A request
Daddy, I want to be your dirty slut. I need to be your fucktoy. Put your hand around my throat and use me. Push me until I cum, and don't stop. Don't stop until you are ready, ready for me to swallow every last drop as I taste myself on you. Would that please you daddy?
Play Count: 736
Good girl
"Good girl" you say with a smile as you look down on my kneeling form. My thighs press together, and what was slick is now soaked. One phrase ignites my body. I sit waiting, watching and aching for you. When you are ready, you smile down again at me. "Come here my little slut."
Play Count: 577
Impromptu sharing...
Play Count: 1118
Favorite flavor... Honestly could talk a lot about this.
Play Count: 1599
Favorite toy line. Ooooo, and now I have a headset with a mic!
Play Count: 891
It was after midnight...
...but not what I was expecting
Play Count: 925
For Diana
Come here Diana
Play Count: 952
Eat my pussy w/moan
Satyr was having fun with me during this recording
Play Count: 1215
Dream poem
I'm sorry if I need up a little
Play Count: 818
Nipple tats
How did it feel?
Play Count: 886
Eat my pussy
Please daddy?
Play Count: 1457
What celebrity gangbang
Play Count: 2194
3 toys
What 3 toys would you choose if you could only have those 3 ever?
Play Count: 840
Ass Licked
Do you like getting your ass licked?
Play Count: 1154
Bow to daddy
Bow to daddy Yes daddy
Play Count: 1079
Team Rocket
Team rocket motto
Play Count: 894
Cum on me
Play Count: 1143
The last story
The last sorry I read was on followthetentacle
Play Count: 827
The Lusty Argonian Maid
Vol. 1
Play Count: 1138
Rev up Harley
Come over and Rev up your Harley, mistah J
Play Count: 943
Last time you had anal

Play Count: 916
But Plug
What do you love about butt plugs?
Play Count: 949
A small taste of moaning...
Play Count: 1052
Please daddy
Please daddy, I'll be a good girl. I promise.
Play Count: 1131
Your ass is mine
I'm on my way home
Play Count: 1081
Submitted by a talented follower
Play Count: 1112
In me
Fuck, I need you in me right now.
Play Count: 996
A fluffy question; What is the longest amount of time you've spent snuggling?
Play Count: 857
Thank you sir
A simple sentence; "Thank you, Sir"
Play Count: 855
What kind of tentacle
What kind of tentacle is the best kind of tentacle for fucking?
Play Count: 998
Dressing up
Do you dress up for sex at all, or is it just more fun to be completely naked?
Play Count: 965
Maid outfit
What do you think oooof.. Maid outfits?
Play Count: 1093
The one recurring question...
Play Count: 1115
What do you think of cumswapping? Nice and sloppy kisses..
Play Count: 1336
High Noon
"It's high noon!" Because of reasons! Important reasons!
Play Count: 859
Peg Your Ass
Audio request, eyyyy! What about "I'm going to peg your ass, sweetheart", because I'm weak for that quality content
Play Count: 1347
35, 39, 60
35, 39, 60
Play Count: 859
If possible I would love to hear you while you play with yourself. You have such a beautiful and alluring voice and can only imagine how sweet your lovely moans can sound. :)
Play Count: 958
To what dedication would you show your daddy/master your devotion.... Example... Permanent coller, branding, tattoo, body piecing or scaring?
Play Count: 915
What is the dirtest thing you have done and would you do it again?
Play Count: 1047
The golden idol
A brief story about our favorite wench Dhaoine.
Play Count: 1180
For Piggy
Play Count: 1114
Do I turn you on?
Play Count: 532
A little trip in my twisted mind
Play Count: 664
A detailed list of kinks.
Play Count: 733
Had a follower request for NightVale...
Play Count: 624
Monster Fantasy
The monster under my bed gets it moment to shine. As I lay there asleep, tendrils come up from under neath. They are surrounding me and wrapping around my wrists and ankles. More explore my naked flesh, because I hardly sleep with clothing on, I awake to the tip of a tentacle circling my clit. The secretion it’s lubricating me with is a strong aphrodisiac. Any thoughts of fighting it escapes my mind while a thick haze of ecstasy takes control…
Play Count: 3470
We know you're in a committed relationship...but, would you ever meet up with one of your followers? What if they needed a real old fashioned pegging?
Play Count: 989
Turned on
How do you feel about some stranger getting turned on looking at you then getting off while listing after you
Play Count: 625
What kills the mood quickly for you? What food for you like to use in a session? Did you like Farscape? I think there should be a vibrator sonic screwdriver how bad would you want one?
Play Count: 567
Hi long time listener first time caller. What was your first experience that lead you yo the realisation that vanilla sex isn't enough for you?
Play Count: 648
Clearly you like it rough, but how rough is too rough? Where does the perfect amount of roughness lie?
Play Count: 694
What's your biggest kink, and why?
Play Count: 682
Hope I'm not too late for audio requests! I've got a couple. Clearly you're all tatted up, how do you feel about body mods on your partner(s)?
Play Count: 679
Care Bear
Could you recite the care bear theme song in the sexiest, most seductive voice possible?
Play Count: 490
A breathy, needy request to be spanked! And possibly fucked afterwards, your choice.
Play Count: 792
Read us a paragraph from your favorite dirty story or fic?
Play Count: 511
Audio request - do you like anal? If so what's your favorite part about it? Do you have any toys for it?
Play Count: 850
For my dirty boy Kiss kiss
Play Count: 731
A new hentai app...
Play Count: 1070
How would you like Mister to handle you?
Play Count: 549
Favorite lovecraftian creature/god?
Play Count: 508
Do you play RPG? What type of Character do you tend to play?
Play Count: 625
So Mal means bad, when was the last time I was bad?
Play Count: 543
What is the last fantasy I masturbated to?
Play Count: 604
Have I ever fantasized about giving or receiving a golden shower?
Play Count: 635
For anon
Play Count: 744
Good boy
For Mal
Play Count: 620
Pirate Whore
I am a dirty pirate whore who loves to straddle young strong men and ride their powerful oars until my body is trembling like the very waves of the sea. I want my body to be shot with cannonball cum, salting my body with their creamy goodness until I hot with need. I want to be fucked and plowed until my bones can not hold me any longer. I want to be a dirty pirate whore~
Play Count: 1005
Computer or personal troubles?
Play Count: 633
2am fix
Unabashedlyunashamed recorded this for my story. He did a VERY good job. I mean really.
Play Count: 633
A passage from Kushiel
Play Count: 603
Giving Head
Do you enjoy giving head? Why?
Play Count: 843
Do you prefer clitoral or internal/g-spot stimulation when masturbating? When with a partner?
Play Count: 651
Porn to read
What is your favorite kind of porn to read?
Play Count: 638
How a normal night goes...
Play Count: 718
Audio Request2
I'm a naughty little painslut and need to be punished, sir.
Play Count: 591
Audio Request
Audio Request by an anon.
Play Count: 653
Need More
It crept up on her as she struggled to get away. Her cries made it wetter, hungrier. It craved her body, needing her essence. Tendrils restrained her. Its lust growing as it slithered up her body. “Please… oh… let me go…” The tip of the tentacle slowly inched itself inside her. Filling her, feeling her pussy tighten with each movement of struggle. She whimpered when it filled her and pressed farther in. A gasp as it teased her tight entrance. Its lubrication forcing her body to be aroused, to want it. Soon she begged for it. “Please… I need more…”
Play Count: 811
Her Pleasure
The taste of her juices that coat the strapon between her lips and the feel of vinyl against her skin excited her. One mistress spanked and fucked her ass. Pounding relentlessly, as the tight hole accepted her mistress’s attention. The other fucking her lips after just pulling out from her pussy. Restrained, not able to have free movement was the final pull into the haze. She needed her mistresses, need them to use her, and wanted to please them. That was her pleasure.
Play Count: 692
What appeals to you about pain during/associated with sex?
Play Count: 1011
What can always make you smile?
Play Count: 760
Talk dirty Baby
What kind of dirty talk or sounds do you like to hear from your partner?
Play Count: 879
Nipple Play
audio: nipple play?
Play Count: 1441
Use Me
A short dialog caption. We couldn’t even wait to get inside. Next thing I know you push me over the porch railing and give my ass a slap...
Play Count: 794
My attempt at dialog.
Play Count: 708
It Knew
The mass of tendrils moved over her body. Her skin coated in the lubricant that second as an aphrodisiac. Just the touch alone aroused her. No longer able to cry out, because her voice was hoarse from the first of many orgasms. Its tentacles assaulting her pussy and ass, both matching a strong rhythm. One restrains her head and fucks her mouth, stretching its length down her throat. Slick hands pawing and pinching at her breasts. Ecstasy a constant flow, her body suffering wave after wave of the ongoing climax. It fed off her orgasm, making what was hers its own. The need for it grew stronger. She wanted it harder, faster and her body ached for more. Wanting it to possess her in every sense and own her. Be her master, tormentor, lover. It knew, and complied.
Play Count: 2368
Mizhak Ruv
Mizhak Ruv
Play Count: 567
Ask #12
Play Count: 609
Sometimes its best
Play Count: 729
Something happened, I had to leave. Bye.
Play Count: 761
Voice challenge 2,14,15,18 from DemonWeasel
Play Count: 602
Prince of Ebon Rih
Dreams Made Flesh, Prince of Ebon Rih By Anne Bishop
Play Count: 609
Babysitting for The Jone's
I read my story about a babysitter and her employers.
Play Count: 1671
My inspiration
Where do I get my inspiration?
Play Count: 590
Why do I like Firefly?
Play Count: 795
Mr. Bear 2
The extended version.. and effects!
Play Count: 644
A giggly poetry reading
Play Count: 663
Swasbuckling ties ;)
Play Count: 807
For my lurker, or as I call him, my creeper. ;)
Play Count: 806
Answering a couple of questions from DemonWeasel
Play Count: 635
Mr. Bear
Sing a little lullaby for Mr. Bear
Play Count: 693
Soft Kitty
A little lullaby
Play Count: 692
The Captains Wife Lament
I sing... again. Paul&Storms The Captains Wife Lament
Play Count: 639
My trip to detention... had me all hot and bothered. Again.
Play Count: 1907
Eldritch Thoughts
A small outing takes an unexpected turn...
Play Count: 1627
Play Count: 647
Dirty Talk
What do I like to hear or say?
Play Count: 929
Anon Dom?
What do I look for in a dom?
Play Count: 785
What do I like about pegging?
Play Count: 832
Favorite Position
Thank you Anon!
Play Count: 664
Answering: Kinkiest place I've fucked.
Play Count: 665
The Sheep Song
Gypsy singing the Sheep Song.
Play Count: 705
Booty Bound
A story about being caught, bound, and used by a Pirate Captain.
Play Count: 1552
A question from Mal-Luck
Play Count: 682
AFK Story
Reading my bar story
Play Count: 786