Addressing Your Small Penis With Your Fiancé at Therapy
Your fiancé has insisted you two go to therapy. Things just aren't working out for her... you arent pleasing her sexually. But that's okay! Don't worry. That's why you're at therapy today. To work through this "little" issue. Your "little" problem. To find a solution that satisfies BOTH of you. Themes in this audio include: [F4MF] [Femdom] [SPH] [4Inches] [Realistic] [Open Relationship] [Judging Your Cock] [Handjob] [Lube] [Brief Girl On Top] [Cum Countdown for him and her] [Premature Ejaculation] [Unsatisfying Penis] [Small Woman] [Strap On] [Bush] [Female moans] [Boy Vagina] [Good Boy] This was a custom audio commission Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 1301
PART2: No Way You're Losing Your Virginity On MY Watch!
Your college bully is back to make sure you didn't go out on that little date with nerd girl tonight. The Mean Girl visits your dorm and domination ensues with a surprise twist. Will you be a good boytoy? *Trigger Warning: Rape Themes Other themes in this audio include: [Fdom] [Facesitting] [Dirty Talk] [Blackmail] [Rape] [Reluctance] [Bullying] [Degrading] [tsundere maybe] [Handjob] [blowjob] [69] [Possessive] [subtle cuckquean vibes] Written By Reddit User u/Garland-variety Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
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Public Indecency - Offender #1
**CONTENT WARNING - this audio contains fantasy depictions of gore and violence. You were caught breaking the rules and we have very specific punishments for offenders. Today; yours includes being restrained and exposed to the public, as they will decide what you deserve for the crime you've committed. I'm just here to observe... maybe encourage a little... but I promise you, this will not be enjoyable. Themes in this audio include: [Public Nudity] [Public Shaming] [Restraints] [CFNM] [SPH] [CBT] [Degradation] [Non Con] [Hard Torture] [Slapping] [Stomping] [Heels] [Ball Kicking] [Castration] [Angry Chihuahua] [Ball Squishing] [Gore] All characters are 18+ Written by Reddit User u/Orchid_Anatomy Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 2330
Mrs Claus Needs You To Breed Her
It's a few nights before Christmas and you get a knock on the door from someone in red velvet... But its not Santa... It's his wife and she's come to teach true meaning of Christmas ;) Themes in this audio include: [F4M] [MILF] [Older Woman] [Impregnate] [Breeding] [Stockings] [Boots] [Glasses] [Kissing] [Brief JOI] [L-Bombs] [Girl-On-Top] [Cream Pie] Technically [Gaslighting] [Wet Sounds] [Moans] All characters are 18+ Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 6455
Helping Daddy Decorate The Christmas Tree
Your bratty little girl is making a fuss over decorating the tree. You've had enough of her attitude and decide to punish her for it. Themes in this audio include: [Daddy Dom] [DD/lg] [Punishment] [Over The Knee] [Spanking] [Bad Girl] [Discipline] [Bratty] [Naughty List] [Lesson] [Begging] [Creampie] [Dripping] All characters are 18+ Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 3866
No Way You're Losing Your Virginity On MY Watch!
Your college bully finds out you've scored yourself a date. But she's not too happy about that... *Trigger Warning: Rape Themes Other themes in this audio include: [Fdom] [Fleshlight] [Dirty Talk] [Blackmail] [Bullying] [Degrading] [tsundere maybe] [Handjob] [Possessive] [Cumplay] Written By Reddit User u/Garland-variety Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
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She Sucks You Off After You Cook Her Dinner
You treated me so well tonight, let me treat you back ;) Themes in this audio include: [Kissing] [Treating Him] [Quick Blowjob] [Licking] [Cock Worship] [Sucking Sounds] [Slow Suck] or [Face Fuck] [Moans] [Thick Cock] [Use My Mouth] [Cum in Throat] or [Cum on Face] [Good Boy] [GFE] This was a custom audio commission Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 8129
The H-R Dominatrix Verifies Your Size
It’s that cocky attitude of yours that landed you in my office, actually. That, and your behaviour. Which is totally inappropriate for the workplace... [Femdom] [Office Dominatrix] [Punishment] [Light Humiliation] [Subbing You] [Describing Other Office Girls] [Milf] [College Intern] [Secretary] [Stroking] [Instructions] [Glasses] [Lingerie] [Boots] [Standing Doggy] [Cunnalingus] [Good Boy] [Cum In Panties] This was a request that was made via my free audio request form Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 3683
Cucking The Bull
You're in the middle of being used by your mistress when you speak out of line. She's not impressed with your behaviour and denies you an orgasm. She puts you in your place before going home to her husband... Find part 2 "Tonight I Dumped My Bull For You" on [Listener Is The Bull] [Riding] [Female On Top] [FDom] [Insults] [Humiliation] [Feels] [Realistic] [Relationships] [Open Relationship] [Orgasm Denial] Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 1885
Tattoo Dom Marks You And Makes You Hers
You find yourself being stood up... again. But the night didn't end up being a disappointment after all. Themes in this audio include: [Kissing] [Light FDom] [Giggles] [Biting] [Choking] [Moans] [Good Boy] [Tied Up] [Ownership] [Marking You] [Claiming You] [Wet Sounds] [Moans] [Girl On Top] [Cream Pie] Written by a client for a commission Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles Written for adults, by adults All characters are 18+
Play Count: 7084
Your Little Sister's Hot Friend Seduces You in The Shower
You're just about to get into the shower when your little sister's friend sneaks into the bathroom with you. [Script Fill][F4M][FSub][Adults][Seduction][Walking in on You Naked][Loving What She Sees][Touching You][Tasting Your Cock][Blowjob][Good Boy][Doggy][Hard Doggystyle Pounding][Quickie][Hair Pulling][Cum Inside Me Before Your Sister Comes Back][Wet Sounds][Moans][Giggles][Creampie] Written by u/MyNameMadeYouSmiley Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles Written for adults, by adults All characters are 18+
Play Count: 17364
Bimbo Fairy Needs Your Cum To Change Size
You pull into a national forest to do some nature photography but you're confronted by a... fairy? before you ever have a chance to get out of the car. She needs your help! [F4M] [Monster Girl] [Fairy] [Bimbo] [Goofy] [Cum Drunk] [Airhead] [Fuckdoll] [Size Play] [Shape Shifting] [Using Her Like A Fleshlight] [Blowjob] [Breathless] [Deepthroat] [Woman-On-Top] [Deep] [Hitting Cervix] [Creampie] [Finger Sucking] Written by u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 14047
A Busy Night at the Switchboard
A throwback to the days when we had landlines and operators. You're trying to get a hold of a brothel but all the lines seem to be busy. You end up having phone sex with the cute-sounding operator. [Old School] [At Work] [Moans] [Deep Breathing] [Stockings] [Mutual Masturbation] [Fingering] [Real Orgasm] [JOI] Written By @NouhBdee Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 911
Mommy Milks You Through The Bunk-bed
Don't worry baby, the new mattresses will be here soon. Tonight's sleeping situation is just temporary Wait.... Are you having a wet dream? All characters are 18+ [Accidental] [Dripping Pre-Cum] [Sharing A Bed] [Mommy Dom] [Baby Boy] [Good Boy] [L-Bombs] [Naughty] [Cock Praise] [Cock Worship] [Nocturnal Emissions] [Spraying Mommy] [Blowjob] [Claiming Mommy] Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 16833
Your Devil Takes Out Her Frustrations On Your Cock And Balls
Well... You died, again! For real this time and you've somehow landed in Hell. Your own personal devil is here to punish you for all your sexual sins. Whimper for your devil girl. [F4M] [Devil Girl] [Monster Girl] [Cock & Ball Torture] [Dick Punching] [Dick Slapping] [Squeezing Balls] [Chastity Device] [Fingernails] [Tail Play] Using Tail as a [Cock Ring] [Humiliation] [Punishment] [Welcome to Hell] [Hand Job] [Leaking] [Pre-Cum] [Riding] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 3055
Tonight I Dumped My Bull For You
This is a follow-up to Cucking the Bull - where you (the listener) is the bull. This time you're the husband. She's coming home to you after leaving the bull for speaking out of line. She comes home for a loving, romantic fuck and you want to hear all the details about what happened with this bull. [F4M] [Cuck Husband] [Gentle FDom] [Realistic] [Relationships] [L-Bombs] [Loving] [Re-Affirming Relationship] [Kissing] [Cuck Talk] [Cuck] [Open Relationship] [Marriage] [Handjob] [Spit] [Creampie] [Riding] [Female On Top] [Wet Sounds] Written by Reddit User u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 5042
So, You're Addicted To My Moans?
You're my roommate and I caught you listening to one of my naughty audios!!! The two of us are fairly open, sexually, so I don’t think twice about barging in and telling you to turn your porn down. Then I discover it’s *my* voice you're getting off to, and not some generic smut. So I take this as an opportunity to educate you on what it *really* sounds like when I moan in pleasure. [F4M] [Friends to Lovers] [Roommates] [Real Moans] vs [Fake Moans] [Soft Dom] [You Found My Reddit?] [Kissing] [Cunnalingus] [Doggy] [Missionary] [Hitting Cervix] [Pet Names] [Baby Boy] [Creampie] Written by Reddit Users u/FindingLady and u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 8769
Erotic Audio Challenge: Questions Only
Just me, my dildo, and a bunch of questions [Wet Sounds] [Moans] Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 1941
Netting A Feisty Tentacle Girl
You're a marine biologist on a trip to catch/study/release new species! You catch something absolutely remarkable but she ends up catching you instead... *Trigger Warning: Rape Themes [F4M] [Non-Con] [Forced Orgasm] [Rape] [Tentacles] [Monster Girl] [Bondage] [Flexible] [Ropes] [Getting Chased] [Using Your Holes] [Male Penetration] [Tentacle Job] [Blowjob] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] Written by u/Mental_Trap Voiced By @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 10755
Your Guardian Angel Will Do Anything For Your Forgiveness
So you died... BUT! You made it into heaven!! Well... sorta. You're in God's waiting room with your guardian angel. You find out she maybe wasn't the best one for the job, but she's sorry you ended up here... really sorry ;) [Older Woman] [FEELS] [Bitchy] at first, then [L-Bombs] [Loving] [Sweet] [Kissing] [Blasphemous] Secretly a [Fallen Angel] [Blowjob] [Girl-On-Top] [Missionary]ish [Wings] This script was written for adults, by adults. All characters are 18+ Written by u/Mental_Trap Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 7629
Shy Guys Have The Biggest Cocks
You help a friend of yours when her car won't start, but you didn't expect her to invite you in and basically throw herself at you... [Forward Woman] [Bush] [Shy Boy] [Good Boy] [Giggles] [Big Cock] [Tight Little Pussy] [Moans] [Wet Sounds] [Begging] [Mutual Masturbation] [Deep Throat] [Girl On Top] [Doggy Style] [Ahego] [Cum On Face] Voiced By @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 19564
Your Dominant Orc Chieftan Lets You Top Her (Part 2)
Your night in the woods with the Orc Chieftain continues and the pressure of the upcoming war is building. She wants to trust you, she wants to give in and be submissive even though it's seen as a weakness for her kind. She will do anything for you. She. Wants. You. Human. Will you be able to keep up and satisfy her? "Don't be gentle. Fuck your female, human. Make me feel good. Or I'll pin you down and do it myself!" [F4M] [THICC] [FDom] [Orc] [Teasing] [true mates] [imprinting] [fingering] [titfuck] [missionary] [creampie] [L-bombs] [wholesome] [size difference] [moans] [wet sounds] Written by Reddit user: inceststick Voiced By BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 8571
Why Capture Pokémon, When You Could Capture Me?
Ever wanted to have a slut as a Pokémon? You Don’t Have Enough Badges To Train Me... Or Do You? [Rape] [Non-Con] [Whipping] [Blowjob] [Doggy] [Creampie] [Wet Sounds] [Moans] [SFX] [BGM] [Reluctant at First] [Awful Jokes] Written by u/Mental_Trap Voiced By @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 4170
Feeding Your Goth Mimic Girl
So you buy this antique chest online and when you finally unbox it, it transforms into a very hungry... goth girl? Do you think you can satisfy her? [F4M] [Mimic] [Monster Girl] [Goth Girl] [Ownership] [Blowjob] [Deepthroat] [Feeding] [Food] [Girl-On-Top] [Sucking Fingers] [While Fucking] [Appetite] [Cumming in Throat] [Throatpie] [Cumming While Sucking] Written by u/Mental_Trap Voiced By @BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 18885
That Time You Got Reincarnated to Save a People Except They Are Orcs!? You take the Chieftain's Virginity Instead...
You find yourself in another world being presented to the Orc Chieftain as the saviour of their kind. There's a spark between you two though; which leads to an unexpected night popping her cherry in the woods. Will you be her human? [F4M] [THICC] [FDom] [Orc] [First Time] [isekai] [kissing] [virgins] [L-bombs] [wholesome] [size difference] [giggles] [creampie] [cum together] Written by Reddit user: inceststick Voiced By BrittanyBabbles
Play Count: 22429
Cum Inside Your Tight Little Cupid On Valentine’s Day
If you find yourself sitting across from an empty chair this Valentine's day, maybe... JUST MAYBE the goddess of love will take notice of you and appear in human form to fulfill your desires. [F4M] [Holiday] [Date] [Goddess] [Pet Names] [Sweetie] [Kissing] [Lapdance] [Light Teasing] [Blowjob] [69ing] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] [Empath] [Brief Aftercare] [Wet Sounds] [Moans] Written by Reddit User: Mental_Trap Voiced by
Play Count: 3719
Demons Don't Have Gag Reflexes
You're bored and lonely but you had no idea that taking a relaxing bong hoot would summon a demon to give you a sinful blowjob [Demon Girl] [Degradation] [Pathetic Human] [Oral] [Cock Sucking] [Ball Licking] [Sucking Sounds] [Moans] [Spitting]
Play Count: 8612
Premarital Breeding
You've just asked your long term girlfriend to marry you! The two of you are so in love and so excited to start a family together, its impossible to wait... [F4M] [L-Bombs] [Tease] [Fingering] [Begging] [Please Daddy] [Moans] [Wet Sounds] [Making Love] [Breeding] [Wholesome] Written & Voiced by
Play Count: 6191
The Spider in Your Room
It's the full moon tonight. Not that you'd know. For you, it's a night like any other: necessary, short, and cold. And lonely. Strangely bright, too, but your mind is too occupied to wonder why. Like every night, you fall asleep fantasizing about Her... About Her divine body crushing you with firmness, suffocating you in softness, drowning you in moistness, and drying what's left of you off in blazing heat. But you're not touching yourself. You've learned that giving your body release before sleep keeps Her from coming to you in your dreams. And as intoxicating as Her miraculous body is, what you truly long for is more so still; Her inexplicable, affectionate devotion and worship. Her hunger for you, and how powerful it makes you feel. You fall asleep frustrated, but full of hope. Will you find release tonight? [Monster Girl] [Arachne] [Thicc] [Edging] [Switch] [Devoted] [Grinding] [Teasing] [Kisses] [LBomb] [Wet Sounds] Written by Reddit User: inceststick Voiced by
Play Count: 2955
Shy Girlfriend Dominates You For The First Time
A while ago you told your very meek girlfriend about your submissive side and asked her if she would ever be interested in dominating you sexually. She's done some thinking, along with some "research", and it looks like today is the day she's willing to give it a shot [F4M] [Gentle FDom] [GFE] [Nervous domme to confident domme] [Giggles] [Light bondage] [Kissing] [Pussy eating] [Nursing hand job] [Cum countdown] [Wholesome] [L-Bomb] Written by Reddit User: eatsthewholeass Voiced by
Play Count: 3946
We’re Not Getting Out Of Bed Until You Breed Me
It's too rainy to do anything but stay in bed and make a baby. [F4M] [Script Fill] [GFE] [Rainy Day] [Morning Sex] [Impreg] [Oral] [Cunnilingus] [Blowjob] [Edging] [Cream pie Obviously] [Breast Play] [Nipple Play] [Missionary] [Affectionate] [Sweet] [Cuddles] [Daddy] [L-Bombs] [Vanilla Spice] Written by Reddit User: burnerforlit Voiced by
Play Count: 2799
Hot AI Girl Will Do Anything to Convince You Not to Clear Her Mmemory
In the near future, you're responsible for wiping the memories of the A.I. sex-robots in order to clear up more space in their hard-drives. However, while you're doing your job, one of them wakes up. She notices what you're doing and tells you she'll do *anything* to keep her memory. Will you oblige? [AI Girl] [Seduction] [Teasing] [Blowjob] [Deep throat] [Wet pussy] [Cowgirl] [Doggy] [Optimizing Pleasure] [Cream pie] [FDom] [Turning up her sensitivity] [Adjustable Settings] Written by reddit users: Forest_Firefly and Mentally_Trapped Voiced By
Play Count: 2079
Eating Ass Is Gross and Wrong
Your girlfriend may resist and deny enjoying a rim job but she still let it happen... [F4M] [Script Fill] [GFE] [Rimjob] [For him] AND [For her] [In denial] [Blowjob] [Eating the booty like groceries] [Kinkshaming] [Degradation] [Forced orgasm] [Rape] Written by reddit user: ElbyLithiumBomb Voiced by
Play Count: 3529
Fucking Your Slutty Girlfriend In The Park
You go for a picnic in the park with your girlfriend, but shes horny and needs your cock, even if someone sees! [GFE] [Commando Under Her Dress] [Fingering] [Moans] [Oral for Him] [Public Sex] [Tight Pussy] [Jealous Strangers] [Good Boy] [Cream Pie] Written and Narrated by
Play Count: 4180
Hauntingly His
A stupid dare to explore a haunted house leaves Erica with a supernatural sexual experience [Ghost Dom] [Fingering] [Moans] [Ghost Cock] [Oral] [Ropes] [Rough Sex] Written and voiced by
Play Count: 826
Be a Good Boy and Cum in the Bathroom at Work for me
Jerk off Instructional to listen to in the bathroom at work... [Public Masturbation] [Edging] [Fantasize About Me] [Controlled Orgasm] Written and voiced by
Play Count: 1414
Sweet Girlfriend Instructs You How To Make Her Cum
Direct instructions on how to make your girlfriend cum with your fingers and tongue [GFE] [Fingering] [How To] [Oral] [Moans] Written & Narrated By
Play Count: 2451
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