[F4M] An Innocent Car Ride to the Lake [conflicted conscience][friends to lovers][car ride][sleep sex][noncon][creampie]
An over packed car trip to the lake on the hottest day of summer... I'm going to have to sit in your lap because there's just no room...
Play Count: 6222
[MF] Teasing Milli
affectionate taunting because we really just want to sandwich Milli and do all kinds of slutty things.
Play Count: 1090
[MF] the highlight reel [D/s][flogging][spanking][hitachi][forced orgasm][way too loud]
Play time between myself and someone who is between names. If you recognise the other person, please don't use their old name.
Play Count: 1334
[MF]For her [spankings][floggings][giggles][orgasm] and a little [DD/lg]

Play Count: 624
[FM] Introductory beatings with /u/BrazenFellow [flogging][paddle][giggles][banter][evenmorewiggles]
lightly edited session with /u/BrazenFellow while I was on holiday!
Play Count: 1773
[MF]Unsponsored Content feat. /u/brazenfellow [bdsm][giggles][knifeplay][flogging][paddle][evenmorebruising]
Brat's vacation adventures! not actually sponsored by LeatherBeaten and Varusteleka, but damn they sell lovely things.
Play Count: 1457
[F4F] Ruined surprises [GFE][paddling][breast play/worship][titfucking][strapon][giggles]
Summer nights Secret santa for /u/TarkusTrooper
Play Count: 3876
[F4M] Kidnapping Adonis [not a true story] [kidnapping][rape][yandere][drugging][bondage][muscle worship][wrestler][oral][creampie]

Play Count: 8040
[F4M] the laundromat [laundry day][vanilla][vibrations][fucking]

Play Count: 2510
[F4M] Intruder in the Sacred Temple [scriptfill for /u/so_sweet_like_anise][fearplay][gargoyle][rape][fdom][riding][really rough][grating][chasing][sadism][magic][fantasy][forced orgasm][CBT] threats of [snuff]and[vore]
Sound effects include: "Axe Drop 1 Front.wav" by Starvolt http://www.freesound.org/people/Starvolt/sounds/189218/ "Sword Draw Slow.wav" by millonlazaruspillay http://www.freesound.org/people/millonlazaruspillay/sounds/366245/ "body falling down" by hintringer http://www.freesound.org/people/hintringer/sounds/250033/ "BirdFlap1.wav" by AgentDD http://www.freesound.org/people/AgentDD/sounds/246225/ "running on concrete.aif" by MAJ061785 http://www.freesound.org/people/MAJ061785/sounds/85560/ "cloth_ripping.wav" by reg7783 http://www.freesound.org/people/reg7783/sounds/133440/ "stone_on_stone.aif" by thanvannispen http://www.freesound.org/people/thanvannispen/sounds/29986/ "Brick on soil.wav" by Adam_N http://www.freesound.org/people/Adam_N/sounds/325268/ "Footsteps, Concrete, A.wav" by InspectorJ http://www.freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/336598/
Play Count: 8317
[F4F] Vanilla tumbles [GFE][spooning][kisses][SE/SI][L-bombs][fingering][a little choking/breathplay][otherwise pretty vanilla][for /u/frantictumble]

Play Count: 4180
[F4M] hair growth formula gone... wrong? [cauldron stirring][hints of CrazyBrat][switch][Polar Bear Costume][60s Porn Star Bush][Beard Trimming Fetish][science magic]

Play Count: 1688
[F4M] Cuddles and spooning [cuddles][kisses][vanilla][just cuddles, that's it][maybe some inside cuddles too]

Play Count: 16610
[F4M] A pirate's prisoner [tag challenge][Pirate][chastity belt][How many licks does it take?][prisoner] also [oral][crazybrat][threats][rape]

Play Count: 4384
[F4A]Tag challenge part 1 [public][Tim Horton's][creampiedeny][anal][science magic]
from https://www.reddit.com/r/GonewildAudible/comments/5ztui7/challenge_tags_tags_and_more_tags/
Play Count: 1703
[F4A]Cookie's dumb questions [Brat's dumb rambles]
from https://www.reddit.com/r/GWABackstage/comments/60c19m/cookies_dumb_questions_ramble_audio_with_a/
Play Count: 1267
[F4M] a follow up tutor session [inspired by /u/notwhorosethinks][spanks][oral][mild self degradation/humiliation][2nd punishment]

Play Count: 3476
[F4M] a follow-up tutor session
a quick response to /u/notwhorosethinks in https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/5uh9dx/m4f_the_math_tutor_scriptfill_for_ubelle_in_the/
Play Count: 2308
[F4M] I need you to take care of my needs [Fdom][yandere series][chastity][hints of CBT][strap-on][pet][l-bombs][good boy]

Play Count: 10283
[F4F][sweetcret santa][wet sounds][body appreciation][bathing][threats][a little yandere][SI]

Play Count: 1928
[F4M] Back in the Squared Circle locker room [BJ][fangirl][cock worship][hold the moan][fuck me right now][I promise nobody will hear us][oops, forgot you are in a tag team]
Inspired by reality and my hyperactive imagination <3
Play Count: 6855
[F4M]Backstage at the most magical place on Earth[Minnie][tights][footjob]

Play Count: 3697
[F4M]Squared circle locker room[muscle worship][fangirl][blowjob][giggles]

Play Count: 5965
CYOA in Space! starting audio
To power Shields go to https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/CYOA-in-Space-12 To power thrusters go to https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/CYOA-in-Space-23 To power Phasers go to https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/CYOA-in-Space-10
Play Count: 15535
[F4A] More Storytime with Brat! [Two day adventure][rollercoaster weekend][FML][so worth it][can't wait for April]
realsex audio is here: https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/FM-Round-1-Brat-vs-Adoniswin-by-exhaustiondied-so-many-timesrealsex
Play Count: 1980
[F4M] Special payment for special cuddles [DD/lg][cuddles][giggles][anal][secret santa for /u/Ernie55555]

Play Count: 7888
[FM] Round 1 [Brat vs Adonis][win by exhaustion][died so many times][realsex]

Play Count: 3358
[F4A] Story time with Brat! [the Wednesday edition][hook-up recap][holyfuck guys I do not do justice in this audio to the ADONIS that I got to bang]
the tuesday edition: https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4A-Story-time-with-Brat-hookup-recapteamspeak-gangbangathlete
Play Count: 2252
[F4M] With someone that loves me [DD/lg][incest][age][or not][fingering][blowjob][first time][sweet][Secret Santa for /u/misterpersuader]

Play Count: 6861
[F4A] Story time with Brat! [hookup recap][teamspeak gangbang][athlete]

Play Count: 2726
[F4M] I guess you have to stay with me now... [yandere][crazybrat][chastity cage][bj]

Play Count: 7569
[F4M] I don't think this is working out... [crazybrat][yandere][CBT][chastity]

Play Count: 9023
[F4M] If you behave... [CrazyBrat][part 3 of ?][bondage][rape][handjob][BJ][denial][punishement][knifeplay][blood][scarification][giggles][pizza]
Part 1 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4M-A-little-tied-up-bondagesurprises Part 2 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4M-Your-new-room-kidnappingyandereknifeplaybloodrapeblowjobbondage
Play Count: 6140
[F4A] Please download the latest patch [Robobrat][playing with settings][MD/lb][DD/lg][bimbo][sexoverdrive]

Play Count: 3552
[F4M] Your new room [kidnapping][yandere][knifeplay][blood][rape][blowjob][bondage]

Play Count: 15951
[F4M] A little tied up [bondage][surprises]

Play Count: 20227
[F]ucking that girl- written by /u/bathometer
Play Count: 1619
[F]uck our sluts- written by /u/dirtythings_dpp
Play Count: 1859
[FM] Taking care of kitten [DD/lg] [SE] [Mutual fap] [Phone sex] response to /u/notwhorosethinks
original audio at https://redd.it/5lkn8t
Play Count: 2070
[F4M]response to /u/notwhorosethinks Taking Care of Kitten

Play Count: 1445
[F4M][Request fill] Another apology BJ for /u/Lapinceau [ExGF][BJ][poly][Maybe not an Ex?]
request here: https://redd.it/5i2hao
Play Count: 5580
[F4F] [Request fill] Come here, I know what you need [GFE][mild fdom][oral][affirmation][comfort]

Play Count: 5298
[F4A] HFO... for me [ramble... no fap?][talk of oral, fingering][help me get off]

Play Count: 3402
[F4A]Story time![hook-up recap][ballbusting][foot worship][ass worship][real stories][Brat is still sexdrunk]

Play Count: 5540
[F4A] No story, just crying [make your own adventure!][8.5ish minutes of crying][gagging][BJ?][rape][maybe?][begging?]

Play Count: 7818
[F4M] You Finally Got the Guts to Ask Me Out... [GFE][First time][blowjob][oral][anilingus][ball sucking][condom use][cuddles]

Play Count: 9062
[F4M]Your robot companion takes the initiative [Robobrat][futa][rape][new attachments][you haven't used ALL my functions yet]

Play Count: 25596
[F4M] Ball massage [post date][ball massage][talk of CBT][ball sucking][l-bombs]
a bit of a follow up audio to https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MFancy-dinner-with-me-ballbustingball-crushingpublicromantic-dinnerfeetrelaxing
Play Count: 15241
Choose Your Own Adventure Opening Audio
To navigate the story you can type in https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Audio-# where # is the number (1, 2,... 17) of the choice you select at the end of the audio. Or use the links in the post.
Play Count: 63599
[FF4M]Are you my christmas present?[bratsub][bratdomme][fsub][fdom][bj][spanking][facesitting][riding your cock][orgasm denial][begging][forced orgasm][whimpers][objectification][cuddles][hints of aftercare]

Play Count: 14393
[F4M]A Series of Firsts Part 4 [first time][virgin worship][oral][humor][fucking][cuddles]
Part 4 of a 4 part series Part 3 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-Series-of-Firsts-part-3GFEanalpegginggigglefitsvirgin-worshipl-bombs Part 2 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-Series-of-Firsts-part-2-breastplayoralfingeringteaching-a-virginvirgin-worshipGFEblowjob Part 1 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-series-of-firsts-part-1Handjobl-bombsvirgin-worshipGFE
Play Count: 4092
[F4M]A Series of Firsts part 3[GFE][anal][pegging][gigglefits][virgin worship][l-bombs]
Part 3 of a 4 part series Part 2 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-Series-of-Firsts-part-2-breastplayoralfingeringteaching-a-virginvirgin-worshipGFEblowjob Part 1 https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-series-of-firsts-part-1Handjobl-bombsvirgin-worshipGFE
Play Count: 6000
[F4M]A Series of Firsts part 2 [breastplay][oral][fingering][teaching a virgin][virgin worship][GFE][blowjob]
Part 2 of a 4 part series Part 1 is here: https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MA-series-of-firsts-part-1Handjobl-bombsvirgin-worshipGFE
Play Count: 6669
[F4M]A series of firsts part 1[Handjob][l-bombs][virgin worship][GFE]
the first of a four part series
Play Count: 11096
Huron Carol

Play Count: 1379
[F4M]These heels are killing me, Come give me a foot rub[footworship][footjob][JOI/JOE][heels][stockings]

Play Count: 7872
[F4M] Warming up Daddy [cuddles][oral][Brat in charge][caretaking][giggles]

Play Count: 7265
[F4A] Bible Thumping [spanking][penance][sacrilicious][bible study with Father Brazen][reading]
So, one night while brat was lonely in a hotel room with nothing to do, it was suggested (by Father Brazen) that she look to see if there was a bible. Brat found the bible and found it to be a very satisfying book (she spanked herself with it). She then decided to take it home. Overcome with guilt (or something) Brat decided to make penance by spanking herself in accordance with the biblical references to theft... This audio includes the spanks as well as readings of each passage
Play Count: 2275
[F4A] Bible Thumping [spanking][penance][sacrilicious][bible study with Father Brazen][
So, one night while brat was lonely in a hotel room with nothing to do, it was suggested (by Father Brazen) that she look to see if there was a bible. Brat found the bible and found it to be a very satisfying book (she spanked herself with it). She then decided to take it home. Overcome with guilt (or something) Brat decided to make penance by spanking herself in accordance with the biblical references to theft... this is the spank track only.
Play Count: 1436
[F4A] Your words [poetry?][aural worship][meta][body worshipped]

Play Count: 1470
[FF4A] brat on brat [bratdomme][bratsub][cuddles][oral][bj][share][spanking][pegging][begging][ruined orgasm][punishment]

Play Count: 9090
[F4M]Play with my hair[caretaking][hairwashing][loving][hairpulling][D/s][begging][toneshift]

Play Count: 3212
[F4A] a little help?[caretaking][hair washing][combing][l-bombs][broken wrist]

Play Count: 2535
[F4M]Fancy dinner with me [ballbusting][ball crushing][public][romantic dinner][feet][relaxing]
Background music from http://www.orangefreesounds.com/ Song: Prelude in e minor Composer: Frederic Chopin Licence: The song is permitted for commercial use under license "Public Domain"
Play Count: 8099
[F4A] Eat me... [growing brat][size difference][oral][fisting?][moans][cuddles]

Play Count: 4667
[F4M]Let's go out tonight [GFE][crossdressing][muscle worship?][handjob]

Play Count: 7435
[F4M] In a public place [that's where it starts][ball busting][foot worship]

Play Count: 6227
[F4M] [script fill] Virgin flavour [script by /u/zenadillo] [Tomboy] [Sweet] [Male Virgin Worship] [Confidence Boost]
Play Count: 13335
[F4M][scriptfill]You Bet your balls (and lost) [ballbusting][teasing][script by /u/TehBadWriter

Play Count: 13107
[F4M] [script fill] Friday Night Fun [ballbusting][footworship]

Play Count: 3050
[F4M] [script fill] Friday Night Fun [ballbusting][oral]

Play Count: 6308
[F4M]Urgent booty call[vanilla][desperation][giggles][L-bombs][playful][teasing][kissing][BJ]

Play Count: 5593
[F4M] I saw it on the internet [GFE][virginity][first time][nearly caught][implied alcohol use]
We've been dating "forever" very sheltered and innocent, but I found this website....
Play Count: 2857
[F4M]Got you by the balls[Ballbusting][kicking][kneeing][squeezing][kisses][SO MUCH GIGGLING]

Play Count: 14072
[F4M] Drink me... [shrinking brat][size difference][quickie]

Play Count: 7681
[F4M]My feet, your balls [ballbusting][Ball kicking][CBT]
Brat tries ball busting
Play Count: 17969
[F4A]very simple instructions[Bratdomme][lazydomme][exhausteddomme][get creative]

Play Count: 2768
[F4M]JO game[moans][encouragement][gentle femdom]
I don't even know what I'm doing
Play Count: 6651
[F4M]Bad day cuddles [good boy, bad day][a little DM/lb][cuddles]

Play Count: 3745
[F4M]Bratdomme strikes again! [JOI][giggles][gentleDomme][teasing][countdown]
not sure if this is JOI or JOE. either way, hope you enjoy!
Play Count: 5480
[F4A]Quickie[just whimpers and moans]
just a quick schlick
Play Count: 2098
hair trigger [short][oral][moans][whimpers]

Play Count: 1428
[MF] Nobody wants to hear an audio of that [sexytimes][begging][l-bombs]
/u/evenmorelike fucking me.
Play Count: 9747

Play Count: 1542
[MF] Brat spanks...and stuff [flyswatter][baton][belt][cane][flogger][paddle][hitachi]
a series of spankings with some added hitachi at the end <3
Play Count: 2321
dirtyditty (roughdraft)
got the idea for making dirty Christmas carols, one thing led to another...
Play Count: 1430
[FM4A]gigglefucks[hitachi][bad pillowtalk][evenmoregoofy]
Play Count: 2074
[F4M]cuddles in an easy chair[DD/lg][L-bombs][oral][Brat in charge!]

Play Count: 5465
[FM]Slushie break [hitachi][howler monkey][gigglecums][evenmoreDomming]
The parts where it sounds like I'm talking to someone are because I was on Teamspeak.
Play Count: 1704
[f4A]This or That[mast][hitachi]
from https://redd.it/3j9bg5
Play Count: 1792
[F4A]Radio announcers Challenge[challenge][mast][hitachi][edging][silliness]
radio announcer challenge. super secret script
Play Count: 1781
[FM]New toy half spankathon [canes and crops and paddles, oh my]
New toy tryout 1st was a jackboot paddle, then a studded crop, then a delrin cane, and finally a liquid cane
Play Count: 1780
[F4All] Frustrated brat ranting and acting out[mast][D/s][DD/lg][whimpers][maybe a little meta][I've missed you so]
Brat is FED UP of no time, no cuddles, no spankings...
Play Count: 2930
[F4A]kiss my forehead better[short][cuddles][klutzBrat][yawns][l-bomb]

Play Count: 1940
[F4A]cuddles[yawning][comfy noises]
yeah, just cuddles
Play Count: 2064
[F4M]Daddy's home! part 2 [DD/lg][no age][spanks][anal][begging][L-bombs]
bratty girls get what they deserve?
Play Count: 3476
[F4M]Daddy's home![DD/lg][oral][l-bomb]
welcoming Daddy home from work
Play Count: 5966
I have no idea what I'm doing
Play Count: 2742
[f4a]Testing the waters[can brat be a domme?]

Play Count: 2032
[FM]Steamed Brat with a side of Lemon [Response][Fsub][f-bombs]
/u/suplexLemon made http://redd.it/37n90y and I listened to it and made https://soundgasm.net/u/evenmorelikesBrat/F4MreactionA-good-girl-for-a-mean-Lemon And now I've mixed them together!
Play Count: 2209
yeah, that's pretty much it
Play Count: 1538
Have I ever?
response to http://redd.it/37ofg9
Play Count: 1557
[F4M]Study Break![oral][giggles][blowjob sounds]
need a quick study break?
Play Count: 4953
hal[f] of a skype spanking [spanks][giggles][evenmorepunishment]

Play Count: 1724

Play Count: 1469
[f4m]quickie before bed [DD/lg][no age][begging][orgasm][oral][really quick]
just needed something before bed
Play Count: 4912
[f]Office sex[storytime]

Play Count: 1835
[f]noise violation[storytime]

Play Count: 1588
[f]Nerd Booty[storytime]

Play Count: 1840
a little story/memory
Play Count: 1847
[F4A]Stolen Moment[mast][quickie][lonely][begging][orgasm]
just a little "me time" that I wish had been "us time"
Play Count: 2317
[mf4a]Post Exam Stress relief[hitachi][orgasm][begging][cuddles][kisses][evenmoreFUCKME]
/u/evenmorelike and I get reacquainted with the hitachi... holyfuck
Play Count: 3484
[F4M]my dear friend[appreciation][oral][short and sweet]
Just wanted to show my appreciation for someone who has been really awesome. Just wish I could do more
Play Count: 2285
[FM4A]Come listen in ;) [sexytimes][nerdy talk][sweet talk][bedsqueaks][cuddles][growls][oral][orgasm][humour][not scripted][1hour+]
/u/evenmorelike decided to fuck my brains out, do you think he succeeded?
Play Count: 5461
[FM4M]Spanks for Daddy[spanks][mic problems][crying?][giggles]
50 spanks ordered by daddy for something I didn't even do (but I guess I was partly responsible for) delivered by The Corporal
Play Count: 2069
[F4A]Chubby Bunny challenge![spanks or orgasm?][humour][talking with my mouth full][giggles]
challenge info is here: http://redd.it/2yc3zj I used Kraft Jet-puffed original marshmallows in case anyone is wondering :P
Play Count: 1755
[F4M]May I go out tonight?[cuckold][oral][l-bomb]
asking permission for a night out with a bull. Brief description of the last time.
Play Count: 8826
500 spanks
In celebration of tracking my 2000th spank today /u/evenmorelike decided to give me 500 more! <3
Play Count: 2002
[mf4a]double time sexytimes in half time [so normal time][evenmorespontaneity]
the audio below, but in normal time with a little cleaning
Play Count: 11708
[mf4a]double time sexytimes!
just your average sexytimes, sped up :P because it was funny
Play Count: 1701
[FM4A] count the cums! [hitachi][orgasms][giggles][evenmoreadorable]
I decided to cum a lot and totally lost count. evenmorelike tried to help with the counting and sometimes helped with the cumming
Play Count: 2829
[FM4A]edging and release [hitachi][edging][sexytimes][orgasm control][orgasm][evenmoreadorableness]
some minutes of edging to fill a challenge, then some sexytimes with evenmorelike for release
Play Count: 4012
[F4A]awkward adventures with a shower massage[awkward rambles][shower][mast][orgasm][water feelsgoood]
I think the tags say it all :P
Play Count: 3357
[F4A]Whispered Words[mast][orgasm][distance][l-bombs][missing someone][quiet]
/u/evenmoreBrat is stuck on the family farm away from /u/evenmorelike and it SUCKS. Being across the hall from family means needing to be quiet, but Brat has needs...
Play Count: 3381
[F4A]Stealth Schlick [mast][quiet][quick][very quiet][orgasm][sleepy]
/u/evenmoreBrat is stuck on the family farm and has to be very very quiet...
Play Count: 3107
[F4A] Sneaky Schlick [mast][quiet][quick][very quiet][orgasm]
/u/evenmoreBrat is stuck at her parent's this week. So it's all about being quiet while getting off
Play Count: 3532
[F4A] Listen! by /u/tarkustrooper[script-Fill][erotic poetry][submissive][wanting][demanding]
Listen! by /u/tarkustrooper- http://pastebin.com/VihuNYVs
Play Count: 1550
[MF4A] After Work Relaxing[Happy Cakeday Kasty!][GWAlentines day][improv][romance][L-bombs][oral][orgasms][giggles][squeakybed]
/u/evenmorelike and /u/evenmoreBrat fast forward to the future where we are not students anymore just to have some afterwork sexytimes (we apparently still cannot afford a non-squeaky bed) recorded with Like's Yeti
Play Count: 6507
squeaky outtake
Play Count: 1526
[FM]ticklefight [laughing Challenge?][giggles][baboon laugh][loud][silly sweetness]
/u/evenmorelike and /u/evenmorebrat in a tickle fight! who will win?
Play Count: 2114
[F4M] Missing you [romantic][LDR][business trip][phone][orgasm][begging]
You call me from the hotel while you're away on business
Play Count: 2949
[FM4A] more spanks to feel even better[253][good counting][bamboo]
freaking LOVE my bamboo beater. /u/evenmorelike gives me 253 to bring the total for the day to 500
Play Count: 1715
[F4A] spanks make me feel better [247][bamboo beater][rambly start][hoping I didn't lose count]
a bunch of spanks resulting in this audio and this http://imgur.com/P76Kr8c
Play Count: 1890
[FM4A]Squeaky Brat's squeaky bed[sexytimes][blowjob][giggles][noisy bed][sily banter]
/u/evenmorelike and I finally doing an audio as a couple. Come into our bedroom and listen in... or not, we're weird and silly when we're having sexytimes.
Play Count: 8329
[F4M] Cheating [cuckold][5.5 min]
by request from /u/hello_12321, just a quick phone conversation
Play Count: 35856
[F4A] You were supposed to be here [teasing][longing][longdistance][improv]
just me missing someone who was supposed to be here.
Play Count: 2261
[f4a]Challenge complete![countdown][hitachi][orgasm][giggles][talking]
filling my obligations from http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2reg0f/f4abrat_wants_a/ sorry about the phone noise.
Play Count: 3656
Geisty's kinky favourite things!
me singing a lovely song written by someone else!
Play Count: 1515
Brat's back!
skype call with evenmorelike, checking mic setting and learning that a few weeks off the hitachi makes for an exciting reunion. Also miniflogger from Daddy <3
Play Count: 4290
[F]irst times
responding to http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2pdgbj/a4a_questionnaire_of_firsts_requestqofa_story/ note: evenmorelike and The Corporal are the same person
Play Count: 1639
Teasing Falk
Just that
Play Count: 1717
whimpers for TUMS
He made me make these noises
Play Count: 1604
[F] Happy Holidays! [thank you][gratitude][love][hope I didn't miss anyone]
Just me saying a huge thank you and giving out some verbal cuddles to the beautiful people I've met on GWA
Play Count: 2069
[f]storm cuddles
just a short rambly cuddle
Play Count: 1834
[f]penis preference
I took a test http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-penis-preference-test on the advice of /u/Jackofftoaudio555
Play Count: 2199
[F]Kink challenge K-Z [part 3]
Play Count: 1834
[F]Kink challenge D-I [part 2]
from http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2nhf8l/f4a_kink_challenge_az_list_of_kinks/
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[F]Kink challenge A-C [part 1]
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[F4F] Secret Santa for /u/LenaLovesLilacs [romance][rope bondage][gentlestfemmedommeever][l-bombs][SI][breastplay][oral]
can you tell I'm not usually a domme?
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[F4A]100-1-100 challenge[hitachi][loud orgasms][gigglecums]
HEE! new mic! now to play with it until I figure out how to best use it!
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[F]unsexy words
from the challenge http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2485y2/challenge_unsexy_words_in_a_sexy_way/
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[F]my feet hurt[foot rub?]
come give me a foot rub
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[F4A]crying[hitachi][no coming][fuck]
I decided to grind a hitachi into my clit... it made me cry a bit and then I turned it on high and made some noises I don't think I've ever made before.
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[F4A]whining [sort of beggining][fuckme][good brat?][no toys]
just some whining and moaning for everyone edging
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I give a fuck about SEX!
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[F]Dirty Work
Dirty Work by Halestorm. probably the dommiest thing from Halestorm that I can record without feeling like a fraud.
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[f] moans
what it says it is
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[f]I get off[singing]
singing the chorus of I Get Off by Halestorm for the lovely people at GWA
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[FM4A]ball gag and hitachi take two![mast][begging][on my knees][damn I shake a lot][whimpers][stupid breathing]
/u/evenmorelike let me cum tonight... after him. so I begged him to cum. also I drooled a lot and I still sound slobbery and breathy.
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what happens when you come over to work on a project and I can't be bothered to get dressed
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[F4A][mast]Ball gag and Hitachi[not edging][too much cumming][a little crying]
next time I do this on my knees so I can just drool somewhere and not worry about aspiration
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[F] Books are sexy
Questionnaire by /u/carolinagirl79 http://www.reddit.com/r/GWABackstage/comments/2j21wj/request_questionnaire_books_are_sexy_questions/
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Because /u/Agent_Eff sent me this http://soundgasm.net/u/Agent_Eff/Dalek-Modulate-Modulate
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[F][mast]rambly teasing[no cumming][too much breathing][maybe I need a new mic][talking about spanking][what gets me off]
terrible audio, I'm not really edging, it's way too breathy, and I ramble a lot
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Monster Under the Bed
[F4A] Script by /u/kastyairis http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2hv6qa/a4ascripts_offerfetish_roulettehumormonstergirls/ [fdom][humor][horror breathing]
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My New Lover by /u/Iwillinstructyou
erotic poetry by /u/Iwillinstructyou http://www.reddit.com/r/GWABackstage/comments/2m461x/script_offer_my_new_lover_erotic_poetry_f4a_poets/
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Just Watch
Another lovely fun script by /u/Iwillinstructyou http://pastebin.com/vuzsmsgN
Play Count: 1919
just some silly practice
Play Count: 1788
by /u/Iwillinstructyou http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2edy8d/script_offer_surrendering_f4mf_sd_erotic_poetry/
Play Count: 1680
[F4A]Please punish me [D/s]
/u/Iwillinstructyou's lovely script http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2i3ygj/script_offer_please_punish_me_f4aerotic/
Play Count: 1822
Grate Job
a tale of non-consensual wordplay
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/u/tarkustrooper's ultra-sexy music questionnaire
I answer questions. I squeak at the end...
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Cum for me
erotic poetry by /u/iwillinstructyou
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[F]Backstage verification
Nov 10.
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Just for tonight [M]
Script by /u/tarkustrooper http://pastebin.com/EUNW7GyN
Play Count: 1787
Just for tonight [F]
script from /u/tarkustrooper http://pastebin.com/ekPV5WAY
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Play Count: 1879
EvenmoreBrat has been setting alight the grail shaped beacon... just kidding, she's not getting any oral sex after this.
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So Quiet
I needed a little study break while evenmorelike was napping. I didn't want to wake him so...
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Just one
Evenmorelike is away, but the brat still wants to play! realised after the fact that I used the built in laptop mic instead of my headset :( I'll do better next time, I promise!
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evenmoreBrat verification 05/11/2014
verification for GWA
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