GWA Backstage AMA.
You asked, I - got sick, and lacked privacy, and then got sick again, but I eventually answered. :D
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[ Wench Sings ] I Dreamed A Dream
So this is a challenge for me, and an absolute terrifying undertaking, as I haven't done this song for years. "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables.
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Monster. [Wenchness Sings]
"Monster" by Meg Myers, a capella by Wenchness. [Warning: Contains Me]
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Deadly's {7|7|7} JACKPOT!!! Questionnaire!
Questionnaire time! Alas, I couldn't do the Sexy Shakespeare bit, but I will make it up to you lovelies tomorrow, I -promise.- Questionnaire by /u/DeadlyLuckySeven.
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Singing along, Breaking Benjamin Edition.
I haven't sung along and recorded it for - god, ever, but I was willing to make an exception. Apologies for the sound quality (I was in my car), and the fact that I was a bit fuzzy on some lyrics (I was nervous).
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F. Stop's "Take The Plunge" Questionare.
While a day later than promised, I took a spin on the questionare train and answered F. Stop Fitzgerald's 10 questions. Hope you enjoy.
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GWAbackstage Verification.
Verification for GWAbackstage. Pretty self explanatory.
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GWA Verification.
Verification for GoneWildAudio.
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