[F4F] Smart Girls Make the Best Stupid Sluts. [Erotic Hypnosis] [Gentle FDom] [Good girl] [Interactive] [Subliminals]
This is a slightly experimental interactive erotic hypnosis file. In it, you the listener, are attending a lesson at Slut School. The title of today's lesson is Smart Girls Make the Best Stupid Sluts. And you, Smart Girl, will need a pen and some sheets of paper, and maybe a mirror. Content description: - The induction and wakener are brief and so the file will work best for those who are experienced and comfortable with trance. The wakener is particularly brief so you should also allow time after listening to fully adjust. - The phrase good girl is used throughout, with no mention of anatomy. - The file contains a suggestion of pleasure associated with using a pen on paper, and a trigger to write at the phrase good girl. Both are cleared at the wakener. - There is encouragement to touch, edge, and be slutty. - There is a layer of sparse, whispered subliminal phrases, which mean that this file has a thematic subtext of mindlessness, brainwashing, edging and denial, and slut encouragement. - It contains no suggestion of connection to me, but does make reference to the listener having a third party owner or controller in the abstract.
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[F4M] Edging Myself for You [edging]
I attempt 5 edges.
Play Count: 6993
[F] Mindless Mantras [mantras] [edging] [brainwashing]
Gently teasing myself to a soft edge and reciting mantras.
Play Count: 3178
[F] I Don't Think and I Don't Cum [mantras] [edging] [brainwashing]

Play Count: 9042
[F4A] Good Girl Improvement Training [Fdom] [edging] [mantras] [orgasm denial]

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[F4A] Three Top Tips for Good Girls [edging] [brainwashing] [mantras] [orgasm denial]

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[F] Rubbing My Mind Away [mantras] [edging] [brainwashing]
30 minutes of me edging and reciting the mantra: Good girls don't think. Good girls obey. Good girls rub their minds away.
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[F4A] Brainwashed Edgeslut [edging] [brainwashing] [mantras]
This is a themed audio file, designed to convince you of the benefits of edging and brainwashing.
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