Bubblegum Brain Drain [F4A] [IQ Reduction] [Temporary Brain Drain]
All those big thoughts can vanish in a POP! Just let my bubbles drain your IQ, reduce your brainpower, and allow you to relax and be hypnotized instead of thinking all the time, must be exhausting! A temporary brain drain file that will have you dumb for the duration, and as long as you like afterward.  
Play Count: 503
ASMR Hypnotic Massage [F4A]
No tricks, not even a content warning. This is a pure, relaxing experience where you'll feel the phantom touch of my hands on your body, relaxing you, calming you, letting you sink into the wonderful feeling of Mistress Calia rubbing you down into a soft, gentle trance in this hypnotic massage.  
Play Count: 403
You Can't Be Hypnotized [F4A]
You're so smart and analytical, you can't be hypnotized. No matter how hard you try, it doesn't work. It must be nonsense. Because you can't be hypnotized, even if you believe hypnosis is real. Even if you believe in hypnotic power. You just can't be hypnotized, and I'm going to prove it to you in this free hypnosis file.  
Play Count: 966
Femdom Obsession Part 5: Operant Conditioning [F4A]
The next entry in the Femdom Obsession series brings you pleasure, but only when your owner commands it. You'll quickly learn to accept and enjoy the fact that pleasure is only experienced at the whim of your dominant, and while you're in a state of complete submission to them in this fractionation file.  
Play Count: 791
Femdom Obsession Part 4: The Source [F4A] [Conditioning] [Femdom] [Layers]
In part four of this ongoing free series, the submissive listener is reminded where pleasure comes from and how they can achieve it by being an obedient sub for their domme. This file is a fractionation tease and denial experience that builds on the triggers established in previous entries in the series.  
Play Count: 1573
You Want Me [F4A] [Repetition] [Free File] [Femdom] [Patreon-Supported] [Mantra] [Conditioning] [Brainwashing]
You want me. Sometimes all you need is a simple reminder of that. You want me. To control you, to dominate you, to hypnotize you, to brainwash you. In this free file, you'll be told in no uncertain terms what I already know. You want me. To be mine, to obey me, to serve me, to surrender to me. So give in and listen. Because you want me. CW: Themes of femdom, submission, brainwashing, gaslighting, suggestion to comment.  
Play Count: 1719
Pavlova Conditioning [Induction] [Stereo] [Binaural]
You've heard of Pavlovian conditioning, but have you heard of Pavlova conditioning? It's where we bake together and I whisk your mind into a frothy, creamy mess until you're totally hooked on my sweet treats! A binaural ASMR style erotic hypnosis file.  
Play Count: 1280
Puppy Obedience School Part 1: Basic Training Hypnosis [F4A] [Petplay] [Post-Hypnotic Suggestion] [Triggers]
This file is the first of a series of petplay files that will have you barking, wagging, and being a good puppy for me! You'll be given a new trigger that will help you understand the happiness and joy that comes with being a dog - and this one is set up to work even if you just want to be called a good pet - you don't have to fully embrace the doggy transformation, though I bet you would enjoy it!  
Play Count: 2702
Femdom Obsession Part 3: The Social Order [F4A] [Femdom] [Amnesia] [Conditioning] [Triggers] [Lasting Effects] [Free File] [No Wakener]
Part three of my Femdom Obsession series is designed to remind you who is truly in charge: dominant women. This file is aimed at anyone who enjoys submitting to dominant women and wants to be the best submissive they can be. The series uses conditioning, hypnosis, and triggers to slowly build a strong and immediate response to specific phrases. This part of the series introduces safety elements to ensure the triggers can only be used by someone you trust, and allows you to share the triggers with a domme or partner who you'd like to give more control over you. Best listened to with the other files in the series, as the first two install the triggers used here. Become a member!
Play Count: 1877
Song of the Siren: A Hypnosis Story [F4A] [Narrated] [OC] [Second Person] [Sirens] [Singing] [Hypnosis] [Danger] [Audio RP] [Sound Effects] [Free File] [Radio Drama]
The Siren sings her melody, and you listener, are thrust into the role of the sailor trying desperately to fight it's influence. As you see your crew fall to her, one by one, can you resist her too? Or will you follow their lead, and give in to the dangerously seductive powers of this siren song. CW: Monster, shipwrecks, storms Become a member!
Play Count: 1205
Femdom Obsession Part 2: Good Sub
Welcome to the femdom obsession series. This hypnotic journey will turn you into a completely mindless submissive for powerful women, and most importantly, for me. In part one you learned the path to subspace, a place where you can be relaxed and completely open. Now it's time to learn what it means to be a good submissive. Relax, listen, and enjoy. Best listened to immediately after the previous session. Contains themes of dominance and submission. Content Warning: This series is designed to increase your interest in femdom. It will include safety elements in a later file that ensures the triggers, as they are developed, cannot be used maliciously. Specifically, in part 3. The themes this series will touch on will include a myriad of femdom-related kinks, and I would recommend you create your own playlist of the files that suit you, rather than listening as a whole. If you need to, listen to my trigger removal file to reset yourself. Many of these files include amnesia triggers. Become a member!
Play Count: 2003
Hypnotized on Movie Night [F4A] [Dumbing Down] [Amnesia] [Femdom] [Cosy] [Trigger] [Post-Hypnotic Trigger] [Arousal]
It's our movie date night, and you're all curled up with me on the couch to watch a classic but... you can't seem to focus on it. Are you falling down, into a trance? Well, guess I can use that to my advantage to give you a little trigger to make watching movies even more fun! Trigger Warning: Includes a scream sound effect, and the trigger can affect you at random - so be careful! Become a member!
Play Count: 1448
Verification for GWA
Versification audio for Gone Wild Audio on reddit. It's really me, the real Mister Scalia.
Play Count: 569
Femdom Obsession Part 0: Instant Induction Hypnosis [F4A]
Welcome to the femdom obsession series. This hypnotic journey will turn you into a completely mindless submissive for powerful women, and most importantly, for me. Expect themes of conditioning, brainwashing, mind control, hypnosis, and mental domination. Be warned, this is a powerful, potent series, and the deeper you go, the stronger the effects become. Please be careful, if you don't want to become a mindless drone for a powerful dominant, do not listen. If you need to escape these files, please find my trigger removal file, to reset yourself mentally. This is part 0, the instant induction. For experienced listeners, this file will bring you back into trance in moments, and prepare you to listen to more. It's the suggested first part of any training routine. Become a member!
Play Count: 2838
Femdom Obsession Part 1: Journey into Subspace Hypnosis [F4A] [Femdom] [Triggers] [Amnesia] [Out of Body] [Layered Audio] [Subspace] [Female Domination] [Free File] [Patreon-Supported] [OC]
Welcome to the femdom obsession series. This hypnotic journey will turn you into a completely mindless submissive for powerful women, and most importantly, for me. This is part one, and should be where you start your training. Please be advised, this is the start of a powerful hypnotic journey into mindless obedience. This file will help you drift off into a special place in your own mind, where you can drop your inhibitions and worries, and embrace who you are as a submissive. Content Warning: This series is designed to increase your interest in femdom. It will include safety elements in a later file that ensures the triggers, as they are developed, cannot be used maliciously. Specifically, in part 3. The themes this series will touch on will include a myriad of femdom-related kinks, and I would recommend you create your own playlist of the files that suit you, rather than listening as a whole. If you need to, listen to my trigger removal file to reset yourself. Many of these files include amnesia triggers. Become a member!
Play Count: 3780
MC Ultra Experiment One: The Gateway [Femdom] [OC] [Pleasure Trigger] [Resonant Breathing] [Meditatitve] [MK Ultra] [Mantra] [Lasting Effects] [Series] [Patreon-Supported]
Welcome participant, to the first of a series of experiments, entitled MC Ultra. This initial experiment will prime your mind for what's to follow by teaching you the techniques and triggers that will help you return to trance, and experience a pleasurable sensation while hypnotized. Your participation is crucial to the success of the program. The purpose of this series of experiments is classified. This file is the first of a series of 4, each one building on the last, for a cumulative conditioning effect. In this first file, you'll be guided on a meditative journey based on the work of Robert Monroe, started in the 1950s and studied later by the US government. The whole series is based on MK Ultra, but this opener is more closely based on the Gateway Process, designed to help you enter a state known as hemi-sync, where both sides of your mind are in perfect harmony. This file is mostly a gentle experience, with a lot of suggestions to experience pleasure, and switch off your conscious mind. It does include triggers that last beyond the duration of the file, and a mantra to repeat. While this file does not, future files in the series will deal in darker themes, so please be aware of that, as the triggers introduced here are repeated later. Ultimately, this series does not aim to be harmful, rather give that impression in a safe roleplay scenario that appears dangerous. I do hope you'll participate, and try this one out - it uses an interesting technique to induce trance, and I'd be open to feedback on that! Become a member!
Play Count: 1972
Trigger Removal [Safety] [Release]
If you're struggling with a trigger or suggestion, this file is designed to help you not only remove them, but give you the mental tools to avoid letting triggers you do not want affect you in the future. Become a member!
Play Count: 845
Calia's Curse - Orgasm Denial Inspired by Cal's Curse [Free File] [F4A] [Denial] [Humiliation] [Suggestion to Share] [Curse]
I couldn't resist creating my own spin on the classic hypnosis file, Cal's Curse! This file is a curse. Once you listen, you'll find yourself completely unable to orgasm without permission... cursed to beg and plead for that release, from anyone who'll grant it. Even if you find that humiliating and degrading, you will be completely unable to cum until you are explicitly given permission. You'll be so desperate for that permission... and once you get it, you'll keep coming back for more. You have been warned, listener... Content Warning: This file includes the suggestion to ask for an orgasm from anyone. Please do not do anything that would cross an ethical, personal, or moral boundary to get permission. This file includes the suggestion to listen to it regularly. This file includes the suggestion to enjoy being humiliated. This file includes the suggestion to share it. Become a member!
Play Count: 7701
Clicker Trained to Obey Your Teacher [F4A] [Obedience Training] [Clicker] [Free File] [Femdom] [Trigger] [Task] [Post-Hypnotic Suggestion]
Naughty students like you pay no attention, have no focus... that's just not ok! It's time you learned how to listen to your teacher. Time you learned obedience... even if it takes a special method! It works on dogs, they obey... why not you? A sexy, fun fantasy where your teacher makes sure you're able to pay attention by training you to obey the sound of her clicker... get ready to do some homework! Includes mentions of being like a dog, being conditioned to obey, and a trigger to focus and obey on the sound of a clicker, with a task at the end.  
Play Count: 3075
Hypnotized on a Snowy Train Journey [ASMR] [F4A] [Cosy]
I wanted to make something soft, gentle and maybe still just a little dominant for this wintery time of year (I think it's called Winter) - and this is the result. Hot chocolate in audio form, a seductive, sexy little trance that'll have you thinking very differently about trains journeys. A touch ASMR, a touch femdom, and a lot cosy. Relax, and enjoy this wintery setting!  
Play Count: 412
The Trance Before Christmas... Hypnosis Holiday Parody
A little holiday fun for you, my own very nsfw version of 'The Night Before Christmas' If you're celebrating, have a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!  
Play Count: 259
Hypnotic AMA with Mistress Calia
This has a little hypnotic surprise at the end, and includes covert hypnosis and a suggestion to comment and forget the contents of the audio.  
Play Count: 1460
A Walk in the Woods - Hypnosis for Relaxation [F4A] [Nature] [ASMR]
No sexual content, nothing but pure calm and relaxation as I help you find a safe, happy place that you can always return to when you need to feel at peace. This file is intended only to offer a calm, safe space to rest in. Nothing more. I hope you enjoy it! It's very focused on nature and the rhythm of life.  
Play Count: 323
Submission is Bliss Loop [F4A] [Brainwashing] [Femdom] [Loopable]
This loop file will have you wrapped around my little finger completely, turning you into a mindless slave, lost in the bliss of service to me. Listen at your own risk. Themes of slavery and addiction.  
Play Count: 1506
Brainwashing Loop [F4A] [Femdom]
Get brainwashed to serve and obey Mistress Calia, the erotic hypnotist of your dreams in this audio-visual experience that blends layers of her mesmerizing voice. Totally loopable!  
Play Count: 1269
Trapped in the Loop [F4A] [Brainwashing] [Loopable]
This file is a loop that encourages you to keep looping, and to resist that urge. A little confusion never hurt anyone, right? This is a reward for donations to my holiday fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who donated and shared for making this possible! Hear it in 5.1 surround sound here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/trapped-in-loop-94925446?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=postshare_creator&utm_content=join_link CW: Includes suggestion to loop until you have to stop or accept that I am your owner. Includes many triggers from previous files.  
Play Count: 1813
Break - Hands Free Orgasm by Mistress Calia [F4A] [Long] [Free File] [HFO] [Triggers] [No lasting effects] [guided] [erotic] [deep trance] [arousal triggers]
Join me for a totally new and exciting experience. In this hour and thirteen minute audio file, you'll be slowly brought into a deep, but arousing trance, in which you'll be guided toward a hands-free orgasm. This file includes lots of slow, meditative talk, building to an intense finish that will overload your senses and ultimately cause your mind to break for me, and ending in a delicious climax. Of course, there's no pressure to get there first time, or for this to feel the same as a regular orgasm - in fact, it can be quite different. No matter if you achieve that climax on the first listen, or you never quite get there - that's ok, you'll still enjoy this very deep and detailed trance experience with many layers of audio building over its runtime. There are no content warnings, no triggers that work outside the file, nothing but pleasure. This file was produced thanks to the generosity of donors to my Hypnotic Holidays Fundraiser! You can still donate here: https://tiltify.com/@mistresscalia/hypnotic-holidays So, ready to break for me?  
Play Count: 13658
Rogue AI Challenges You To Resist Her! [F4A] [Challenge] [Game] [Suggestion to Share] [Techdom] [Femdom] [OC]
In this custom commission (no names used) you're playing a brand new game with an advanced AI. She challenges you to see if you can resist her. If you fail, you'll release her onto the internet, and she plans to take over the world. But it's just a game... right? A fun artificial intelligence themed file that will send you spiralling into submission for your machine mistress! Suggestion to share the file is included, as well as a trigger that replaces your thoughts with thoughts of serving me, so be warned! Available as a 360 VR video in 4K on my YouTube!  
Play Count: 2208
Hypnosis is Fake: A Confession [F4A] [Meta]
Look, this hypnosis stuff, it's all completely ridiculous, right? You're not hypnotized... we're just playing pretend. So there's no way I can actually hypnotize you. Is there?    
Play Count: 2667
eGirl Streamer Brainwashes You [F4A] [ASMR] [Conditioning] [Free file] [Suggestion to share] [triggers] [gaming] [brainwashing] [mean] [humiliation] [audiorp] [roleplay]
You love her stream, you keep going back, desperate for her attention... and this time, she's going to explain exactly why, and how she makes sure you never stop watching... never stop giving in to her. Conditioning, brainwashing, and simping... all for this sexy egirl! An ASMR fantasy of what might happen if your favourite streamer or egirl went a little... evil!  
Play Count: 1285
Lo-Fi Hypnosis to Help You Focus [Study/Work Aid] [Free Content] [Non-sexual] [Focus] [Music] [Gentle]
Layers of my voice motivating you to keep working on whatever you need to get done, with a collection of lo-fi music that will keep you working in rhythm. A great way to get things done for hours at a time!
Play Count: 709
Nosy Neighbour Gets Hypnotized [F4A] [Click Trigger]
You've been eavesdropping on the hypnotist next door for weeks, but this time, you screwed up. She's heard you listening in and now... she's angry. But worse for you, all that time listening to her seductive, entrancing voice has left you weak and vulnerable to her hypnotic charm! Can you resist, or will you wind up another one of her hypnoslaves? This is the bonus file unlocked at $500 in donations for the Holiday fundraiser! Thanks everyone for your generosity and enjoy! Oh and please consider donating if you haven't yet, or just sharing if you can!

Donate Now!

Play Count: 2662
Date with a Hypnotist - Girlfriend Experience Part One [GFE] [ASMR] [Triggers] [Patreon-Supported] [Audio RP] [F4A]
You meet her for a date in a restaurant, the awkward girl who finally convinced you to go out with her. Soon she starts telling you about her job as a hypnotist and you find yourself captivated, and falling into her charms... What will she do with you?
Play Count: 1004
Vampire Hunter Seduced by a Vampire [ASMR] [F4A] [Roleplay] [Hypnosis]
You're a powerful vampire hunter and you've finally tracked down your prey, but now she's vulnerable and weak, can you really finish the job, or will she be able to take advantage of your kindness?
Play Count: 1514
Slave Training Part One [F4A] [Slave training] [Any dominant] [Series] [Patreon-Supported]
Learn to be a great submissive for your dominant in part one of this series! The rest are on Patreon. You'll find out how to embrace your submissive nature, and really become a good sub!
Play Count: 1237
Hypnotized Under the Umbrella [F4A] [Gentle] [Rain Sounds] [Outdoors] [Sweet]
A lovely file for rainy days, where I join you under your umbrella and put you into a gentle trance, then give you a trigger for rainy days, to remember the good feelings I give you of warmth and safety.
Play Count: 318
Good Girl Hypnosis [F4F] [Praise] [Kind] [Gentle]
Just a sweet hypnotic praise file for good girls!
Play Count: 2557
Good Boy Hypnosis [F4M] [Praise] [Kind] [Gentle]
Just a hypnotic praise file for good boys to lose themselves in!
Play Count: 2226
Seduced by a Snake - Kaa Roleplay ASMR Erotic Hypnosis [F4A] [Kaa] [Snake[ [Bondage] [Bad End] [Jungle Book] [Coils]
You're lost in the jungle... but don't worry, the slithery sexy snake will have you trusting them to get you out of danger... right?
Play Count: 1375
Seduced by a Plant Girl [Roleplay] [Story] [F4A] [Alarune] [Plantgirl] [Pheremones] [Nature[
You're deep in the forest and find a scent so intoxicating you have to follow it... right into the sticky trap of a hypnotic plantgirl!
Play Count: 789
Fundamentals of Servitude [Brain Drain] [F4A] [University] [Teacher] [Student] [IQ Reduction] [Countdown]
You're at a lecture in Calia University, and the professor is trying to explain the history of servitude, and why it matters. But you can't help but feel your focus fading, and your mind slipping away as she drains your intelligence and leaves you needing only to serve!
Play Count: 1632
CaliaCorp Induction Erotic Hypnosis [F4A] [Corporate] [Brainwashing] [Drone] [Femdom] [Job[
You've started a new job at CaliaCorp, and before you begin, you have to learn how things work at Mistress Calia's organistion... a hypnotic induction to your new role that'll have you very eager to get to work, serving your new Mistress!
Play Count: 1351
Hypnotized to Become My Slave
Simply put, this audio will make you completely and utterly delighted to be become my mindless, hypnotized slave. Nothing complex or wild, just a fun, simple induction and a strong suggestion for you to follow.
Play Count: 1668
The Colour of Love [F4A] [Trigger] [Post-Hypnotic Suggestion] [Lust trigger] [Colours]
Understand the meaning of each colour in this unique file. I take you through the rainbow and let you know what each colour means and how it applies to, well, me! You'll find yourself triggered by a specific colour afterward...

Mistress Calia | Creating Erotic Hypnosis | Patreon

Play Count: 544
Love Spell Erotic Hypnosis [femdom] [soft domme] [gentle domme] [f4a] [caring] [sweet] [mistress calia]
Fall under my hypnotic love spell in this wonderfully mesmerizing experience. You'll be brainwashed to fall utterly and completely in love with me, obsess over me, become my lovesick little puppy. It's femdom, but it's kind, caring, gentle femdom, with a hypnosis twist. Find NSFW files on my patreon, https://www.patreon.com/mistresscalia. You'll be my mindless slave before you even know it.
Play Count: 3297
Innocent Girl Seduces You Into Findom [findom] [f4m] [cute girl] [hypnosis] [trance[ [mistress calia[
FINDOM WARNING: This file will have you dying to spoil me as you get more and more aroused by the idea of giving in to my sweet, sexy voice. I'm just such a gentle and lovely girl, and it feels so right to spoil me, don't you think? Find exclusive naughty erotic hypnosis files at my patreon, https://www.patreon.com/mistresscalia. You'll be my mindless slave before you even know it.
Play Count: 1742
Silken Strings - Erotic Hypnosis to Become my Puppet [F4A] [Puppet[ [Domination] [Bondage]
Feel the pleasure as my silken strings wrap you in bondage, and learn how good it feels to become my puppet as I manipulate and control your every movement with my silken strings of hypnotic power. You'll find yourself helpless and unable to resist my every command, as my words pull at the strings of your mind. Love, Mistress Calia
Play Count: 919
Obedience Erotic Hypnosis {F4A] [Femdom] [Mistress Calia] [Countdown]
This file will draw you down into a deep trance, and teach you an important lesson about what gives you pleasure in hypnosis, and as a submissive. Love, Mistress Calia
Play Count: 1519
Click Trigger Erotic Hypnosis [Finger Clicks] [Trance Trigger] [snaps]
Become hypnotized in this relaxing, pleasurable erotic audio. Feel yourself slipping into a trance as my voice brings your mind under my control. Soon you'll be ready to obey at the click of my finger. A short, sweet induction that installs a trigger to send you down into a trance, and feel a jolt of pleasure. Simple, and fun! Love, Mistress Calia
Play Count: 2069