Femdom Room Cleaning Instructions
clean your fucking room. No jerking off til you do.
Play Count: 3069
Hi new to fsa anon
a shitpost
Play Count: 1755
Public Service Announcement Humilation
Change the batteries on your smoke detector and call me back you disgusting little freak. A public service announcement.
Play Count: 1891
This is permanent
Orgasm denial. Tease. Femdom.
Play Count: 4620
Mommy gf
Mommy gf loves you and wants you to cum hard and go to sleep in her arms. Everything looks better in the morning. Not age.
Play Count: 17054
Someone requested for some girl to tell me I'm gay
I mean... do I seem straight? Is being gay an insult?
Play Count: 1983
Write me a damn sonnet, Brad.
Dudes on hinge need to step up their game if they want to date me when they can leave the house.
Play Count: 991
Mom jerk off encouragement
Go ahead and cum to your mom, you sick fuck. It's not going to give you a complex or anything.
Play Count: 9962
Keep edging for me
This came out... Yandere as fuck
Play Count: 3463
Single sentence
A challenge. Drunk. Bored.
Play Count: 1525
Of course you're alone on valentine's day
Like every other night
Play Count: 1900
I cum to hearing my neighbor watching porn right after I came loudly and realizing he heard my cum noises and started watching porn.
Play Count: 7021
I might do a full audio of this. Findom sacrifice porn.
Play Count: 1677
You'll never experience my piss
You're gross. Femdom bullshit. I miss you guys but I am mostly focusing on my niteflirt account right now.
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Tzimisce- when you care enough to be the very best
Hi /tg/. I will fuck off back to /soc/ now. But I really wanted to say this.
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Wordless schlick
Literally just took a break to cum. I do this before bed, when I wake up in the morning. Before I go swap out my laundry. I might actually be a sex addict. Cool.
Play Count: 3302
Need a schlick? Let me guide you
A script after my own mocking shitposters heart.
Play Count: 1780
South Dakota reminds you- Don't Spit, Swallow.
I think I was supposed to do this in a cute loli voice or an npr voice but it came out as Cecil Baldwin and you're all just going to have to try to jerk to that.
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Burger, fries, and a poke
This sounds like a really good first date. Crazy, bratty, exhibitionist sex with fast food at the end.
Play Count: 2062
gangbang bot
Eh. Why not. I have a dumb fantasy that one day some asshole with lyrebird is going to make an entire line of sex robots with my voice and no one is going to know who I am but it will be millions of people fucking robots that scream like the time I spilled a bottle of lube all over my bed when trying a new buttplug on mars.
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You wanna be my bitch, huh?
Interesting. You could call this "giggly femdom." "soft femdom." "Non ice queen femdom" perhaps.
Play Count: 3329
This is just me insulting a boring shitposter for a minute or so. I just like insulting people a lot. The post was "is there any way for a regular joe like me to get my scripts read without shelling out money, or is it a pipe dream at this point?" Which feels very... manipulative.
Play Count: 1518
Can't go to work because I can't stop cumming
Send help. I can't get out of bed.
Play Count: 5445
20 minutes with a new vibe
It unexpectedly took my old favorite vibrator out back and fucked it to death behind the woodshed. I didn't know it would do that when it started. This is pretty much as vanilla as I get.
Play Count: 3105
Dumb frenzy schlick
I was recording audios and my laptop kept dying and stuff and I just really needed to cum before my roommate got home.
Play Count: 2197
Cosplay Femdom by Vilmon
Hey, this guy just paid me $100 to do this! Also, I seem to have lost track of the number of times I hit him. I THINK it was ten.
Play Count: 2260
Fuck me general public disclaimer
These little legalese copypastas do nothing, by the way.
Play Count: 2609
Public cum obsession
I recorded this yesterday when I was in my car before work. I could have been caught at any time. Sometimes I roll a nat 1 against my cum addiction.
Play Count: 4031
My new shitpost obsession. It's got everything. Racism. Bad sentence structure.
Play Count: 3605
Your cum is gross
Keep your inferior seed away from actual women, okay?
Play Count: 3144
Cersei fucking bullshit Lannister
I can't sleep.
Play Count: 1800
Hypersexual Schlick
One of those days when I just keep getting distracted by my ability to have multiple orgasms. How's your monday going?
Play Count: 2378
OF COURSE I'm cheating on you!
I mean... Look at you? Then look at him. A nerd cuck improv. I'm not sure how convincing I am at this.
Play Count: 4935
There aren't many female spanking fetish things out there that I've seen. And I like slapping anything I can, so I think that's a shame really.
Play Count: 1926
Strict Teacher
It's a porn caption with a picture that looks like that girl from the magicians. Your teacher doesn't give carrots. She just wants the stick.
Play Count: 2849
Nerd Blow
All right... sure. Whatever. I'll stroke your little pencil dick, all right? Just keep your pencil moving on my test so I can go get dicked by some REAL men this weekend.
Play Count: 2615
closeup fuck
The mic... close to my cunt. Picking up soft, wet schlicking fucking sounds.
Play Count: 3084
You can't cum
I like that. I get to cum and you don't. Just because you're that eager to please. A schlick.
Play Count: 2665
mic check
Someone out there bought me... Y'know that mic everybody has? The one named after a color? That one. I think maybe I should have gotten the one without the condenser. I'll be fucking around with it today.
Play Count: 1248
Cum with me
I know. I've got audios to catch up on. But... Just cum with me? You can cum anywhere you want and I'll be any type of slut you want to imagine. This is a silly, semi vanilla disjointed schlick.
Play Count: 2788
Cuck porn caption
Don't freak out. I love you. I just...want to be violently railed by my ex boyfriend a couple times, okay?
Play Count: 6199
Freshman whore
Girls... Don't sell your pussy for just weed. You can definitely get some mdma or something for that.
Play Count: 3979
Van me senpai
You forgot about my straightjacket fetish. You can't thteaten me with a good time.
Play Count: 1467
I'm just going to cum
You can think it's immoral. That's fine. Short.
Play Count: 3726
Herpes bug chaser curious JOI
A girl picks you up on tindr because she knows you have herpes.
Play Count: 2195
...is that a zucchini?
https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c1662f4365f5 Just can someone else watch this and tell me what this russian chick is using to dp herself?
Play Count: 1706
This is a jokey alliterative mess based on captain planet. But I probably would become a member of an evil organization that allowed me to turn men into tentacle monsters. Um. I mostly did this because saying prodigious putrescence is really hard. If you want to send me stuff from old cartoons, send stuff from gargoyles.
Play Count: 1242
Oink Oink little piggy girl!
Lezdom Torture Humilation Zan still slightly hoarse Goddamn I loved this Like half yandere maybe?
Play Count: 3851
My brain on porn
I'm still stuffy. I don't wanna fuck up someone's script. Have a schlick. It's about porn I've watched lately. Um. Just porn. Not any of the creepy gore fetish shit I like. This one is sort of vanilla? But super bisexual.
Play Count: 2637
Someone wanted to know my order at chipotle
I can't tell if they were kidding.
Play Count: 1174
Lillith Invocation
I doubt anyone else is going to enjoy this, but I like saying "purge your streets, oh ye sons of men!" A lot.
Play Count: 1712
I'm sick
I will get to replying to your e-mail or doing your request. But I have a cold.
Play Count: 1344
Post home invasion rape statement
Crying I've never had a big one like that Don't tell my husband I couldn't help it He forced me
Play Count: 7216
2019 schlick
I got drunk and made a list of mostly dumb slutty new year's resolutions. Someone asked me to read it. I didn't get through the whole list. Hitachi magic wand 3, Zantosa 0.
Play Count: 2711
I continue to read other people's shitposts out loud
I'll get back to moaning and writhing for your entertainment now.
Play Count: 1209
New year's chastity teasing
Are you still locked? That's almost sick. Also. Did you know using emoji in the description breaks the site on mobile and you can't upload? Someone maybe should get on that.
Play Count: 1876
Edging and talking about raceplay vs tentacles
Tentacles always win. Why does everyone want me to do raceplay?
Play Count: 2537
Peeing into a cup
This is literally me selecting a cup and then peeing into it. I'm bored. Insert Russel Brand quote about heroin.
Play Count: 1772
Car wash caption
Daddy, you're going to let me throw a pool party for all my friends tonight, right?
Play Count: 4495
Shut up and suck my tits, already!
Play Count: 2684
Don't use the belt
It's short.
Play Count: 1607
Your femdom fetishes won't ruin you

Play Count: 2403
Quick solstice schlick
Baking cookies. Took a break while they were in the oven. Invictus.
Play Count: 1214
Hypnosis script from kind anon
Project monarch is something that scares me. So I like hypno fetish stuff. Slightly unsettling and relaxing, hopefully.
Play Count: 2156
Reply to an fsa post. Why I think boring is the least attractive thing. Dear god, make me feel SOMETHING. Make me feel everything. Give me intensity. Make me cry. Make me giggle for hours. Make me cum til my clit aches. Worry me. Don't bore me. Except with a knife. I'm pretty drunk...
Play Count: 1267
Roofie him and breed him
Remeber Misa Misa? I totally imagined this as misa misa. It's a porn caption.
Play Count: 2929
Make me a mommy with your horse cock
A porn caption Soak my womb
Play Count: 11093
Do you like explosions? (Unhinged giggly valley girl version)
I can't decide which version I like more. You're getting both. I'm a slut for feedback.
Play Count: 2879
Do you like explosions? (Nasty sultry version)
Script that was emailed to me. Always send me the weird, outside of the box fetishes. Yandere as hell Age? Politics? I don't know what to tag this as. It's hot.
Play Count: 3995
Full balls torture
Femdom and denial. For you, anyway. Script plus improv at the end.
Play Count: 4446
Just cum with me before work
A tiny bit femsub. Schlick.
Play Count: 2012
I already did pearling. Here's another extreme penis torture.
Play Count: 1584
Yandere kidnapper gf
Am I unhinged enough for you to love me, senpai?
Play Count: 2848
Late for your appointment
Hello sketcher. God I love public.
Play Count: 1316
I want to be one of Charlie's angels
Play Count: 1048
Gangbang slut identified
Porn caption
Play Count: 3526
Send her your dick! Not me.
Advice for anon on sending a dick pic to a girl who asked him for one. Don't be nervous!
Play Count: 1320
Dust before you lust
Femdom. Clean your room if you want to waste your time.
Play Count: 1258
I fucked up tiktok hit or miss

Play Count: 2003
Genetic inferiority porn
I tried.
Play Count: 1988
I just want like 8 creampies
Please and thank you.
Play Count: 3027
I recognize you!
anon? I haven't seen you in almost a year!
Play Count: 1119
Email me if you want me to try to kill you with sex alone.
Play Count: 1803
Everyone who's fapping to me should go tell Luger he's an asshole after reading this.
Play Count: 1099
Sequel to porn caption
Also I just realized one of these audios is mislabelled. Sorry.
Play Count: 1200
Porn caption- goth girl

Play Count: 2188
Lines to write
Hi, anon!
Play Count: 1145
Lesbian Femdom Monologue I fucking love shit like this Humilation Script I miss chirbit's tag system This is the best mic I have right now. That's part of the reason I haven't been recording much. My laptop died and the new/used one I got doesn't have a mic. This is what it sounds like when I record on my phone.
Play Count: 3102
Stink me up
Someone just asked for this to be read ib a "normal voice."
Play Count: 2418
Put the bottle down...
For anon who wants to quit drinking.
Play Count: 1191
Guy in a girl's body
improv, might suck, sorry.
Play Count: 2166
Bad Boy
Bad boys get punished...
Play Count: 2920
The Pitch
Improv. Short "pretend you are at a slave auction and you're trying to convince someone to buy you."
Play Count: 2402
Mic Check
No words just having an orgasm to see if this works.
Play Count: 1387
I miss tagging chirbits
Play Count: 2125
Blatant Lies.
Play Count: 3187
Panty Wearing Loser
Femdom humilation caption.
Play Count: 2522
GF from beyond the stars
I was bored on my lunch break and I love shit like this.
Play Count: 2008
Fidget Spinner
Shitposting in my car. Autistic lolis.
Play Count: 4382
So you think you have control over your cock?
Femdom JOI from reddit. Oral, titfucking, femdom, mind games, light humilation for silly boys, too many orgasms, I might have missed some numbers, very long
Play Count: 4458
I love being YOUR slut
By Sketcher, who listens and has a nice vocabulary. Femsub, post orgasm slurring, your cock is the perfect one
Play Count: 3637
Panty Check ✔
Yep. They're panties.
Play Count: 3198
Mormon Girlz
[Porn commentary] [edging] [no cum til I do more audios] [the handmaids tale] [sex cult] [zan wants cum] [my new favorite channel] [watch porn with me] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59401a70a1bae This is the video. This is the one I came to before watching-https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph592f01f04c594 I think blasphemy in general might be a fetish of mine.
Play Count: 3523
Someone graciously sent me a hentai after my last audio. I TRIED to do porn commentary of it, but I overthink everything and this turned into me alternately making fun of it and masturbating. This is probably not high quality but maybe someone will enjoy it anyway. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5737aea7a545c
Play Count: 2399
Rambly reverse cuckoldry schlick
I want to fuck other boys and come back and make fun of them with you and tell you how much hotter you are. I have no idea how to find porn of this. The incoherent schlicking ramble.
Play Count: 4572
Looking at Guys by Sketcher
I miss chirbit but I'm not posting regularly enough to keep paying for pro... Hi, Sketcher!
Play Count: 2944