Sweet Nothings - It's Ok to Not Be Ok
more at my subreddit /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 290
Catwoman Makes Her Escape!
Public version of the script by /u/NinjaFogg find out more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 1113
Plus One (I Thought I Was Just Your Last Resort Date!)
script by /u/RightBitofKit more at r/evesgarden
Play Count: 2567
Dessert for Both of Us (Visiting You on Your Lunch Break)
from the script by /u/redknight47
Play Count: 1579
Aoife - Your Irish Girlfriend Makes You Cum From 2 Metres away!
I'm releasing this previous Eraudica Exclusive to the public in honour of a very low-key St. Patrick's Day here in Ireland. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!
Play Count: 7767
Opening Lines - The Death of Dr. Davidson
Featuring our narrator In My Hands Audio, and Checkpoint Charlie and Graces Grove as Harrison and Marlena Smythe...
Play Count: 6121
Vanillage News - Words Not Welcome
Some thoughts on the use of triggering words at Vanilla Audio
Play Count: 9417
blooper with Emmet
I was recording a new audio and of course closed the door to my room to keep the cats out. Well, Emmet decided to make his displeasure known...
Play Count: 10586
Love's Philosophy
by Percy Shelley
Play Count: 12287
DREAM - Your Dream Therapist (Erotic Hypnosis)
To celebrate 5000 subscribers, I'm releasing this Eraudica Exclusive DREAM audio - enjoy!
Play Count: 24546
Northern Barbara's Solo Fantasy
A mish mash of an attempt to sound like I come from Lancashire, sort of. :P Script by /u/omtantra73
Play Count: 14037
Northern Response
script by and co-starring /u/omtantra73
Play Count: 13909
Would Ya Cum Already!?! Gettin' Sucked Awf by Yer New Yawk Wife
A little bit of humour courtesy of a script by /u/RottenPines, who wanted to hear more of my New York accent!
Play Count: 17047
FWB: A Meta Audio Adventure - Option 2
If you've listened to part one and want to skip to the alternate ending, it starts at timestamp 35:30 or so.
Play Count: 14889
Preview - Prologue of my new novel (a work in progress)
This isn't the prequel to Stay With Me, I'm being a capricious *artiste* and working on a different book while I chase the muse for Wait For Me (said prequel).
Play Count: 14311
Sample from A Message For...
You'll just to wait to find out :P
Play Count: 15333
Sample from Reminiscing About You
Just a little glimpse...
Play Count: 15146
Gawd, yer yooooge! Cock Worship in NYC
And I also got a request for a New York/New Joysey type cock sucking audio. This one is a little longuh than my othah one...
Play Count: 17982
Why I Like Guitar Players...
Someone asked me why I like men who play guitar. Well, let me tell you why...
Play Count: 17695
Good Girls Do Crazy Things...
A little Southern Comfort, from the script by /u/NickelSilver...
Play Count: 19696
Outtakes - the 'guy' in my bed during my Slow Job audio
He's really cute, though
Play Count: 25601
Love Bites: flying to you
I’m afraid of flying... so I’ll think about your cock to soothe myself...
Play Count: 20168
Stuck in the Tube Station: or, I'll Get You Off if You Get Me Out
and buy me cookies
Play Count: 22790
Cock Worship: My Splendid Black Man
This is for all the darker skinned guys out there - a loving, playful, sensual blowjob from your ghostly white girlfriend :P This is not raceplay, cuck, BBC or anything negative, it's just a normal loving couple enjoying their time together. I make mention of the interracial issue, but only as something that has mildly bothered him that day.
Play Count: 21363
Late Night Confession
You want to know my secret desires? What I want to do to you, what I want you to do to me? You'd better listen...
Play Count: 22833
Cock Worship: You'll Always Be My Royal Baby, Wills
Now be a love and get me a curry
Play Count: 21539
You asked a lot of questions

Play Count: 21329
Sexual Science Survey...for Science
Thank you for allowing me to participate in this important project...
Play Count: 23590
Happy Birthday Baby! A Sexy song for your special day

Play Count: 23844
The Sound of You
A tribute to the sexy men of GWA who turn me into a quivering, trembling, moaning, writhing, whimpering mess. xox Script by /u/NickelSilver
Play Count: 25383
Love Bites - Employee of the Month Award
It's right here under your desk!
Play Count: 25762
Cumming for you - when you can't
I know you can't cum right now, poor baby. Don't worry...I'll cum for you
Play Count: 28001
Love Bites - Do You Think About Me?
Do you think about slipping your cock into my mouth? I do...
Play Count: 25132
Love Bites - Cumming Home
Is it even possible to leave a 13 minute voicemail? Let's pretend it is.
Play Count: 26448
I Know You Want Me
erotic poetry by /u/submrs
Play Count: 25381
Love Bites 3 - Shower Fun
A short and sweet little message to make your work day easier...or harder :)
Play Count: 25934
WSEX Episode 2 With Belle and Eve - sample
Working on the full audio right now, featuring /u/Belle_in_the_woods - here's just a tiny preview of what's to come :P
Play Count: 28157
Five Fantasies, Five Orgasms - the whole she-bang (get it? :P)
Yes, this is an hour long. Don't say I didn't warn you :D
Play Count: 31853
Rileaux's Accent Challenge
Canadian, eh?
Play Count: 26014
Tribute to the Men of GWA
by /u/pennyforyourtautbod
Play Count: 29500
I Need Your Co...ffee
I need it so bad baby....
Play Count: 27474
I got me the shamrock shakes
This might not have been the best idea I've ever had, but here's my attempt at a sucky fucky audio in Irish Gaelic, which I must warn you, is a language I don't speak. /u/mc_cottle - you owe me one
Play Count: 28707
Sleepless and horny because of you
A raw improv audio of what you make me do to myself at two am when I can't sleep...
Play Count: 28369
No Ordinary Love - Read As Brittany from the Call Centre JOI
you asked for this, ND :P
Play Count: 26758
No Ordinary Love
by /u/pennyforyourtautbod
Play Count: 26252
Eve's Twelve Days of Christmas
Not the one you're used to, I promise
Play Count: 27298
Sex Ed with Eve: Periods (I'm serious this isn't a sucky fucky audio)
For anyone who doesn't know what the hell is going on
Play Count: 27966
Hypnotic Erotic Anything is Possible
Binaural erotic hypnosis by me and /u/hypnorook
Play Count: 47410
The Fantasy Continues...
I know how you would spend a day with me...now here's how I want it to continue...
Play Count: 30574
Fucking Myself For You
raw audio (just my phone)
Play Count: 31723
You Got My Message...
Or did you? Here's what your audio did to me regardless...
Play Count: 26743
I'll Get You Off...In More Ways Than One (Preview)
Sneak Peak This is the opening sequence of my newest collaboration with three awesome ladies of GWA - 3F4M, all sucking your cock to get you off... in more ways than one :P Prosecutor - /u/SillyLittleTeapot Witness - /u/Belle_in_the_woods Defense - /u/Cuckoo_Bananas
Play Count: 27681
A.I - E.V.E. Erotic Virtual Entity - Preview
Working on this great new Artificial Intelligence script by /u/leytod, featuring E.V.E - Erotic Virtual Entity. This is just a little preview
Play Count: 27269
Erotic poetry by /u/Overnexus
Play Count: 26054
She'd Better Love a Dream
a Twelfth Night-inspired F4A script by /u/Galanthia
Play Count: 28004
Take One Blowjob and Call Me in the Morning
Nurse Eve is back! Script by /u/OnlyaGWAccount If you listen and like this, please comment! <3
Play Count: 29796
Sirius Malfunction
A sexy AI script by /u/homersoc If you enjoyed this audio, please comment! Comments keep performers and writers going <3
Play Count: 32254
WSEX Sex Talk with Eve - a radio JOI

Play Count: 27357
Sharing a Sensual Bath - with some footplay!
co-written with /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 28153
Under the Covers with Eve Episode 29: Sexy Isn't a Size
featuring 17 ladies from Gone Wild Audio
Play Count: 26613
Eve the Head Librarian
So you have some late fines, huh...... I wonder how you could work them off, young man...
Play Count: 31077
Shoop by E-Jizzle
apologies to all involved
Play Count: 16223
Ice Ice Baby
Some people rappers don't have feelings....
Play Count: 26477
just a simple track of a slow heartbeat
Play Count: 26480
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gag-Reflex....or, Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon VI
Masterfully written by /u/ToBuildaFantasy, who features in this audio as "The Guide"
Play Count: 28194
somewhere i have never travelled
by e.e. cummings
Play Count: 26196
O Captain, My Captain
by Walt Whitman
Play Count: 26373
Stop All the Clocks
by W. H. Auden
Play Count: 26294
In a Boat

Play Count: 26176
i carry your heart with me
by e.e. cummings
Play Count: 26833
Lovesong - gentle cock love and singing
(Lovesong by The Cure)
Play Count: 26371
Eve's Lullaby - singing and gentle sucking to help you sleep

Play Count: 27998
Fuck Me...in our secret garden
script by /u/nordsom please subscribe to my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 34981
St. Paddy's Day Car Fuck!
I surprise you at work!
Play Count: 27303
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
I heard a beautiful version of this over Christmas, and wanted to record it myself...
Play Count: 26509
Twas the Fuck Before Christmas....
do not read this to your kids... :D
Play Count: 28310
Hardworking Cock - Ambushing you at the Door!
You've had a long, hard day... now give me that long, hard cock... please visit my sub /r/evesgarden for more audio
Play Count: 35148
Mardi Gras...give me your beads!

Play Count: 27897
One Breath - breathless erotic poetry
an erotic poem by /u/Eves-garden :D
Play Count: 26228
Broken Spell
fantasy fucking an elf! Script by /u/homersoc
Play Count: 29656
One Last Time
Erotic Freeverse by /u/808seduction
Play Count: 26790
Cock Worship: More than Friends (My First Audio)
The first audio I ever did.... be gentle!
Play Count: 30902
Senses...erotic poetry by /u/808seduction

Play Count: 25992
Out of Place by /u/Cardlin
A loving, supportive cuddle in a pillow fort for those who feel alone in a crowd
Play Count: 26687
Joining The Mile High Club
Around this time last year I had a long and boring trans-Atlantic flight...and it inspired this!
Play Count: 28201
Perfectionist at Work
by /u/electrichero
Play Count: 27992
Cock Worship: Sugar For My Neighbour
Can I borrow something, sugar...?
Play Count: 41940
The Light of My Life by /u/Cardlin

Play Count: 26225
Regardes-moi (Watch Me)
an erotic vignette in French by /u/catmusc
Play Count: 26775
Forget...by 808seduction
I'll make you forget all about her...
Play Count: 26777
Bedtime Stories: Gift of the Magi
The first in a series of public domain stories and books (or stories written by me) to help soothe you off to sleep. Non-sexual, but often romantic, loving, tender, classic stories you may have heard of, but never read. The first is by O. Henry, a short story called The Gift of the Magi
Play Count: 26369
erotic freeverse by /u/Iwillinstruct2
Play Count: 27595
Imagine Me...
Sensual poetry by /u/CatherineClarke
Play Count: 26997
Let's Make a Sex Tape by /u/nordsum
performed by /u/Eves-garden more at /r/evesgarden and eraudica.com
Play Count: 33146
par /u/titeplume
Play Count: 26571
Making a Deposit : A Pun-filled Bank Romp
Someone sent me this script a long time ago and I performed it, but I don't know whom to credit. If you wrote it, please let me know! and please visit my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 28938
Do You Remember...What We Were to Each Other?
An erotic memory of love please visit my sub /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 26698
The Tavern Wench : A Riotous Romping Fuck!
by /u/For_Corn please check out my sub /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 31963
Rest With Me by /u/pastasexual

Play Count: 26311
I Want You...So Badly...

Play Count: 27857
Your Shirt...Wrapping Myself In You
That moment when you first realize you're in love...
Play Count: 27182
My Favourite Thing
Incredible erotic freeverse by /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 26630
Distance....erotic freeverse by 808 seduction

Play Count: 25966
Sweet Dreams, Baby...
more at /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 34273
You Won't Give Up
...because that's not who you are by /u/Cardlin please visit my sub /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 27109
The Letter: An Erotic Confession
by /u/808seduction still-image video at https://vid.me/9GV6
Play Count: 26353
You Got Me a Remote Control Vibrator?
Oh you little devil....
Play Count: 30670
Succubus - Deal with the Devil on Halloween night
by /u/leytod
Play Count: 33837
Ritual of Lust (Samhain)

Play Count: 29531
Longing and Belonging - A Cock Growth Fantasy
a loving and sexy growth fantasy script by /u/cuddle_with_me
Play Count: 44604
Firsts...erotic freeverse by 808seduction
Firsts...those amazing firsts....first look, first touch, first kiss, first... by /u/808seduction
Play Count: 25975
Rescue - an erotic freeverse by 808seduction
erotic freeverse by /u/808seduction please join my subreddit /r/evesgarden!
Play Count: 26859
Oh Mr Darcy - a Pride and Prejudice Parody
a parody of how Pride and Prejudice's Lizzie and Darcy really got engaged...
Play Count: 28727
Hot For My Virgin 2
please subscribe to /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 37514
Hot For My Virgin 1
please subscribe to /r/evesgarden
Play Count: 42779
You're Everything I Dreamed You'd Be
a beautiful, sweet, romantic script by /u/cardlin about two online lovers' first night together, in which they'd rather fall asleep together than have sex... or would they?
Play Count: 28359
Your First Time - Part 3

Play Count: 46743
The Gift Part 2 - Make Me Cum For You
After that exquisite blow job you let me give you, you're on your way to losing your virginity to me...in part two, you try a new skill for the first time...making me scream with pleasure
Play Count: 41160
Your First Time - Part 1
You give me the ultimate gift...let me make sure you never forget it
Play Count: 67048