GWA SS 2017 for Nordic_Love

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GWA SS 2017 - mr-quimper

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SennaSaysHi - Mom's Professional Massage (no charge for family)
I work at Relax Massage downtown. Within a couple of weeks of working there things got...a little weird. It's a good job, don't get me wrong. I just object to the fact that I get $20 for 45 minutes of massage, and the business actually charges $65. I get 30%, they get 70%. We're even expected to provide our own oils and we have to clean and reset the rooms, as well. We're allowed to keep tips, at least. Of course, that leads to some of us doing...certain things...for those higher tips. I was actually surprised how quickly it's become routine. It doesn't even really feel like a sex thing anymore. Back when I was still thinking of becoming a physical therapist, it was always the therapeutic massage classes that interested me the most. When I think on it now, it's a little weird that I've never really massaged either of my kids. Well, a pulled muscle is a pulled muscle. C'mere baby. Mama will make it feel better. Script by the lovely and perverted hornygoodboy
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SennaSaysHi - At the Faire
You and I go to the local faire every year. Since we have a large pavilion tent, we share because we're nice people. This year, Adam is bunking in with us, though he's currently busy at the feast. While we've got a free moment, we take advantage of our tent for a little play-time, and I tell you all about the sexy thoughts I've been having about your friend while you fuck me. Sound good?
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[F4M] Broken English JOI
Script and request by /u/yarvan. It's so hot today, is it not, baby? I just sitting outside before work on porch. Even tiny breeze feel good, it so close inside. I not used to the heat here. Oh, but I see your eyes wander... Did I make you hard, baby? I no want to leave you like that...
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[f4m] The Milking Machine [nurse][Fdom][age][milking machine][good boy][script fill]
Recorded from /u/dreamboy23's capable script. Added challenge: I bet you can't keep up with the machine ~ Keep stroking on the beat until I decide to turn it off. That's right. Even the very first time you listen ♥ :Evil giggle:
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Beneath Me - script by Sebastiene
A F4F version of Sebastiene's lovely historical script. It was a dark and stormy night...
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SennaSaysHi - Motivation
Look. I think you've sat around feeling sorry for yourself long enough. Apparently, it's up to me to give you a little bit of motivation. I guess that's what little sisters are for.
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SennaSaysHi - Bought Boy
I start out dubious, but in the end you prove your worth. "Good boy"s abound in this audio. Some small amount of ball smacking included. ;)
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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 3

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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 2

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SennaSaysHi - Cold Turkey Day 1

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SennaSaysHi - Emasculation
This is a response to a request for some man-titty loving. Includes humiliation and name calling centering on having man-boobs, threats of cross-dressing you, telling my friends all about you, undercutting your masculinity in general, but some 'good boy's in there, and I do love you. 'Rape' because you say no, and I don't listen. Post orgasm forced cum eating as well.
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SennaSaysHi - I told you I loved all of you
This is a response to a request for some man-titty loving. Sweet, loving, day-in-the-life-of-a-couple recording. Includes creampie and after orgasm cuddles with sleepy. Morning voice throughout.
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SennaSaysHi - Milk
As requested. A little vignette fom the Eberhaard Clinic.
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SennaSaysHi - The Couch [f] [cuck] [sph] [bbc] [impreg] [raceplay]
Script by
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Ball Busting Mom Part 2
Emetophobes beware. Contains graphic descriptions of hitting testicles with a spatula. Story kindly provided by Ward50.
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SennaSaysHi - Not So Little Brother
Script is by the lovely hornygoodboy.
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Daddy Still Waits Up (for Rob1514)
Happy Secret Santa! I made it just for you!
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The Chronicles of Naughtia Book 3 - The Magician's Nieces
[fff] [age] [fetish: tickling] [fetish: toe sucking] This part is very long, over 45 minutes of tickling and laughing and cumming and oral... Part one is here: Part two is here:
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