m'aidez s'il vous plait
A play on words! Happy May! If you ever wanted to hear me touch myself after a long day at work - from taking off my clothes through teasing myself with a vibrator after I've cum, this is the audio for you! Since it was late afternoon, you can hear a few trucks going by. I live near a highway, I wasn't on the verge on the interstate, honest. Old house, thin walls.
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BJ in the School Bathroom
Script kindly provided by Qarnivore. Grades are really important to my parents. And it's not like I didn't try to do it the right way... I'm just not smart. Luckily....well, I'm pretty.
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69 questions - ama
Find the post on GWA to follow along with links!
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Nobody has asked me to do questions before! :)
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Surrogate - boy parts
a gentle, sweet exploration.
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Surrogate - girl parts
a gentle, sweet exploration.
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Uh-oh! Caught!
I was just stepping out for a little shopping with my sister, and you saw the opportunity to load up some porn...
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Original erotic poetry
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[f4m][rape][drunk/drugged] After the Party
Dammit, that stuff that Cassie gave me hit really hard... it came on fast, too. And I keep losing track of what I was going to do. Where'd she go, anyway? And who are you? Aren't you that guy she owes money to? What...what are you doing?
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[F4m][supernatural][public] Succubus Version 3
I was looking over some older scripts that I'd written, and I came across one that I'd originally done as an M4f. On re-reading, I found that it could be read as nearly anything with truly minimal changes. I have made these changes. This is Succubus Version 3: meant for a male that desires females. This is about control, giving in to the darker side...and a little bit about being more careful about what you read.
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[F4f][babytalk][si] Mama's Princess
Mmm, what is it, baby? Why aren't you sleeping? Oh, you can't stop thinking about mama? Okay my sweet angel, come to bed with mama.
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[f4m][fdom][denial][scifi] Chimera
This is a science-fiction/Cyberpunk type scenario. You decided that official software is too expensive, and taking a risk with cracked content was worth it...
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[f4m] Project A: Subject SR - The Innocent
I see who you pretend to be. Who you try to convince everyone you really are. But I see a little deeper than that. I see who you really are, who you really could be if you would let yourself go. That's the man that I really want. Hot and raw and free. I know... it might seem like torture. But I'm only doing it because I really need you. The real you.
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[f] I've Missed You, Baby [sweet]
I hate when you're away from me.
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[f4m] [countdown] Cum on My Tits...Please?
I know it's been a whole week since you've cum...but I've got a plan for all that lovely saved up load...
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[impregnation] [revenge] Second Date
Well, you planned the first date. But we had the second date at my place.
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Relax for me, baby.
A nonsexual, relaxing hypnosis/meditation audio.
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[f4a] [hypnosis] [edging] Possession - Both parts, one file

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[f4a] [hypnosis] [edging] Possession - Part 2 - Experience only

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[f4a] [hypnosis] [edging] Possession Part 1 - Induction only
Great to use when you're having trouble sleeping or need to relax as well as letting it drift you into part 2.
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[F4A] Lick my pussy for me, baby <3

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[f] Ball Busting Mom[story] [cbt] [punishment] [nosex]
A story about a mom who finds that there is just no other way to control a thoughtless boy but to introduce that it's in his extreme self-interest to learn to control himself. Luckily, her sister had already gone through it with her own son, and can show her exactly how it needs to be done. From a kindly submitted story. The author will be reading the GWA thread if you wish to leave a comment for them. They were wondering if there was interest to continue from here. What say you?
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[f] It's Showtime [cuckold/cheating] [sph] [bbc] [ce]
From a kindly submitted script. Now's the time for you to just sit back and enjoy the show, honey. I know you will. sph = small penis humiliation bbc = big black cock (a common cuckold theme) ce = cum eating (male-male, in this case)
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[f] Ev and G 3 - The Theater [oral] [inc] [story]
Cass has managed to get my brother to bring me and my boyfriend Evan along on a movie date. I'm pretty sure it's just because she feels bad that dad says I can't date one on one until I'm seventeen. In any case, Evan takes the time to ask me about what he and Cass walked in on when they arrived at our house.
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[f] Ev and G - 2 - The Aftermath [story]
Evan feels conflicted... he's just had the most mind-blowing experience of his young life...but his girlfriend seems very upset and he doesn't know why. So he goes where he always goes. To his little sister, the fixer. She can figure out anything.
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[f] Ev and G [story]
I don't usually like teenagers. But... I do love to twist their vulnerable little psyches[1] probably a bit more than I should. This is Evan and Gia. And this is the first part of their story.
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[f] Ev & G 4 - The Picture [story] [inc] [feminization] [fdom]
This is what happens when you leave Cass alone after she's watched an arousing scene and she didn't get to cum. Okay. Not alone. With her brother...
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[f4m] Cuckold Hot Talk Part 2 [script] [cuckold/cheating wife]
I never thought that you'd do it. I really didn't. All this time you just kept it in the bedroom, never mentioning it when we weren't...engaged. Now, you come to me and ask to let me watch you with my lover...who you're not absolutely certain is real. But now you want to find out. I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't tell you exactly what you could expect from this. From a kindly submitted script. Posted to reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio and NO permission is granted to any other site to host this content unless I upload it myself. Which I might do. I'm flighty like that.
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[f4m] You're right, darling [script] [pegging] [revenge]
Contains [bondage] [light humiliation] This...This is going to be a night to remember. I know how much you like anal, baby. Don't worry, I'm finally ready to give it to you. ...You know how you're always complaining that I'm not adventurous? ______________________ **This lovely story was written by [Goctionni](http://www.reddit.com/user/Goctionni), who is eager for feedback. If you like it, please let him know here or send him a private message.** ______________________ Posted to reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio and NO permission is granted to any other site to host this content except where I personally upload it.
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Cuckold Hot Talk [f4m] [script] [teeny bit of sph] [cuckold/cheating wife]
From a kindly submitted script. Sure I tell you that I cheat on you...but am I doing it because I know it gets you hot? Or am I really doing it? These stories that I tell you all sound so true...
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