Mommy Is Making My Girlfriend A Slut Like Her
[F4M][Script Fill][Cuckold][Mommy Dom][Good Boy][Handjob][Panties][Light Humiliation][Light SPH][Legal Adults][Md/Lb] Script by Theekaffe
Play Count: 10552
Hurry Home
[F4M][Script Fill][Pegging][Fdom][Bondage][Chastity][Teasing][Phone Message][15:49] Script by JOnathanCrane
Play Count: 2684
Seducing The Janitor After School
Made by adults for adults! [F4M][Extreme-Age][MM/F][Student/Teacher][Panties][Oral/BJ][Anal][Double Penetration][Daddy][Very Slutty][Complete Smut] Script by: Lewd_Literate
Play Count: 6527
Mommy Helps With Your Homework
[F4M][Mommy][MD/LB][Teasing][SPE][Handjob][BJ Noises][Sex][Good Boy][Encouraging][Loving]
Play Count: 5398
Girlfriend Enjoys Your Fetish
[F4M][Cuckold][FDom][Mommy Dom][Good Boy][Cunnilingus][Face Sitting][Cum Eating][Lots of I Love You][Kisses] Script by Theekaffe
Play Count: 14070
Mommy Helps Control Your Urges
[F4M][Fdom][Bondage][Incest][Extreme Ageplay Fantasy][Panties][Pantyjob][Complete Smut][MD/LB] Script by Lewd Literate
Play Count: 7778
Would You Like To Help Mommy?
[MD/LB][Sneeze Fetish][Ageplay][Cummies][Good Boy][Lots of Encouragement]
Play Count: 3727
Maybe We Should Breakup
[F4M][Raceplay][BBC][Slight SPH][Cuckold][Inferior White Dick][Whispers][Script Fill]
Play Count: 26108
My Big Brother Surprises Me With A Quarantine Prom... But I Surprise Him Back
[F4M][Script Fill][Incest][Legal Adults][Virginity][Impregnation][Prom][Quarantine][Romance][L-Bombs]
Play Count: 10934
Feeling Spider-Gwen
[F4M][Vanilla][Costume][Cosplay][Texture][Niche Fetish][Touch Me][Spider-Gwen][Quarantine Sex][Whispers][Giggles][Moaning][Script Fill- Script by VK] This cosplaying heroine find herself solving a problem she didn't know she had with a willing neighbor she's been eyeing during quarantine.
Play Count: 4802
We Cool?
[F4M][Femsub][MF][Friends to Lovers][Workplace Drama][Fantasy][Moans][BJ][Vanilla][Script Fill-Script by VK]
Play Count: 3295
Stamina Training: Part 2
[F4M][JOI][Fleshlight Play][Cum Control][Edging][Count Down][Soft Moans][Lots of Giggles][Possible Denial][Possible Release][Whispers]
Play Count: 6731
Stamina Training: Part 1
[F4M][JOI][Fleshlight Play][Cum Control][Edging][Red Light/Green Light Game][soft Moans][Giggles][Denial]
Play Count: 11076
Asian Empress Submits to Superior White Cock
[F4M][[Script Fill] [Race Play] [Subjugation] [Submission] [Humiliation] [Breeding] [Impregnation] [Creampie] [Blowjob] [Collar] [Slave]
Play Count: 32217
Babysitter Breaks Your Fever
[F4M][Age/Roleplay][Babysitter][Sick Care][Gentle Femdom][Prostate Massage][Milking Handjob][Panty gag][Good Boy]
Play Count: 14329
Lessons With Mommy
[F4M][Mother/Son][Incest][Roleplay/Age][Suckling][Drinking Mommy's Milk][Panties][Cummies][Good Boy]
Play Count: 25014
Fuck It, We're Quarantined Anyway
[F4M][Blowjob][Begging][Giggles][Creampie][Unwanted] to [Needing Impregnation][In Quarantine][Begging for Facial][Begging for Ass Creampie][Moaning][Cumming][Kisses]
Play Count: 22667
Breed Me Like The Bitch I Am
[F4M][Cursing] [Dirty Mouth] [Bitchy to Slutty] [Pet Play] [Forced Creampie] [Spanking] [Choking] [Gagging] [Face Fucking] [Spitting] [Step-Sister] [Incest]
Play Count: 41752
A Lesson Learned, Sort Of
[F4M][Script Offer][Date Night][FDom][Role Play][Rape][Condom][Sneaky Condom Removal][Unwanted Creampie][Revenge][Forced Cum Eating][Ballbusting][Happy Ending]
Play Count: 6948
If You Want A Puppy...
If You Want a Puppy, You Have To Make One… [f4][daddy][incest][rape][beast][cuck?][impreg?][roleplay][master][made by adults for adults]
Play Count: 18784
Man to Sissy Maid
A year long journey to slowly transitioning him to being a good girl. Pauses in the audio symbolize time passing (from hours to weeks to months) [F4M][femdom/fdom][sweet to manipulative mean][chastity][slight bondage][pegging][orgasm denial][sissy/trans][long]
Play Count: 8260
Just saying hi
Play Count: 2076
The Proper Way
[racial][white princess][brat][ageplay][losing virginity]
Play Count: 8109
Skin on Skin
[guided solo masturbation][where i want you to touch][nipples/breasts][master]
Play Count: 1422
Babysitter's Help
[Age] [Babysitter] [SPE] [Handjob] [Kissing Practice] [Breast Sucking]
Play Count: 10193
Sperm Donor
[femdom, humiliation, joi, berating]
Play Count: 4017
Yoga with Mommy
[incest-mother/son, yoga stretching]
Play Count: 15005
Whispering for Daddy
[dd/lg, impregnation, BJ noises]
Play Count: 7927
The Beast in You
Tease, MF, dom/sub
Play Count: 1592
You're just a big hard cock that doesn't get to cum
[femdom][orgasm denial][69-ish]
Play Count: 2499
Captain Meow's Extravaganza
Bathroom Molestation Loli
Play Count: 7116
A Loli For Christmas
Play Count: 17734
Time for the Truth
Play Count: 8610
cuckold improve
Play Count: 6133
Teach me...
Teacher/Student, long, ageplay, impregnation
Play Count: 7288
Sick Boy
Femdom, edging, denial, slight bondage, sweet
Play Count: 5802
The Inventor’s Wife
The Inventor’s Wife and the Attack of the Flying Dildos with Hummingbird Action. [Script Offer][F4M][MFDildo][RAPE][MAD SCIENCE][SCI-FI][WIFE AS HEROINE][More adventure than sex][Funny][Language]
Play Count: 1001
Crushing Thighs Improv
femdom, strong thighs, suffocation
Play Count: 1769
The Ride Part II
[F4M][Script][MF][Teacher/Student][Vanilla][SkypeShow][JOI][Discussions of][Ageplay][TeenFantasies] Teacher’s former student wants to put on a Skype show for him
Play Count: 2417
The Ride PT I
Play Count: 1583
Your girlfriend doesn't know
Play Count: 13399
Such a Good Girl
[pet play][F4F]
Play Count: 2142
Castration Appointment at the Kink Agency
Play Count: 20465
[forced food inflation]
Play Count: 3288
A Schlick For My Thoughts
Play Count: 3924
[story time][cuckolding]
Play Count: 3556
Begging for it
Play Count: 2647
Girl on Girl
Play Count: 1545
A Classroom Fantasy
Play Count: 2574
He Wants the Pain
Play Count: 2486
You Wont Last
Play Count: 5468
Boxing Match
Play Count: 2820
Feed my cum addiction!
Play Count: 19292
Mommy's Boy has a Bad Dream
[Age] [Incest] [Mom/Son] [Mommy] [Teasing] [Good Boy] [Gentle FemDom] [Handjob] [Pantyjob]
Play Count: 14788
What Happened?
[unconscious events][rape][putting the pieces together]
Play Count: 2281
Loving How You Taste
Play Count: 1809
Babysitter Tease
[Age] [Teasing] [Babysitter] [Dry Hump] [Good Boy] [Nipple-Sucking] [Titjob] [Outercourse]
Play Count: 9911
Peeping Boy
[Femdom] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Forced Orgasm] [ASMR]
Play Count: 9293
Self Defense class
Play Count: 7634
Extreme Acoustophilia
Basically just lots of moaning...
Play Count: 2279
My Sweet Dog
[Beastiality][sweet][Momma's Boy]
Play Count: 11264
My Bull
[Raceplay][domination][impregnation][gentle after care]
Play Count: 12750
Asian Princess Begs To Get Impregnated By A White Cock
[F4M] [Raceplay] [Breeding] [Asian Princess] [Intimate] [WMAF] [Domination/ Submission]
Play Count: 39536
Mommy's Good Little Boy
[Age] [Incest] [Mom/Son] [Handjob] [Good Boy] [ASMR] [Fingerplay]
Play Count: 18354
I'll Be Your Porn
Play Count: 16231
Book Now
Don't you wanna love your mother properly?
Play Count: 9921
Girl You Have To Try It
[reliving a story][incest][mother/son]
Play Count: 4826
Sissy Boy
[feminization][chastity][bi cuckolding]
Play Count: 8340
Tickle The Prostate
[chastity][anal play encouragement][hands free orgasm]
Play Count: 4727
Fleshlight JOI
Play Count: 10225
Where You Can Cum
[humiliation][worthless genes]
Play Count: 2759
Harsh SPH
Play Count: 4448
Daddy's Turn
[JOI] [Bratty] [Femdom] [DD/lg] [Ageplay] [Incest] [Strict/Gentle]
Play Count: 10397
Who's Going To Win
[cuckold][raceplay][slight humiliation] [workout motivation]
Play Count: 4745
Women's Point of View
Play Count: 6393
100-1 challenge
shlicking and teasing
Play Count: 1388
Camping 3 of 3
Play Count: 3952
Camping 2 of 3
I apologize but I lost the 1st recording! [cuckold]
Play Count: 5368
Accidental Kiss
Incest, big brother/ innocent virgin little sister, impregnation, LONG
Play Count: 7349
A Sadistic Hacker
blackmail, torture, ball busting
Play Count: 4539
A Feminist's Guide to Self Defense
Control, ball busting
Play Count: 13707
Sweet Femdom
domination, face sitting, tease/denial
Play Count: 2874
A girl talks about her recent beastiality encounter, why does she love it so?
Play Count: 7337
Friend's Dad
Slight blackmail, ageplay, slight rape
Play Count: 6824
Village Sex Slave
inner thoughts and actual talking, slave, rape, anal
Play Count: 4344
Questions for Dr. Spaz
medical, ball busting, castration, dominating, Q&A
Play Count: 5885
Fashion Show
Pedo, age play, tease, swimsuits, exhibition
Play Count: 12214
Mommy loves her baby boy
incest, mother/son
Play Count: 50946
My balls
ballbusting, control, MF
Play Count: 7489
"Shoe" Shrinking

Play Count: 2964
Fats boys
Humiliation, inflation, fit girls
Play Count: 2930

Play Count: 12344
Mommy is feeling mean

Play Count: 6093
Butler's Bitch
F4M, Script, Bestiality, Beast, Rape, Long A young woman, walking in the park at night, is overwhelmed by Butler, a large overly-friendly dog. She is "rescued" in a unique fashion.
Play Count: 14268