[TF4TF] Hookup in a 90's house party
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [listener discovers she might be trans mid scene] [reassurance] [good girls] [kissing] [whispering] [no genitals referenced] [Listener called a pillow princess] [shy listener] [chest referred to as breasts] [strangers to lovers] [hookup] [eye contact referenced] [touching] [check-ins] [playful teasing] [gender affirmation] [speaker taking hormones referenced]
Play Count: 2408
[TF4TF] [SFW] Aftercare for Trans women who enjoy feminization/sissy audios

Play Count: 1635
[TF4TF] You feel ready for me to penetrate you?

Play Count: 3622
[TF4TF] Whispering affirmations and encouragement till you fall asleep
[SFW] [Established relationship] [Cuddling] [L-bombs] [Gender Affirmation] [Romantic talk] [Whispering] [ASMR] [You are valid] [No sex] [Just soft cuddling]
Play Count: 2242
[tf4tf] snuggling during a blackout

Play Count: 1483
[TF4TF] Wait The Cyberpunk Package Contains a Vibrator From the Future?
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Cyberpunk] [Vibrator] [Established relationship] [Teasing] [Pinning you] [Kissing] [Begging] [Domination] [aftercare] [gender validation] [girl dick used to refer to listener's lower regions] [Sound effects] [Affectionate]
Play Count: 1142
[TF4TF] Wait The Cyberpunk Package Contains a Vibrator From the Future?
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Cyberpunk] [Vibrator] [Established relationship] [Teasing] [Pinning you] [Kissing] [Begging] [Domination] [aftercare] [gender validation] [girl dick used to refer to listener's lower regions] [Sound effects] [Affectionate]
Play Count: 704
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Feminization University: Being carried like a Princess
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Feminization] [Established relationship] [Spanking] [Begging] [Obedience training] [More spanking] [Romantic] [Gender affirmations] [Mentions of exhibitionism] [Chastity] [No Listener Genital mentions beyond being in a 'cage'] [Nervous listener] [Being used] [Aftercare] [It's okay to enjoy this] [You are still a valid woman]
Play Count: 3318
[TF4TF] I call you a good girl in this audio set in a cyberpunk setting
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Kissing] [Established relationship] [Cyberpunk scifi type setting] [Listener pinned down on the lounge] [I feed you pizza] [sit on my lap] [nipple squeezing] [No genital mentions] [gender affirmations] [We fly a hover car on a nice rainy night together] [good girl] [You are mine] [Spanking] [Begging] [Aftercare] [Touching you] [Countdown] [Check-ins]
Play Count: 1786
[TF4TF] Romantic Ice Skating date with your Trans Girlfriend
[TFsub speaker] [TFdom listener] [Romantic] [Praise] [Hand Holding while skating] [Kissing] [Affirmations] [Validation] [listener pins speaker against car door after the date] [speaker gets touched by the listener] [No genital mentions] [Sound effects] [L-bombs] [Established Relationship] [Speaker is completely in love with the listener] [Big build up]
Play Count: 1311
[TF4TF] Spanking an obedient maid on my lap
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [maid outfit listener] [spanking] [oral] [listeners lower regions not specified] [Girl dick used for speaker] [Discipline] [Established relationship] [Aftercare] [Check-Ins] [and did I mention maid outfits?]
Play Count: 2983
[TF4TF] Magical Fairy Says Trans Rights and Affirms you are a Valid Woman
[SFW] [TF listener] [Gender Affirmation] [You have the heart of a woman] [Compliments] [Magical spell] [Stranger to platonic friends] [Comfort] [Motivating] [I'm really proud of you and your progress] [The word valid is used more than you could even imagine] [because you ARE valid]
Play Count: 1232
[TF4TF] Long Distance Vibrator Session with Your Trans Girlfriend
[TFswitch speaker] [TFswitch listener] [first half sub speaker then switches halfway] [Vibrators] [Long Distance Relationship] [Name Thorn is used twice] [Moaning] [Begging] [Domination] [Affectionate] [Aftercare] [Validation] [Includes joke about Nintendo switch online services]
Play Count: 1193
[TF4TF] Snuggling on a storm day with your Girlfriend
[TFswitch listener] [TFswitch speaker] [No u] [Spanking] [Touching each other] [Breast touching and kissing] [Established relationship] [Kissing] [girl dick used] [anal] [Affirmations] [Cuddles] [Snuggling]
Play Count: 1778
[TF4TF] Snuggles and Comfort for lower region dysphoria
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Comfort] [Snuggles] [Anal] [Girl cock used for listener] [You are still a valid woman] [Its okay to like this] [Cuddles] [Whispering] [Countdown] [Dysphoria comfort]
Play Count: 2117
[TF4TF] A safe haven where you can be a Good Girl
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [fingering] [listener wears feminine affirming clothes for the first time] [takes off dsyphoria hoodie] [spanking] [Advice on how to hide girls clothes in unsupportive enviroments] [Good girls] [Listener becomes a submissive puddle by the way] [Not literally I promise] [unsupportive parents referenced vaguely and briefly] [affirmations] [encouragement] [I'm proud of you]
Play Count: 3163
[TF4TM] Choosing a size is the biggest power play
[TFsub speaker] [TMdom listener] [strap-ons] [oral sex] [lower regions called either 'hole' or lower regions] [established relationship] [gender affirmation] [muscle appreciation] [Strap-on referred to as cock during sex] [Aftercare]
Play Count: 1294
[TF4TF] 2 Subby Trans Girls have a shower and play with vibrators
[TFsub speaker] [TFsub listener] [washing your hair] [vibrators] [Girl bits used to refer to lower regions] [Ribbons tied to girls bits as improvised chastity] [kissing] [aftercare] [established relationship] [I talk about my cute plushie]
Play Count: 2728
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Feminization University: Edging before the school dance
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [edging] [chastity cage taken off] [spanking] [teasing] [established relationship] [aftercare] [validation] [both speaker and listeners wear cute dresses] [date night] [girl dick used to refer to the listeners lower regions] [Vibrator]
Play Count: 3353
[TF4TF] Snuggling with you after you have a long work day
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [caring dom] [established relationship] [vibrating wand] [calling you princess and baby girl] [Name Morgan used twice] [Playing with your hair] [affirmations] [even if the work place doesn't see the real you, I see the real you] [you are a valid woman affirmations]
Play Count: 1501
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Guided Masturbation: Self Love Edition
[lower regions called lower regions] [affirmations] [validation] [you are a real woman] [educational?] [different masturbation methods explained] [cum whenever you want] [polite optional countdown]
Play Count: 2718
[TF4TF] First date, First time railing each other inside your car
[TFSwitch speaker] [TFSwitch listener] [Speakers starts shy] [girl dick used to refer to speaker] [Name Morgan is used] [anal] [kissing] [neck kissing] [holding eachother down] [established relationship] [affirmations] [aftercare] [and you even get fed pizza] [commission piece]
Play Count: 2286
[TF4TF] You deserve to feel like a Queen. Its okay to enjoy dom'ing <3
[TFsub speaker] [TFdom listener] [Affirmations] [You are valid] [Spanking] [Speaker sits on your lap like a good girl] [check ins] [kissing] [established relationship] [girl cock used to refer to lower regions] [oral sex] [Speaker in maid outfit] [Aftercare]
Play Count: 1642
[TF4TF] I can tell you are a total submissive
[tfdom speaker] [tfsub listener] [hookup] [at a party] [flirting] [Anal] [kissing] [domination] [begging] [Praise Kink] [Aftercare] [You tell each other you are trans both are chill with it] [Lift your cute skirt for me] [genitals unspecified] [aren't you such a good girl] [bondage] [Its okay to enjoy this your safe] [light exhibitionist]
Play Count: 7290
[TF4TF] Snuggling on a rainy day with your trans girlfriend
[TFswitch speaker] [TFswitch listener] [cuddles] [hanging out] [affectionate] [wholesome] [genitals vague but oral sex sounds imply girl dicks] [oral sex done by speaker and listener] [69] [kissing] [touching each other] [simultaneous orgasm] [aftercare] [we are safe with our mountain of plushies] [You've blossomed into a wonderful woman]
Play Count: 2790
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Feminization University: Maid outfits and Love confessions
[TF4TF] [Feminization] [Maid] [TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Listener wears maid outfit] [good girls] [girl cock in chastity cage] [friends to lovers] [exhibitionism] [Penetration] [Spanking] [listener called slut, whore] [aftercare]
Play Count: 5616
[TF4TF] Walking in to see you in a dominatrix outfit... please dominate me
[TFsub speaker] [TFdom listener] [Begging] [Talk about limits and safe words before starting] [Established relationship] [Dominatrix Listener] [The safe word is Skyrim] [Penetration] [Anal] [Whether listener uses lower regions or a strap-on is kept vague] [Check-ins] [Make me your little slut] [Aftercare]
Play Count: 1432
[TF4TF] Admit you are cute like a good girl
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [girl dick used to refer to genitals] [Praise] [Begging] [You're a beautiful woman] [confessing to your mistress that you are cute] [aftercare] [oral sex] [Kissing] [Touching you] [check ins] [Touching your breasts size not specified]
Play Count: 4013
[TF4TF] Long time trans friend askes you out at a restaurant
[SFW] [name Evelyn used once/twice] [Affirmations] [Validation] [Long time friendship] [Girly Shopping trip] [Menu has Vegetarian and Vegan options] [Kept vague what you end up eating]
Play Count: 752
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Vibrator Guided Masturbation! Featuring a Vibrating wand!
[Vibrator] [JOI] [Cum whenever you want] [Affirmations] [Its okay to enjoy this] [you deserve to feel good] [I couldn't get a vibrator company to sponsor me lol] [Guided Masturbation] [Genital Mentions simply just called 'down there' and lower regions] [Encouraging]
Play Count: 2294
[TF4TM] Pulling your tie and asking you to dominate me after a formal event
[TFsub speaker] [TMdom listener] [established relationship] [Been dating since before they both came out but now are out] [Listener wearing a nice suit] [anal] [strap-on refered to as a cock] [compliments about the listener being muscular] [kissing] [listener touches speaker] [genitals not specified by speaker touches the listener briefly]
Play Count: 1384
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Feminization University: Submission Tutoring
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [feminization] [LOTS OF AFTERCARE YOU ARE VALID] [Exhibitionism] [oral] [dick cage used lower regions not called anything] [kissing] [buttplug] [walking with the buttplug] [we play smash bros after] [Its okay to like this stuff, you are still valid <3]
Play Count: 3261
[TF4TF] Sick Day Snuggle With Your Trans Girlfriend
[TFdom speaker] [TFsub listener] [Kinda switch-y] [Established relationship] [Cuddles] [Kissing] [Girl Dick used to refer to lower regions] [touching eachother till we cum] [simultanous orgasm] [countdown] [teasing] [Affectionate] [wholesome]
Play Count: 2554
[TF4TM] Roommate Confesses Her Love and Asks for you to Dominate Her
[TFsub speaker] [TMdom listener] [friends to lovers] [domination] [strap-on referred to as cock] [shy speaker] [The safe word is fortnite] [first kiss] [lower regions called lower regions] [speaker jerks the listeners lower regions off] [lots of I love you's] [anal] [light movement restriction]
Play Count: 1122
[TF4TF] And so, they were both bottoms ! Sleepover confessions
[TFsub speaker] [TFsub listener] [Both subs] [Subway] [Double ended dildo] [friends to lovers] [love confession] [sleepover] [hairbrushing] [minecraft is the safe word] [lower regions not used but referenced once] [Kissing] [aftercare] [affectionate]
Play Count: 2795
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Feminization University Orientation
[TFsub listener] [TFdom speaker] [feminization] [chastity] [anal] [oral] [teasing] [Orgasm control] [countdown] [Listener becomes a submissive puddle infront of the speaker] [you don't literally become a literal puddle don't worry] [Aftercare] [Butt plug] [Light sadistic dom] [affectionate] [a lot of good girls]
Play Count: 6393
[TF4A] Your Trans Girlfriend in a Maid Outfit Gets Punished By You
[tfsub speaker] [dom listener] [key holding] [chastity] [restraints] [Begging] [Punishment] [Apologizing for being a bad girl] [Spanking] [Kissing] [Aftercare] [Established Relationship] [Girl cock used to refer to speaker] [Submission] [Being taught who owns her]
Play Count: 2217
[TF4TM] Giving your trans girlfriend anal after she gets scared from a movie
[TFsub speaker] [TMdom listener] [Established relationship] [affectionate] [aftercare] [anal] [kissing] [making out] [cute cuddles] [comfort after a bad day]
Play Count: 2326
[TF4TF] Trans friendly Guided Masturbation / JOI ( Less dysphoric ways to masturbate )
[Guided masturbation] [TFsub listener kinda?] [Girl cock used] [Educational] [Affirmations] [Compliments] [JOI] [Aftercare] [Touching] [she/they pronouns used, listener referred as a valid woman]
Play Count: 5243
[TF4TF] Dominating your Trans Girlfriend in a Japanese love hotel
[TFsub speaker] [TFdom listener] [established relationship] [ownership] [Listener penetrates speaker with her girlcock] [she/her pronouns used for listener in one line] [Domination] [Begging like a lot] [Spanking] [Marking] [Squirming] [Moaning] [Orgasm control] [Nervous Speaker] [Speaker admits to being the speakers personal slut]
Play Count: 2411
[TF4TF] Doing your make up in bed, then make each other cum in bed
[TFsub speaker] [TFdom listener] [Vaguely Switch esque at the end? kinda?] [Affectionate] [Complements] [Established Relationship] [Fingering] [Fisting] [kissing] [girl cock used for the speaker] [listeners lower regions kept vague] [Touching each other] [countdown] [Simultaneous orgasm]
Play Count: 1615
[TF4A] Coming home to dinner from your Trans girlfriend in a maid outfit
[TFsub speaker] [Dom Listener] [Maid outfit] [BDSM] [Spanking] [Chastity] [Established Relationship] [Vibrator] [Girl cock used to refer to speaker] [Begging] [Orgasm control] [Back massage] [Affectionate]
Play Count: 2363
[TF4TF] Trans Girl Friendly Slut Training / Feminization Play With Lots of Aftercare !
[TF4TF] [TFsub listener] [TFdom speaker] [chastity] [feminization] [slut training] [vibrator] [domination] [aftercare] [spanking] [established relationship] [Teasing] [Orgasm control] [Begging] [Compliments] [Girlcock in cage referenced]
Play Count: 7714
[TF4A] Finding your trans girlfriend in a maid outfit ( then dominating her )
[TFsub] [Sub speaker] [Top listener] [Gender neutral listener] [Maid outfit] [Chastity] [Spanking] [Begging] [Fisting] [Fingering] [Affectionate] [Established relationship] [Orgasm Denial] [Key Holding] [BDSM] [nervous speaker] [Shy speaker]
Play Count: 6339
[TF4F/TF] Trans girlfriend reassures you with compliments then lets you peg her
[tf4f/tf] [TFsub speaker] [F/TFdom listener] [affection][compliments] [pegging] [spanking] [listeners lower regions not mentioned] [girlcock used to refer to the speaker] [begging] [established relationship] [comfort] [light domination] [strap-on] [countdowns] [speaker touches the listeners lower regions but is kept ambigious what the speaker is touching] [Magic Trick included] [Fdom listener] [TFdom listener]
Play Count: 3041
[TF4TF] Penetrating your trans girlfriend for the first time
[TF4TF] [TFdom listener] [TFsub speaker] [mentions girlcock twice] [spanking] [kissing] [begging] [mistress listener] [compliments] [affection] [established relationship] [TFtop listener] [TFbottom speaker] [trans friendly]
Play Count: 4340
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This is a verification, which means it is of course the most detailed audio to ever be made lol I thought I'd try doing this to get more confidence in my voice :)
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