[F4A Hypnosis] Seduction
In which I seduce you with my voice, and remind you just how much you want to go into trance for me. Contains: lots of rambling, light Domme vibes, building up your desire to trance for me, teasing/fractionation, making you beg a little. No awakener (but the suggestion that you can easily bring yourself up when you're ready), blank check for "give yourself a suggestion, if you want." (The induction itself is pretty freeform/implied, so this file will work best on those experienced going into trance.) Inspired by Velvetine Rabbit's "Seduction and Hypnosis" class.
Play Count: 1154
[FFF4A hypnosis, humor] Hypnosis is Bullshit
A nonsense hypnosis file by myself, Zany Danger (https://www.zanydanger.tumblr.com) and Ella Enchanting (https://ellaenchanting.tumblr.com/). Not really an induction, but uh, mayyybe hypnotic? No awakener. Have funnnn!
Play Count: 1309
[F4A hypnosis, arousal] Smut Reward
This is my tipsy hypnotist self, so this is a little rambly, but gets the job done. (I… hope?) Contains: induction (leading language about feeling drunk/fuzzy/trancy), suggestion that when you’re writing smut, it feels arousing and sexy and good (with safeties around this suggestion only kicking in when you want it to, and that you can tap out of its effects at any time). Overall cooperative in tone – and very affirming of your trance experience, because apparently when I’m tipsy and trancing on auto-pilot that’s the patter that just comes out automatically. Haa.
Play Count: 1304
[F4A hypnosis, arousal] Experiental Viewling
Hiiiiiii friends! I recorded a thing! It’ll make watching porn super exciting! This file gives you the suggestion that the next time you watch a sexy video (deliberately for the purpose of it being sexy), you can pick one performer to focus on and feel all of their sensations and pleasure (or pain, as the case may be). (The induction, btw, is made up of relaxation, aural fixation, counting, and finger-snaps.) This suggestion will only stay in effect for the next sexy video you watch (or your next sexy video viewing session, possibly encompassing multiple videos, if you prefer). I include safety suggestions that, if at any point the effects are uncomfortable or overwhelming, you can simply decide to stop following the suggestion. (But gosh, you know you can already do that even if your top doesn’t explicitly say so, you fabulous subject, you!) And, if you want, you can attach a trigger word or gesture to the suggestion so you can re-experience its effects whenever you want.
Play Count: 1586
[F4A hypnosis, poetry] To Sleep, Perchance To Dream (Hypnotic Sonnet)
Hypnotic sonnet, recorded for shits and giggles. No triggers in here. A little bit of language around “blankness” and “mindlessness” and “my will” but otherwise language is pretty benevolent. No awakener: feel free to drift as long as you want! Whenever you’re ready, you can find yourself coming back up and feeling refreshed and fabulous!
Play Count: 1007
[F4A Hypnosis] Baseline hypnotic induction
My baseline hypnotic induction, as per prompt #0 of the Induction a Week challenge: https://sex-obsessed-lesbian.tumblr.com/post/147819297525/induction-a-week-0-the-inductioning Recorded walking down the street, apologies for the background noise. Contains: induction, eye fixation, relaxation, permissive language, awakener.
Play Count: 1239
[F4A arousal hypnosis, humor] Puns are Sexy: Proof by Induction
This file contains an induction; the suggestion that any puns you read on my tumblr (https://sex-obsessed-lesbian.tumblr.com/tagged/puns) or posted by me and reblogged by someone else will cause you to experience an intense wave of sexual pleasure; installation of a tap-out that you can use at any time to end the effects of this suggestion; and an awakener.
Play Count: 1142