[F4M] Broken English JOI
Script and request by /u/yarvan. It's so hot today, is it not, baby? I just sitting outside before work on porch. Even tiny breeze feel good, it so close inside. I not used to the heat here. Oh, but I see your eyes wander... Did I make you hard, baby? I no want to leave you like that...
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[f4m] The Milking Machine [nurse][Fdom][age][milking machine][good boy][script fill]
Recorded from /u/dreamboy23's capable script. Added challenge: I bet you can't keep up with the machine ~ Keep stroking on the beat until I decide to turn it off. That's right. Even the very first time you listen ♥ :Evil giggle:
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Beneath Me - script by Sebastiene
A F4F version of Sebastiene's lovely historical script. It was a dark and stormy night...
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SennaSaysHi - Motivation
Look. I think you've sat around feeling sorry for yourself long enough. Apparently, it's up to me to give you a little bit of motivation. I guess that's what little sisters are for.
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SennaSaysHi - Bought Boy
I start out dubious, but in the end you prove your worth. "Good boy"s abound in this audio. Some small amount of ball smacking included. ;)
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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 3

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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 2

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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 1

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SennaSaysHi - Emasculation
This is a response to a request for some man-titty loving. Includes humiliation and name calling centering on having man-boobs, threats of cross-dressing you, telling my friends all about you, undercutting your masculinity in general, but some 'good boy's in there, and I do love you. 'Rape' because you say no, and I don't listen. Post orgasm forced cum eating as well.
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SennaSaysHi - I told you I loved all of you
This is a response to a request for some man-titty loving. Sweet, loving, day-in-the-life-of-a-couple recording. Includes creampie and after orgasm cuddles with sleepy. Morning voice throughout.
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SennaSaysHi - Milk
As requested. A little vignette fom the Eberhaard Clinic.
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SennaSaysHi - The Couch [f] [cuck] [sph] [bbc] [impreg] [raceplay]
Script by torrmentedwriter@gmail.com
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Ball Busting Mom Part 2
Emetophobes beware. Contains graphic descriptions of hitting testicles with a spatula. Story kindly provided by Ward50.
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SennaSaysHi - Not So Little Brother
Script is by the lovely hornygoodboy.
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Daddy Still Waits Up (for Rob1514)
Happy Secret Santa! I made it just for you!
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The Chronicles of Naughtia Book 3 - The Magician's Nieces
[fff] [age] [fetish: tickling] [fetish: toe sucking] This part is very long, over 45 minutes of tickling and laughing and cumming and oral... Part one is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2aq6it/f_story_the_chronicles_of_naughtia_book_1_ff_age/ Part two is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2asf0j/f_story_the_chronicles_of_naughtia_book_2_ffff/
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