[F4M] What Are Friends For? [Public Teasing & Touching][Making Your Ex Jealous][Kissing][Friends to Lovers][Stripping][Clothed Grinding][Panties to the Side][Breast Play][Dirty Talk][Handjob][BJ Sounds][Multiple Positions][Wet Sounds][Creampie]
Helping you get over a breakup is exactly what a good friend would do, right? Super sexy friends-to-lovers script by /u/8mementomori6.
Play Count: 10844
[F4M] Honey Ohs [Ramblefap Compilation][Wet Sounds][Begging][Cum Begging][Dirty Talk][Massive Fucking Orgasms][Squirting][Vibrator][Stereo]
Much fun was had creating all the underlying audio for this surround sound ramblefap explosion. Editing by the talented /u/SexAesthetic.
Play Count: 4180
[F4M] Honey Ohs [Ramblefap Compilation][Wet Sounds][Begging][Cum Begging][Dirty Talk][Massive Fucking Orgasms][Squirting][Vibrator][Looped Version!][Stereo]
This is the looped version! 60 minutes of begging, wet sounds, and Honey Ohs. Much fun was had creating all the underlying audio for this ramblefap compilation. Editing by the talented /u/SexAesthetic
Play Count: 2083
[F4M] Count Down With Me [JOI][Edging][Countdown][BJ Sounds][Wet Sounds][Slightly Hypnotic][Stereo][Binaural Beats][Script by /u/funnytraybake]
Listen to my voice and count down with me until we get to that magic number. Deliciously fun script by /u/funnytraybake.
Play Count: 14202
[F4M] Hello [Dirty Talk][Seduction][Becoming Your Fantasy][I Can Be Anything You Want][Needing Your Cum][Talk of BJs, Fucking, Riding You, Anal][Stereo][Binaural Beats]
This is a special place where just the two of us can exist together for a while. Who am I? I'm your fantasy. (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 32273
[F4M] Hello [Dirty Talk][Seduction][Becoming Your Fantasy][I Can Be Anything You Want][Needing Your Cum][Talk of BJs, Fucking, Riding You, Anal][Stereo]
This is a special place where just the two of us can exist together for a while. Who am I? I'm your fantasy. (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 16652
[F4M] Sucked [Oral][BJ Sounds][Sloppy BJ][Deepthroat][Light Gagging][Cum In My Mouth][Binaural Beats]
I have been dying to taste you baby… I want to suck your dick so fucking bad. (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 27338
[F4M] Sucked [Oral][BJ Sounds][Sloppy BJ][Deepthroat][Light Gagging][Cum In My Mouth]
I have been dying to taste you baby… I want to suck your dick so fucking bad. (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 19226
[F4M] Fucked [Riding You][Play With My Tits][Watch Me Fuck You][Wet Sounds][Kissing][Cum Begging][Cum In Me][Creampie][Binaural Beats]
I know what you need. You need a good, hard, fuck, don’t you? (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 30825
[F4M] Fucked [Riding You][Play With My Tits][Watch Me Fuck You][Wet Sounds][Kissing][Cum Begging][Cum In Me][Creampie]
I know what you need. You need a good, hard, fuck, don’t you? (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 20761
[F4M] Behind [Ass Play][Use My Ass][Rimming][Anal][Cum On Me][Mark Me][Binaural Beats]
This ass is fucking perfect, isn’t it? And it’s all yours baby… (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 21874
[F4M] Behind [Ass Play][Use My Ass][Rimming][Anal][Cum On Me][Mark Me]
This ass is fucking perfect, isn’t it? And it’s all yours baby… (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 14690
[F4M][FF4M] Two [Double Trouble][Two Honeys!][Kissing][Face Sitting][Riding You][69][Double Blowjob][BJ Sounds][Cum Begging x2][Facial][Stereo][Binaural Beats]
If you thought I could make you cum hard before, imagine how two of me will make you feel… (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 29532
[F4M][FF4M] Two [Double Trouble][Two Honeys!][Kissing][Face Sitting][Riding You][69][Double Blowjob][BJ Sounds][Cum Begging x2][Facial][Stereo]
If you thought I could make you cum hard before, imagine how two of me will make you feel… (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 19579
[F4M] Imagine [Whispers][Dirty Talk][Moaning][Gasping][Whimpering][Lady Sounds][JOE][Cum Encouragement][Cum With Me][Stereo][Binaural Beats]
Let the sounds of my pleasure paint a picture in your head, and get lost in it with me. (Binaural Version)
Play Count: 17644
[F4M] Imagine [Whispers][Dirty Talk][Moaning][Gasping][Whimpering][Lady Sounds][JOE][Cum Encouragement][Cum With Me][Stereo]
Let the sounds of my pleasure paint a picture in your head, and get lost in it with me. (Non-Binaural Version)
Play Count: 9863
[F4M] Give Me ALL That Cum You Saved For Her [Cheating][BJ][Pussy Licking][Calling You Daddy][Dirty Talk][Wet Sounds][Creampie][Cum With Me]
An old friend stops by her married friend's house and learns that his controlling wife is away and he's in desperate need for some release. Delicious script by /u/BareJordan.
Play Count: 43349
[F4A] Please, Let Me Be Your Whore [6 Words][Over and Over][Begging][Whimpering][Wet Sounds]
So ... do I have the position?
Play Count: 6318
[F4M] Evening Entertainment [Dub Con][Turns Very Con][Hair Pulling][Spanking][Nipple Pulling][Degradation][Possessive][Slight M/s][Rough Blowjob][BJ Sounds][Gagging][Facial]
We have different ideas on how to spend the evening, but you manage to get me to change my mind.
Play Count: 11521
[F4A] Fuck Me, Daddy. Cum With Me [Wet Sounds][Hitachi][3 Word Challenge][Screaming Orgasms][Audible Squirting]
I found myself somewhat insatiable this afternoon with no recourse but to turn on my phone's recorder and fuck myself silly.
Play Count: 32281
[FF4M] The Sperm Extraction Facility Part Two [Collab with /u/LittleMissAphrodite][Double Blowjob][Deepthroat][Threesome][Orgasm Control][Creampie][Fdom, but yet some Mdom][Science Fiction][Utopian/Dystopian Society][Script by /u/MagiSci]

Jane has long since given birth to a fine Goddess, but something just isn't quite right. She had experienced sexual intercourse with a man and he had impregnated her the natural way, the way we were meant to be conceived. And now she's feeling some strange side effects, both physically and mentally.

The lovely LittleMissAphrodite graciously agreed to reprise her role in this steamy sequel by /u/MagiSci.

Play Count: 38637
[F4M] Down to LARP? [Dungeons & Dragons][Role-Playing][Nerdy][Slow Build][Sex Magic][Dirty Talk][Blowjob Sounds][Fucking in the Library][Wet Sounds][Cum in Mouth][Script by /u/para_bailar_la_bamba]
Guys. I love D&D. Like a lot. So when I read this amazing script by /u/para_bailar_la_bamba, I *had* to record it. Let the LARPing begin!
Play Count: 30348
[F4M] I Need to be Fucked [Ramblefap][Wet Sounds][fsub][Begging to be Used][Mark Me][Make Me Yours][Multiple Orgasms]
Nothing fancy to see here, folks. Just a good old-fashioned ramblefap where I beg to be used.
Play Count: 28507
[F4A] Getting Clean and Dirty at the Same Time [Showerfap][Ramblefap][Multiple Orgasms]
Playing around with recording in the shower after getting teased all day.
Play Count: 12381
[F4A] Let's Pop Some Cherries, Shall We? [Anal Virginity][Butt Plugs][Tipsy Recording][Double Penetration][Wet Sounds][Screaming Orgasms]
First audio recorded for my personal subreddit! Playing with toys in my butt for the first time.
Play Count: 9165
[F4M] Tonight, Let Me Take All Your Stress Away [FSub][Stress Relief][JOI][Spanking][Lady Sounds][Script by /u/SuperHappyDeathSquad]
Let me do all the work to help you relieve that tension and frustration. Sexy script by /u/SuperHappyDeathSquad found here.
Play Count: 24594
[F4M] Make Me Yours Before the Party, Daddy [First Time Calling you Daddy][Whispers][Begging][Marking][Possessive][Wet Sounds][Creampie][Impreg][Cum With Me]
We have a little bit of time before we have to get ready for my parents' party, and I know just the way to spend it.
Play Count: 35574
[F4M] I Need Your Cum [Begging][Needy][JOE][Dirty Talk][Whispers][Cum With Me]
I need you to cum for me. Please?
Play Count: 34840
[FF4M] The Sperm Extraction Facility [Collab with /u/LittleMissAphrodite][Rape][Breeding][Forced Impregnation][Fdom][Orgasm Control][Creampie][Dystopian/Utopian Society (depending on who you ask)][Script by /u/MagiSci]
In this world, men are used for their seed, caged and milked like cows. Women enter the facility and can choose a man of their liking, then take what they need from them. Lovely collab partner: https://www.reddit.com/user/LittleMissAphrodite Excellent script by /u/MagiSci: https://redd.it/5oe34l
Play Count: 67871
[F4M] Bad Date, Roommate? Let Me Help [Goofy Singing][Yoga Pants][Friends to Lovers][Begging][Blowjob Sounds][Spitting][Gagging][Wet Sounds][Creampie]
Your date bailed? That sucks. I was just going to hang out and watch Netflix, but maybe there's some way I can help turn your evening around.
Play Count: 150982
[F4M] New Year, New Slut [Rape][Blackmail][Slapping][Rough Blowjob][Crying][Spanking][Wet Sounds][Forced Creampie]
I left the party early, and you decided that was an excellent time to make me your new slut for the new year.
Play Count: 29963
[F4M] Professor, I'm The One In Charge Now [FDom][Teacher/Student][JOI][Exchange of Power][Blackmail][Ruined Orgasm][Script by /u/SuperHappyDeathSquad]
Those who play with power should be wary of when the tables are turned. Deviously hot script by /u/ SuperHappyDeathSquad: https://redd.it/4z9f97
Play Count: 10620
[F4M] Girlfriend Lets Her Daughter Take Her Place [Age][Virginity][Prostitution][Reluctance][Wet Sounds][Impregnation][Script by /u/homersoc]
Oh, didn't she tell you? Mom is out of town, so she made a very special deal with me... Amazingly sexy script by the lovely /u/homersoc: https://redd.it/4qlq3z
Play Count: 42251
[F4A] I'll Satisfyer, If You Know What I'm Sayin' [Bad Pun][Toy Review][Satisfyer Pro 2][Whimpers][Giggles][Intense Orgasms]
Playtime with my new Satisfyer Pro 2
Play Count: 4677
[F4A] Cum in Me [Three Word Challenge][Begging][Whimpers][Three Word Challenge Overload]
My individual part from /u/_Miss_'s Three Word Challenge Overload found here: https://redd.it/4xa5yi
Play Count: 11750
[F4M] Before Breakfast [Sweet][Romantic][Cupid][Oral][BJ Sounds][Riding You][Wet Sounds][Countdown][Cum With Me]
Today is supposed to be all about you, but can we start the day with a little fun for both of us? ;)
Play Count: 23205
[F4M] I Want You [GFE][Body Worship][Appreciation][Sweet][Whispers][BJ Sounds][Riding You][Wet Sounds][Creampie]
Everything about you turns me on. Let me show you how much I want you.
Play Count: 32071
[F4A] Toy Time [Toy Demo Tuesday][Hitachi][G-Spot Vibe][Edging][Mast][Squirting][Wet Sounds][Giggles][Really Just an Excuse to Get Off for You ... A Lot]
My "review" of the Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand and the Key by Jopen Comet 2. Much fun was had by all.
Play Count: 6070
[F4M] Do You Hear How Wet I Am For You? [Begging][Whispers][Wanting to be a Good Girl][Absurdly Wet Sounds][Squirting][Cum With Me][Multiple Orgasms]
More begging to be fucked and used like the needy, greedy girl that I am. Please?
Play Count: 44373
[F4M] Being Taught A Lesson [Age][Schoolgirl][Professor][Wet Sounds][Blackmail][I Know You're Supposed to Expel Me... But Don't You Want to Screw Me, First?][Script by /u/homersoc]
I know you have to expel me for the lesbian orgy, Professor, but don't you want to fuck me first? Deliciously naughty script by /u/homersoc: https://redd.it/3q9lpb
Play Count: 17505
New Toy Time Continued
This new toy definitely has a permanent spot on the rotation.
Play Count: 3846
[F4A] Shiver Me Timbers [Talk Like a Pirate Day][Three Word Challenge][Giggles]
Short and silly :P
Play Count: 5303
[F4A] Let the Spanking Begin! [Spanking Game][Giggles][Whimpers][Wooden Spoon][Tenderizer][Bonus Pussy Spanks!]
I got some new spanking toys recently, and they were just *begging* to be used. Plus, spanking makes me giggly. :3
Play Count: 7624
[FM4A] Transatlantic Teasing [Collab with /u/The__Other__Guy][Toy Demo Tuesday][Teledildonics][MDom/fsub][Teasing][Growls][Giggles and Whimpers and Whining, Oh My!]
My friend /u/The__Other__Guy graciously volunteered to help me demo the Ohmibod Freestyle :W, which can be controlled via an app from any smartphone. Needless to say, we got a little carried away with it.
Play Count: 6125
[FM4A][GWA Response Challenge] [Response to /u/LlewelynF's "All Tied Up"] [Muffled Moans][MDom/fsub][Oral][Tied Up][Good Girl]
My contribution to the GWA Response Audio Challenge (http://redd.it/3elrh5). A layered response to this delicious audio by LlewelynF: http://redd.it/2fe4dn
Play Count: 5736
[F4M] Please Fuck Me [Begging][Whispers][fsub][Ridiculously Wet Sounds][Squirting][Cum With Me][Triple O]
I need you to fuck me. Please?
Play Count: 40179
[F4M] Conference Week [Yoga Pants][Cheating][Let Me Be Your Cumslut][Fill Me Up][Wet Sounds][Cum With Me][Script by /u/Webtalker30]
Let me be your cumslut while I'm in town for a conference. Wonderfully steamy script by /u/Webtalker30: http://redd.it/35s5ew
Play Count: 21950
[F4M] Let's Play a Game, Daddy [DD/Lg][Babygirl Domme][BJ][Begging][Creampie][Script by /u/HiNoname]
Daddy's been ignoring his little princess all day, and all she wants to do is play a game! Yummy script by /u/HiNoname found here: http://redd.it/34fksb
Play Count: 12882
[F4M] Let Me Use You [FDom][You're Mine, Fucktoy][Mast][Light Nipple Play][Wet Sounds][Multiple Orgasms]
Let me tell you all the ways in which I'd like to use my fucktoy.
Play Count: 13700
[F4A] Trying to Play Quietly with Myself [Mast][Hitachi][No Talking][Just Lady Sounds][Whimpers][Breathy][Multiple Orgasms]
Not talking at all is surprisingly difficult!
Play Count: 6919
[F4A] The Loudest I Have Ever Been [Mast][Pure Wand][Hitachi][Together][What Was I Thinking?][Multiple SCREAMING Orgasms][Occasional Ridiculously High-Pitched Orgasms][Moaning][Whimpers][Some Wet Sounds][Some Post-Orgasm Torture]
Playing with my new Njoy Pure Wand and my Hitachi together.
Play Count: 23046
[F4M] You've Been a Naughty Fucktoy [FDom][Tease][Denial][Beg Me][Tit Fucking and Rubbing and Sucking][Riding My Fucktoy]
Naughty fucktoys must be punished. ;)
Play Count: 11883
[F4M] Little Porn Girl [Stroking and Sucking and Cumming All Over][No Age][Whispers][BJ][Tit Fucking][Let Me Feel Your Cum on Me][Script by /u/Webtalker30]
Let me be your porn girl for the night. Phenomenally sexy script by /u/Webtalker30 found here: http://redd.it/34w9jn
Play Count: 36462
[F4M] Begging You to Cum for Me [Begging][Pleading][Needy][Cum All Over Me]
Just what the title says. This greedy girl needs you to cum.
Play Count: 46739
[F4M] Knowing How to Stroke [Late-Night Stroking Help][Picture My Ass in Those Tight Pants][Whispery][Let Me Stroke You][Script by /u/Webtalker30]
Having trouble sleeping because of a pesky erection? Let me help with that. Great script by /u/Webtalker30 found here: http://redd.it/34rnp1
Play Count: 13508
[F4A] Hysterical Piano Exercises [What it says on the box][I don't really know what else to tag this][Breathy][Whimpers][Almost No Talking][Multiple Orgasms]
Some of the piano exercises from Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist, played hysterically.
Play Count: 6150
[F4M] Hands Free Orgasm Through Hypnosis [HFO][Erotic Hypnosis][Relaxation][Feel My Hands on You][Cum for Me][Script by /u/samswitch]
Excellent HFO hypnosis script by /u/samswitch found here: http://redd.it/1humlg
Play Count: 215886
[F4M] Hold Your Moan [Erotic Poetry][Hysterical Reading][fsub][Hitachi][Breathy][Please May I Cum?][Script by /u/TwoHeadedBoyTwo]
Erotic poetry by /u/TwoHeadedBoyTwo found here: http://redd.it/346toc
Play Count: 6120
[F4M] Car Fun [Morning Play][Improved Commute][Road Head][BJ][Fuck Me in the Backseat][Cum With Me][Creampie][Wet Sounds][Script by /u/The__Other__Guy]
Let's have some fun on the way to work. ;) Excellent script by the wonderful /u/The__Other__Guy found here: http://redd.it/2wrnoc
Play Count: 12074
[F4M] This Day Will Never End [Age][Incest][SciFi][Time Loop][Implied Impregnation][Creampie][Virginity][Long][Crazy Little Sister][Script by /u/homersoc]
Your little sister is going crazy stuck in a time loop. So crazy that she's finally decided it's time to have sex with you. Awesome script by /u/homersoc found here: http://redd.it/302ycb
Play Count: 21541
[F4M] Stroke to My Voice [JOI][I Love When You Stroke to My Voice][So Hot Knowing You Listen to Me While Getting Off][Cum for Me][Script by /u/Trinity_X]
Fantastic JOI Script by /u/Trinity_X found here: http://redd.it/2t8tv5
Play Count: 19963
[F4M] Birthday Plaything [fsub][DD/lg for a Night][No Incest][No Age][Spanking][Anal Play][Face Fucking][Kind of Rough][Wet Sounds][Impreg][Creampie][Happy Birthday]
For your birthday, I'll be your plaything. You can do anything you want with me.
Play Count: 14469
Birthday Plaything Outtake
After some *particularly* painful spoon spanks. >.<
Play Count: 4185
[F4F] Play With Me? [SI][Mast][Whispery][Teasing][Countdowns][Cum with Me]
Some playtime with/for the ladies! ^_^
Play Count: 8931
[F4A] 100-1 With a Twist [Actually 301-1][Honey Keeps Challenging People][Counting is Hard][Throwdown with /u/veiled_threat]
I think the title says it all.
Play Count: 5441
[F4A] Getting Carried Away [Short][Wet Sounds][Almost No Talking][Double O][Whimpers][Breathy]
I was testing a new mic configuration and got a little carried away figuring out how different sounds came across.
Play Count: 7865
[F4A] Moaning [Mostly Moaning][Whimpers][Occasional Encouraging Phrases][Two Orgasms]
Just moaning, whimpering, and some orgasm sounds. Occasional talking in the form of encouraging phrases, too. ;)
Play Count: 27265
[F4M] For While You're At Work [Listen at the Office at Your Own Risk][Whispery][Moaning][Oral][Finger Fucking][BJ Sounds][Face Fucking][Making a Mess][Wet Sounds][Multiple Orgasms]
Can you imagine all of the dirty fun we might have at your office? I certainly can ... ;)
Play Count: 13720
[FM4A] To the Loser Go the Spanks! [Collab with /u/The__Other__Guy][Spanking][Wooden Spoon][D/s][MDom][fsub][Begging][Edging][Massive Orgasms][Giggling][Rambling]
/u/The__Other__Guy and I got together on Skype for my punishment after I lost our edging challenge. Safe to say, we had an absolute blast!
Play Count: 7241
[F4M] When Teasing Backfires [Edging][A Little Begging][Teasing][Edging While Teasing is Hard!][Hitachi][Lady Sounds][Moaning][BJ][Face Fucking][Post-O Giggles]
I was supposed to edge, but I got carried away with my teasing ...
Play Count: 10008
[F4M] Why Did I Decide To Do This Again? [Edging][Denial][Hitachi][Breathy][Moans][Whimpers][Begging][Oh So Much (Desperate) Begging][A Growl or Two][Occasionally Rambly]
Day 1 of an edging/denial challenge.
Play Count: 7598
[F4M] Before the Pizza Gets Here [Let's Play a Game][Relaxing After a Shitty Day][Foot/Leg/Breast Massage][Moans][A Little Begging][Oral][Cunnilingus][Fingering]
We play a little game to help me relax after a rough day at work.
Play Count: 6510
[F4A] The Toy Box [Erotic Poetry][Script Fill][/u/LenaLovesLilacs][Getting Ready to Play][FDom]
My take on the Domme version of /u/LenaLovesLilacs's lovely poem about the toys in the toy box.
Play Count: 3621
[F4A] The Toy Box [Erotic Poetry][Script Fill][/u/LenaLovesLilacs][Getting Ready to Play][fsub]
My take on the sub version of /u/LenaLovesLilacs's lovely poem about the toys in the toy box.
Play Count: 3465
[F4M][Req Fill for /u/Cardlin] Everything Will Work Out Eventually [Comforting][Relaxing][Back Scritches]
I hope you find these words somewhat comforting, Cardlin. <3
Play Count: 4035
[F4M] Birthday Role Reversal [Req Fill][DD/lg][(Imperfect) Role Reversal][Gentle FDom][No Age/Incest][Sweet][Cute][Face Sitting][Teasing][Riding My Daddy][Creampie]
Your little princess takes the reins on her birthday. (Req fill for /u/Cardlin.)
Play Count: 11393
[F4A] Please Punish Me [Erotic Poetry][fsub][Script Fill][/u/Iwillinstructyou]
A poem by /u/Iwillinstructyou.
Play Count: 3718
[F4M] Dear Sir [Erotic Poetry][fsub][Applying for Submission][Script Fill][/u/Iwillinstructyou]
A poem by /u/Iwillinstructyou.
Play Count: 3840
Birthday Challenge Round 1: Edging followed by Book Spanks

Play Count: 5075
Birthday Challenge Round 2: Edging followed by Cord Spanks

Play Count: 3960
Birthday Challenge Round 3: Edging followed by Belt Spanks

Play Count: 4229
Birthday Challenge Round 4: Edging followed by Brush Spanks

Play Count: 3831
Birthday Challenge Round 5: Edging followed by Hand Spanks

Play Count: 4263
Birthday Challenge Round 6: Edging followed by Wooden Spoon Spanks

Play Count: 4840
Birthday Challenge: Dedicated Orgasms
Thank you, again, you lovely, wonderful teases. ;)
Play Count: 6612
Birthday Challenge: Orgasms 8 through 20
Just me and my Hitachi having a grand old time. :D
Play Count: 5289
Birthday Challenge: Orgasms 21 through 30
Me, my Hitachi, plus some special guest stars.
Play Count: 5577
Birthday Challenge: Bloopers
Oh, dear goodness, I can't believe I'm posting these. >.<
Play Count: 4131
[F4M] The Wedding Night [Req Fill][Sweet][Romantic][First Time][Nervous][Virgin][BJ][Cumming Together][L-Bombs]
Our first night after the wedding.
Play Count: 15102
[F4M] Denial Diaries [Honey Rambles][Fantasizing About Fucking You][Please Cum for Me Since I Can't][I Think I Maybe Growled at One Point]
In which I ramble on about how my denial is going and how much I want you to fuck me.
Play Count: 5302
[F4M] What a Way to Wake Up [Waking Up to Sex][Sleepy Voice][Wet Sounds][Creampie]
Sleepy sex.
Play Count: 28944
[F4A] Yay, Edging! Yay, Cumming! [Mast][Hitachi][Lady Sounds][So Many Orgasms][I Lost Count]
More edging and cumming with the Hitachi.
Play Count: 7936
[F4M] Computer Virus [Bimbofication][In the Library][Face Fucking][Regular Fucking][Wet Sounds][Insatiable]
Uh oh ... someone seems to have come down with a computer virus.
Play Count: 28536
[F4M] Edge With Me [JOI][Edging][Countdowns][FDom][Hitachi][Lady Sounds][Massive Orgasms][Post-O Giggles]
Let's edge together and then cum together. ;)
Play Count: 27339
[F4M] Training Daddy [DD/lg][Role Reversal][FDom][No Incest][No Age][BJ][Slapping][Name Calling][Pegging][Script by /u/Willasaurus]
Your little princess takes control for the night. Script by the wonderful /u/Willasaurus.
Play Count: 9578
[F4A] Chubby Bunny Challenge
I take on /u/MrAssKing's Chubby Bunny challenge.
Play Count: 4217
[F4A] Accent Challenge Part II
I take on /u/Free_to_Switch's second accent challenge.
Play Count: 3720
Punishment Spanks
I was naughty, so /u/Goddess_by_Night punished me.
Play Count: 4025
[F4A] Honey Listens to Goddess [Response Audio][Mast][Hitachi][Whimpers][Begging][Do I Make It?]
Despite not having a cock, I play along with /u/Goddess_By_Night's excellent edging JOI: http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2yae1s/f4m_how_long_can_you_hold_it/
Play Count: 5942
[F4M] Midday Office Play [Being Naughty at Work][Oral][Distracted Phone Call][Bend Me Over My Desk][A Little Spanking][More Than a Little Begging][Creampie]
You surprise me with a visit at my office, and things get ... naughty.
Play Count: 22959
[F4M] Listen While I Voice-Fuck You [JOI][Edging][Cock Control][Script Fill][/u/FlameFanner]
Listen to my moans. They'll let you know when it's time to cum.
Play Count: 20762
[F4M] Check Out My New Workout Pants [Tight Pants][Bend Me Over][Take Me From Behind][Spank Me]
What do you think of my new workout pants? They're kind of tight, aren't they? ;)
Play Count: 16841
[F4M] I Had the Biggest Crush on You in High School [Sweet][BJ][Teasing][Begging][Making Up For Lost Time]
Wait, you had a crush on me? I had a crush on you!
Play Count: 21479
[F4A] Hitachi Funtimes [Mast][Hitachi][Lady Sounds][Multiple Orgasms]
I didn't know what to record, so I just played with my Hitachi for you!
Play Count: 5395
[F4A] 100-1 and Back Again! [Mast][Hitachi][Lady Sounds][Whimpers][Crazy Good Orgasm]
The 100-1 Challenge with a Hitachi! (And then counting back up again, too.)
Play Count: 5263
[F4M] Wake Up, Fucktoy [FDom][You're My Fucktoy][Teasing][BJ][Face Sitting][Riding You][Spanking][Wet Sounds][Creampie]
You're my fucktoy now.
Play Count: 19437
[F4M] Sit Back, Relax, and Stroke Yourself for Me [JOI][Countdown][Teasing]
Listen to my voice as I tell you how I want you to touch yourself.
Play Count: 20610
[F4M] Be My Big Spoon? [Cuddles][Spooning Sex][Sweet]
I'm so cold. Please cuddle with me?
Play Count: 16634
[F4A] A Little Bit of Edging and A Lot of Cumming [Mast][Lady Sounds][Vibe Sounds][Edging][Multiple Orgasms]
Simple lady sounds, from mid-edge through to the wonderful finale.
Play Count: 7116
[F4M] Rough Day? Let Me Help You Relax [BJ][Riding You][Wet Sounds][Loving][GWAlentine’s Day][Kasty’s Cakeday Challenge]
Had a rough day at work? Let me help with that.
Play Count: 11063
[F4A] An Experiment with Music [Hitachi][Mast][Lady Sounds][Gasps][Whimpers][Multiple Orgasms][I Lost Count]
I tried an experiment: while trying a Hitachi for the first time, I listened to music that I know triggers frisson in me.
Play Count: 5810
[F4M] Playtime After Recording [Mast][Lady Sounds][Toys][Describing What I'm Doing][Some Wet Sounds][3 Back-to-back]
Sometimes the fun keeps going even after the recording stops. This time, I left the mic on ...
Play Count: 5469
[F4M] When You Come Over Tonight [Slight Fsub][Breathy][Tease Me][Begging to Beg?][Cum with Me]
I get carried away leaving you a voicemail.
Play Count: 6241
[F4F] My Good Girl [Erotic Poetry][D/s][Leather Belt][Stern][Tender][Script Fill][/u/Iwillinstructyou]
A poem for my good girl by /u/Iwillinstructyou.
Play Count: 4114
[F4M] Cum On My Ass [Mast][Quick][Spank Me][Breathy][Half Asleep Rambles]
A quick bout of fantasy spanking and stress release right before bed.
Play Count: 10694
[F4M] Touch Yourself for Me? [JOI][Mast][Begging][Teasing][Whimpers][Lady Sounds][Cum with Me]
Touch yourself for me, while I touch myself for you.
Play Count: 10544
[F] Laughing at Nothing: the GWAB Laughter Challenge [No, Seriously][Nothing][Well, Maybe Funny Sounds at First]
I was trying to start a different audio, made myself giggle, and then just lost it.
Play Count: 3681
[F] Pretty Please, Will You Verify Me?
Verification for GWABackstage. :)
Play Count: 3616
[F4A] LISTEN! [Erotic Poetry][Submissive][Wanting][Demanding][Script Fill][/u/tarkustrooper]
A poem by /u/tarkustrooper.
Play Count: 3810
[F4M] After We Said Goodbye [Mast][Whimpers][Breathy][I Want to be a Good Girl][Faint Wet Sounds][Vibe Sounds][Two Orgasms]
Even though we had just finished chatting, I hadn't finished cumming.
Play Count: 5027
[F4M] Thinking of You [Fantasy][Mast][Improv][Slight Begging][Teasing]
This is what happens when I can't stop thinking about your cock all day.
Play Count: 5670
[F4A] I Got Greedy [Hysterical Literature - Shakespeare's Sonnets][Part 2][Trying to Cum][Lady Sounds][Mast][Vibrator][Breathy][Whimpers][Kinda Loud at the End]
I got greedy after partaking in a Shakespeare's Sonnets Hysterical Literature Challenge and tried for another orgasm. Unfortunately, it took me another 13 minutes to get there.
Play Count: 4461
[F4A] Hysterical Literature - Shakespeare's Sonnets [Challenge Accepted][7 Sonnets][Edging]
I accepted /u/IvoryTongue's Hysterical Literature challenge, and this is the result! Well ... the first part, anyway. Stay tuned for the aftermath.
Play Count: 4475
[F4A] Lazy Sunday 100-1 Challenge [Toy][Vibrator][Breathy][Counting is hard]
Boy, the 100-1 challenges are harder than they seem! (Word of warning - I was trying out a new headset/microphone here, and I couldn't get a great balance of noise removal in post, so the vibe sounds sometimes cut out a little.)
Play Count: 5492
[F4M] Vanilla [Script Fill][Baking][Relationship][Humor][Playful][Vanilla][Giggles]
A sweet script by /u/kastyairis.
Play Count: 6632
[F] Verify Me, Please!
Verification for GWA. :)
Play Count: 4742