Earth shattering orgasm only, oh my god
OH MY GOD I was shAKING Orgasm only, sorry it’s short
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Finally masturbated after weeks/months
I hadn’t masturbated in weeks/months due to just being in an overall depression and feeling bad, low libido, feeling crushed, etc. I started feeling more normal last Thursday and this week was able to have some fun and treat myself to some pleasure. <3 Really happy, and I recorded it! Hope you have as much fun as I did. Peace. ;)
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7/28/18 Ballgag with bound legs
Was feeling excited and submissive tonight, so I made some noise while having my legs bound and tightened a ballgag on me (traditional one, not the bone one). I struggled a bit, then got too excited... punish me?
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7/26/18 Solo doggystyle
I already came twice (see previous audio file) oops but wanted a third so I solo doggystyled myself and it was amazing??? My voice is very breathy because I arched my back so much and was laying on my tummy. Also I protest myself with some no’s and stop but ofc I didn’t listen. ;)
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7/26/18 Wooooooowww that was so good x///x
A bit long, but really really good. I have no more words, I was numb after this. X//////X Made this after posting a heck ton in someone’s lewd server. :thinkip:
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7/19/18 Partially bound w/ ballgag moans/orgasm
I found a ballgag I never used (it’s the shape of a dog bone) and decided to try it out while being partially bound. There’s a ton of wet sounds because I was salivating like crazy and sorry that there might be birds screaming in the background. Guess it’s mating season. <3
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6/8/18 quick orgasm/got squeaky/photo included
Sorry I got really breathy in some areas and I also got a lil squeaky at the end because I got extremely sensitive. Yeah pic included, it’s just the juices:
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6/6/18 I orgasmed twice and then lament about going to bed
I got really horny after my stream, wups Careful I got kinda loud at the end
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Just listen! <3
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Fun After Orgasm
I still like to toy with myself after having an orgasm, and this is what I sound like when that happens. >///< I hate listening to myself but I actually got all aroused listening to this! Wtf?!
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Guine's Orgasm (1)
It's soft and quiet in the beginning (sorry), but toward the end it gets louder so don't turn your volume up too high. Eep!
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