Queue Balls Hypnotic Audio 4
File 4 - This is Real (40 minutes) - The final part of the audio series. Themes of sexual submission, compulsive masturbation and sex, fantasy realization, homosexuality, and overall naughty behavior. To used only after the user has listened to files 1, 2 and 3 multiple times. To be used while masturbating to the most deviant pornography the user can find.
Play Count: 116601
Queue Balls Hypnotic Audio 3 - Obedienceis Pleasure
Obedience is Pleasure (41 minutes) - To be used only after the user has listened to file 2 several times without orgasm. Intense themes of anonymous sex, masturbation addiction, degradation, homosexuality, and orgasm denial. To be used while masturbating to large amounts of hardcore pornography.
Play Count: 77378
Queue Balls Hypnotic Audio 2 - Sex Addiction
Sexual Deviance (21 minutes) - Themes of deviant sex addiction, infidelity, rough sex, BDSM, and homosexuality. Follow the same instructions as for file 1. To used only after the user has listened to file 1 multiple times. To be listened to several times without orgasm before proceeding to file 3.
Play Count: 73456
Queue Balls Hypnotic Audio Part 1 - Porn Addiction
File 1 - Porn Addiction (26 minutes) - Themes of masturbation addiction, pornography, and cock worship. To be used in isolation the first time, with no other media, then on loop as the user masturbates to whatever pornography he or she enjoys.
Play Count: 178372