Her Gaze, Like Molten Steel
Me, reading a brief caption I wrote, here: https://mlz.blk.blue/her-gaze-like-molten-steel/
Play Count: 433
You Are Weak
A loopable mantra, based on this: https://foulfoulstories.tumblr.com/post/140805994467/you-are-weak-you-are-helpless-you-are-a-blank Originally recorded: 6 September 2016 Canonical URL: https://mlz.blk.blue/recordings/you-are-weak/
Play Count: 776
A simple mantra for your simple, sleepy brain. This recording might leave you feeling very sleepy. I don't recommend listening to it immediately before any task that requires mental focus. *Originally recorded: 9 June 2016* Canonical URL: https://mlz.blk.blue/recordings/sleep/
Play Count: 575
A Story About a Girl Named Jill
This is a short story written by @shaman58 on Tumblr, as seen here: https://shaman58.tumblr.com/post/109998016765/very-good-jill-deeper-and-deeper-and-more-and Recorded because some pretty girls asked for it. ;) Originally recorded: 9 June 2017 Canonical URL: https://mlz.blk.blue/recordings/a-story-about-a-girl-named-jill/
Play Count: 475
Perfect Plastic Puppet
A simple, six-word mantra loop that will reshape you into a pretty programmed plaything. Which sounds just perfect, doesn’t it, pet? Originally recorded: 6 May 2016 Canonical URL: https://mlz.blk.blue/recordings/perfect-plastic-puppet/
Play Count: 792
A Brief Intro to Brainwashing
Just a short sample of what it might be like to begin being brainwashed into blankness by me. Originally recorded: 28 March 2016 Canonical URL: https://mlz.blk.blue/recordings/a-brief-intro-to-brainwashing/
Play Count: 691