[F4A] Super Wet Ramblefap
[actually, just a fap][no ramble at all][wet sounds][moaning][gasping][heavy breathing][gushing orgasms][satisfied giggles]
Play Count: 12388
[F4M] Cumming for Daddy
[wet sounds][cunnilingus][moaning][growling][begging][gushing orgasms][deep fucking][creampie]
Play Count: 13523
[F4A] 10 Minutes of Orgasms, AKA I'm a Sloppy, Wet, Mess
[ramblefap][mostly fap][wet sounds][moaning][gasping][intense][gushing][giggling]
Play Count: 16218
[F4M] Come Back to Bed, Lover
[gentle FDom][snugglebear][intimate]lots of[moaning]and[kissing][breast play][cunnilingus][slow fucking][wet sounds][creampie][after cuddles]
Play Count: 12692
[F4M] Gushing Orgasms
[mast][very little talking][moaning][groaning][heavy breathing][gasping][panting][wet sounds][cum with me][content giggling]
Play Count: 15579
[F4M] The Loft
[New Year's Eve]["Aunt/Nephew"][cougar][big, young dick][dirty talk][giggling][kissing][moaning][growly][wet sounds][against the wall][creampie]
Play Count: 13959
[F4M] The Christmas Cookies
[Secret Santa] for [u/baconidle] [naughty neighbor][cheating][dirty talk][giggling][moaning][gasping][growling][fingering][cunnilingus][blow job][wet sounds][gushing][intense orgasms][creampie]
Play Count: 6420
[F4M] Merry Belated Christmas
[Secret Santa][for RevSFW][friends to lovers][playful][dirty talk][giggling][massage][moaning][grinding][fingering][wet sounds][prone][creampie][cuddling][kissing]
Play Count: 4079
[F4M] Dreaming About You
[sleepy voice][describing my dream][movement sounds][moaning][groaning][soft giggles][wet sounds][cumming together]
Play Count: 3613
[F4M] I got started without you
[wet sounds][dirty talk][heavy breathing][moaning][whimpering][growling][giggling][loud, intense orgasms][cum inside me]
Play Count: 9056
[F4M] You're such a tease, just fuck me
[kissing][loving][humping][grinding][teasing][fingering][cunnilingus][begging][wet sounds][moans][gasps][whimpers][giggles][dirty talk][cum with me]
Play Count: 9448
[F4M] Cuddle Fuck
[GFE][gentle fdom][cuddling][loving][kissing][grinding][fingering][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][dirty talk][deep penetration][cumming together][afterglow]
Play Count: 18911
[F4M] Red Cotton Panties
[MD/lb][gentle fdom][good boy][kissing][giggling][cuddling][teasing][nipple sucking][fingering][ass play][spanking][analingus][deep fucking][wet sounds][creampie]
Play Count: 11692
Hey Daddy, I've Missed You Blooper
...thanks neighbor, perfect time to break out the chainsaw! Aaarggghhhhh!
Play Count: 3466
[F4M] Hey Daddy, I've Missed You
[GFE][kissing][loving][[pleasure sounds][wet sounds][cock worship][riding][creampie][afterglow][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 7519
[F4M] Sounds of Pleasure
[almost no talking][making out][fingering][cunnilingus][blow job][PIV][wet sounds][moaning][heavy breathing][panting][giggling][cum with me]
Play Count: 10960
[F4M] High and Horny Ramble
[420][vanilla][whispering][teasing][wet sounds][muffled orgasms][gushing][countdown][cum with me][giggling]
Play Count: 6180
[F4M] My Handsome Lover
[GFE][lovemaking][kissing][teasing][grinding][descriptive][wet sounds][riding][intense, loud orgasm][snuggling]
Play Count: 8396
[F4M] An Intimate Coupling
[GFE][vanilla][kissing][cunnilingus][wet sounds][lots of moaning][missionary][gushing orgasm]
Play Count: 8150
[F4M] Cum on my asshole
[spooning][caressing][moaning][teasing][giggling][between the cheeks][spitting][stroking][good boy][kissing][no penetration][cum for me]
Play Count: 17807
[F4M] Middle of the Night Quickie
[GFE][improv][riding][lady sounds][wet sounds][giggles][kissing][gushing orgasm][creampie][cuddling]
Play Count: 9043
[F4M] Cake Day Ramble
[request]/[challenge]:[10 orgasms in 10 minutes][glass toy][wet sounds][moaning][panting][gasping][gushing][laughing][I say fuck a lot]
Play Count: 5068
[F4M] Sexy Time O'Clock
[GFE][loving][playful][giggling][Yes Sir][humping][kissing][cunnilingus][wet sounds][sex sounds][creampie]
Play Count: 5389
[F4M] Under the Mistletoe
[GWA SS][for Contrivium][friends to lovers][lots of kissing][giggling][grinding][riding][spoonfucking][wet sounds][creampie][dirty talk] MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Play Count: 7503
[F4M] Ride out my orgasms
[ramble][stroke-along][don't cum 'til the end][wet sounds][gushing][heavy breathing][panting][giggling][intense orgasms][cum in me]
Play Count: 21633
[F4M] It's about time you came to bed...
[GFE][lots of kissing][giggling][moaning][groaning][teasing][fingering][wet sounds][sloppy blowjob][doggystyle][spanking][spit on my asshole][thumb in my ass][rough pounding][intense orgasm][creampie][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 10715
[F4M] Morning Lovin'
[GFE][snuggling][caressing][kissing][sleepy voice][fingering][wet sounds][giggles][creampie][improv]
Play Count: 6220
[F4M] Morning Sex
[kissing][loving][teasing][breathy][moaning][grinding][wet sounds][riding][big, hard dick][creampie][cuddling]
Play Count: 13826
[F4M] Fap with Me
[ramble][stroke your cock][lady sounds][heavy breathing][panting][wet sounds][dirty talk][cum with me][gushing orgasm][glass toy][giggling]
Play Count: 7529
[F4M] Loving You
[GFE][cuddling][kissing][caressing][stroking][breast worship][passionate][holding hands][eye contact][lovemaking][cumming together][afterglow][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 15611
[F4M] Make Me Gush
[3 words][mast][glass toy][wet sounds][moaning][gasping][breathy][giggles][gushing orgasms]
Play Count: 7520
[F4M] I should be sleeping
[ramble][mast][dirty talk][wet sounds][needy][heavy breathing][moaning][writhing][shaking][gushing][loud orgasms][giggling]
Play Count: 10095
[F4M] I heard you with my sister
[I made breakfast][mmm...bacon][teasing][giggling][describing what I heard][dirty talk][fingering][wet sounds][mutual masturbation][cum with me][loud orgasm]
Play Count: 11548
[F4M] I am so glad you stopped by
[Friends to Lovers][slow build][420][bong sounds][good boy][big cock][playful][giggling][kissing][moaning][gasping][heavy breathing][fingering][squirting][blowjob][wet sounds][creampie][soaked couch]
Play Count: 13456
[F4M] The Cougar And Her Prey
[gentle FDom][older woman][kissing][moaning][giggling][heavy breathing][cunnilingus][rough fucking][wet sounds][gushing][loud orgasms][dirty talk][cream me]
Play Count: 20881
[F4M] Why aren't you inside me, right now?
[mast][filthy talk][possessive][marking][lusty][moaning][growling][giggling][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][cum with me]
Play Count: 12791
[F4M] Sleep-Mounting Fuck
[GFE][missionary][pinned down][loud moaning][kissing][gasping][giggling][dirty talk][Daddy][Good Boy][wet sounds][gushing orgasm][creampie][rape][because sleep sex][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 19606
[F4A] Clitgasm Cumpilation
[bullet vibe][clit stimulation][subtle movement sounds, rubbing and humping][moaning][heavy breathing][gasping][whimpering][very few words][4 orgasms][intense][loud][shaky][giggles]
Play Count: 5873
GWA Collab July
[mast][glass toy][moaning][gasping][heavy breathing][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][giggles][very little talking]
Play Count: 2642
[F4M] Afternoon Ramble
[mast][moaning][heavy breathing][giggling][wet sounds][gushing][multiple O's][screaming orgasms][cum with me]
Play Count: 5812
[F4M] After Work Quickie
[GFE][Baby][kissing][begging][giggling][dirty talk][I say fuck a lot][cunnilingus][rough sex][wet sounds][loud orgasm][creampie]
Play Count: 7425
[F4M] The Fireworks Are Starting no sfx
[4th of July][public]["Aunt/Nephew"][cougar][big, young dick][good boy][blow job][bent over the counter][cunnilingus][wet sounds][giggling][kissing][dirty talk][moaning][loud orgasms][creampie]
Play Count: 7778
[F4M] The Fireworks Are Starting with sfx
[4th of July][public][fireworks sfx]["Aunt/Nephew"][cougar][big, young dick][good boy][blow job][bent over the counter][cunnilingus][wet sounds][giggling][kissing][dirty talk][moaning][loud orgasms][creampie]
Play Count: 9332
[F4M] Stoned Daydreaming
[420][ramble][improv][giggling][breathy][moaning][groaning][teasing][breast play][wet sounds][gushing orgasm]
Play Count: 5187
[F4M] Sounds like you were having a nice dream
[GFE][gentle Fdom][kissing][playful][giggling][moaning][dirty talk][blowjob][big dick worship][face sitting][wet sounds][creampie]
Play Count: 10020
[F4M] Sounds of Sex
[cuddling][caressing][breathy][sighs][kissing][sensual][moaning][movement and bed sounds][blanket and clothes rustling][giggles][wet sounds][orgasm][no talking]
Play Count: 21699
[F4M] Waking Up With Lady Wood
[mast][needy][lusty][Daddy][Good Girl][begging][moaning][giggling][dirty talk][big, Daddy cock][wet sounds][gushing orgasms]
Play Count: 8570
Happy Birthday Moondance Collab Audio
for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2423
[F4M] What I want
[FDom][Good Boy][Mistress][slow burn][hand job][spitting][stroking sounds][kissing][moaning][beg for me][giggling][wet sounds][squirting][cum with me][dirty talk]
Play Count: 10595
[F4M] The Cookout
[GFE][semi-public][against the fence][teasing][passionate][fingering][blowjob][rough fucking][quiet or we'll get caught][giggling][kissing][muffled moans][whispering][biting][wet sounds][creampie][dirty talk]
Play Count: 8491
[F4M] I Wore A New Pair Of Panties For You
[gentle FDom][GFE][sultry][lusty][teasing][playful][wet panties][stroke that cock][breathy][kissing][giggling][moaning][growling][riding][wet sounds][cum with me][gushing orgasm]
Play Count: 7089
[F4M] Mommy Wants to Snugglefuck
[MD/lb][role play][vanilla][loving][intimate][good boy][lots of kissing][grinding][nipple sucking][playing with your balls][fingering][moaning][wet sounds][giggling][dirty talk][creampie]
Play Count: 38357
[F4A] Morning Moans
[mast][wet sounds][moaning][whimpering][grunting][very breathy][gushing][squirting][multiple orgasms][giggles]
Play Count: 10760
[F4M] Your Mom had to run out...
["Aunt/Nephew"][cougar][gentle FDom][big, young dick][good boy][sloppy blow job][rough fucking][wet sounds][giggling][kissing][playful][dirty talk][squirting][creampie]
Play Count: 39566
[F4M] Needy Wet Ramble
[mast][wet sounds][edging][heavy breathing][moaning][groaning][gasping][panting][cum with me][gushing orgasm]
Play Count: 8320
[F4M] The Step-Mom
[MD/lb][420][bong hits][cougar][virgin][big, hard, young dick][stroking][sucking][taste Mommy][Good Boy][giggles][teasing][playful][dirty talk][wet sounds][gushing orgasm][creampie]
Play Count: 47780
Easter Collab Mast Only
Mast session for Easter Collab for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2643
Easter Collab
for /u/John17999 - Greeting, Giggles & Mast in one
Play Count: 2480
[F4M] Of course I've thought about you...and me...together
[Friends to Lovers][420][playful][giggling][kissing][breast play][hand job][blow job][fingering][cunnilingus][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][creampie][dirty talk][aftercare][cum sharing][cuddling]
Play Count: 11963
[F4M] Sloppy Wet
[ramble][mast][wet sounds][panting][gasping][moaning][whimpering][gushing][screaming][giggling][dirty talk][intense orgasms][pussy slaps]
Play Count: 12275
[F4M] Appreciation Collab Extra Audio
for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2820
[F4M] Lazy Saturday Ramble
[mast][fantasizing][moaning][whimpering][giggling][breathy][wet sounds][gushing][lots of orgasms][cum with me][so fucking wet][18:42]
Play Count: 5145
[F4M] Hey baby, how was your...day...
[kissing][loving][passionate][GFE][stroking][lady sounds][wet sounds][giggling][dirty talk][gushing orgasms][creampie]
Play Count: 7847
[F4M] InsomniFap No. 2
[mast][glass toy][lady sounds][begging][Yes, Sir][wet sounds][squirting][gushing][loud orgasms][audio response] [M4F] You're My Slut /u/SanguineSpatula
Play Count: 4413
[F4M] Wanna Come In?
[older woman][gentle FDom][good boy][big, hard, young cock][kissing][moaning][sloppy blow job][fingering][wet sounds][dirty talk][creampie]
Play Count: 14598
Valentines Day Collab
for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2730
[F4M] Kitchen Fuck
[GFE][BHM mention][gentle FDom][kissing][beard][teasing][dirty talk][giggles][cunnilingus][wet sounds][kitchen chair][riding][creampie][L-Bombs]
Play Count: 6877
Another Simple Collab
for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2748
[F4A] Nice and Wet
[mast][moaning][groaning][grunting][growling][very little talking][breathy][sloppy wet][gushing][squirting][loud orgasms]
Play Count: 7490
Masturbation Collab
for /u/John17999
Play Count: 3035
[F4A] So Wet
[mast][moaning][groaning][whimpering][grunting][growling][giggling][little talking][edging][heavy breathing][sloppy wet][squirting]
Play Count: 9825
[F4M] Fireside Fuck
[DD/lg][playful][giggling][loving][kissing][teasing][dirty talk][big Daddy dick][rough][hair pulling][spanking][couch sex][begging][wet sounds][loud][gushing orgasms][creampie][snowballing][cuddling] Fuck Series #7
Play Count: 8014
New Year Collab Audio
Part 1 for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2801
New Year Collab Getting Off
Part 2 for /u/John17999
Play Count: 2634
[F4M] Baby Wake Up
[blow job][kissing][loving][wet sounds][squirting][cum with me][creampie][tasting each other][giggling]
Play Count: 8235
[F4M] A little play break
[mast][fingering][toy][stoned as fuck][giggling][lets play][teasing][JOE][JOI][dirty talk][wet sounds][gushing][intense orgasms][cum with me]
Play Count: 5974
[F4M] I'm so glad you're back
[GFE][kissing][loving][giggles][lady sounds][passionate][wet sounds][shaky orgasm][creampie][L-Bombs]
Play Count: 6406
[F4M] My Needy Little Boy
[Secret Santa] for /u/H4rkonnan [MD/lb][gentle FDom][Good Boy][loving][sweet][kissing][teasing][dirty talk][boob love][suckling][stroking][beg for it][passionate sex][wet sounds][loud orgasm][creampie] Merry Christmas!
Play Count: 23704
[F4M] The New Neighbor
[cougar][voyeur][big, young cock][stroke for me][finger fucking][wet sounds][dirty talk][loud orgasm]
Play Count: 13106
[F4A] Cumming for you
[mast][lady sounds][sucking my toy][pussy slapping][wet sounds][few words][orgasms]
Play Count: 5821
[F4M] My Good Little Boy
[roleplay][MD/lb][good boy bombs][ownership][marking][dick worship][heavy teasing][kissing][dirty talk][wet sounds][creampie][aftercare][cuddling]
Play Count: 33999
[F4M] InsomniFap No. 1
[mast][glass toy][lady sounds][wet sounds][not much talking][response audio]
Play Count: 4302
[F4M] A surprise visit from your Aunt
["Aunt/Nephew"][no incest][cougar][gentle FDom][dirty talk][wet panties][sweatpants][teasing][big, young dick][sloppy blow job][rough riding][wet sounds][muffled screaming orgasm]
Play Count: 25206
[F4M] Wet Ramble
[mast][teasing][wet sounds][squirting][gushing][glass toy][moaning][whimpering][panting][shaking orgasms][cum with me]
Play Count: 9319
[F4M] Sweet and Sour Shots
[friends to lovers][actual tequila shots][drunken sex][kissing][beard love][playful][laughing][dirty talk][clothed sex][fingering][pussy licking][wet sounds][creampie][cum sharing][No-shave November]
Play Count: 6631
[F4M] My New Panties
[mast][fantasizing][lusty][moaning][giggling][teasing][wet sounds][gushing][soaked panties][afterglow]
Play Count: 5844
[F4M] I need it right now
[ramble][glass toy][wet sounds][multiples][gushing][squirting][ready for you][fuck me][so needy][giggles]
Play Count: 7535
[F4M] I'm always thinking about you
[fantasizing][ramble][mast][moaning][groaning][heavy breathing][grunting][gasping][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][dirty talk][glass toy]
Play Count: 5336
[F4M] I Vant To Suck Your Dick
[GWAlloween][vampire/devil][humor][silly][laughter][playful][teasing][kissing][palming][necking][hand job][fingering][squirting][veins][blow job][trick-or-treat]
Play Count: 6832
[F4M] Someone's Feeling Frisky
[GFE][loving][ladysounds][giggles][lots of kissing][wet sounds][fingering][gushing orgasms][creampie][dirty talk]
Play Count: 6225
[F4M] Needing You
script by /u/cuddle_with_me [appreciation][cock worship][man worship][sucking][slurping][talking with my mouth full]
Play Count: 5262
[F4M] Grinding Fuck
[GFE][gentle FDom][kissing][teasing][playful][giggling][moaning & groaning][breast worship][anal fingering][grinding the cum out of you][creampie][L-Bomb]
Play Count: 16537
[F4M] I Missed You
[Baby][kissing][grinding][moaning][growling][dirty talk][lick me][fingering][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][creampie][improv]
Play Count: 6981
[F4M] A Surprise Visit from my Nephew
["Aunt/Nephew"][bent over the bed][grinding][kissing][pussy licking][wet sounds][fingering][stroking][biting][big, hard, young dick][gushing][loud orgasm][creampie][moaning][growling][giggling]
Play Count: 12915
[F4M] Black Lace Panties
[Gentle FDom][good boy][panty boy][MILF][giggling][panty sniffing][restrained][face sitting][panty gagging][bullet vibe][pegging][cum through the lace][wet sounds][dirty talk][young, hard dick][cuddling][moaning][groaning][grunting][orgasms]
Play Count: 20169
[F4M] Wait, what, you're still a virgin?
[friends to lovers][virgin][comforting][kissing][vanilla][slow build][exploring][neck kissing][breast play][missionary sex][creampie][cuddling][giggling]
Play Count: 21112
[F4M] Are you...humping me in your sleep?
[GFE][grinding][sleep humping][giggles][kissing][moaning][groaning][begging][whimpering][growling][panting][gasping][heavy breathing][dirty talk][fingering][wet sounds][loud][squirting orgasms][creampie][loving][playful][missionary][underwear sex][cuddles]
Play Count: 29188
[F4M] Cougar wants that big hard young dick
[cougar][big hard young dick][giggling][kissing][teasing][blowjob][licking][sucking][slurping][sloppy][gagging][face fucking][gasping][panting][heavy breathing][moaning][groaning][growling][dirty talk][pussy licking][fingering][wet sounds][squirting orgasms][creampie]
Play Count: 28156
[F4M] Afternoon Boat Sex
[friends to lovers][giggling][kissing][anal virgin][fingering][rimming][rough sex][nervous][anal sex][gentle][wet sounds][moaning][groaning][heavy breathing][squirting][dirty talk]
Play Count: 11828
[F4M] Wreck Me
[mast][rambling][give it to me][big cock mention][I want to be a slut for you][begging][whimpering][choking][wet sounds][squirting and gushing][oh so wet][moaning][growling][mark me with your cum] Sorry, I didn't realize I was making the nightstand wobble the entire time...I was...distracted. :D
Play Count: 16229
[F4M] Comfort Massage
[gentle FDom][BHM][depressed][cuddles][kissing][massage][giggles galore][playful][L-Bombs][wet sounds][riding][wet orgasm][loving aftercare]
Play Count: 17471
[F4M] Fantasizing about the dick in these pics
[dick pics][fantasizing][big dick appreciation][what I would do to you][handjob][blowjob][rough sex][wet sounds][gagging][slurping][gushing orgasm][giggling]
Play Count: 12106
[F4A] Please Fuck Me Daddy
request fill for /u/tarkustrooper [Four-Word Challenge][mast][glass g-spot dildo][begging][whimpering][moaning][groaning][growling][grunting][panting][gasping][wet sounds][gushing orgasms][3-in-a-row][giggle-gasm][pussy slapping][finger licking]
Play Count: 8843
[F4M] Waking me with your mouth
[Good Boy][whispery][moaning][groaning][growling][gasping][panting][playful][giggles][loving][kissing][slow build][nipple sucking][pussy licking][wet sounds][sensual sex][creampie]
Play Count: 7090
[F4M] Slow Sensual Blowjob
[kissing][moaning][growling][cock worship][licking][sucking][slurping][gagging][playful][loving]
Play Count: 16230
[F4A] Lady Sounds
[mast][fingering][wet sounds][whimpering][moaning][I didn't know I could squeak][grunting][growling][panting][gasping][almost no talking][orgasms]
Play Count: 8005
[F4M] Nephew helps with the yard work
[sweaty][teasing][dirty, slutty, whore Aunt][playful][laughing][grinding][spanking][fingering punishment][wet sounds][moaning][groaning][whimpering][growling][gasping][heavy breathing][panting][screaming][dirty talk][whore for your dick][rough fucking][hair pulling][bite me][so many squirting orgasms][suck you off][cum on me]
Play Count: 16109
[F4M] Missionary Fuck
[kissing] [passionate sex] [lusty panting] [moaning] [groaning] [growling] [giggles] [playful] [caressing] [teasing] [breast play] [fingering] [wet sounds] [creampie]
Play Count: 15827
[F4M] Morning Wood Fuck
[waking up][morning voice][morning wood][trying to let you sleep][whispering][Good Boy][loving][playful][giggling][teasing][horny][aching][dirty talk][breast play][fingering][moaning][whimpering][growling][wet sounds][riding][rough][heavy breathing][panting][gasping][squirting][orgasms][creampie] Give me that hot Good Boy cum! ;)
Play Count: 14536
[F4M] Always You
Script-fill for /u/ActivelyRetro [Telling your boyfriend your slutty adventures][sex with strangers][long][L-bombs][moaning][giggling][teasing][few wet sounds][loud orgasm][cuddling]
Play Count: 4395
[F4M] Oh My God You're Him!
Script fill for /u/Masaki_12 [older woman][younger man][flirting][voyeurism mention][big cock][dirty talk][kissing][fingering][blow job][slurping][pussy licking][rough sex][wet sounds][moaning][growling][giggling][squirting][orgasms][cum on me]
Play Count: 11251
[F4M] Lost in Fuck
[rambling][mast][glass toy][moaning][growling][heavy breathing][panting][wet sounds][gushing][squirting][loud] [screaming][orgasms]
Play Count: 6653
[F4M] I need some help around the house, Nephew
[Aunt/nephew][not really][no incest][older woman/younger guy][no age][best friend's son][kissing][playful][giggling][sensual][moaning][heavy breathing][growling][teasing][grinding][sloppy wet blowjob][ball sucking][fingering][wet sounds][gushing][tasting myself][rough sex][begging][demanding][squirting][loud orgasms][jerking you off]
Play Count: 16081
[F4F] My New Slave Girl
[FDom][Mistress][trying out my new slave][degradation][harsh dominance and some loving tenderness][laughs][face slapping][boot licking][foot massage][kissing][breast play][oral][fingering][cum on your slutty slave face][spanking punishment][strap on][suck my cock][rough fucking][good girl][squirting][moaning][groaning][wet noises][growling]
Play Count: 26630
[F4M] Sensual Spoon Fuck
[kissing][spooning][caressing][teasing][giggles][breast play][grinding][playful][sensual][oh, baby][play with my clit][moaning][groaning][whimpering][begging][growling][gasping][spoon fucking][quiet wet sounds][biting][intense orgasm][creampie][afterglow][L-bomb]
Play Count: 14140
[F4A] Playing with my toys
[mast][glass toy][bullet vibe][g-spot vibrator][moaning][groaning][growling][giggling][panting][heavy breathing][wet sounds][gushing][squirting][loud screaming orgasms][very loud][you were warned]
Play Count: 6286
[F4M] Up against the car
Sexy teasing in the bar leads to a rendevous up against my car. [teasing][flirting][secluded, but sex in public][trying to be quiet][muffled moans/whimpers/screaming orgasms][fingering][grinding][panting][gasping][growling][squirting][loving][passionate][creampie]
Play Count: 8475
[F4M] I'm not really your Aunt, but...
[Aunt/Nephew][no incest][best friend's son][older woman][college guy][teasing][kissing][breast play][grinding][pussy licking][fingering][stroking][sensual blow job][rough fucking][biting][wet noises][moaning][heavy breathing][panting][screaming][whimpering][squirting][gushing][creampie][multiple orgasms][giggling][desire][growling][dirty talk][big young hard cock]
Play Count: 33111
[MF4A] Morning Blowjob Part THREE Layered Audio Response
Layered audio response to /u/b_johns27 [sex][moans][groans][mansounds][ladysounds][urgency][cum][spanking][blowjob sounds]
Play Count: 4957
[F4M] I Was Wondering if You Were Coming Back to Bed
[kissing][caressing][breast play][fingering][wet sounds][tasting myself][pussy licking][cumming on your face][licking your face][passionate sex][biting][moaning][heavy breathing][intense, loud, gushing orgasm][growling][giggling][L-bomb][a little cuddly aftercare]
Play Count: 9561
[F4M] Loving Aftercare
[kissing] [passionate sex] [wet sounds] [gushing orgasm] [sweet] [intimate] [reassuring] [soothing] [caressing] [let me take care of you] [cuddling/spooning/snuggling] [humming] [L-bombs]
Play Count: 28276
[F4M] Needy Ramble
My neighbors are outside doing yard work so I'm trying to be quiet. [mast][whispering][moaning][whimpering][gasping][heavy breathing][wet sounds][fingering][glass toy][trying so hard not to scream orgasm][squirting][giggling]
Play Count: 5605
[F4M] Green Satin Panties
[gentle FDom][good boy][best friend's Mom][Age, 19][slight coercion, no rape][pantie sniffing, stroking][put on my fucking panties][nipple sucking][pussy licking][wet sounds][don't you take off those fucking panties][loud, intense, gushing orgasm][giggling]
Play Count: 20308
[F4M] Stroke With Me
I really just need to get off, stroke along and cum with me. [mast][ramble][lady sounds][wet sounds][fingering][glass toy][sucking, slurping, spitting][keep stroking][cum with me][intense orgasm][gushing][giggling]
Play Count: 8037
[F4M] My Bed Is So Empty Without You
[mast] [ramble] [kissing] [fingering] [wet sounds] [glass toy] [panting] [heavy breathing] [loud orgasm]
Play Count: 4535
[F4M] Craving a Snugglefuck
[intimate] [sensual] [slow teasing foreplay] [moaning] [groaning] [growling] [stroking] [wet sounds] [slow fucking] [intense orgasm] [gushing]
Play Count: 8891
[F4M] Blowjob for Daddy
[Daddy] [good girl] [blow job] [sucking] [lots of gagging] [spitting] [wet and sloppy]
Play Count: 16534
[F4M] Do You Want To Play Along With Me?
[mast] [ramble] [moaning] [touch yourself] [slow build] [wet noises] [stroke for me] [glass toy] [cum with me] [squirting] [giggles]
Play Count: 5023
[F4M] Watermelon Blow Pop
Sexy time with my good boy and a watermelon blow pop. ;D
Play Count: 7034
[F4M] Did I Beg...Enough?
Please Baby, don't just tease me, please fuck me. Then untie me and I'll return the favor. [mast] [moaning] [begging] [whimpering] [whining] [wet sounds] [cum on your face] [fuck me] [make me cum]
Play Count: 7923
[F4M] You Nasty Man
Request-Fill for /u/SanguineSpatula [You Nasty Man] [3 word challenge] [mast] [whispers] [moans] [heavy breathing] [groans] [whimpers] [gasps] [wet sounds] [fingering] [glass toy] [loud orgasm]
Play Count: 4303
[F4M] Fuck Me
Fuck me, I've been thinking about you all day. [mast] [ramble] [moaning] [breathy] [fuck me however you want] [wet] [fingering] [glass toy]
Play Count: 7569
Nap Times Over
You just look too cute and sexy napping on the sofa for me to leave you alone.
Play Count: 6037
[F4M] He Spices Up The Sex
Audio Request by /u/b_johns27 I want more than vanilla sex, I want passion, I.Want.You.To.Fuck.Me... [boring sex] [vanilla] [brief chat] [kissing] [rough] [fingering] [wet sounds] [moaning] [heavy breathing] [orgasm] [loving]
Play Count: 5027
[F4M] Your Good Little Slut
ALL THE TAGS! ;D [kissing] [bratty] [moaning] [groaning] [growling] [whimpering] [begging] [struggling] [rough] [slapping] [choking] [Yes Sir] [good little slut] [biting] [panty ripping] [fingering] [wet noises] [hitachi] [blowjob] [gagging] [spitting] [spanking] [fuck me please] [loud orgasms] [cum tasting] [L-bomb]
Play Count: 10867
[F4M] Wanting You
I want, I wish, I need...please...please fuck me.
Play Count: 5107
[F4A] My New Toy
Trying out my new toy...I really like it! :D
Play Count: 4096
[F4M] Handcuffed to the Bed
You're handcuffed to the bed, blindfolded, ready to be my fuck toy.
Play Count: 7810
[F4A] Just Sex
Kissing, moaning, growling, gasping, whimpering...just sex.
Play Count: 8303
[F4M] Good Boy Cuddlefuck
[Gentle FDom] [loving] [moaning] [growling] [sucking] [tasting] [fingering] [licking] [grinding] [kissing] [cum on your face] [cocksucking] [ass play] [fucking] [orgasms]
Play Count: 17612
[F4A] Kiss Me I'm Irish
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day I tried to do a four word challenge, Kiss Me I'm Irish.
Play Count: 4685
[F4A] Just Me Moaning For You
Some alone time, thinking of you.
Play Count: 5129
[F4M] Watching Honey
Let's watch the sexy neighbor fuck her man...
Play Count: 5543
[F4M] What I Do When You're Away
[F4A] [erotic poem] [cheating] [age] [cuckold] [jealousy] Script by /u/rubber_foal A naughty, sexy poem from the POV of a housewife confessing to the slutty, depraved things she does while her partner is at work.
Play Count: 4721
[F4M] My Good Boy Can't Sleep
It's ok to wake me up when you can't...sleep.
Play Count: 16796
[F4M] Staycation Ramblo O
On vacation this week, having a lazy day today listening to so many audios, really just need to get off! ;D
Play Count: 3850
[F4M] Fuck My Mouth
You've had a bad day, I want to cheer you up...
Play Count: 12263
I Need You
[F4M] I Need You...
Play Count: 5120
Teasing Daddy
[F4M] Request fill for /u/SalaciousThoughts
Play Count: 5099
[F4M] Please Sir
moaning, begging, please sir
Play Count: 3421
[F4M] Five O's in a Row
[F4M] Five-O's-In-A-Row [mast] [request-fill] maybe [challenge]? [toys] [growling] [panting] [moaning] [good boy] [giggle-o's] [orgasms] [did I say 5?] yes!
Play Count: 6251
[F4M] Good Little Boy Slut
[F4M] Good Little Boy Slut [Gentle Fdom] [kissing] [hand job] [blowjob] [rimming] [anal fingering] [pegging] [giggling] [moaning] [growling] [licking] [sucking] [spitting] [jerking off] [orgasm]
Play Count: 29106
[F4A] I Want... [Script by /u/-shhhh-] [Fdom] [Growly] [Whispery] [first script fill]
Script by /u/-shhhh-
Play Count: 3990
[F4M] Submissive Slut [FSub] [Daddy] [Choking] [Slapping] [Rough] [Gagging] [Forced Orgasm] [Oral] [Anal] [Sex] [Orgasm]
My first subby audio. I try to be a good submissive slut for Daddy.
Play Count: 22184
[F4M] [Request Fill] for /u/Your_Deviant [Drunk] [Tipsy] [Tequila] [Moaning] [Giggling] [Orgasm]
Drank a whole bottle of 1800 Tequila while teasing a friend unmercifully...and I think I did too good a job at teasing, leaving myself needing some relief! Remembered this request so decided to have a go! ;D Request by /u/Your_Deviant. GoneWildAudio
Play Count: 4846
[F4M] Use Me [mast] [teasing] [bad girl] [moaning] [shuddering] [whimpering] [shivering] [begging] [getting used] [orgasm]
I've been a bad girl teasing you. I want you to take control and use me.
Play Count: 7344
[F4M] It's Time to Wake Up Baby [blowjob] [moaning] [kissing] [licking] [sucking] [gagg
Let me wake you up properly...
Play Count: 7698
[F4M] Power Outage [mast] [moaning] [groaning] [edging] [genius move] [orgasm]
An ice storm knocked out the power. Decided to edge until it came back on...
Play Count: 5107
[F4M] Snow Day Play Along [mast] [SI] [moaning] [orgasm] [giggles]
Another play along audio, answering questions, describing what I'm doing, repeating instructions.
Play Count: 4077
[F4M] I Want You So Bad [mast] [moans] [groans] [telling you what I want] [rambling] [orgasm]
I want you, I need you.
Play Count: 5083
[F4M] I Want To Suck Your Cock [blowjob] [moans] [groans] [sucking] [spit] [cum for me]
I've missed you, especially your cock. Let me help you relieve some tension. ;)
Play Count: 15958
[F4M] I Want To Be A Good Girl For You Daddy [mast] [moaning] [begging] [whimpers] [good girl] [Daddy] [orgasm]
I really want to be a good girl. Please, please Daddy!
Play Count: 9921
[F4M] Good Morning [mast] [teasing] [moaning] [groaning] [thinking of you] [needy] [begging, a little] [orgasm]
Thought I'd share another audio with all of you sexy, beautiful people! Hope you'll play along, I was feeling pretty needy this morning.
Play Count: 11300
[F4M] My First Legit Audio [mast] [moaning] [tell me what to do] [dirty talk] [rambling] [I say fuck way too much] [orgasm]
So, this is my first real audio... It's a little awkward at first but I think I got the hang of it. Thanks, you know who you are, for the fun! Hope you enjoy!
Play Count: 6843
I Couldn't Sleep
Someone requested I read this and play along. My first audio - eeeek!
Play Count: 3325
GWA Verification
Verification for GWA and GWABackstage
Play Count: 4617