Curvy Mommy Wants Her Son

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Locktober Encouragement From Miss Vivian

Play Count: 1454
The Milking Factory

Play Count: 6130
You Are Mommy's Good Boy

Play Count: 4991
Teacher's Milking Lessons

Play Count: 4717
Only Good Boys Deserve a Pegging

Play Count: 5802
Your Task For Today

Play Count: 5780
My Book Slut

Play Count: 6318
A Little Restraint

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ASMR for Good Boys
10 minutes
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Pegging You For The First Time

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Your Wife Doesn’t Have to Know. Or Does She?

Play Count: 7268
Nurse Vivian's Protocol For Nocturnal Arousal

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You Didn’t Get My Text:Part Two
Barbara arrives home from her date with Carl, and Michael is there waiting for her as promised. But HER promise to give him anything he wants, turns out to be a little different than the original plan!
Play Count: 3152
You Didn’t Get My Text: Part One
Barbara is cheating on her longtime boyfriend Carl, with Michael, her "friend-to-lover/guy-on-the-side." In this first part of the story, Barbara forgets to tell Michael that she has to cancel her date, but since he’s there, she asks for a little favor.
Play Count: 2636
The Hypnotic Handjob
Your miss has read about erotic hypnosis, and she wants to try it with you!
Play Count: 7158
Back From the Edge
GWA Fill!
Play Count: 4036
Quarantine has me so bored, you should worship these Big Boobs
Script fill! Playing with and tit fucking my big boobs!
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Private Lessons From Teacher
GWA Fill!
Play Count: 15209
Mistress Teaches Her Good Boy How to Clean Up His Own Mess
It’s been so hard to be away from you, sweetie! I know you’re aching to come, and your Mistress is going to let you...on ons condition...that you clean up your mess after you make it. That’s right! You’re going to eat your own come for me, and I’m going to show you how. (15 minutes)
Play Count: 9524
A Marked Improvement
Our lessons are going so well, but you need a little more practice to learn patience. An edging session while you think about me fucking you should help!
Play Count: 2829
Your Milking Lessons
Young men have so many urges that are difficult to control. Luckily, I’m here to help. My strict edging and milking program will help you become more disciplined. I only accept eager students willing to put in the vigorous work required.
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Wet Heat
So, I have kind of a weird turn on. I get turned on by the idea of making men come in their pants. I think it’s the embarrassment. I love the idea of making men lose control, despite their best efforts. And there’s something so juvenile and inexperienced and even a tiny bit emasculating about forcing a man to make a mess of himself in his pants. (Yes. There are some other options for that, but they aren’t quite my jam.) One of my favorite things to do during sex is to tell a man to definitely NOT come, while doing absolutely everything in my power to make him come and fail. So, this might be just a different take on that.
Play Count: 5535
Cuckie Sitter
Your wife is out on a date, and I’m your cuckie sitter for the evening!
Play Count: 8335
Your Girlfriend Comes Home From Uni Early
...and you catch her playing with her toy!
Play Count: 3047
Leaving You a Hot, Ruined Mess
After you’ve been denied all week, you edge yourself for me while I tell you about my plans for this weekend. Hint. They involve you being a very, very desperate boy!
Play Count: 6220
Give Me Your Come. A Relaxing JOI for Good Boys Who Need to Relax.
Enjoy this relaxing JOI that starts out with you getting totally naked, and receiving a massage from me. Then I give you a nice, slow oiled up hand job. And finally I fuck you very slowly, milking your cock while you just get to enjoy giving me your orgasm.
Play Count: 16298
A Teacher’s ”Special Summer Development Programme’
Synopsis: It’s the last day of school before the summer break. A young handsome student and his caring mature teacher find themselves all alone in the class room. The teacher confronts the student about his grades, which didn´t match her very high expectations. She also suggests that he joins her ”Special Summer Development Programme” to get him back on the right track. As she puts it, the programme involves rather unconventional and experimentative teaching methods. After convincing the student to sign up, she also decides to give him an introductory lesson right away...
Play Count: 11673
Good Puppy Gets a Reward
You’re such a good puppy! After I put you through your puppy paces and give you a spanking to make sure you learn your lessons, you get to hump your mistress’s leg as a special treat! (10 minutes)
Play Count: 6696
Instructing My Son’s Virgin College Friend
When my son’s college friend walks in on me getting out of the shower, I discover that not only does he want me, he’s also a virgin, who’s in some dire need of some sensual education.
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I Want to See You in a Leash

Play Count: 5025
A Foot Massage for a For a Foot Job
I heard you had a thing for feet. So let's start with a nice hard foot rub, and maybe I'll reward you with a foot job with a happy ending.
Play Count: 4355
These Wiggling Toes Will Squeeze You Dry
A footjob JOI audio
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Surprise Sexy D&D Game for Your Birthday

Play Count: 2762
Mmmm. Imagine that feeling. The feeling of having your cock covered with thick, warm lips....
Play Count: 1131
A Lesson on Looking at Other Women
After I catch you looking at Jennifer’s cute ass at a party, you’re taught a lesson about who REALLY owns your cock.
Play Count: 6274
My verification request
Play Count: 573
My Lawn Boy
College boy, Jason, gets taught a pleasurable lesson by his older next door neighbor and rewarded for a job well done.
Play Count: 4878