Hypnotic Erotic 4 - I Want Your HFO [positive erotic hypnosis by Eve's Garden]
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Customer Satisfaction JOI by Eve's Garden
I understand your concerns, sir, and I do apologize, but there's nothing more I can do.
Well, perhaps there is something I can do to ensure your satisfaction...

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Bedtime Rambles: What I Find Sexy About Men
The first of three audios inspired by different scenes/movies/situations I come across. In this one I mention a scene from the movie Magic Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsdFgC_8pb0 more audios at r/evesgarden
Play Count: 1209
A Little Message for...Protective Guys
An audio love letter for all the protective guys out there... more audios at my subreddit, /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 1471
Sweet Nothings - It's Ok to Not Be Ok
I know you haven't been doing too well lately, and it's okay. Snuggle up with me and let me comfort you. more audios at /r/evesgarden
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Verification for GWNarrative

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How Do You Want Me? An Erotic Short Story by Eve's Garden
I wrote this passage as part of a scene in a romance novel, and then thought it might sound really good in an audio. Find more at my subreddit, /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 1503
C'mere to Me and Fuck Me! Your Fiery Irish Girlfriend Takes the Lead!
Repost of the first appearance of Aoife, (EE-fa), your feisty Irish girlfriend. Happy St. Patrick's Day! More audios at r/evesgarden
Play Count: 4149
Roommates' Night In
You don't seem that keen to go out and meet up with your work friends tonight... more audios at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 3224
A Valentine's Day Voicemail
Seriously sappy, vanilla-flavoured F4A love fest.
Play Count: 2313
Sneaking Out of the Party
Meet me in the closet... hundreds more erotic/ non-erotic audios at r/evesgarden
Play Count: 4248
Silent Night (Spending Christmas at my Family's House)
We've been spending the holidays at my family's...and it's driving me crazy. This bed is uncomfortable, I haven't had a moment alone with you, and these walls are too thin for us to really indulge in each other, I'm losing my mind! I'm giddy from either too much chocolate or spiked egg nog (there's a burst of real laughter in here, just be prepared) I love you so much...and I want you so badly. Maybe we can have a silent night together, and just make love... more audios at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 4941
Christmas at Aoife's
Your Irish girlfriend talks you into going round to her ma's for Christmas dinner... more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 5890
Love Bites: Helping You Wait Out Your Vax
Waiting that fifteen minutes after your jab is tough, I know...so let me send you a voicemail to help you pass the time :P more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 3518
Sweet Nothings - It's Ok to Not Be Ok
more at my subreddit /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 4337
Catwoman Makes Her Escape!
Public version of the script by /u/NinjaFogg find out more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 6550
Plus One (I Thought I Was Just Your Last Resort Date!)
script by /u/RightBitofKit more at r/evesgarden
Play Count: 7087
Dessert for Both of Us (Visiting You on Your Lunch Break)
from the script by /u/redknight47
Play Count: 5324
Aoife - Your Irish Girlfriend Makes You Cum From 2 Metres away!
I'm releasing this previous Eraudica Exclusive to the public in honour of a very low-key St. Patrick's Day here in Ireland. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!
Play Count: 12427
Opening Lines - The Death of Dr. Davidson
Featuring our narrator In My Hands Audio, and Checkpoint Charlie and Graces Grove as Harrison and Marlena Smythe...
Play Count: 9788
Vanillage News - Words Not Welcome
Some thoughts on the use of triggering words at Vanilla Audio
Play Count: 13096
blooper with Emmet
I was recording a new audio and of course closed the door to my room to keep the cats out. Well, Emmet decided to make his displeasure known...
Play Count: 14254
Love's Philosophy
by Percy Shelley
Play Count: 15997
DREAM - Your Dream Therapist (Erotic Hypnosis)
To celebrate 5000 subscribers, I'm releasing this Eraudica Exclusive DREAM audio - enjoy!
Play Count: 30477
Northern Barbara's Solo Fantasy
A mish mash of an attempt to sound like I come from Lancashire, sort of. :P Script by /u/omtantra73
Play Count: 17766
Northern Response
script by and co-starring /u/omtantra73
Play Count: 17582
Would Ya Cum Already!?! Gettin' Sucked Awf by Yer New Yawk Wife
A little bit of humour courtesy of a script by /u/RottenPines, who wanted to hear more of my New York accent!
Play Count: 21231
FWB: A Meta Audio Adventure - Option 2
If you've listened to part one and want to skip to the alternate ending, it starts at timestamp 35:30 or so.
Play Count: 18586
Preview - Prologue of my new novel (a work in progress)
This isn't the prequel to Stay With Me, I'm being a capricious *artiste* and working on a different book while I chase the muse for Wait For Me (said prequel).
Play Count: 17947
Sample from A Message For...
You'll just to wait to find out :P
Play Count: 19003
Sample from Reminiscing About You
Just a little glimpse...
Play Count: 18790
Gawd, yer yooooge! Cock Worship in NYC
And I also got a request for a New York/New Joysey type cock sucking audio. This one is a little longuh than my othah one...
Play Count: 22269
Why I Like Guitar Players...
Someone asked me why I like men who play guitar. Well, let me tell you why...
Play Count: 21428
Good Girls Do Crazy Things...
A little Southern Comfort, from the script by /u/NickelSilver...
Play Count: 23506
Outtakes - the 'guy' in my bed during my Slow Job audio
He's really cute, though
Play Count: 29734
Love Bites: flying to you
I’m afraid of flying... so I’ll think about your cock to soothe myself...
Play Count: 23873
Stuck in the Tube Station: or, I'll Get You Off if You Get Me Out
and buy me cookies
Play Count: 26625
Cock Worship: My Splendid Black Man
This is for all the darker skinned guys out there - a loving, playful, sensual blowjob from your ghostly white girlfriend :P This is not raceplay, cuck, BBC or anything negative, it's just a normal loving couple enjoying their time together. I make mention of the interracial issue, but only as something that has mildly bothered him that day.
Play Count: 25437
Late Night Confession
You want to know my secret desires? What I want to do to you, what I want you to do to me? You'd better listen...
Play Count: 26651
Cock Worship: You'll Always Be My Royal Baby, Wills
Now be a love and get me a curry
Play Count: 25341
You asked a lot of questions

Play Count: 25021
Sexual Science Survey...for Science
Thank you for allowing me to participate in this important project...
Play Count: 27437
Happy Birthday Baby! A Sexy song for your special day

Play Count: 27528
The Sound of You
A tribute to the sexy men of GWA who turn me into a quivering, trembling, moaning, writhing, whimpering mess. xox Script by /u/NickelSilver
Play Count: 29117
Love Bites - Employee of the Month Award
It's right here under your desk!
Play Count: 29473
Cumming for you - when you can't
I know you can't cum right now, poor baby. Don't worry...I'll cum for you
Play Count: 31862
Love Bites - Do You Think About Me?
Do you think about slipping your cock into my mouth? I do...
Play Count: 28837
Love Bites - Cumming Home
Is it even possible to leave a 13 minute voicemail? Let's pretend it is.
Play Count: 30121
I Know You Want Me
erotic poetry by /u/submrs
Play Count: 29064
Love Bites 3 - Shower Fun
A short and sweet little message to make your work day easier...or harder :)
Play Count: 29622
WSEX Episode 2 With Belle and Eve - sample
Working on the full audio right now, featuring /u/Belle_in_the_woods - here's just a tiny preview of what's to come :P
Play Count: 31943
Five Fantasies, Five Orgasms - the whole she-bang (get it? :P)
Yes, this is an hour long. Don't say I didn't warn you :D
Play Count: 36021
Rileaux's Accent Challenge
Canadian, eh?
Play Count: 29652
Tribute to the Men of GWA
by /u/pennyforyourtautbod
Play Count: 33160
I Need Your Co...ffee
I need it so bad baby....
Play Count: 31215
I got me the shamrock shakes
This might not have been the best idea I've ever had, but here's my attempt at a sucky fucky audio in Irish Gaelic, which I must warn you, is a language I don't speak. /u/mc_cottle - you owe me one
Play Count: 32399
Sleepless and horny because of you
A raw improv audio of what you make me do to myself at two am when I can't sleep...
Play Count: 32110
No Ordinary Love - Read As Brittany from the Call Centre JOI
you asked for this, ND :P
Play Count: 30505
No Ordinary Love
by /u/pennyforyourtautbod
Play Count: 29876
Eve's Twelve Days of Christmas
Not the one you're used to, I promise
Play Count: 30954
Sex Ed with Eve: Periods (I'm serious this isn't a sucky fucky audio)
For anyone who doesn't know what the hell is going on
Play Count: 31696
Hypnotic Erotic Anything is Possible
Binaural erotic hypnosis by me and /u/hypnorook
Play Count: 51775
The Fantasy Continues...
I know how you would spend a day with me...now here's how I want it to continue...
Play Count: 34734
Fucking Myself For You
raw audio (just my phone)
Play Count: 35561
You Got My Message...
Or did you? Here's what your audio did to me regardless...
Play Count: 30384
I'll Get You Off...In More Ways Than One (Preview)
Sneak Peak This is the opening sequence of my newest collaboration with three awesome ladies of GWA - 3F4M, all sucking your cock to get you off... in more ways than one :P Prosecutor - /u/SillyLittleTeapot Witness - /u/Belle_in_the_woods Defense - /u/Cuckoo_Bananas
Play Count: 31366
A.I - E.V.E. Erotic Virtual Entity - Preview
Working on this great new Artificial Intelligence script by /u/leytod, featuring E.V.E - Erotic Virtual Entity. This is just a little preview
Play Count: 30959
Erotic poetry by /u/Overnexus
Play Count: 29694
She'd Better Love a Dream
a Twelfth Night-inspired F4A script by /u/Galanthia
Play Count: 31630
Take One Blowjob and Call Me in the Morning
Nurse Eve is back! Script by /u/OnlyaGWAccount If you listen and like this, please comment! <3
Play Count: 33708
Sirius Malfunction
A sexy AI script by /u/homersoc If you enjoyed this audio, please comment! Comments keep performers and writers going <3
Play Count: 35965
WSEX Sex Talk with Eve - a radio JOI

Play Count: 31097
Sharing a Sensual Bath - with some footplay!
co-written with /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 31873
Under the Covers with Eve Episode 29: Sexy Isn't a Size
featuring 17 ladies from Gone Wild Audio
Play Count: 30289
Eve the Head Librarian
So you have some late fines, huh...... I wonder how you could work them off, young man...
Play Count: 35003
Shoop by E-Jizzle
apologies to all involved
Play Count: 19830
Ice Ice Baby
Some people rappers don't have feelings....
Play Count: 30091
just a simple track of a slow heartbeat
Play Count: 30139
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gag-Reflex....or, Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon VI
Masterfully written by /u/ToBuildaFantasy, who features in this audio as "The Guide"
Play Count: 31910
somewhere i have never travelled
by e.e. cummings
Play Count: 29820
O Captain, My Captain
by Walt Whitman
Play Count: 29998
Stop All the Clocks
by W. H. Auden
Play Count: 29924
In a Boat

Play Count: 29808
i carry your heart with me
by e.e. cummings
Play Count: 30480
Lovesong - gentle cock love and singing
(Lovesong by The Cure)
Play Count: 29999
Eve's Lullaby - singing and gentle sucking to help you sleep

Play Count: 31704
Fuck Me...in our secret garden
script by /u/nordsom please subscribe to my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 39129
St. Paddy's Day Car Fuck!
I surprise you at work!
Play Count: 30966
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
I heard a beautiful version of this over Christmas, and wanted to record it myself...
Play Count: 30138
Twas the Fuck Before Christmas....
do not read this to your kids... :D
Play Count: 31976
Hardworking Cock - Ambushing you at the Door!
You've had a long, hard day... now give me that long, hard cock... please visit my sub /r/evesgarden for more audio
Play Count: 38918
Mardi Gras...give me your beads!

Play Count: 31554
One Breath - breathless erotic poetry
an erotic poem by /u/Eves-garden :D
Play Count: 29846
Broken Spell
fantasy fucking an elf! Script by /u/homersoc
Play Count: 33326
One Last Time
Erotic Freeverse by /u/808seduction
Play Count: 30438
Cock Worship: More than Friends (My First Audio)
The first audio I ever did.... be gentle!
Play Count: 34692
Senses...erotic poetry by /u/808seduction

Play Count: 29594
Out of Place by /u/Cardlin
A loving, supportive cuddle in a pillow fort for those who feel alone in a crowd
Play Count: 30316
Joining The Mile High Club
Around this time last year I had a long and boring trans-Atlantic flight...and it inspired this!
Play Count: 31933
Perfectionist at Work
by /u/electrichero
Play Count: 31619
Cock Worship: Sugar For My Neighbour
Can I borrow something, sugar...?
Play Count: 46190
The Light of My Life by /u/Cardlin

Play Count: 29840
Regardes-moi (Watch Me)
an erotic vignette in French by /u/catmusc
Play Count: 30397
Forget...by 808seduction
I'll make you forget all about her...
Play Count: 30411
Bedtime Stories: Gift of the Magi
The first in a series of public domain stories and books (or stories written by me) to help soothe you off to sleep. Non-sexual, but often romantic, loving, tender, classic stories you may have heard of, but never read. The first is by O. Henry, a short story called The Gift of the Magi
Play Count: 30000
erotic freeverse by /u/Iwillinstruct2
Play Count: 31230
Imagine Me...
Sensual poetry by /u/CatherineClarke
Play Count: 30658
Let's Make a Sex Tape by /u/nordsum
performed by /u/Eves-garden more at /r/evesgarden and eraudica.com
Play Count: 37200
par /u/titeplume
Play Count: 30193
Making a Deposit : A Pun-filled Bank Romp
Someone sent me this script a long time ago and I performed it, but I don't know whom to credit. If you wrote it, please let me know! and please visit my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 32624
Do You Remember...What We Were to Each Other?
An erotic memory of love please visit my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 30313
The Tavern Wench : A Riotous Romping Fuck!
by /u/For_Corn please check out my sub /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 35851
Rest With Me by /u/pastasexual

Play Count: 29923
I Want You...So Badly...

Play Count: 31550
Your Shirt...Wrapping Myself In You
That moment when you first realize you're in love...
Play Count: 30825
My Favourite Thing
Incredible erotic freeverse by /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 30249
Distance....erotic freeverse by 808 seduction

Play Count: 29568
Sweet Dreams, Baby...
more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 37997
You Won't Give Up
...because that's not who you are by /u/Cardlin please visit my sub /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 30758
The Letter: An Erotic Confession
by /u/808seduction still-image video at https://vid.me/9GV6
Play Count: 29976
You Got Me a Remote Control Vibrator?
Oh you little devil....
Play Count: 34502
Succubus - Deal with the Devil on Halloween night
by /u/leytod
Play Count: 37634
Ritual of Lust (Samhain)

Play Count: 33298
Longing and Belonging - A Cock Growth Fantasy
a loving and sexy growth fantasy script by /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 49264
Firsts...erotic freeverse by 808seduction
Firsts...those amazing firsts....first look, first touch, first kiss, first... by /u/808seduction
Play Count: 29588
Rescue - an erotic freeverse by 808seduction
erotic freeverse by /u/808seduction please join my subreddit /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 30477
Oh Mr Darcy - a Pride and Prejudice Parody
a parody of how Pride and Prejudice's Lizzie and Darcy really got engaged...
Play Count: 32390
Hot For My Virgin 2
please subscribe to /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 41409
Hot For My Virgin 1
please subscribe to /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 46874
You're Everything I Dreamed You'd Be
a beautiful, sweet, romantic script by /u/cardlin about two online lovers' first night together, in which they'd rather fall asleep together than have sex... or would they?
Play Count: 32049
Your First Time - Part 3

Play Count: 50739
The Gift Part 2 - Make Me Cum For You
After that exquisite blow job you let me give you, you're on your way to losing your virginity to me...in part two, you try a new skill for the first time...making me scream with pleasure
Play Count: 44995
Your First Time - Part 1
You give me the ultimate gift...let me make sure you never forget it
Play Count: 71250