[F4A] 100-1 Challenge: Hard Mode [1-100-1 technically] [Vibrator]
Extreme Mode coming as soon as I have all my tools together...!
Play Count: 6977
[F4M] Your Personal Assistant [FSub] [Office Sex] [WOW LOUD] [Lots of "Please, Sir"s] [Switchy's Subby Streak]
It's been a frustrating week for both of us, Boss.
Play Count: 12719
[F4F] Please Mistress [by /u/tarkustrooper] [FSub] [Begging] [SO MUCH BEGGING] [Switchy's Subby Streak]
Today's word is "Nectariferous."
Play Count: 2938
[F4A] Did I Just Say That Out Loud? [Dirty Talk] [Sorta...]
I suffer from Foot In Mouth Syndrome, in case you couldn't tell.
Play Count: 1871
[F4M] Dear Diary [Script by /u/TatterJack] [FSub] [I've been dying to do a TatterJack script!]
Play Count: 1474
[F4F] The Voicemail Strikes Again! [by /u/Kastyairis] [Dirty Talk] [Oral]
That voicemail's a bitch.
Play Count: 1674
[F4M] The Voicemail Strikes Again! [by /u/Kastyairis] [Dirty Talk] [Oral]
Maybe I should've just sent a text...
Play Count: 1945
[F4A] 100-1 Challenge: Easy Mode [I can only focus on one thing at a time apparently... And this time it was numbers] [Hopefully not boring] [Mast] [Vibrator]
I do have a few ideas for a more challenging 100-1 for myself...
Play Count: 1692
[F4A] Switching [by /u/yourlilslut] [Switching] [... Obviously] [FDom] [FSub] [Power Struggle] [Fight Me!]
Switchy lives up to her name!
Play Count: 2830
[F4A] Please Punish Me [by /u/Iwillinstructyou] [FSub]
Play Count: 1941
[F4M] Focus [by /u/808Seduction] [Moaning and Teasing]
"Distracting" is my middle name, you know.
Play Count: 1640
[F4F] Dark Blade [by /u/Iwillinstructyou] [Knifeplay] [Bondage] [FDom]
[Insert nerdy comment about dragonglass blades here]
Play Count: 1787
[F4A] Quiet Time [Mast.] [I tried REALLY hard to be quiet, I swear!] [Lots of Whimpers and Other Squeaky Noises]
Apparently the only thing I am capable of saying when I come that hard, that fast, that many times is "Oh my God" and "Fuck!"
Play Count: 3383
[F4A] A Quick Schlick Before Work [Short] [I Wasn't Expecting To Cum That Quickly...]
I think this might be the fastest I have ever cum.
Play Count: 2746
[F4A] Brat [by /u/playfullittleone] [Erotic Poetry] [More Subby Switchy!]
I'm a Sweet Domme, but a Bratty Sub!
Play Count: 1328
[F4A] Switchy's Answers _Miss_'s "Questions for Women"! [The True Mysteries Revealed!] [Find Out What Switchy Has Tried To Fuck!] [Hear Her Try To Describe What An Orgasm Feels Like!]
I think my description of what an orgasm feels like is pretty accurate, if you ask me!
Play Count: 1702
[F4M] Just Watch Me [by /u/Iwillinstructyou] [Erotic Poetry] [Switchy is kind of quiet for once!]
For once, I might advise turning UP your volume!
Play Count: 1159
[F4A] At Your Mercy [by /u/tarkustrooper] [Erotic Poetry] [Bondage] [FSub] [Switching... Sort Of]
At your mercy... For now.
Play Count: 1375
[F4F] Forbidden Fruit [by /u/ tarkustrooper] [Erotic Poem] [Tribbing] [Lust]
Forbidden Fruit... The most delicious kind.
Play Count: 1629
[F4A] The Breast Preference Test! [A companion piece to the Penis Preference Test] [Yay Boobs!]
Hooray! Boobies!
Play Count: 1708
[F4A] /u/_Miss_'s "Get Off While Listing What Gets You Going" Challenge Thing! [Very long! About 25 min.] [It's all about the build-up, right?]
/u/_Miss_ has some great ideas...
Play Count: 1936
[F4A] Your Button-Up Shirt [Erotic Poem] [by NeutralFirefly]
Cute girls in oversized dress shirts, yay!
Play Count: 1275
[F4A] I Fucked Up and I'm Sorry... I Want You Back [lust] [longing] [dirty talk]
I know I'm probably the last person you want to hear from, but I miss you...
Play Count: 2168
[F4A] The Beauty of Bluetooth [Using and Abusing Technology] [Discreet Phone Sex]
Isn't technology amazing!
Play Count: 1822
[F4A] Baitandswitchy's First DP Orgasm [DP] [LOUD Orgasms!]
Remember when I said I was a screamer? Well, don't say I never warned you...
Play Count: 4496
[F4A] The Penis Preference Test
I am way too small of a human being to handle these humongous dicks...
Play Count: 2230
[F4M] Good Morning, Prince Charming! [Morning sex] [lite femdom] [lite bondage] [mutual mast.] [facesitting]
You awaken your Sleeping Beauty with a kiss this morning, but she's looking for something a little less chaste...
Play Count: 6730
[F4A] I've been thinking about the sounds you make... [Improv] [I want you to cum for me]
Right, so here's the first long one! First improv too. Hope you enjoy!
Play Count: 1868
[F4A] Thanks for the warm welcome GWA! [Moaning] [lots and lots of breathy moaning] [I never realized how breathy I moaned until now] [loud orgasms] [whoops, I'm a screamer; what can I say?]

Play Count: 3823
Verification for baitandswitchy

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