formality stuff that needs to be put out. Recorded on my Phone
Play Count: 225
MMMM4F- Gamer Gangbang- Featuring Debauchery Dan, YungBby, and RumcokeVA
[Script Fill][Request Fill] [Boyfriend Puts His Gaming Headset On His Girlfriend So His Friends Can Hear Her And Degrade Her While He Fucks Her] [3x Gentle Mdom] [1x Rough Mdom] [Phone Sex] [Degradation] [Nipple Torture] [Deepthroat] [Creampie] [Exhibitionism] [Mean] A Gamer fucks his girlfriend while his friends listen in and degrade her. Written by u/margo-moon with some modifications by me. Edited by the incredible Nyahahn!
Play Count: 25321
[M4F][Script Offer] Doing Something For Your Birthday [Neighbors to Lovers] [Compliments] [Body worship] [Consent] [Permission] [Kissing] [Praise] [Breast play] [Cunnilingus] [Fingering] [Sex] [Riding] [Creampie] [Birthday surprise]
An awesome script written by u/redhairedmilf! You're alone on your birthday and I decide to come over and give you cake, and a few other things too ;) This audio contains some physical description of the listener, including having a "soft stomach."
Play Count: 3523
GWAudiable Verification
Just a quick verification audio for GWAudiable.
Play Count: 164
[M4F] Sharing a Blanket In-Flight [Script Fill]
Tags: [BFE] [romantic] [airplane sex] [in your seats] [kinda Mile High Club] [intimate] [fingering] [hand job] [whispering] [kissing] [hold the moan] [cum together] [L-bomb] Script by: POVScribe on Reddit This audio contains no descriptions of the listener and can be enjoyed by any female listener.
Play Count: 2430
Super Sexy Audio
Super sexy audio for your hearing pleasure! I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did making it!
Play Count: 268
The Ghost of Christmas Sex- Featuring Chloe Angel
The Ghost of Christmas Past has taken an old greedy man to the time of his college days to show him how loving and kind he used to be. However, she ends up getting a bit distracted and discovers the true meaning of Christmas herself. Script, Editing, Male Voice: Me Ghost Voice: Chloe Angel (https://twitter.com/ChloeAngelVA) Sex SFX and Additional Female Moans: Ivy Wilde (https://twitter.com/Ivy_WildeVA) Extra Moans provided by Audio Micro Stock Audio Library
Play Count: 532
Himbo Pizza Guy Collab with Star!
A sexy Milf orders some pizza and gets a hot stud of a delivery man who sadly doesn't seem to catch on to her advances. But he catches on eventually. Himbo Pizza Guy: Me Milf: SexySilverStar (https://twitter.com/SexySilverSTAR) This audio contains both male and female vocals and moans. There are descriptions of both character's bodies and the two are their own characters and not meant to be audience proxies.
Play Count: 699
[Script Fill] [M4F] Tonight is all about you [BFE][Sweet][Wholesome][Inexperienced Listener][Experienced Male][Gentle][Cuddling][Kissing][All the reasons why I love you][Compliments][Consent!!!][Fingering][Praise][Intimate][L-Bombs]
Written by u/totallynotchanel on Reddit. This takes place after a successful first meeting with your boyfriend's (me) parents. You get all nice and cuddly and he decides to show you how much he loves you. This audio features no descriptions of the listener and can be enjoyed by any female listener.
Play Count: 1580
[M4F] [Script Fill] The Silver Lining [pet loss] [grief] [comfort] [falling in love] [sexual tension] [confession] [kissing] [oral sex] [mutual orgasm] [creampie] [L-bombs]
You come to the house of the vet who stayed by your side after your beloved cat passed away. He comforts you and talks to you about it and the future. script by u/utterlycynthia This is my first NFSW audio. Please let me know how I can improve. Have a nice day.
Play Count: 833