[F4M] “The Alien Abduction” [Aliens] [Abduction] [Therapist] [Narrative] [Willing Victim] [Horror] [Fear Play]

Play Count: 1481
[F4M] “The Assistant” [MDom] [fsub] [Yandere] [Power Dynamic] [Dominant Boss] [Submissive Personal Assistant] [Office Sex] [Cunnilingus] [Unprotected Sex]

Play Count: 2004
[F4M] “Your Victim Falls Madly In Love With You” Mention of [Rape] [Yandere] [Kidnapped] [Willing Victim] [Victim to Consensual] [SFX]

Play Count: 2857
Molly's True Stories: "Kat" [For Max] [Lesbianism] [Gay as Fuck] [Masturbation] [Storytime]

Play Count: 2293
[F4M] You Didn’t Pull Out on the New Year! [FUCKOFFANDDIE2020][rape] due to [not pulling out][biting][blowjob][deepthroat][choking][rough sex][doggy][daddy][creampie][impreg][breeding] [Script Fill] [Script by Benson_Smythe]

Play Count: 5397
Winner of my raffle, which benefits worldbuilders.org.
Play Count: 2118
[F4M] "Crazy Girls Need Love, Too: Please Love Me Back" [Ep. 6] [Yandere] [Rape] [Oral Sex] [Begging] [Obsessed] [Crazy but Cute]
I'm obsessed with you. Fuck. You have no idea how much I need you. Please love me back... A fantasy.
Play Count: 6489
[F4M] Harley Freakin’ Quinn In: “It’s Been a Long Nightwing” Episode 4 [Interrogation] [Nightwing] vs [Harley Quinn] [Something’s Wrong with Batman!] [Fighting] [Passionate] [Fandom] [Face Riding] [Girl on Top] [Creampie] [SFX]
Nightwing is interrogating Harley on the last time she's seen Batman...
Play Count: 3944
[F4M] “I’d Like to Speak to Your Manager!” [Karen] vs. [Waiter] [MDom] [Fsub] [Reluctant] [Consensual] [Rough Sex] [Outdoor Sex] [Seduction] [Alpha Male] [Cheating] [Cuckolding Mention] [SFX]

Play Count: 8286
[F4M] “Love is War” [Historical] [Vanilla Erotica] [Romantic] [Orc] [Monster Girl]

Play Count: 4585
[F4M] “Prisoner Z2155” [Rape] [Torture] [Starvation] [Mind Games] [Concentration Camp] [War] [Soldier] [Sex Worker] [MDom] [fsub] [Not Based on ANY Real Events] [SFX]
It's war. An invading army as taken prisoners, and I'm one of them. I'm being starved, tortured and slowly worked...
Play Count: 5478
[F4A] "Just Me" [ASMR] [Tingles] [Masturbating] [Vibrator] [Nearly Wordless] [Just Moaning] [Orgasm]

Play Count: 5331
[F4M] Harley Freakin’ Quinn In: “Trick or Treat” - Episode 3 [Harley Quinn] meets a [Fan] on [Halloween] [Anal] [Sex with a Stranger] [Sexy at a Party] [Making Out] [SFX]

Play Count: 5578
[F4M] Harley Freakin’ Quinn In: “A Cold Dark Knight” - Episode 2
[Rape] [MDom] [fsub] [Harley Quinn] vs [Batman] [Mind Games] [Manipulation] [Gaslighting] [Therapist] vs [Detective] [Nipple Torture] [Choking] [Violence] [Fandom] [Villain To Victim] [Hero to Villain] [Drugged] [SFX]
Play Count: 5669
[F4M] Harley Freakin’ Quinn In: “The Big Break Up!” - Episode 1

Play Count: 6361
[F4M] “Crazy Girls Need Love, Too: The Black Widow” [Episode 5] [Rape] [Black Widow Killer] [Divorce] [Murder Plot] [Revenge] [FDom] to [fsub] [msub] to [MDom] [Series] [SFX] [Music]
Bet you wish you made me sign a pre-nup, eh? No matter. What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine. [Chopin - Scherzo No. 1 - Performed by Nico De Napoli] / [Beethoven: String Quartet No. 6 in B Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 6 - II. Adagio ma non troppo /] [All Music = Free Domain]
Play Count: 5757
[F4M] “Crazy Girls Need Love, Too: The Pusher” [Episode 4] [FDom] [msub]
You owe a local drug dealer money, and she’s going to be paid… one way or the other.
Play Count: 8768
[F4A] "Welcome to Nightvale - At Night: Papa Joe’s Magic Pills" (Episode One) [Welcome to Nightvale] [Porn Parody] [Creepy] [Drugs] [Masturbation] [Absurdist] [Queer AF] [Music] [Original Music]

Play Count: 4281
[FM4A] “I’m An Online Cocktease, and I Deserve What’s Coming to Me” [Rape] [Collab] [u/CarnivalCaveman] [MDom] [fsub] [GWA Girl] vs. [Stalker] [BJ] [Gagging] [Slapping] [Male Growling] [Crying Female] [Breeding]

Play Count: 7295
[F4A] "Make Molly Cum - r/Tarkustrooper] [“I’m Done Being Nice”] [Cheating] [Angry GF] [Fem-Daddy] [Ranting] [I Don't Wanna Be Your Daddy Anymore] [Degradation] [Anal fingering] [Name-calling] [Get the fuck out] [Collab] [Review] [Series]

Play Count: 6555
"Crazy Girls Need Love, Too: The Super Fan"

Play Count: 11695
[F4M] "Your Roommate Nurses You To Health" [A Sequel] [Blow Job] [Roommate] [Nursing You While You’re Sick] [I’m Here to Take Care of You] [Good Boy!] [SFX] [All Music Used is in the Public Domain]

Play Count: 11286
[F4M] [F4A] “[Class of Nuke ‘Em High]: The Attack of the Subhumanoid Bimbo”

Play Count: 7346
[F4M] “I'll Suck Your Dick if you Stay In Quarantine WIth Me” [Roommate] [BJ] [Why Won’t You Stay Inside!] [What Can I Do To Keep You Inside?]

Play Count: 25310
“My Son’s Best Friend” [F4M] [Rape] [Snuff] [Age Difference] [Older Woman] [Fsub] [Legal Teen] [MDom] [Violence] [SFX] [For Adults, By Adults] [Strictly Fantasy]

Play Count: 14822
[F4A] “Crazy Girls Need Love, Too: The Serial Killer” [Rape] [F4F] [F4M] [FDom] [Fsub] [MDom] [Horror] [Suspense] [Plot Twist] [Snuff] [Murder Investigation] [Police] [Police Interrogation]

Play Count: 10450
"Host Manipulation" [Over An Hour and a Half Long!] [F4A] [F4MF]

Play Count: 10446
"Morgana's Wedding Night" (A Special Request from QuarterPounder on RapeCage.com) [Rape] [FMMM] [Cuck] [MDom] [Fsub] [Soundscape] [SFX] [Music] [Beethoven] [All SFX and Music is Free Use]

Play Count: 8654
[F4M] "Can't Rape the Willing" Re-Edited with SFX! [Rape]ish [Caught in the Wild] [MDom] [fsub] [SFX] [Impreg] [Cheating] [Boyfriend Shaming]

Play Count: 10274
"Metropolis Rising" - Re-Edited with Special Effects! [Rape] [Roleplay] [Robots] [Sex Robot] [Sci-Fi] [Futuristic] [Plot Twist] [SFX: Freesound.org]
In the fashion of Lucas and Spielberg, I decided to re-edit one of my older audios with SFX, now that I know how to use them! Enjoy!
Play Count: 9036
[F4M] “Call to the Void” [Rape] [Snuff] [Satan] [Witches] [Horror] [Faustian] [Devil] [Black Magic] [Knives] [Blood] [Sacrifice] [Virgins] [Growing Cock] [Unnatural Size] [Stretching] [Brutal AF] [Crying] [Begging] [SFX: Freesound.com]
You’re the devil. I’m a young girl selling my soul to you. What could possibly go wrong? Original script.
Play Count: 13218
[F4M] “Welcome to Walmart” [Rape] [Assaulted at Work] [Bathroom] [Obsessed Fan] [Caught in the Wild] [Knives] [Threats of Violence] [Fear Play] [Spitting] [Slapping] [All Characters Depicted are +18] [Strictly Fantasy] [SFX: freesound.com]

Play Count: 13030
[F4M] “The Incubus” [JUMP SCARES] [Seduction] by an [Incubus] [Demon] [Supernatural] [Sensual] [Cunnilingus] - [Fucking] an [Invisible] [Monster] - [Reluctant] into [Passionate] - [SFX: Freesound.com] [Music: Mine] [Biaural] [Soundscape] [11:04]

Play Count: 7368
“Let Them Eat Cake” [F4M] [F4A] [Rape] [FDom] [Msub] [Court Jester] [Historical] [Jacking Off] [Making Out] [Cunnilungus] [Edging] [Analingus] [Doggy Style] [Missionary] [Creampie] [Threats] [Music and SFX from freesound.com]
*[Rape] tag because she’s the Queen, and the Jester can’t say no, even though he clearly wants to. No physical force or violence was used as a plot point.
Play Count: 22424
[F4M] [MMMF] [Request Fill] “Honeymoon Gang-Rape” [Rape] [Snuff] [Violent] [Gang-Rape] [Triple Penetration] [AtM] [All Three Holes] [Honeymoon] [Cuckolding] [Begging] [Crying] [Guns] [SFX] [Reuploaded w/ Correct Audio] Script By [u/throwawaygearsolid]

Play Count: 18577
[F4A] “The Other Woman's Man” [F/F/M] [Rape] [FDom] [Msub] [Fsub] [Cuckquean] [Cheating] [Revenge] [Blackmail] [Oral] [Hardcore Anal Play] [Humilating] [Name Calling] [Slapping] [SFX] [Cinematic]
(PLOT: I just found out about my husband’s mistress, so I looked up her husband, and told him everything. Time for us to get our revenge.)
Play Count: 10130
"Date Raped and Left For Dead" [Rape] [Date Rape] [Drugged] [Friendzone] [Spanking] [Car Sex] [Left For Dead] [SFX] [Cinematic]

Play Count: 15537
Molly Rants About Weird Penises [Rant] [Not Erotic] [Funny] [Kind Gross in Places] [NSFW]

Play Count: 6570
Molly's True Stories: Hoover 23

Play Count: 9402
[F4A] "Touching Myself Without Speaking" [Masturbation] [Wet Pussy Sounds] [Real Orgasm]

Play Count: 12184
[F4M] “A Quicky at the Office Party" [Quicky Sex] [Fucking Your Mistress at the Office Party] [Public Bathroom Sex] [Exhibitionism] [L-Bombs] [Cheating] [Exhibitionism] [Passionate] [BUSTED!] [Cinematic]

Play Count: 13506
[F4M] "Bad Juju" [Rape] [Magic Gone Wrong] [Backfired Love Spell] [Yandere vs. Yandere] [Plot Twist] [SFX] [Multiple Orgasms] [Oral] [Creampie] [Cinematic]
A love spell goes wrong, but when have you ever heard of one going right?
Play Count: 14171
[F4M] “The Last Meal” [Zombies] [Rape] [Gore] [Snuff] [Vore] [Intense Violence] [Body Shaming a Body] [SFX Options: Freesound.com] [Cinematic] [Horror]
Girl meets guy. Guy is bit by zombie. Girl is fucked.
Play Count: 14139
[F4M] [Script Fill] “The Final Girl” [Horror] [Slasher Movie] [Outdoor Sex] [Affectionate Sex] [Single Orgasm] [Crying] [Masturbation] [Breath Play] [Snuff] [Horror Violence] [Cinematic] [SFX] [Original Music] Script by [u/KardinalSin]

Play Count: 12276
[F4A] “Tales Of Gilead: OfBoudicca” - ‘A 3D Audio Experience’ [Trigger Warnings:] [Rape] [Torture] [Electric Shock Torture] [Beatings] [Knives] [Stabbing] [Guns] [Snuff] [Headphones Recommended] [3D Audio]
Further Tags: [“Danse Macabre” - Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns] [“Moonlight Sonata” - Composer: L.V. Beethoven] [Free Use Versions by the Boston Symphony] [BBC Free Use Sound SFX] [Homemade Foley Art] [Based on Work by Margaret Atwood] [Handmaid’s Tale] [Fan Fiction] [Featuring Original Music By My Band]
Play Count: 8665
[F4M] "A Malkavian Love Story II" [Vampires] [Msub] [FDom] [Rape] [Oral] [Biting] [Blood Drinking]

Play Count: 11079
[F4M] “Whatever Happened to Crystal?” [Rape] [Age] [Incest] [Knives] [Sacrilige] [Forced Feet Fetish] [Cutting] [Crying] [Begging] [Choking] [Virginity] [Deflowering] [Anal Rape] [Facial] [Creampie] [Snuff] For [u/vampirelover376]
One of my paid commissions, this one by u/vampirelover376. Thanks to him for the awesome prompt idea for me to act out. His paid contribution brought you this audio, so be sure to give him a thanks.
Play Count: 14538
[F4M] “The Midnight Visitor” [Rape] [Fear Play] [Age] [Teen Girl] [Vampires] [Mdom] [Fsub] [Crying] [Begging] [Sacrilege] [All Three Holes Wrecked] [Snuff] [For and By Adults] Made for [u/vampirelover376]

Play Count: 13683
[FM4A] Giving a Shy and Very Quiet [u/RedTapeRevolt] a [Blow Job] Until He Came All Over My Face [Collab] [Real Blow Job]
Came over to RTR's house for Magic: the Gathering, but found the dude having a pity party after a bad break up. He wasn't in the mood to say much, so I took matters into my own hands...
Play Count: 11733
[F4M] "Tigress and Miss Honey" [Stuffed Animal Fetish] [Plushophilia] [Girlfriend Experience] [Surpisingly Sweet, Coming From Me] [Furry]
This is a commission piece I performed recently. Not my normal cup of tea, but if you're into furries and stuffed animals, it might be yours.
Play Count: 10119
[F4M] "Madness: Don't Trust What You See" [Rape] [Mindfuck] [Descend into Madness] [Medication] [Hallucination] [Mention of murder] [Mention of necrophilia] [Script Fill] Script by [u/Entitiy]

Play Count: 8777
[F4A] Molly's True Stories: The Completely Plausable Rape Scenerio I Can't Get Out of My Head [Rape] [Masturbation] [Fantasy] [Real Orgasm]

Play Count: 13595
[F4M] A Stoned Handjob From Molly [Jack Off Instructions] [JOI] [Mumblefap] [Real Orgasm]

Play Count: 14680
[F4M] "Worse Than Death" [Rape] [Mdom] [fsub] [Lots of Begging] [BJ] [Violent] [Slapping] [Drugs] [Doctor vs. Patient] [Mental Hosptial] [Mentions of Suicide]

Play Count: 13831
[F4A] "Touching Myself While the Landlord is Here" [Cumming Next to an Open Window] [Exhibitionism] [Masturbation] [I Can't Wait for My Landlord to Leave! I Need to Cum Now! - I Don't Care If He Hears Me!]

Play Count: 9168
[F4M] "Help Me Come Before My Landlord Gets Here" [Ramble Fap] [Roleplaying] [Good Boy!] [Mild FDom] [Aftercare] [An After-Fap Chat with Molly]

Play Count: 9233
"Bath Time with Molly 2" [F4M] [Age] [DD/lg] [Little Girl Gets Dirty While Daddy Cleans Her Cunt]

Play Count: 17714
"I'm Your Huckleberry!" [F4M] [SFX: BBC Free Use] [Hand Job] [Found by a Listener] [Jacking You Off] in a [Busy Bar] [Exhibitionism] [Good Boy!] [Request Fill]

Play Count: 11794
"Baby Girl's First Period" [F4M] [Age] [Incest] [Mdom] [fsub] [DD/lg] [Rape] [First Period] [First Time] [Virgin] [Crying] [Begging] [Blow Job] [Period Sex] [Painal] [Anal] [Slapping] [Menstruation Fetish] [Teen]

Play Count: 24623
Bath Time with Molly [F4M] [Water and Bath Sounds] [Mumblefap] [Orgasm] [Slutty] [Self Degrading]

Play Count: 12252
[F4M] [Script Fill] for [u/rogeroveur] “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Whatever He Tells Me” [Hypnosis] [Rape] [Rape via Hypnosis] [Brainwashing] [Soft and Slow] [MDom] [Fsub] [I Am Your Hypnotized Slut, Sir!] [Junkie for Being Hypnotized!]

Play Count: 24317
[F4A] OH FUCK [Orgasm] [Masturbation] [Mostly Non-Verbal] [Whimpering]

Play Count: 11866
"Manic Pixie Dream Girl" - An Original Punk Song [A T&M Production]

Play Count: 9505
"A Fungus Among Us" - An Original Punk Song [A T&M Production]

Play Count: 9207
"Tender Violation" - An Original Song (Experimental] [A T&M Production)
This is a weird cacophony a friend and I made. I'm proud of it. It's just so bizarre.
Play Count: 9329
Just the Orgasm - Testing Out My New Mic [F4A] [ F4M] [Masturbation] [Only the Orgasm] [Vanilla AF] [No words]
Just over a minute long, I was masturbating when I decided I should test out my new mic. Hope you enjoy listening in!
Play Count: 11524
Molly's AMA Answers for GWABackstage!

Play Count: 9876
[F4M] Prom Night Rape Slut [Rape] [Age] [Prom Night] [High School] [Fsub] [Mdom] [Virginity] [Oral] [Deflowering a Virgin] [Blood] [Blood Licking] [Kidnapping] [Crying] [Slapping] [FX: Fireplace]

Play Count: 23121
[F4M] [F4A] Wordless Orgasm - Just Moans and Wet Noises [Masturbation] [No Talking]

Play Count: 19188
[F4M] [F4A] Fuck Me, Please! [Masturbation] [So Horny] [Begging] [Needy]

Play Count: 21807
Molly's Stoned Storytime: Clowns [Age] [Story Time] [Clowns] [Phobia] [Fear Fetish] [Betrayal Fetish] [Rape] [Super Stoned] [Unedited and Unscripted] [Masturbating to Evil Clowns] [Sex with Balloons] [Super Weird]
Play Count: 13249
[F4F] [F4A] "The Tablet" [Script Fill] for [u/Apocalyptore] [FX] [Fireplace Sounds] [Soft Spoken] [Steampunk] [ASMR] [Lots of Dialogue] [American with a Bad English Accent!] [Masturbation] [Tasteful Death Scene]
An archaeologist uncovers an artifact better left to the darkness
Play Count: 12004
[FM4A] “This Motherfucker Literally Shames Me for Being the Other Woman – While He’s Fucking Me!” [There I Go, Home-Wreckin’ Again] [Real Sex] [Spanking] [Humiliation] [Anal] [Butt Plug] [Spitting] [Begging] [Cheating
So, I guess the girlfriend knows? Way to ruin my fun, r/redtaperevolt! No sluts were seriously harmed in the making of this audio. He just screwed with my head a little, but it’s all good. I had a great time! And by the way, yes, cheating is bad. You don’t have to tell me.
Play Count: 20396
[F4F] "Homewrecker - Part One" Script by u/_Charger_ [Rape] [Drugging] [Fdom] [Fsub] [Hospital] [FX] [Humiliation] [Name Calling] [Slapping] [Oral] [Threats] [Homewrecking] [Murder]

Play Count: 17763
[Script Fill] [F4A] "The Hands of the Sith" [Rape] because you are their captive [Sci-Fi] [Star Wars] [Force Choking] [Force Pleasuring] [The Dark Side Does Not Require Your Consent] Script by [u/LateStageInfernalism]

Play Count: 15131
[FM4A] Couple's Verification for [u/redtaperevolt] and [u/mollymolotov666]

Play Count: 11958
[Real Life Blow Job] [Collab] with [u/redtaperevolt] aka Random Stranger! [Blow Job] [Sloppy] [Mild Humiliation] [Mild Name Calling]
My second date with the random stranger, who now has a new account on Reddit... He's u/redtaperevolt! Sorry for the audio quality. I'll hold the mic closer to his mouth next time so you can hear him better!
Play Count: 18582
[F4M] [F4A] "How I Masturbate When I'm Not Performing" [Masturbation] [Watching Gangbang Porn] [Orgasm] [Mild Humiliation] [Mild Name Calling]

Play Count: 14989
[F4A] I Am So Wet For You! [Masturbation] [Wet Pussy Sounds] [Nearly Wordless Moaning] [Orgasm] [Whimpering]

Play Count: 24034
[F4M] I'm Pissed Off, So I'm Gonna Take my Anger Out On You [Fdom] [Msub] [Switch] [Light Dick and Ball Torture] [Anal] [Name Calling] [Little Boy] [Bitch Boy] [Human Dildo] [Dehumanization] [Emasculation] [Masturbation] [Hitachi]

Play Count: 18690
“Jinkies, Scooby! A Tentacle Monster!” [Rape] [Tentacle Monster] [Beast] [Age] [Scooby Doo] [Comedy][Cartoonish and Comedic] [Beastiality] [FFFMMM4A]
“Jinkies, Scooby! A Tentacle Monster!” -- A fantasy created by adults for adults. Script by u/mollymolotov666 and u/emeraldd55 Editing and Foley by u/KindSvengali u/nightfawn (Velma, The Tentacle Monster, ?????) u/KindSvengali (Shaggy, Scooby) u/LucidDean (Fred) u/Avournine (Daphne) Music from the Public Domain. Door opening sound effect by Freesound.org and Mwlandi
Play Count: 13638
[F4M] “I’m Drunk and Touching” [Hitachi] [Drunk Fap] [Masturbating] [Begging] [Age] [Daddy, Please!] [Self Humiliation] [Role-Play] [Incest] [Anal] [Cum Eating] [Desperation] [Demanding] [Needy] [Big Dick Worship]

Play Count: 19908
"Me Actually Hooking Up with a Listener" [FM4A] A Very Special [Collab] with a Random Guy [Sorry for the Sound Issues and his Cat in the Background] [Cheating] [Blow Job] [Doggy Style] [Spanking] [Name Calling] [Swallowing a Stranger's Cum]
Sorry for the shitty issues audio, guys.
Play Count: 23183
[F4M] "Metropolis Rising" [Yandere] [Rape] [Sex Andriod] [Futuristic] [Bad Mouth Made Sound Effects] [Anal] [AtM] [Scraeaming] [Crying] [Begging] [It's Alive!]
Original script by me
Play Count: 18011
[F4A] "As You Like It" - "All The World's A Stage" [Monologue] [Shakespeare]

Play Count: 11998
[F4A] A Clockwork Pink [Script Fill] for [u/astrangerinthenight] [Rape] [Drugging] [Brainwashing]
Thanks to u/astrangerinthenight for sharing this awesome script!
Play Count: 14884
[F4A] A Taste of Death [The Grim Reaper] [Oral Sex]
The Grim Reaper is trying to take you to the afterworld, but you can challenge her to a game for your life. What game do you choose?
Play Count: 16101
Molly's Drunk Storytime: Elena the Real Corpse Bride [Drunk Storytime] [F4A] [Inebriated] [Non Erotic Storytime for Perverts]
Drunk Story time! Come hear the story of Elena de Hoyos, the real corpse bride!
Play Count: 12377
[F4M] "Respect" [No Sex] [Making Out] [Respecting Boundaries] [ASMR] [Sound FX: Crickets and Night Noises] [Teens at a Makeout Point] [Age] Just in Case
My first attempt at a fully ASMR, non-pornographic audio. Gets a little steamy with the kissing, but it's more or less non-erotic.
Play Count: 16823
[F4A] "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou, Recited by Molly [Poetry]

Play Count: 12479
[F4A] Witches of Eastwick - Alex Tells Darryl How She Really Feels [Monologue] [Comedic] [It's Cher, Bitch]

Play Count: 12517
[F4A] Pulp Fiction - Jules Trying Real Hard to be the Shepherd [Monologue] [Gender Swap] [Country Accent]

Play Count: 12585
[F4M] “Man of the House” [Rape] [Age] [Incest] [Mom and Son] [Strangling] [Mdom] [Fsub] [Fun with Incels] [Hitting] [Crying] [Drugs] [Underage Drinking] [Oedipus Complex Fetish for the Win!]
He can't figure out why girls won't talk to him, but he does know one woman who does...
Play Count: 34686
[FM4A] "Daddy, No! It's Not What it Looks Like!" [Rape] [Age] [For and By Adults] [Collab] between [u/gabrielkain1] and [u/mollymolotov666]

Play Count: 19630
[F4M] "Treatment for Nymphomania" [Rape] [Rape Turning into Consent] [Manipulation] [Doctor and Patient Sex] [Psychiatric Care Gone Wrong] [Nymphomania]

Play Count: 18323
[F4M] "One Last Time" [Dying Request] [Terminal Cancer] [Kinda Sweet] [Kinda Sad] [Cunnilingus] [Orgasm]
WANTED: A man who is willing to entertain the sexual needs of a woman dying of cancer. Inquire within!
Play Count: 14137
[F4M] "Reluctant, but Willing Anal Sex" for [u/LowkeyCumquat] [Audio Request Fill] [Painful Anal] [Loving] [Birthday Sex] [L-Bombs]
I love you THIS much...
Play Count: 21929
[F4A] Molly's True Stories - "Confessions of an Aging Nymphet!" [Prize for the "DarksidePlayground' Subreddit's 1000 Sub Raffle] [The Winner is: u/I-Am-Jacks!] [Age] [Stoned Story Time] [Some Stoner Coughing] [Part Two Coming Soon!]

Play Count: 17141
[F4A] [F4F] One Word Challenge - "Mommy" [Dedicated to my Secret GWA Lady Crush] [Challenge] [Mommy] [One Word Challenge] [Lesbian Fun]

Play Count: 17507
"Sweet Little Molly Meets a Child Molester" [Age] [Rape] [Gore] [Guns] [Knives] [Threats] [Improv] [Plot Twist] [Fdom]
For adults, by an adult
Play Count: 19620
[F4A] Molly's First Hitachi [Masturbating] [Experimentation] [Loud Moans] [Vibrator]

Play Count: 21049
A Disturbing Retelling of "Lady Lazarus," by Sylvia Plath - Performed by Molly [Performance Art] [Acting out the words with Emotion] [Crying] [Sniffles] [Hysterical and Naked as Fuck]
My boyfriend called this "disturbing..."
Play Count: 13304
"Annabelle Lee," A Poem By Edgar Allan Poe - A Performance Piece by Molly [Poetry] [Highly Emotional] [Crying] [Dramatic] [Acting each emotion] [Performance Art]

Play Count: 13177
Henry V, in Act IV Scene III - The St. Crispin's Day Speech

Play Count: 13108
[F4A] "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Act V, Scene 1 [William Shakespeare] [Monologue]

Play Count: 13327
[F4A] "Make Molly Cum - CarnivalCaveman] [Two Orgasms!] [Turn Down Your Volume] [MDom] [Rape][Kidnap] [BBW] [Body Appreciation] [Mindfuck] [Impreg]
Special thanks to u/CarnivalCaveman and u/oh_reaally for this amazing audio! I had way too much fun making it!
Play Count: 16284
[F4A] The Final Speech from "The Great Dictator," Recited by Molly [Monologue]

Play Count: 13647
[F4A] "Double Double Toil and Trouble" from "Macbeth," Recited by Molly [SFW Monologue] [Sound Effects]

Play Count: 13666
[F4A] "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe, Recited by Molly [Poetry]

Play Count: 13569
[F4A] Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll, Recited by Molly [Poetry]
One of my favorites...
Play Count: 13643
[F4M] An American at Hogwarts [Rape] [Harry Potter] [Paralysis] [Bratty Molly]
Ugh. I wanna go back home. Hogwarts is stupid.
Play Count: 19349
[F4A] CryFap [Real Crying] [Forcing Myself to Cum Through A Panic Attack] [Orgasm] [Moaning] [Masturbation] [Lots of Sniffles and Blubbering] [Molly Is Going Crazy Again]
I don't even know what to say for myself anymore.
Play Count: 26022
[f4m] [script fill] I Need To Hurt You To Keep You [rape] [fdom] [yandere] [blowjob] [threats] [kidnapping] [serial killer] [scaregasm] [mutilation discussion] [DARK] [By KarnalSin] [Performed by Molly]
The script: https://pastebin.com/yC8KLuup
Play Count: 20822
[F4A] Kidnapping/Mind Control Fantasy [ASMR] [Kidnapping] [Brainwashing] [Mumblefap] [Torture] [Willing Victim] [Fear Play] [Strictly Fantasy] [Don't Really Do This] [Begging For Fucked Up Shit] [Human Fleshlight] [Orgasm]
I go kinda crazy in this one... Don't actually do this!
Play Count: 18844
[F4A] "Make Molly Cum" with Special Guest, [WhollyFictional] [Rape] [Guns] [Stalker] [Anal] [Review Show]
This episode of "Make Molly Cum" is brought to you by u/whollygfictional. <3
Play Count: 15301
[F4M] Rape Baiting My Listeners [Mumblefap] [Rape] [Rape Baiting] [Really Horny Making This] [Orgasm]
Sometimes, I just need taken against my will and shown who's boss
Play Count: 37374
[F4M] Tripping Balls and Hungry for Cock [Drunken Improv] [Mention of Drugs] [Orgasm]
I'm having a bad trip on some stuff I shouldn't have taken. Help distract me?
Play Count: 17802
The r/DarksidePlayground AMA Exclusive! [Age] [Legal Adult Discussing Age and Sex] [DarksidePlayground Exclusive] [Rape] [Mentions of Bestiality] [Drunk Slut] [Slurring at Times] [Bunch of Other Tags I'm Forgetting, I'm Sure]
I know, I know. Took me look enough, am I right? <3
Play Count: 19339
[F4M] Road Trip Gone Wrong [Sound FX] [Plot Twist]

Play Count: 16263
[F4M] "Glory Hole Fun" Script by an Anonymous Patron of Mine [Daddy] [Teen] [Glory Holes] [Age] [Incest] [Oral] [Creampie] [Plot Twist]
Script via a subscriber of mine on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/MollyMolotov666
Play Count: 26037
[F4A] A Request from Patreon - "Rape Me: Two Word Challenge!" Requested by [u/martinvar] [Masturbation] [Orgasm] [Patreon Reward] [Molly's Doing Challenges Again, Ya'll]
Requested by my Patreon subscriber u/martinvar <3
Play Count: 20265
[F4A] A Quick Orgasm Before Company Arrives [Masturbation] [Mumbling] [Moaning] [Orgasm]
Just a quick moment alone before my friends arrive.
Play Count: 18053
[F4M] Lil' Red Riding Molly Gets Eaten By a Wolf [Beast] [Age] [Wolf] [Little Red Riding Hood] [Oral] [Doggy Style] [Sound FX] [Singing]
Song: "If I Know You Where Coming" by Eileen Barton
Play Count: 26256
[F4A] I Lost My Job Today [Molly's Officially Unemployed] [Drunk Rant] [Confession] [Depressed] [Self Affirmations] [Masturbation] [Messy Breakup] [Orgasm] [Fapping After Crying]
Play Count: 18771
[F4A] Molly Misbehaves in a Cemetery [Real] [Exhibitionism] [Ouija Board] [Public Masturbation] [Orgasm] [B&E] [Urban Masturbation] [Fapping on a Historical Landmark] [Graveyard] [Halloween] [Don't Arrest Me, Please]
Happy Halloween!
Play Count: 17470
[F4M] Daddy's Date Night [Incest] [Age] [Yandere] [Possessive but Loving Daughter] [Teen] [Daddy] [Kissing] [Virgin]
Daddy, please don't go. She can't love you like I can...
Play Count: 35939
[F4M] "Muscles" for u/MrTrueBlues
A request fill
Play Count: 21254
"Make Molly Cum:" Watt99MVP [F4A] [MF4A] [Collaboration] [Masturbating to GWA]
Thanks to Watt for participating! SO AWESOME!
Play Count: 16703
"The Mountain Man" A [Collaboration] with [u/watt99mvp] [Rape] [Male Southern Accent] [Molly Tears] [Sacrilege] [Forced Oral] [Forced Orgasm] [Forced Creampie] [Name Calling] [Bible Passages]
Go visit u/watt99mvp for more of that accent! Script by Molly.
Play Count: 18000
[F4A] Molly's True Stories: Rape Baiting Gone Wrong [Age] [Anal] [Rape] [Love For Sadists] [Cum to My Pain] [Very Emotional] [Orgasm] [Orgasm Induced Amnesia]
Dunno what to say about this
Play Count: 35505
[F4A] Molly's True Stories: Mastabatory McGyver [Age] [Stone Ranting] [I Don't Remember All the Tags. I Was VERY High Making This] [Masturbation[
I was a very inventive little girl
Play Count: 19269
[F4A] Molly Thanks Her Anonymous Benefactor for the New Mic [Masturbation] [Being a Whore for Gifts]
I've been bad, but I got a mic out of it!
Play Count: 16082
Molly Sings!: "Just Born Bad" by the Amazing Crawlspace Brothers
Can't believe I'm fucking sharing this... Normally, I say be gentle and /actually/ mean rough, but no. Be gentle. I'm psycho about my music. Tell I'm great, or I'll cut you. <3
Play Count: 15698
[F4A] Treating my Hysteria the Old Fashioned Way [Real Panic Attack] [No Dialogue] [Real Crying] [Masturbation] [Orgasm] [Wordless Anguish, followed by Relief]
I don't even know what to say about this.
Play Count: 24050
Talking Dirty to Daddy Before Bed

Play Count: 18706
Daddy Issues 2

Play Count: 27158
Janie's Message

Play Count: 17365
[F4M] Confessions of a Bad Girl [Rape] [Priest] [Sacrilege] [Age-ish] [Praying While Being Raped by a Priest] [Screaming] [Crying] [Mumbling in Horror] [Fucked Up] [Delicious Molly Tears] [Shout Out to u/notwhorosethinks]
Heaven help me!
Play Count: 28717
Make Molly Cum, Episode 2: u-Emeraldd5 [F4M] listening to [M4F] audio porn [Molly Reacts] [Collaboration] [Cumming to GWA] [New Series]
Forgive my bad audio and few hiccups in production, but I'm trying. <3
Play Count: 17531
[F4M] Molly's True Stories: I Miss My Molester [Stoned Rant] [Masturbation] [True Story] [This Is Fucked Up] [Age]
Don't listen to this. It's indecent and unfit for human consumption. I'm sorry in advance if you don't listen.
Play Count: 29685
Make Molly Cum, Episode 1: u-Auralham [F4M] listening to [M4F] audio porn [Molly Reacts] [Collaboration] [Cumming to GWA] [New Series]
This is the first episode of my new series “Make Molly Cum.” Volunteers let me review their GWA contributions for all of you to hear. It's actually harder than it looks! Thank you, u/auralham, for allowing me to use your audio! https://www.reddit.com/u/auralham The Original Post By u/auralham https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/6e7fk4/m4f_hows_your_day_at_work_a_ramblefap_or_perhaps/
Play Count: 18842
[F4M] Revenge on your Childhood Bully [Rape] [Revenge] [Fsub] [Mdom] [Bullying] [Screaming] [Crying] [Impreg] [Torture] [Slapping] [Choking] [Shrew Taming]
Some people can't just let things go.
Play Count: 40347
[F4M] Daddy's New Wife [Incest] [Age]
Daddy, you've been lonely since Mommy left. Let me help!
Play Count: 44496
[F4A] Touching Myself to My Favorite Irish Audio Porn Actor [Masturbation] [Orgasm] [Fetishing Irishmen]
I kinda hope he hears this...
Play Count: 17801
[F4A] Thank You For Letting Me Cum [Short] [Masturbation] [Begging]
I love it when you tell me I can cum...
Play Count: 17866
[F] The Final Boss Audio [Secrets] [Series Finale] [Update] [Edging] [Butt Plug] [Masturbation] [Orgasm]
I gotta end the series about me being naughty at work. I can't tell you why. It's a secret, but I sure am going to miss cumming for you at work.
Play Count: 18924
Monologue from "The Devil's Advocate" - John Milton Tells You About God
More acting
Play Count: 16095
Monologue from "Dangerous Liasions" - Marquise Isabelle de Merteuril
It's hard to be a woman in a man's society
Play Count: 16009
AHS: Coven Monologue- Madison's "Millennial" Speech
Trying some vanilla acting...
Play Count: 16007
[F4M] Daddy Issues [Rape]ish [Age] [Dd/lg] [Incest] [Plot Twist]
Another one of my dark audio stories.
Play Count: 34678
[F4E] My Boss Invited Me Over [Stoned Ranting] [Masturbation]
So, this happened yesterday.
Play Count: 18976
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Play Count: 17799
[F4A] Quietly Fapping at Work [Public Masturbation] [Exhibitionism] [Quiet Orgasm] [Mumblefap] [Whispering]
I can't even today... Gotta fap at work again.
Play Count: 21228
[F4M] "It's Hard to Say Goodbye" [Breaking up] [L Bombs] [Sweet] [Cunnilingus] [Begging] [ASMR] [Orgasm] [Kissing] [Making Up]
I'm not good with relationships, but I'm even worse at saying goodbye.
Play Count: 21038
[F4M] Too Late To Say No [Rape] [Blackmail] [Forced Oral] [Mdom] [Fsub] [Threatening a baby] [Crying] [Cum in mouth] [Balllicking] [Asslicking] [Humiliation] [Threats of Husband Rape]
She went online to start an affair, and it was the worst mistake of her life
Play Count: 32095
[F4A] Cumming in my Boss's Chair [Public Masturbation] [Exhibitionism] [Revenge] [Screaming] [Orgasm]
... Seriously, you're gonna make me stay after hours to clean after you? I'm not your maid, you pig.
Play Count: 19604
[F4A] 100-1 Challenge: High and Next to an Open Window [Challenge] [Mumbling] [Orgasm] [Cum Tasting] [Stoned Challenge]
My boyfriend just pumped me full of cum, but I'm not done yet. After a blunt, I'm ready to do a challenge for you... This time, while completely high and, as usual, next to an open window for a little extra excitement.
Play Count: 18224
[F4M] "Crank It Up" [Rape] [Knives] [Improv] [Slap] [Crying] [Prostitution] [Drugs]
A girl looking for a high got more than she bargained for...
Play Count: 25293
[F4M] [F4F] "Teaching Sofie" [Request Fill] [Slave Training] [FFM] [Instruction] [JOI?] [Masturbation] [Oral] [ASMR]
A request fill for a fan who wanted me to teach his wife submission.
Play Count: 21354
CryFapping At Work
Why am I even posting this?
Play Count: 21826
Happy Birthday, Jacob!
I'm trying to sing in this, so bare with me!
Play Count: 16390
[F4M] "Mrs. Robinson, Part 2" [Age] [First Time] [Older Women] [Younger Men] [Blow Job] [Virgin] [Orgasm]
For "the cutie pie," from Mrs. Robinson herself
Play Count: 23693
[F4A] Mumble Angry Fapping To My Boss [Masturbation] [Fdom] [Vibrator] [Angry]
He's literally driving me crazy
Play Count: 20845
[F4A] Masturbating At Work [Real Public Masturbation] [Orgasm]
Just blowing off some steam at work after my boss yelled at me. Fucking asshole...
Play Count: 21860
[F4M] The Boy Next Door [Anonymous Prompt Request] [Romance] [L Bombs] [Oral] [First Time]
An awkward college girl goes after what she wants... The boy next door... A prompt request by "Sam"
Play Count: 18688
[F4E] 3 Word Challenge: Let Me Cum! Requested by Sqorpius [Challenge] [Masturbation] [Orgasm]

Play Count: 18083
[F4E] Molly Retrying at a 3 Word Challenge, with a Twist: I'm Your Whore! [Challenge] [Moaning] [Orgasm] [Real Life Exhibitionism]
I tried this before, but there were technical difficulties, and had to redo the audio. Hope you guys like it. If you want to hear me do a challenge, let me know.
Play Count: 18920
[F4M] The Best Boyfriend Ever [L Bombs] [Girlfriend Experience] [Almost too Cute] [Hand Job] [Moaning] [Orgasm]
Seriously, I have the best guy in the word... And yes, I'm capable of being loving when I wanna be. XD
Play Count: 45287
[F4M] "Any Port in a Storm" [Copyright Friendly] [Rape] [Incest] [Uncle] [Niece] [Anal] [Shower Rape] [Impregnation] [Name Calling] [Creampie] [Spanking] [Begging] [Mumbling]
Song: "Fuck the Pain Away" by Peaches.
Play Count: 30018
[F4M] "Any Port in a Storm" [Rape] [Incest] [Uncle] [Niece] [Anal] [Shower Rape] [Impregnation] [Name Calling] [Creampie] [Spanking] [Begging] [Mumbling]
...and nobody will ever believe me.
Play Count: 21019
(F4M) "Comedy Fap: Molly the Bond Villain" (Improv) (Silly)
This isn't serious. Just me fucking around for the lolz. Costarring James Bond.
Play Count: 17747
[F4F] "Let Me Dry Your Tears" [Lesbian] [Exhibitionism] [Sweet] [Playful Name Calling] [Seduction] [Hand Job]
Dedicated, with love, to my girlfriend.
Play Count: 20867
[F4E] "This Little Brat Wants To Tease You" [Masturbating] [Mouth Noises] [Moaning] [Giggling] [Oral] [Brat] [Taunting] [Instruction]
Just because I'm little doesn't mean I'm not the one in control...
Play Count: 19964
[F4M] Mrs. Robinson, Part One [Age] [Roleplay] [Gentle] [Teaching] [Oral] [Fingering] [Older Woman] [Teen Boy]
...And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you know...
Play Count: 24023
[F4M] "Can't Rape the Willing: A Meta Encounter" [Rape] [Impregnation] [Consent through Intimidation] [fsub] [mdom]
I can't believe he recognized my fucking giggle!
Play Count: 25102
[F4M] "Crazy Girls Need Love, Too" [Rape] [Forced Masturbation] [Male Victim] [Name Calling] [Threats] [Humiliation] [Forced Ejaculation]
Don't call me crazy...
Play Count: 43351
(F4M) For Jacob (Cheating) (Drunk)
I'm feeling a little dirty, and maybe a little tipsy... I know just who to call right now, too, and hint, hint... It Isn't my husband...
Play Count: 17678
Malkavian Love Story with Softer Music (F4M) (Vampire) (Forced) (Yandere) (Male Victim) (Music)

Play Count: 23350
GWA Verification for MollyMolotov666

Play Count: 16877
(F4M) Punished Pothead (DD/lg) (Age play) (Rape) (Crying) (Begging) (Incest) (Name-calling) (Humiliation)
Daddy's little girl is caught smoking pot in her room. Sorry for the bad acting and my slurring of my dialogue toward the end. It's really hard to act after cumming as hard as I did. <3 It gets really, really intense, so don't listen if rape or incest is a trigger for you.
Play Count: 51659
(F4M) A Message For Daddy (Age play) (DD/lg) (Masturbating) (Begging) (Girl Moans) (Orgasm)
A special present for Daddy from his little girl
Play Count: 29655
Malkavian Love Story (F4M) (Vampire) (Forced) (Yandere) (Male Victim) (Music)
A decades old vampire is tired of her lovers running away...
Play Count: 19901